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Il Detachment Makes Us Hardhearted & Attachment Doesn't ll

Is it True ?

Sometimes people think “If I become detached, I will become hardhearted.!! "

However, what makes us hardhearted is not detachment, but its opposite: attachment.
When we become attached to something, we experience intense emotions in relation with that object. But those very emotions can impel us towards unbecoming, immoral and hurtful actions, especially towards those whom we see as threats to our attachment.
At the *Bhagavad-Gita's* ~ Dhritarashtra enquires: "On the battlefield of Kurukshetra, what did my people and the Pandavas do?"

*The question reveals his bias* – the Pandavas too were his people, being his nephews....(but he was not concerned for them )...
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@jkhoey Kicking off with some inspirational interviews on Desert Island Discs, music & chat I most recently listened to @TheSineadBurke & Billie Jean King. These two women both striving for the world to be a better place. #inspirational #campaignsforchange
@jkhoey @TheSineadBurke Next up @Influentialpod so many great interviews from brilliant women, it is hard to pick one! But I really enjoyed Naomi Lambert on kindness & childlessness. If you don't know Naomi & 'The Cool To Be Kind Project' a global kindness movement. Amazing!
@jkhoey @TheSineadBurke @Influentialpod And one from a female leader I admire greatly is @AnneBoden @StarlingBank this podcast is from @secretleaders1 podcast series, Anne discusses her experience on funding and starting a new bank, she cuts through the noise! #femalefounders #startups #funding #lockdownlistens
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#inspirational #inspiration Thread: DCP Ambika, Mumbai Police. Read the actual events as they happened as this Lady made lemonde out of the lemons thrown at her or one could call it building a home out of the stones thrown at her. Respect and Salute.
She was just 14 years old when she got married to one of the Police constable at Dindikal, Tamilnadu. At the age of 18 she blessed with a 2 daughters Aigan and Niharika. One day her husband got honoured by his bosses and triggered a curiosity in her mind.
As Ambika was married at a very small age, she had not even complete her SSLC. Her her husband supports her dream, and advices her to take the external SSLC. She goes on to complete external PUC and Degree.
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Love yourself first!

The big problem today is that most people don’t love themselves. Society never teaches that it is possible to love ourselves. Understand that unless you love yourself, you cannot possibly love another person.

#love #selflove #nithyananda #Inspiration
Only when you lose yourself to yourself can you lose yourself to others. We are taught that we can only love even ourselves if we have a reason. If we perform well, we love ourselves.

#selflove #love #nithyananda #InspirationalQuotes #WeekendWisdom #SaturdayMotivation
If we fail, we hate ourselves. We apply the same logic to others. We love them only because of something, never without a cause or a reason.

#love #selflove #success #InspirationalQuotes #SaturdayMotivation #nithyananda #hindu #spirituality
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Paltu was born and grew up in a
remote village near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. From his childhood he
had been hearing about the glory of Badrinath & Badrinarayan the Lord of that temple. He was never tired of hearing stories of that Lord
every evening from the local village priest.
By the time he was seven years old,
his sole ambition was to visit
Badrinath in the remote Himalayas.
Even to reach Rishikesh by train
would cost a sizeable amount and
then one has to climb up more than 250 kms by foot in the mountainous terrain.

Though Paltu was poor and earned his livelihood by carrying bricks from the kiln to building sites, he was sure that one day he would have saved enough money to enable him to visit Badrinath. Even while toiling in the brick kiln, he was always seeing and

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This is Sh.Musa al-'Azimi @Musa_al3azmi, author of these books on Sirah & bio of the 4 Caliphes.

These books are based on his reading of books of ahadith & their explanations (250+ volumes). But what's amazing is that he read all of them in the times between the Adhan & Iqamah!
@Musa_al3azmi He is the mu'adhin of his masjid. So for every salah he'd come to the masjid, call out the Adhan, pray 2 units of salah & then sit down to read.

Whenever he comes across anything related to the Sirah of the Prophet ﷺ or the biographies of the Sahabah, he'd make a note of it.
@Musa_al3azmi The times between the Adhan & Iqamah of every salah, according to his masjid, adds up to 1.5 hours per day.

He'd make sure to fully use this 1.5 hours in a day for reading and put his phone away.

After a few years, he ended up reading 250+ volumes!

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When I was a kid, the Singapore river verged on being an open sewer. And otters were thought extinct on the island.

Here’s what effective green policies can do! #Inspirational #conservation #otters #urbangreening
How do you help critically-endangered pangolins cross the road?

Build a eco-link!

These wildlife bridges (not open to people) connect rainforest reserves in Singapore.

At a cost of $12M each, they are still thought worth it. #urbangreening #gardencity
On the subject of greening motorways...

This is Singapore’s equivalent of the M1.

The transformational power of urban planting is pretty magical. #horticulture #urbangreening
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(1) January 2018's 2nd Hurricane Watcher #TeamTrump #PhotoThread below.

Please RT to share the love.⚖️🆓🇺🇸🔥

The previous thread ran from Dec 29 to Jan 6:

Info & links to 17 other threads since June 2017:…
(2) Team Trump had a very successful weekend meeting at Camp David to agree with Congressional GOP leaders on their #GOPunity legislative agenda for the #Vote2018 year.
(3) Camp David meetings.
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