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Inside bar trading strategy is a popular trading strategy among traders.

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📍What is Inside bar?

An Inside bar means the high and low of the baby candle is completely within the high and low of the Mother candle.

The image below is an example of an inside bar where we can see the baby candle is completely inside the Mother candle. ImageImage
📍When to trade Inside Bar?

Inside bars can be traded in trending markets in the direction of the trend.

Inside bars can also be traded near demand and supply zone, when traded this way they are often referred to as inside bar reversals.
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Inside bar trading strategy is a popular trading strategy among traders.

𝗔 𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 🧵 𝗼𝗻 𝗜𝗻𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗲 𝗕𝗮𝗿

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#StockMarket #StockMarketindia #trading #stocks
📍What is Inside bar?

An Inside bar means the high and low of the baby candle is completely within the high and low of the Mother candle.

The image below is an example of an inside bar where we can see the baby candle is completely inside the Mother candle.
📍When to trade Inside Bar?

Inside bars can be traded in trending markets in the direction of the trend.

Inside bars can also be traded near demand and supply zone, when traded this way they are often referred to as inside bar reversals.
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Set a reminder for my upcoming Space!…

We are going live in 5!

Follow the thread below for slides!

#nifty50 #NiftyBank #corporateindia
Before we begin, here is the Disclaimer
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Stock Market Manipulation.
All you should know about- How it works?


#StockMarketindia #trading #StockMarket
@sunilgurjar01 @kuttrapali26 #investing
Market manipulation is when someone interferes with the normal course of stock trading or pricing to further their own gain. (2/25)
The idea behind investing in the stock market is simple: you buy shares at a lower price and sell them at a higher price. However, numerous entities in the stock market are capable of manipulation in the stock market. (3/25)
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In this thread,I am sharing about moving averages,its key strategies,entry,exit,target everything..
These strategies are scalable to all timeframes,instruments etc

Simple thinks works in the market.

#Nifty50 #StockMarketindia #banknifty #movingaverage
Moving average is simplest method to understand and trade.Most common moving average is SMA,which totals close price over a certain period,then divides this total by number of period.Ex:10 SMA would calculate close price of last 10 period and divide sum by 10
I prefer EMA,as it put more weight on recent price data when calculating moving average. It will react quicker than to sma.

What ema I use
13-short trend
34-intermediate trend
55-long trend
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Mutual Fund vs. ETFs

What is the difference?
Which one to choose?


#StockMarketindia #trading #StockMarket
@sunilgurjar01 @kuttrapali26
There are various ways of investing, and two of the most popular are mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).
Both are pooled funds that allow investors to access professionally managed funds that offer diversification in a wide variety of asset classes and industries.2/20
MFs includes stocks, bonds, and money market funds that are bundled together in a single mutual fund. They offer investors a way to own a diversified portfolio of investments at a lower price which is not possible if they own each instrument separately. (3/20)
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In Technical Analysis, a candlestick pattern is a movement in prices shown graphically on a candlestick chart that some believe can predict a particular market movement.

thread 🧵 👇 with @valuelevels
& @TradingView_IN

#TechnicalTrades #TradingView Image
Some of the earliest technical trading analysis was used to track prices of rice in the 18th century. Much of the credit for candlestick charting goes to Munehisa Homma (1724–1803), a rice merchant from Sakata, Japan who traded in the Ojima Rice market in Osaka

Formation of the candlestick:
Candlesticks are graphical representations of price movements for a given period of time. They are commonly formed by the opening, high, low, and closing prices of a financial instrument.

#priceaction #StocksToTrade
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Open=High candle broken
W pattern in bollinger band
Divergence in moment
Let's see will hit 1:2 RR.
I'm just forward testing and sharing.
Not trade recommdation
Trailed sl to cost now
Sl hit...
Loss-0 points
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Bollinger bands are used to determine whether the price are high or low on relative basis.Bollinger bands use 20sma and 2 standard deviation of it.
I use three setup combined with RSI
This bollinger system is suitable for intraday traders,swing traders and even for long term players.
Top down approach increases accuracy.
Only the timeframe changes ,system remains constant.
%b indicator and bollinger bandwidth can be used to code this system

Squeeze setup makes us to enter the trend early on.


Look for very tight/narrow bands. and enter the breakout/breakdown of the band(price closing outside of bands)

Narrow bands :Sign of consolidation.
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All You Should Know About a Bull Flag Pattern.
Simple Way To Use.
No Indicator Used.


#StockMarketindia #trading #StockMarket
@sunilgurjar01 @kuttrapali26 @chartmojo
The bullish flag pattern gets its name because it resembles a flag on a flag pole.
A steep vertical rise in price is followed by a period when the price remains bounded between 2 fairly close, roughly horizontal lines. (2/16)
The pole represents the steep rise in price, and the flag represents the area between the 2 lines. (3/16)
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⚡ Options TRADING is highly risky

👍 Not anymore if you know below 6 risk-defined OPTION STRATEGIES:
#tradingpsychology #StockMarketindia #OptionsTrading Image
1) Bullish Call spread

View: Bullish
eg, Nifty CMP 18015

Buy 18000 call, sell 18100 call same quantity
Risk-reward is 1:1 to 1:2 but theta decay is against you Image
2) Bullish Put Spread

View: Bullish
eg, Nifty CMP 18015

Sell 18000 put, buy 17800 put same quantity
Risk-reward is 1:1 or less but theta decay is with you

Similarly you can do for bearish view
Bearish put spread and bearish call spread Image
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Fibonacci Retracement and how I use this tool in with Supply & Demand levels?


#StockMarketindia #trading #StockMarket @sunilgurjar01 @kuttrapali26
Fibonacci Retracement is an important technical analysis tool used for charting potential Support and Resistance levels on any given chart.
These Fibonacci levels are also extremely important when trying to spot potential reversals within a chart. (2/20)
These Fibonacci levels are based on a numerical sequence created by Leonardo Pisano in the 13th century.
The reason these levels hold weight or are significant, is because so many people use them. (3/20)
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Cash Flow Statement- How to Analysis Explained in Simple language.🧵Thread of 5 tweets, read all 5.
Types of Cash Flow
Cash Flow From Operating Activities and Important Pointers for Investors👇
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#stocks #investing #StockMarketindia #sharemarket #stockmarketcrash Image
Cash Flow From Investing Activities and Important Pointers for investors 👇
2/5 Image
Cash Flow From Financing Activities and
Free Cash Flow and Important Pointers for investors
Where to See Company's Cash Flow Statement 👇
3/5 Image
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Old or new?

Which tax regime is better after Budget 2023-24.

Read the thread to know more ⬇️

#BudgetSession #Budget2023

Prominent changes in the new tax regime (image) ⬇️

If your annual income is up to Rs 7 lakh-

Under new tax regime: No tax
Under the old tax regime: No tax.

But, you'd have to claim standard deduction of Rs 50,000 and 80C benefit of Rs 1.5 lakh.
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The side-effects of Budget 2023.

A column by @dhirendra_vr

Check out the thread to read more 🧵⬇️

The country is moving towards the new tax regime, but removing incentives to invest is a most unfortunate side-effect.

It’s true that the new tax regime has lower rates and drastically few exemptions, which is better in theory and practice.

But it can impact people's savings and investment habits.
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Simple Price Action - Swing Trading Strategy. 💚
No Indicator Used.


#StockMarketindia #trading #StockMarket @sunilgurjar01 @kuttrapali26
Step 1:
Identify the stocks which are in short term downtrend phase.

Let’s understand it with the chart of Wipro.
Date: Feb 2021

Here we can see, stock is in short term Correction/ Downtrend. (2/13)
Step 2:
Draw a trendline by connecting all swing highs & wait for the price to break the trendline.

The Trend Line Breakout technique helps you time your entry in a trending market. (3/13)
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“Hindenburg - Hidden Truth”

ஹிண்டன்பர்க் நிறுவனம் அதானியை வைத்து தற்போது கிளப்பி இருக்கும் பங்கு சந்தை குற்றச்சாட்டு
இந்த திடுக்கிடும் உண்மை தற்போது தான் வெளிவந்து இருக்கிறது. இந்த ஹிண்டன்பர்க் நிறுவனத்தின் பின்னணியில் யார் இருக்கிறார்கள் என்பது தெரிந்தால்
ஒரே நொடியில் உண்மையை உள்ளங்கை நெல்லிக் கனியாக உலகம் புரிந்து கொள்ளும். வாங்க அந்த உண்மையை பார்ப்போம்.

ஹிண்டன்பர்க் ஆபீஸ் நியூயார்க்கில் மன்ஹட்டன் என்ற இடத்தில் 5வது அவென்யூவில் அமைந்துள்ளது! இந்த 5 ஆவது அவென்யூ ஷாப்பிங் மால் மற்றும் விளம்பர நிறுவனங்களின் அலுவலகங்களின்
சொர்க்கபுரியாகும்! புகழ் பெற்ற சாக்ஸ் ஷாப்பிங் மால் இங்கு தான் உள்ளது. இங்குள்ள ஒரு பிரபல விளம்பர நிறுவனத்தில்..

காப்பி ரைட்டராக பணி புரிந்தவர் பைரஸ். முழுப் பெயர் உமர் கரீம் பைரஸ் துருக்கி நாட்டை சேர்ந்த இவர் தான் இந்த திட்டத்திற்கு பின்னணி! இவர் அல் ஜசீரா தொலைக்காட்சிகளுக்கு
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Fibonacci Retracement, Expansion & Extension.
A thread🧵

Let's understand with some examples and confluences with some indicators.

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#StockMarket #StockMarketindia #SGXNIFTY
@kuttrapali26 @chartmojo @sunilgurjar01 @Stock_Precision
1⃣What is Fibonacci?

Without going in deep, in layman language, fibo numbers are natural numbers which we mostly see in nature like, flower petals, leaves, etc.

The Fib sequence is a set of increasing numbers where each number is equal to the sum of the preceding two numbers.
2⃣Importance of Fibonacci

If any stock is moving either upwards/downwards sharply and we want to know that till what levels it can retrace/take pullback.

So, we use fibo tool to know next possible support & resistance levels.
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🚨 "SEBI Report: Mind-boggling Statistics Show 90% of Active Traders Incur Losses in FY22"

Here are some key takeaways from the report in this 🧵

1) Only 3.9 lakh traders, or 10% of the total 39.7 lakh active traders, were profitable in FY22

#SEBI #trading #StockMarketindia
2) The total profit earned by these 3.9 lakh profitable traders in FY22 was 7,412 Cr, with an average profit of 1.86 Lakh per trader.

3) 35.7 lakh traders, or 90% of the total active traders, incurred a total loss of 44,565 Cr, with an average loss of -1.2 Lakh per trader.
4) Profit is not equal to the loss(seen in points 1 &2), as the report only takes into account 67% of the total trading volume from 10 broking houses.

Other entities such as prop firms, who were not included in the report, may be responsible for the discrepancy.
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What Is Stock Split?

A stock split is when a company issues more shares to its current shareholders by lowering the face value of each share at a specified ratio.

A Thread 🧵

#StockMarketindia #trading #StockMarket
It means that the number of outstanding shares is increased by dividing the existing shares originally issued to the present shareholders.
Though there is an increase in the number of shares, the overall market capitalization of the company and the value of each shareholder’s stake remain the same.
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A confluence of unprecedented events in 2022 weakened asset prices across all markets. (1/n)

#assetallocation #investing #personalfinance #throwback #thread
The Fed’s pivot to a less aggressive monetary policy is likely to set the tone for the markets in 2023. (2/n)

#FED #FederalReserve #monetarypolicy
It is expected that global inflation will continue to be higher in this decade, in combination with a significant slowdown of the U.S. economy. (3/n)

#inflation #interestrates #globalmarket
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Hammer Candlestick Pattern. 📈

How should you trade with this pattern to take entry at lowest levels?


#StockMarketindia #trading #StockMarket Image
⛏The hammer candlestick is found at the bottom of a downtrend and signals a potential (bullish) reversal in the market.
⛏The hammer candle has a small body, little to no upper wick, and a long lower wick - resembling a ‘hammer’. (2/13) Image
🔨Hammer candle can be of any colour – It can be either of Green or Red colour.
🔨The lower shadow should be at least two times the height of the real body. (3/13)
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Selling options can be a powerful way to generate income and manage risk in your portfolio. However, it's important to avoid common mistakes that beginner option sellers often make. Here are a few to watch out for:

#StockMarketindia #Optionselling
Not Enough Premium in sale - Options prices are heavily influenced by the volatility of the underlying security. Selling an option when the Implied volatility is too low is setting up for failure.
Wrong strike selection - Selling an option too close to the ATM strike will reduce your probability of profit due to significant delta. It will give you more anxiety if you select strike closer to ATM and it's equivalent to trading futures.
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Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern. 📈

How should you trade the with this pattern?
Entry & Exit?


#StockMarketindia #trading #StockMarket
A bullish engulfing pattern appears when a large green candle appears after a small red candle of the previous day. The body (Green candlestick) of which completely cover the body of the previous day’s (Red) candlestick. (2/10)
This pattern signifies a change or a reversal in the ongoing trend of the prices of a particular security. (3/10)
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