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This will be an unpopular thread

While #Kerala is better prepared than other states wrt #COVID19, things are falling through the cracks in the state.

This is the #Covid Isolation ward at Kasargode General Hosp on the 3rd floor. Cockroaches in the food.
#coronavirusindia (1/n)
11 #COVID19 +ve patients were shifted from Kanjangad District Hosp in Kasargode dist where each of them were in separate isolation wards to the General Hosp where already there were 22 +ve patients. It includes one woman.
All of them are being made to stay together #coronavirus
While at the district hospital, each of the #COVID19 patients had separate water bottles, here all of them have to take from the 20 litre can.
There are only 2 toilets. Unsanitary surroundings. @CMOKerala @shailajateacher #CoronavirusOutbreak (3/n)
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Rajasthan is one of the few states which will provide universal, *free* food packets (5 kg wheat, 1 kg rice, 1/2 ltr oil, 1/2 kg salt, 1 kg pulse and 1 kg rice) to both families with and without ration cards

#NoCoronaHunger #FreeFoodForLockdown
#Kerala will provide 15 kgs of *free* food to every Keralite and open within the week 1000 community kitchens - one in each panchayat. Anganwadi children already receive dry rations delivered at home.

#NoCoronaHunger #FreeFoodForLockdown…
#TamilNadu will give ₹1000 to all ration cards holders with free rice, sugar, essential commodities and face masks

#NoCoronaHunger #FreeFoodForLockdown…
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#Kerala #Covid19
9 new cases.
Total active cases 112 (of these 6 have just been tested negative) And 4 recovered earlier
4 Dubai, 1 UK, 1 France, 3 through contact.
A total of 12 patients (including the 6 recent) recovered.
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Amazed at local level leadership at hometown. Since lockdown, Already ward level teams formed, survival kit menu decided, collections pouring in, delivery teams settled. School teachers giving their zoom accounts for team coordination.

Kerala will definitely survive this.
Few actions decided:

1. Awareness to create isolation room at every home for crticially ill and old patients

2. Find volunteers and young active people at every ward. Train them as coordinators

3. Find funding for each ward from afflient families in same ward

4. Make list of parents staying alone as their kids are abroad (high number in kerala). Do periodic check-in for supply of essentials

5. Medical team to check on critically ill patients at home if needed

6. Counselors on call for people with anxiety and any mental health issues
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I am not planning to scare you, but in these times, we need abundant caution, because so much morons are around prescribing cow piss, sun rays, placebo medicines and clapping to contain the #CoronaVirus.

So let us see how maths says about our scenario...just listen to science!
I started to collect the information of infections from various websites and trackers pertaining to India.

The virus was first found in Kerala, India on 30/01, it was reached a fig of 3 on 2/02.

#Kerala made all effort to contain it and no further cases rported till 1/03.
So we can have a logical and reasonable assumption that these imported #CoronaVirus cases to Kerala was not locally transmitted or reached the level of community transmission till 1/03, as the window was more than 4 weeks.

So I decided not to add these while doing the projection
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While the PM is busy giving a sermon on why people should not leave home this Sunday and clap hands from their balcony, #Kerala has announced a very real Rs 20000 cr financial package. In other words, sorry we are in a hurry.

What does this mean? Thread
I spoke to sm1 who worked on this. My first que: WHY? This is prob Kerala's biggest aid, larger than the one after history's worst floods in '18& its repeat in '19. His reply: There is a possibility of the situation getting worse. So we are planning for the worst-case scenario.
What does this entail? The bulk of the Kerala package, Rs 140000 cr, is to clear various dues the govt owes to individuals and institutions. This could pump a lot of money into the system at a time when the economy is nearly paralysed.
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Happening now:

Media briefing on actions taken, preparedness & updates for the management of #COVID19

@PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @AshwiniKChoubey @MIB_India @PIB_India @DG_PIB @MEAIndia @MoCA_GoI @shipmin_india @tourismgoi @mygovindia @PIBHomeAffairs
Group of Ministers (GoM) had detailed deliberation on #COVID19 management in their 7th meeting today. After a detailed discussion, the following social distancing measures have been proposed for implementation.
These interventions are preventive steps proposed to be in force till 31st of March,2020. While the advisory is under issue, the important measures suggested include:
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Government of India, along with States/UTs, has taken several preemptive, timely and proactive measures for prevention, containment and management of #COVID19
Continuous review and monitoring of the situation at the highest political and administrative levels has led to decisive actions taken in public interest such as travel restrictions, suspension of visas and self-quarantine measures.
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"The sooner you report to the Health Department, the better it is," said the Kerala student, who was among the first ones to be diagnosed with #Coronavirus in India after returning from Wuhan and later recovered from it.
@xpresskerala @gopikavarrier1…
The 20-year-old student arrived in Kochi on January 24, after which she was in house quarantine. On January 27 she experienced the first symptom for #Coronavirus, sore throat. She then contacted health officials.
An account of #Coronavirus survivor from #Kerala.
@xpresskerala #COVID19
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@narendramodi Please give 50% of cabinet positions to women. #CabinetShakti @tarauk
@narendramodi @tarauk India's labour force has just 27% women, please help us in increasing the numbers by implementing the existing laws and changing the ones that badly need to changed. #WomensDay, then there will be many more #SheInspiresUs
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#TahirHussian #AAPKeTerrorists
This is stroy of one my know person in #Kerala
I don't want to reveal the name!
It's about #Hindus being targetted in many ways to get converted by #LoveJihad or by taking advantage of their greed for money
The reason y #Hindus population
diminished from 82% to 52% now!!

In my native place in Kerala around 20 yrs ago, I used to go to a supermarket owned by a pieceful

those days we weren’t aware of the extent of jihad & almost all grocery stores that had every thing u needed was owned
#LoveJihad #TahirHussian
by these ppl & it is more so now

There, one of the helpers,a young pieceful girl with no head scarf was very friendly. She told me long stories of how
terrible her ppl were,how badly her father treated her mother, how Hindus were so nice etc,She fed me these stories
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In the coming days, resolve of the Government of India and Railway Board to upgrade India's rly system to high speed (160-250 kmph) will be tested. Powerful foreign lobbies, which represent the interests of the manufacturers of airplanes and automobiles and the oil companies,....
... have been trying to cripple the railways in India by preventing it from raising speed and line capacity. Their first success came in 2004-06, when the Govt decided to build the Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight Corridors instead of a 200-250 kmph line which would have...
.... benifited both the passenger and freight transport (both DFCs and 200-250 kmph lines cost the same). Their next success came in 2017, when the Government decided to build the Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train line instead of the much cheaper and better option of 200-250 kmph..
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#Thread - A glimpse of how #Kerala is fighting against Corona Virus -
1) 24x7 call-centre at state #CoronavirusOutbreak Control & Prevention Cell. Similar 24x7 call-centres across all 14 districts. Teams constitute of trained Junior Health Inspectors, doctors & others. @ndtv
2) #Kerala State Control Room - the war room - for all crucial information gathering/dissemination, multi-level co-ordination of all within the Health Department.This is replicated in all 14 districts - to streamline information flow/decision making. #CoronavirusOutbreak @ndtv
3) It's not easy for the 2000+ people in isolation in #Kerala. Dr Kiran, Nodal Officer,Mental Health & his team have called personally called 1500+ people since yesterday, reassuring them , giving them a contact number to call in case of anxiety, sleeplessness etc. #CoronaVirus
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#Threads Collating National Protests Against #CAA_NRC_NPR
Scheduled On 30 January 2020, Thursday
24x7 | Shaheen Bagh | women led protest
24x7 | near Khureji Petrol Pump, Khureji | women led dharna
24x7 | Seelampur-Jafrabad, in front of Al Taj Dawakhana
24x7 | Inderlok Metro Station
24x7 | Turkman Gate, Chandni Chowk
24x7 | Jamia Millia Islamia Gate 7
24x7 | Brijpuri Pullya, Mustafabad
24x7 | Kardampuri Chowk, opp. Yamuna Vihar
24x7 | Chand Bagh, near Gokulpuri Metro Station
24x7 | Sri Ram Colony, Ramleela Ground, near Hanuman Mandir, Khajuri
24x7 | Gandhi Park, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar
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The Popular Front of India (PFI) is an extremist & militant Islamic fundamentalist organisation in India formed as a successor to National Development Front (NDF) in 2006.
PFI claims to work in cooperation with human rights activists towards curbing human rights violation in the nation, but in reality they campaigns for Muslim Reservation. Been fooling all in the name of minority rights.
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#CoronaVirus : #Kerala update

"7 people in various districts under observation in isolation wards as precautionary measure. They returned from China and showed very mild symptoms of fever/cough. Screened/self reported at the airport", Dr Fettle @ndtv
Of the 80 people who returned from China on Fri, at various airports in #Kerala , 73 showed no symptoms, were allowed to go to their homes. Are being tracked & monitored for their health updates.They've been advised self-isolation at home as precautionary measure. #CoronaVirus
Correction- Returned from China**till Friday. ( not - on Fri)
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#Military equipment display for students of various schools & colleges was organised by #AirawatDivision.
Event saw enthusiastic participation by large number of #Youth.

Continuing with the initiative #IndianArmy organised an event for students & locals of #Malapuram #Kerala. Veer Naris were felicitated during the occasion. Event received wide applause & was a grand success amongst the local population.
#KnowYourArmy Mêla was organised by #SuryaCommand.
Exhibition was aimed at motivating youth of the country, deepening sense of patriotism and increasing awareness about our Armed Forces for the young generation.

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THREAD -- The #UnitedStates has confirmed the first case of #Coronavirus. Health authorities said that the victim is in his thirties & had travelled to the United States from China's Wuhan. The man was currently hospitalized as a precaution.
Death toll in #China's Coronavirus goes up to 9, total cases rise to 440. Health authorities warn that the disease could spread further in the ongoing Chinese holiday season, during which millions travel at home and abroad.
#India: In the wake of the breakout of the #Coronavirus virus, Civil aviation ministry has directed 7 airports to screen passengers arriving from China. 189 passengers were tested for the virus in last 5-days at Mumbai International Airport, all test results came back negative.
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So finally what we expected has happened!😡
#Muslim league has Demanded for a seperate Malabar state by including 9districts 4m #Kerala & #Tamilnadu
Nilgri (Ooty): TN & Kozhikode Kerala+7 states!
Kerala & TN Hindus are still pretending to be asleep
Where they r majority they need seperate state!
In future,seperate country!
கேரளா இஸ்லாமியர்கள் தனி மாநிலம் கோரிக்கை!
தமிழகத்தின் நீலகிரி, கேரளாவின் கோழிக்கோடு, மலப்புறம் உட்பட 9மாவட்டங்களை இணைத்து தனி இஸ்லாமிய மாநிலம் வேண்டும் என முஸ்லீம் லீக் கோரிக்கை!
This is ultra-secular Hindus got on return!!
Rahul Easwar
Shashi Taroor
Few names, that has pushed Kerala to this state !!
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The Swarajya CEO is defending the indefensible step of the centre to deprive #Kerala of flood relief assistance. He says Kerala didn't have floods in 2019. So, it doesn't deserve any relief from the centre. In this thread, I shall try to show how wrong he is. #KeralaFloods 1/n
The actual rainfall received in Kerala during the South-West monsoon season (1 June to 30 Sept 2019) was 2300.2 mm as against the normal rainfall of 2038.7 mm (+12.8 per cent departure from normal). 2/n ...
Though the monsoon was delayed, there was an extreme rainfall event between 8th and 10th of August 2019. As a result, Kerala received large excess (+123%) rainfall during August 2019. In August 2018, it was only +96% excess rainfall than the normal. 3/n ...
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Information on #CAA_NRCProtests to be held on 27th Dec. Thread 👇
#Mumbai @ 2pm
Protest at Shaheen Bagh, Delhi led by women of the area being held 24x7, non-stop.
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ആസ്സാം NRC പ്രോസസ്സിനു സമാനമായാണ് രാജ്യത്ത് എല്ലായിടത്തും NRC നടപ്പാക്കുന്നതെങ്കിൽ ആവശ്യമുള്ള രേഖകൾ

1951 NRC
Electoral roll(s) up to 24 March (midnight), 1971
Land and tenancy records
Citizenship certificate
Permanent residential certificate
Refugee registration certificate
Any government issued license/certificate

Government service/ employment certificate

Bank or post office accounts
Birth certificate

State educational board or university educational certificate

Court records/processes
Any LIC policy
NRC കട്ട് ഓഫ് തീയതി 1971 മാർച്ച് 24 ആയതിനാൽ ഈ രേഖകൾ എല്ലാം ഈ തിയ്യതിക്ക് മുൻപ് ഉള്ളത് ആകണം. സ്വന്തം പേരിൽ ഈ രേഖകൾ ഇല്ലാത്ത ആളുകൾ ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ.അച്ഛന്റെയോ മുത്തച്ഛന്റെയോ പേരിൽ ഈ രേഖകൾ ഉണ്ടെന്ന് തെളിയിക്കേണ്ടി വരും, അതോടൊപ്പം അച്ഛൻ ആണെന്നും മുത്തച്ഛൻ ആണെന്നും തെളിയിക്കുന്ന രേഖകളും
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#MosquesofIndia Sharing some snaps of mosques in Kerala donning traditional architecture. Mishkal Mosque, Kozhikode. Built in the 14th Century
Valiya Palli, Ponnani #MosquesofIndia #Kerala
Thazhathangady Juma Masjid, Kottayam
#MosquesofIndia #Kerala
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Location: Villages of Malappuram #Thrissur and Kozhikkode #Kerala; 1990s. A #terrorist org Jamiyathul Ihsania kills #RSS #BJP workers but police arrest CPM cadres for murders who were convicted later. Why police failed to sport #terrorism in #Kerala? Who influenced police then?
25 years after a #terrorist org Jamiyathul Ihsania executed murders in #Kerala secretly and successfully put the blame on the shoulders of others now police reveals the truth How many murders did they actually commit? Why #BJP not demanding a comprehensive enquiry by @NIA_India ?
@NIA_India Shocking situation in #Kerala is #terrorist org has been committing murders at will and successfully blaming others for it. None ready to even speak about presence of #terrorist grps in #Kerala How many terror grps actually operate in #Kerala? Media silence frightening
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