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Dec 24, 2021 10 tweets 6 min read
✨We had a fantastic conversation with @SandeepKrJainTS on our podcast last night.

✨It was further graced by @charts_breakout
& @KhapreVishal

🔹Do not miss their insights & top stocks.

▶️Run through this thread to grab a gist of yesterday's podcast.

#StockMarketindia #Stocks Here's what @SandeepKrJainTS thinks of the current market.

🔹The quarterly results of most companies have been impacted by the current scenario.
🔹In the short term, the market will be very volatile.
🔹In the long term, the market will be bullish.
Dec 23, 2021 8 tweets 3 min read
#StockMarketIndia has become a rocky road. A deep dip & gap ups very next sessions is something very surprising for newbies!

Here is a thread inspired from @EconomicTimes's article about early signs of starting a #bullrun.

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#Stocks #sharemarket 🎯How to identify a bull market?

➡️Bull market: A market condition where the price of a share is expected to rise, encouraging buying.
Dec 22, 2021 10 tweets 6 min read
🤩We had a phenomenal conversation with our experts as they decoded our recent multi-bagger #stocks portfolio!

✨Run through this thread to check out their analysis.

✨Invest in the multi-bagger portfolio now:… Image ✨Check out the rationale behind the stocks in the multi-bagger portfolio.

#TATAPOWER was suggested by

Here's why!

➡️It gave more than 200% returns since last year.
➡️They generate, transmit & distribute power: A strong business model.
Dec 22, 2021 12 tweets 5 min read
✨We had an insightful conversation on Nifty's correction with @charts_breakout, @amitgupta0310 & @sanchittaksali on Monday.

🌟Check out this chain of threads to grab a gist of our conversation.

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#StockMarket #Stocks Image @sanchittasksali highlighted the probable reasons for the fall.

🔸The fear of Omicron.
➡️The situation in the UK is feeble; a lockdown may be expected soon.

🔸The RBI policy has sucked up the liquidity.
➡️This will impact the cost of borrowing for the market participants
Nov 4, 2021 18 tweets 42 min read
🌟Looking forward to #MuhuratTrading?

🙌Check out this thread to see what #Trinkerr Experts chose as their top #DIWALIPICKS! ✨

#StockMarket #stocks @MoneyMystery's #DIWALIPICKS for #MuhuratTrading🎁


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