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I got this complete list with names, phone numbers and addresses of 51 women aged 10-50 years who, #Kerala govt claims, entered #Sabarimala temple Friday afternoon. Two points on this: a) Why is the state's @cpimspeak govt leaking such details to the local media?... 1/n
2/n: Shouldn't the government be held responsible for such an act? Whether these women are 10-50 yrs old or actually even visited the temple is still a secondary issue. Leaking such lists puts them/ their everyday lives in danger.
3/n: I randomly called 2 phone numbers on the #Sabarimala women list leaked by #Kerala govt. In both the cases the individuals claimed they were over 50 years. In one case, 59 yrs and 50+yrs in the other - when both of them were listed in 40-50 yr age group. #electionsarecoming
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#Sabarimala:Restore it's #Tamil Hindu legacy & #ReclaimTemple 4m communists !
Does #Kerala prefer a secular legacy with fake WestAsian links 4 its Sabarimala shrine or a traditional affinity with an ancient TamilHIndu Heritage,holds the key to the issue!…
Hmm, experts want #sabarimala on spiritual tourism ! 😠😠😠
Reclaim Constitutional rights of the Tamilians & save Sabarimala traditions from these phony commie experts ( funded by all parties) & @krimikondaPinarayai misrule !
#MargazhiMaasam when only bhakthi (Blissful state) should be in spotlight...Baiyam(Fear)/Kovam(anger)/Emattaram(Disappointment)/Vanjagam( treachery) is in FOCUS!
Shame, what a loss for H's!
#Reclaim #Tamilianrights @ #SabarimalaTemple & #SaveSabarimala
Communist worse then DK's!
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What happens when women defy patriarchy: Violent protests have paralysed southern Indian state of #Kerala after 2 women made history by entering a prominent Hindu temple.
One person was killed in clashes. Schools are closed & public transport suspended.…
The #Sabarimala temple was historically closed to women of "menstruating age" - defined as between 10 and 50.
The Supreme Court revoked the ban in September. On Wednesday, Bindu Ammini, 40, and Kanaka Durga, 39, entered the shrine around dawn and became the first women to do so.
The day before the two women made history by entering #Sabarimala temple, #Kerala had a historic protest for gender equality and against right-wing groups who oppose the Supreme Court’s lifting of the ban on women
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Big news: A day after #WomenWallKerala (officials said 5million women protested for gender equality) Bindu Ammini, 42 & Kanakadurga, 41, made history by becoming 1st women to enter Sabarimala temple since Supreme Court lifted ban on women under 50 in Sept…
The Sabarimala shrine in Kerala was historically closed to women of "menstruating age" - defined as between 10 and 50. Media reports said the head priest had ordered the temple closed for "purification".…
Bindu Ammini and Kanakadurga had tried to enter Sabarimala on December 24 but were prevented by protesters. Here’s a video with background on these women who made history today #Kerala #India #SabarimalaEntry #RightToPray
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I’m reading. ##Christianity in #India #History
When the Raja of Malabar spoke about how he wanted all religions to CO-exist , Menzes asked him to embrace Christianity. Raja responded- “If God had wished me be a Christian, I should have been so from my birth.” ..

Menzes writes- this has been Hindoos response to missionary
Portuguese Archbishop Menzes writes about #Hindus - “They believe that all religions come come from God, and conduct to the same end. The Brahmins believed the difference between their religion and that of Portuguese was abstinence from animal food. AD 1599
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#Kerala government runs a corporation by the name: Kerala State Development Corporation for Christian Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities Ltd. ( Attached RTI query )
Formed way back in Dec 03, 1980. Started with an authorised share capital of  Rs. 400,000,000

the social, cultural, educational and economical upliftment and  other living conditions of the Christian  Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities. 

Isnt this extreme discrimination metted out againt Hindu SC and ST.
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I am starting a thread on Mappila Riots which resulted in massacre of Hindu men, mass rape of women and destruction of Hindu temples in North #Kerala
These events have been erased from History by the Left.
MKGandhi :“My heart bleeds to think that Moplah brethren have gone mad, That they have looted Hindu homes leaving hundreds of men and women homeless. That they have forcibly converted Hindus to Islam and by all these acts they have done an injury.“-Sep 19, 1921 at Trichanapoly
MK Gandhi : “Hindus, instead of running away would have been truly non violent and added luster to their faith and won the friendship of their Mussalman assailants if they had stood bare breast with smiles on their lips and died at their post.”
-‘Young India’ May 29 , 1924
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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Do I have followers in #Kerala? I was shown so much hospitality when I was there. So many people opened their homes to me, shared meals with me. I'd like to contribute to the flood relief efforts.
But I'm not sure which organization is doing the best job of matching contributions to those most in need. Has anyone in Kerala seen, for example, one of these flood relief kits? Are they useful?… Is there a local organization you'd recommend more?
Perhaps you could recommend the best way, @TheKeralaPolice?
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Thread: Some #Kerala stats. Just a glimpse of where it stands in rel to the rest, for those who are riling against its "netas". Kerala does not have the kind of indignity and poverty that mark several Indian states. Instead, it is often compared with developed countries. Why?
Bcoz Kerala is characterised by high literacy, incomes and expanded individual choices.

Its literacy rate is 93.91%, among the highest rates in India. Average schooling in Kerala is eight to nine years, against four in the rest of India.
In the realm of demographic transition, it will take the rest of India at least 30 years to catch up with its average demographic statistics.
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1/ If you still have doubts about contributing to @CMOKerala's Relief Fund, please read this tread.

Here is why Chief Minister's Relief Fund is the most transparent way to make your donation. #LetKeralaLive
2/ The #Kerala Government has to show the account in the assembly.

@CMOKerala's Relief Fund is under direct monitoring of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG).

3/ The fund is deposited in the bank account of Principal Secretary (Finance) Manoj Joshi IAS. Depositing and withdrawing the money can only be done through the bank account. Manoj Joshi can not personally operate the account, only financial secretary can.

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#KeralaFloods #KeralaFloodRelief
#Kerala #RebuildKerala #rebuildingkerala

Fighting the flood

A handy list from Society for Emergency Medicine - India

Prepared by Dr. Danish

Your house isn't your home anymore...

But let us help each other to rebuild...
1. Enter your hiuse at moening itseld when there is daylight.
2. Do not take children and elderly when you enter your house for the first time.

3. While entering make sure to wear thick boots or shoes as most common injury is trauma from sharp objects.
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Damn Dams!!

They created all hell in Kerala......

How many dams are there in Achecoil, Manimala & Meenachil which created havoc in Central Kerala?


How much yield of Pamba River is impounded in the dams there?

JUST 10.4%

Blame it on dams!!
Come to the Northern Kerala.....

There you have the Great Chaliyar River, which flows through Kozhikode and Malappuram Districts.

How many dams are there is this Chaliyar River basin other than some small weirs?

Blame it on dams..
Why ur doing annual maintenance of Idukki machines whn the Monsoon is active?

Smart QN.

But understand that Idukki is meeting Kerala's peak energy demand, its annual maintenance are done during monsoon and its all machine are needed in summer whn demand high, not in monsoon
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Hello people, can you kindly collect all the filthy tweets of sanghis cursing #Kerala
Let us create a gallery of #ShittySanghiKeralaTweets here for @narendramodi to see.
Please keep attaching these tweets in a thread below this tweet.
Also RT this to get maximum results.
Someone sent me this also:
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#KeralaFloods might hv an astral connection, as it is believed #Kerala d land of #vamana celebrates every yr #Onam around this time, Onam falls on d birth #constellation of vamana i.e #Shravana nakshtra in which we had d longest total lunar eclipse of this century on 27/28 July
Like at a personal level for one who is born or associated with shravana constellation or Nakshtra d #Eclipse affects individually similarly it affects a region in this case #kerala at a mundane level astrally on human affairs that runs across d southern belt of #westernghats
Also #Kerala is a land blessed by d #serpents & d reason for its fertility is directly related to d blessings bestowed by #Nagas on #Parasurama in a barren land infested with sea salt, hence not respecting d blessings by cutting down forests on large scale in d name of developmnt
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1. സെൻട്രൽ റോഡ് ഫണ്ട് #CRF
കഴിഞ്ഞ വർഷങ്ങളിൽ ഇന്ത്യയിലെ റോഡുകളുടെ വികസനം അതിവേഗം ആണ് പുരോഗമിക്കുന്നത്, സെൻട്രൽ റോഡ് ഫണ്ട് #CRF ആയിരുന്നു പുരോഗതിയുടെ ഉറവിടം. ദേശീയ ഹൈവേ വികസന പദ്ധതികളും പ്രധാനമന്ത്രി ഗ്രാമ സഡക് യോജനയും സമാപന ഘട്ടത്തിലേക്ക് വരുന്നു #TransformingIndia @nitin_gadkari
2. പെട്രോളിയം ഉത്പന്നങ്ങളുടെ അഡീഷണൽ എക്സൈസ് ഡ്യൂട്ടിയാണ് ഇതിനായി ഉപയോഗിക്കുന്നത് #Petrol #Kerala @dpradhanbjp

2013-14 19263 കോടി

2014-15 26108 കോടി

2015-16 69809 കോടി

2016-17 80800 കോടി

2017-18 85600 കോടി
3. 2000-ലെ CRF ആക്ട് അനുസരിച്ചുള്ള പദ്ധിതികൾക്കാണ് ഫണ്ട് വിനയോഗിക്കുന്നതു. ദേശീയപാതകളുടെ വികസനത്തിനും പരിപാലനത്തിനും ആണ് മുൻഗണന

സംസ്ഥാനങ്ങളിലെ പ്രധാന റോഡുകൾക്കും, അന്തർ സംസ്ഥാന റോഡുകൾക്കും #ISC, വാണിജ്യ പ്രാധാന്യമുള്ള റോഡുകൾക്കും #EI സെൻട്രൽ റോഡ് ഫണ്ട് അനുവദിക്കുന്നുണ്ട്.
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While *most* South Asian Muslims use #Persian terms for religious concepts, Muslims in #TamilNadu & #Kerala (who trace their roots to Arab trading communities) have distinct traditions also reflected in their terminology, which freely draws from #Tamil/#Malayalam & #Sanskrit.
Instead of rozā, the #Persian term for Islamic fasting (itself a translation of #Arabic ṣawm) used in #Urdu, #Bengali, #Gujarati etc, #Tamil & #Malayalam speaking Muslims use nōmpu, lit. ceremonial fasting. The word is from a proto #Dravidian root meaning to do penance. #Ramadan
Sanskrit is used too. #Malayalam speaking Muslims commonly refer to #Ramzan as puṇya māsam, #Sanskrit for month of good merit. Nimskāram, the Malayalam counterpart of the #Persian namāz (Islamic prayer), is from #Sanskrit namaskāra (lit. prostratration, here, to a god). #Ramadan
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India has seen the legendary U-Turns of Modi Govt in the last four years. Perhaps, even Modi is beaten in the U-turn game by @vijayanpinarayi in #Kerala, in just about one-third of the time.
#DoubleFaced #IrattaMukham #VijayakumarForChengannur
In this thread, let us look at the transformation of a so called ‘Double-hearted’ Govt, to a ‘Double-faced’ Govt through its numerous U-turns and actions reeking of double standards. #DoubleFaced #IrattaMukham #VijayakumarForChengannur
While the CM is vocal in his support for the farmers agitating in other states, Govt used Police force to defeat a farmer’s agitation against acquisition of farmlands and used Party goons to burn down a pandal set by the agitators in Keezhatoor! 3/  #DoubleFaced #IrattaMukham
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#Kerala architects stood out in their mastery over wood sculpting. If you ask, why most of the temples in Kerala are not so architecturally minute in their making, the answer is: wood. Cheras largely worked with wood. This is the koothambalam of #haripad Subramanian temple.
Because the entire structure was made of wood most of the grand temples succumbed to fire accidents. It was easy for invaders to raze it too. But remnants of it exist only in a handful of temples. See this video. #haripadsubramanian temple.
The ceiling of the koothambalam ( theatre) at #haripadsubramanian temple.
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In a special gesture for a special friend, PM @narendramodi personally receives PM Benjamin Netanyahu on his State Visit to India.
Here's a look at the broad spectrum of bilateral relations b/w #IndiaIsrael
In memoriam.
The Teen Murti memorial salutes Indian heroes who fought in World War I to liberate Haifa in 1918 as a call of duty.
Remembering our heroes.
@adgpi celebrates ‘Haifa Day’ every year on 23rd September to commemorate the war dead during World War I at the Battle of Haifa
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1/ Migrant labourers are leaving Kerala due to sanghis' fake WhatsApp propaganda abt "north Indians being murdered"…
2/ Fake WhatsApp msgs including gory pics of cowbelt lynchings are being dressed up as incidents in Kerala.
3/ It's high time @Kummanam & @BJP4Keralam are held accountable for their cognisance or even tacit support to this evil plan against Kerala
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1/ Highlights from #Kodiyeri 's presser on #AlavalathiReturns
2/ BJP-RSS is trying to destabilise LDF govt in #Kerala through their fake propaganda of "left terror" & "jihadi terror"
3/ Sanghparivar is utilising national visual media to spread this baseless allegation. Challenging RSS to prove this.
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