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Seroprevalence in #Kerala is 42.7% compared to 67.6% as per the note shared byGovt. of Kerala y'day. i.e., a difference of 25% points.

It implies, the pandemic spread in Kerala has stayed consistently well below the national avg. indicating a more flattened curve in Kerala.
Both 7-day avg. daily new cases & test positivity rates are on a steady rise in #Kerala as ~50% of the popn still remain susceptible.

Daily testing has been stable around 1.3L/day

The state needs to significantly increase its daily testing given the high & increasing TPR
Although the daily reported deaths have declined a bit, the mortality rate itself has been on the rise.

At 0.5%, it is higher than the previous wave.
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#SupremeCourt reproaches the #Kerala Govt over #lockdown relaxations owing to #Bakrid. SC calls it shocking state of affairs that the state government gave in to pressure groups.
SC adds affidavit by the #Kerala Govt is alarming & doesn't in real manner safeguards right to life guaranteed to all the citizens of #India.
#SupremeCourt underlines if there is any spread of the infection due to the relaxations by the #Kerala Govt owing to #Bakrid, any person can bring it to the notice of the court which will then take appropriate action.
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Hearing to commence before the #SupremeCourt on suo motu on the #KanwarYatra.
An application has been filed in this matter by @pkdnambiar against relaxation of lockdown norms in #Kerala for #Bakrid celebrations.
Hearing begins. Court goes through the latest affidavit by the #UttarPradesh Govt, cancelling the #KanwarYatra.
Sr adv CS Vaidyanathan reads out the affidavit that states that kanwar sanghs have themselves decided not to have the #KanwarYatra & hence, no orders from the state disaster management authority is required.
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1/5 Finally #RamayanaMasam ( month of Ramayan) is here. It’s a month dedicated to reading Ramayan in every house in #Kerala. Hindus visit 4 temples belonging to Shri Ram & his 3 brothers, LAXMAN, BHARAT & SHATRUGHAN, each located at separate places,which we are expected to visit.
2/5 #RamayanaMasam is also associated with heavy rainfall, when people can not go out of homes. Reading Ramayan during worst period of the year keeps one distracted from negative thoughts. In pic: Thriprayar Shri Rama temple. 👇 Unlike temples in rest of South India, temples of
3/5 Kerala are mostly made of wooden roof and need renovation in every few years. Huge stone temples like Padmanabhawamy temple in Thiruvanthapuram are rare. This is largely due to the weather of Kerala. Ramayana masam is also associated with increasing body immunity.
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Has #Kerala miserably failed in containing #COVID19 pandemic?

This is a question I keep getting from various quarters. This thread is an attempt to explain it.
1/ Image
Using the latest ICMR 3rd sero survey results during Dec 2020, we can see that #Kerala was able to identify & report one in every 5 cases, while all of India was able to identify only 1 in every 28 cases.

It shows the effectiveness of testing strategy used in Kerala
2/ Image
Testing after good tracing & tracking would make it much more effective. This may result in higher TPR, but it's a cost effective use of testing infrastructure

Kerala has not only done nearly double the number of tests per million but it had a much better case detection rate.
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The recent outbreaks of #Zika Virus in #Kerala has renewed interest in this virus. This tweetorial explains some key aspects about the virus and why we should be actively using #genomics for #GeneticEpidemiology Image
The disease in most people is mild. Majority of people infected with Zika virus DO NOT develop symptoms. Symptoms are generally mild including fever, rash, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise, and headache, and usually last for 2–7 days.
Source: @CDCgov Image
Death is RARE
Infection during pregnancy can cause microcephaly & congential malformations.
Neurological complications like Guillain-Barré syndrome, neuropathy and myelitis are seen in some.
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Justice DY Chandrachud led bench of #SupremeCourt to hear plea by Kerala Govt seeking permission to withdraw cases against prominent CPI(M) leaders for vandalism in the Kerala Assembly in 2015 when the current ruling party in the State was in opposition @vijayanpinarayi
Plea is against a March 12, 2021 order of the Kerala High Court which had dismissed the State's petition against an order of rejection by the Chief Judicial Magistrate's Court seeking permission to withdraw prosecution against accused including sitting ministers.
Read about the plea here:…
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With #petrol hovering around ₹100, there are lots of discussions on how much #centre & states are making off one litre. As per one notice by @BJP4Keralam, Centre makes ₹19 whereas #Kerala makes ₹37 as taxes off one litre.

Being from the industry, I thought of putting up (1/5)
the taxes as detailed in here.
Petrol price is ₹ 37.31 at #Kochi 2day. Total Excise Dty is ₹32.9 (Basic ₹1.4, Addn ₹18, Special Addn ₹11 & Agri Cess ₹2.5). #Kerala tax is ₹24 (30.08% Vat+1% add Vat+ ₹1 cess).Dlr commission is ₹ 3.8 & hence (2/5)
final price ₹98.01. Of excise, all taxes other than basic excise duty are exempt from the divisible pool. 41% of basic excise duty of ₹1.4, ie 57 paisa is shared with state governments. Hence, as per my calculation, for every litre of petrol sold in #Kerala, #India gets (3/5)
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One prominent national newspaper headline read 'Army drops all charges against Col Hunny'. The report said that the #Army had called off the general court martial (GCM) against Baksi, a former CO of Technical Support Division.
TSD a #secretive #military #Intelligence unit, which was set up in 2010 under former army chief General VK Singh, and disbanded after he retired in 2012.
TSD faced allegations ranging from misuse of secret funds, using off-the-air interceptors to tap phones of Ministry of Defence (#MoD) officials, attempt to topple Jammu and Kashmir government, and change the line of succession in the Indian #Army.
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60 yr old ws g@ng r*ped in front her 6 yr old grandson in WB.

Remember #ColPurohit?
In 2008 he hd warned abt 26/11 attacks
& in 2007 abt #WESTBENGAL.
14yrs ago!

~His rpt said MauIv!s frm Bangladesh wr settling dwn in WB & wr acting as PLACEMENT AGENCIES.
~His report also said that plan of the inimical entities ws "NECKLACING Of Major Indian Cities" with minority community.
~He pointed at 5 REGIONS in India-- that would experience major terrorist activities which included West Bengal & #Assam.
~This ws #lSl's strategy in 2007.
~He warned that these illegal immigrants along with 5th Columnists wld create LAW & ORDER situation by carrying out Rail/ Road blocks in time of need especially when #ArmedForces wr to b mobilized during an EXTERNAL AGGRESSION.
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#SupremeCourt to deliver orders on an application by Union of India seeking to close the case against two Italian Marines, Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre accused of killing of two Indian fishermen off Kerala coast in 2012
Central government informed #SupremeCourt that the amount of ₹ 10 crores agreed to be paid by Republic of Italy as compensation
The top court had earlier expressed an inclination to close the proceedings in Supreme Court and transfer the amount to Kerala High Court so that it decides on the distribution and investment of amount after parties appear in person before the High Court
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#FactCheck of various "Propaganda Cartoons".

Inflation - Average 4.74% from 2014-2020, lowest in last 6 decades.

Unemployment - Yes, it increased because of Delhi - 45.6%, TN - 28%, Rajasthan - 27.6%.

GDP - India's GDP is low but performance under NDA is still better than UPA.
Supreme Court questioned Modi govt on Vaccine supply & differential pricing and its Ok. Point to be noted that it was States who asked for Decentralization of Vaccines. Supreme Court didn't ordered to Modi government to provide FREE Vaccines to States, but Modi did.
Several propaganda cartoons blaming Modi for Covid-19 situation floating around. 'Health' is States subject in India. fact remains, India has registered lowest Covid-19 De∆ths amongst major countries. De∆th rate in non-BJP States are highest, but entire blame is on Modi.
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1) #Kerala's #COVID19 mortality rate has been consistently increasing over the past month after reaching a low of 0.3%. Still one of the lowest in India.

Total reported #COVID19 deaths are at 10,157, the 10th largest in India.
2) There are concerns of underreporting of deaths with mortality rates being significantly different across districts ranging from 0.1% to 0.8%.

During the 2nd wave from March 18 in KL, the share of total cases from Trivandrum is only 10% while that of deaths is 22%.
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Context on why Centre finally heeds #SupremeCourt (after being questioned over its irrational policy) & the Opposition on centralised procurement of the vaccines: No. of people with 2 doses as a % of population is just 3.3% (See live tracker in (1/n)
The supply from the Centre to the States was around 24.6 crores and the utilisation was around 23.11 crores (including wastage) which is roughly 93.94% of supply. Essentially States used nearly all of the Centre's supply (2/n)
Several #States raised global tenders to get procure vaccines from abroad. So far (IIRC), not a single vaccine manufacturer abroad has agreed to sell to #States. (3/n)
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This PhD student from #Kerala wants to show the world that there is more to Indian #wildlife than just tigers and elephants…

By @Kavitamajumdar
@Kavitamajumdar Sandeep Das realised that he needed to take up photography to help present his findings to a scientific community to prove the unusual sightings of the rare and exotic birds he spotted. He began as a novice shooting pictures, randomly.

#Wildlife #wildlifephotography
@Kavitamajumdar His key area of interest remains amphibians and, to some extent, reptiles. They essentially share the same ecosystem, and both are primarily nocturnal. So, if you study one, you are bound to bump into the other frequently.

#Wildlife #wildlifephotography
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#KeralaModel thread...

First in this series:
Kerala has practically started treating non-muslims as second class citizens.
Against everything our constitution stands, there is religious preferential being given to Muslims in Kerala.

As if scams are not enough which would be running in 1000s of crore, there are multitudes of lapses in state funds...
Just another symptom of communist model of governance.

Situation is so dire in #KeralaModel, now court has to ask questions from #KeralaGovernment of Pinrayi, a communist !

Islamic appeasement is so high that non-muslims seem to be second class citizens! It's equivalent to Nazism ways of discrimination!
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#SciSimplified by @MrigDixit ⤵️

👉What is Monsoon?

👉Why Kerala Receives First Rain?

👉When Does IMD Declare Onset?…

(📸: Jipson Sikhera/TOI, BCCL, Kochi)
@MrigDixit For centuries, winds have played a crucial role in almost all voyages navigating long distances through rough seas. One such seasonal wind that sailors historically used to reach India was the #Monsoon.
@MrigDixit As it implies from its likely origin from the Arabic word Mawsim, the monsoon is nothing but a periodic seasonal wind. It is the dominant feature of India’s climate, which brings around 80% of the total precipitation across the country.

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Legend of origin of Muchilot Bhagvathy,the chief goddess of vaniya community of Malabar(kerala) region.This is a perfect case to understand how devi/devtas are incorporated into spiritual traditions.
#Kerala #Bhagvathy
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#Vedic texts suggest that #Hindus originally did not worship idols and build #temples, and it is quite likely that both Hindus and #Buddhists got the idea from the #Greeks.
#India accounted for 33% of the #World economy in AD 1.
#China's share was 26% of World GDP.
India was by far the World's economic superpower at that time.
#Indians sold textiles, spices and demanded precious metals in payment.
Not a year passed in which #India did not take 50 million sesterces away from #Rome.
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Vakkom Moulavi a renowned freedom fighter from Kerala translated the #Quran and its exegesis in Malayalam language. In newspaper Deepika he serialised this translation of Quran, together with his brief commentary and original text written in an elegant calligraphic style
He was influenced by Shaikh Muhammad Abduh, Mufti-e-Azam of Egypt. Influenced by his writings Moulvi modelled his journals in Arabi-Malayalam and in Malayalam modelled on Al Manar. The Muslim was launched in January 1906 and was followed by Al-Islam(1918) and Deepika(1931).
He deftly used these platforms to reach out to the Muslim community in a very effective way. Al-Islam was launched in 1918. This journal without any iota of doubt, played a pivotal role in #Muslim renaissance in #Kerala. It opposed Nerchas and Uroos festivals amongst the Muslim
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Coronavirus: India records 75,000 deaths in May alone, highest yet with 11 more days to go before the month ends. #COVID19 #CoronaSecondWave…
In the past 24 hours alone, India recorded 2,76,070 new infections, 3,69,077 discharges and 3,874 fresh fatalities. Till Thursday morning, India reported a total of 2,57,72,400 COVID-19 cases. The death toll has reached 2,87,122. 18,70,09,792 vaccine doses have been administered. Image
In terms of individual states, Maharashtra reported 34,031 new COVID-19 cases along with 51,457 more recoveries. Karnataka, the second worst-hit state, reported 34,281 new cases and 49,953 discharges. #COVID19 #COVIDEmergency2021
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BJP President Mr. @JPNadda has written a scathing letter to Congress Chief #SoniaGandhi today, apprising her of the 'conduct of the Congress Party during these challenging times.'

Let's take a look at all the instances cited in the letter one by one.


How Congress leaders, including Congress Chief Minister, ridiculed Indian-made-vaccine and created doubts in the minds of people, spurring #VaccineHesitancy

1. Fear mongering on vaccines, #COVAXIN, by #Chhattisgarh Health Minister TS Singh Deo

This continued through Feb'2021 too, when TS Deo Singh creating doubts over #Covaxin

2. Congress govt in #Punjab also refused to use COVAXIN & did not change their stance even when efficacy data came out! Here's Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu's remarks:

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#Covid19India Another 10% decline in nationwide new-cases. This is good but I am skeptical as testing is curtailed in many states so this decline may be artificial. Hope I am wrong.

Karnataka now #1 state in new-cases, displacing Maharashtra, although both <40k in new-cases!
Just read this on #Maharashtra .. There is 'Testless Lockdown".

Same is true for #Delhi and many other states too!

M/s @drharshvardhan @narendramodi Any thoughts?
Here is how states are reducing #Covid19 testing .. #Delhi #Maharashtra #Telangana #Kerala are top-states who have slowed-down testing considerably!

Wonder if @drharshvardhan @narendramodi speak-up on this unethical #Covid19Management, or its okayed by Centre?😎
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#Elections are supposed to be about electing representations for framing legislations

However the geography behind delimitation which doesnt consider complex socio-economic conditions promote communal polarization leading to deterioration of Democractic values

Understanding Delmitation:

The constituency delimitation is based on population. and for last delineation exercise, 2001 population was used. Average population was calculated to be 270000 people per constituency

#Map shows Population spread in Tamil Nadu
To delineate which village/town comes under which constituency, some rules are followed

To achieve the avg population, officials start with headquarters for the constituencies in district & add villages/towns within same or neighbouring taluks(subdistricts) in same district

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