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The killing of Jeremy Corbyn
Peter Oborne and David Hearst

The former Labour leader was the victim of a carefully planned and brutally executed political assassination
Former Labour Leader Jeremy #Corbyn (Reuters)
Throughout his parliamentary career, the mild mannered, infuriatingly calm Jeremy Corbyn has never failed to excite strong emotions.
For his enemies, he will go down as one of Labour’s worst leaders.
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#MamataBanerjee is Arrogant &Unmindful of Welfare of People of #Bengal

Today,PM landed at Kalaikunda airbase after doing aerial survey in #Odisha&Bengal

When PM arrived to attend meet, there was no one from Bengal Govt&Mamata has audacity to talk of #Federalism?

Both CM #MamataBanerjee&Chief Secretary of West Bengal were present in same premises&yet they did not receive PM

#PM,Governor&Union ministers patiently waited for half an hour for #WestBengal representatives to turn up

@MamataOfficial is a deplorable leader,consumed by hubris👎
Suddenly Mamata Banerjee,in her arrogance,stormed in&handed bunch of papers on cyclone impact to PM&said she is leaving as she has other meets lined up

If this was not shocking enough, #MamataBanerjee even did not allow officers of Bengal Govt to make a presentation
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Just Within This Week :
#Hon #PM @narendramodi Ji led @BJP4India Govt 🚩
-Centre has Airlifted 23 Oxygen tankers from Germany..
-Centre has Airlifted oxygen tankers from UAE
-Centre has Airlifted oxygen tankers from Singapore 🇮🇳1/n
🇮🇳 2) Centre is running Oxygen express Trains to every state..
Centre is installing 262 oxygen plants in every state
-Centre has taken all Top Industrial tycoons in loop and have asked Ambani /Adani/Tatas /Jindals etc to provide Oxygen from their Industrial plants..
🇮🇳 3)Created 1000+ beds in Delhi with ICU and Oxygen
-Life eaving Injection Remdisivir production increased to 90 lakh/month from 40 lakh/month.
-DRDO/ITBP/ARMY is providing Beds, Drs etc under @DefenceHQ
-Industries to build health infras using CSR with @FinMinIndia approval !
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🇮🇳 Stay Strong India.. We will win this #Covid Battle 🚩
WHAT #LutyensMedia WON’T TELL YOU !
1)#Hon #PM @narendramodi Ji led Centre had warned Maharashtra, WB, Chattisgarh & Kerala in January about rising cases. All of them slept on the job. 🇮🇳 1/n
🇮🇳2) Centre allocated #PMCaresFund to make 8 oxygen generating plants to Delhi in Dec 2020. Only 1 was made as #Delhi CM Kachrawal was busy advertising or hosting khalist@nis & giving free WiFi to anarchists.
🇮🇳 3)MLA &ex Maha Minister Ranjit Singh in Aug 2020 on floor of assembly had clearly outlined urgent need to built oxygen plants as demand is going to be very high& supply will be abysmal. But focus was on how to harass Arnab,Kangana & how to utilise V@ze for 100cr Maha Vasooli🇮🇳
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🇮🇳 Stay Strong India! We will win this Battle Once Again !
Lots of positivity amidst news of #Covid gloom
1) Data shows vaccines work even against New variants of Coronavirus
2) Data has shown that both vaccines currently available in India offer extraordinary protection🇮🇳1/5 ImageImage
🇮🇳 3) Vaccines will be made available to all 18+ from May 1st 2021

4) Vaccine makers have got funds and will ramp up production even more than their immense capacity 🇮🇳 2/5 ImageImage
🇮🇳5)India has vaccinated almost 12Cr people.That’s almost twice entire population of UK, 15 times pop of Israel & almost 1/2 pop of USA.People can crib about pace but it’s like finding fault that even though Usain Bolt is faster than his rivals but why can’t he beat Cheetah🇮🇳 3/5 Image
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In early 1990s, #IndianGovt & various other governments tried to ban the Internet when nobody knew what it was. They deprived their nations of unprecedented wealth creation. Today the same #Babubureaucracy is trying to ban or regulate India’s baby steps into Crypto world. This
This is gross negligence. Just because the bureaucrats don’t know what it all means. They will once again deprive #youngIndia of an enormous opportunity to create wealth for the country. I do plan to reach #PM directly to make sure that there are no roadblocks to our baby steps
I do wish that our PM @narendramodi depended less on bureaucrats. In any case #Crypto world is impossible to regulate. Not even by US Govt. It’s a parallel economy in a parallel universe. Just like the internet. Thousands of young Indian programmers have made enormous wealth. If
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👋🏽 We’re back! Welcome to the final workshop for @lennysan's #PM fundamentals course.

Last week, we covered all things execution. Today, I’ll be live-tweeting about product strategy & vision.

Let’s dive in & learn how you can go from PM → Senior PM by improving at strategy.
First, a quick recap of where we left off.

Last week, Lenny shared 3 things we need to get right for masterful execution.
1⃣Build the right engine
2⃣Tune the engine
3⃣Drive in the right direction

#3 is all about strategy and vision.

🔺Strategy & Vision are at the top of Lenny’s PM Fundamentals pyramid that we’ve been discussing.

@lennysan says: “It’s the single biggest skill that separates new PMs from Senior PMs”
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Grateful to be a coach for @lennysan’s #PM Fundamentals class.

Today, I’ll be live-tweeting the workshop on Execution.

Grab some ☕️ & let's learn how PMs can become great at execution 🧵👇🏽
First up, let’s define execution.

Per @lennysan, execution is the layer between the soft skills and the ‘WHAT to build’ skills.

It’s what you’re doing day-to-day to keep the team humming.
To make it more concrete, it’s essentially 3 things and doing that over and over again.

📝 Planning

⚒️ Building

🚢 Shipping

It’s the part of the job to get product out the door, efficiently, reliably, and consistently.
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Pastor Adeboye and his ministry are very well known in Nigeria and globally.
The @rccghq currently existing in nearly 200 countries in the world with over 50,000 parishes worldwide.
Today the Redeemed Christian church has perhaps the largest auditorium in the world with capacity to sit 1million congregation.

Pastor Adeboye, perhaps one of the humblest pastors in the world inherited only 39 branches from the founder Pastor Fadayomi in 1981.
Pastor Adeboye is renowned globally. Some few years ago he was featured in @TIME as one of the 100 most influential persons in the world.

I was privy to a private conversation where former British #PM, David Cameron, called pastor Adeboye, "Daddy G.O.", as a matter of fact.
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#काँग्रेस_के_कुकर्म का पाला हुआ वो साँप😠 #हामिद_अंसारी😠😠😠
☝जिसको हमारे भारत देश में जितना भी दूध पिलाया...
उससे कहीं जहर उगला #देशद्रोही😠#गद्दार😠 ने
☝इसके #विवादित_बयान😠 और #विवादित_कारनामे साफ भाषा में कहूँ तो #कुकर्म एक बार नहीं कई बार देखे गए..जैसे

पूरा पढ़िये👇👇👇
☝1-राज्यसभा का मनचाहा स्थगन😠

☝2-योग दिवस के फंक्शन से नदारद रहना😠

☝3-हमारे राष्ट्रीय ध्वज को #सलामी नहीं देना😠😠😠

☝4-"मुस्लिमों में डर"वाले बयान के बारे में तो आप सभी जानते हैं(ये तो सबसे ज्यादा डरा हुआ है)😠😠😠

☝5-इस देशद्रोही के द्वारा पूजा की थाली ना लेना😠😠😠
☝लेकिन इन सबके अलावा भी इस #देशद्रोही😠 के अनेकों और भी बहुत से कुकर्म हैं😠😠😠

☝जिनमें से ये भी एक है,ये बात #सन1990 के दशक के आखिरी वर्षों की है...
☝जब ये #हामिद_अंसारी😠 #ईरान में भारत का #राजदूत हुआ करता था।
☝उस समय #तेहरान मे पोस्टेड #RAW के जासूस #Mr_Kapoor को तेहरान
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Couldn’t agree with you more @chrischirp!
Today in my local #Medicentre a pharmacist & 2 dispensary workers were chatting & joking w/out a #mask in sight! Then I saw several patients wearing those UTTERLY USELESS nylon #masks which slip/slide & they touch constantly. A 🧵...
And a Pt wearing a surgical mask that appeared to have been worn > 50 times it was so filthy!
We’ve had a whole term where kids haven’t worn #MasksInClassrooms & the anti #mask #keepschoolsopen AT ALL COSTS gang who don’t care 1 jot how many #teachers/families get ill w/ #Covid.
Just remember the vote on #FreeSchoolMeals in Oct!
Virtually EVERY @Conservative MP voted AGAINST this simple & low cost way to feed our most vulnerable children DURING A PANDEMIC!
Now they tell us it’s all about child welfare... I have my doubts!
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My 20 lesson 2020: 👍 guys must read:
1- don't be insecure
2- Trust the people
3- Don't be overprotective
4- give space to your loved ones
5- girl is not life, it's just small part of it
6- make friends who put the same efforts and energy as you put.
7- Respect the everyone, bcz it shows your standard
8- If you stay with profesional ppl then your level definately goin' to up
9- Take 8 hour of sleep, Home Work Out, Take 7-8 glass of water daily
10- Never talk your personal life with professionals it will make your impression down
11- share your personal life with only people you believe
12- social media is Hell ! I will tell you why?
Go & watch #TheSocialDilemma
On Netflix
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The London Economic
Home Politics
How the Tories normalised corruption – report

In the past, corruption brought down politicians. But today, it’s a business model.
T.J. Coles by T.J. Coles

Corruption used to be scandalous. Then it became par for the course:
the #Expenses Scandal (2009), LIBOR (2012), the #Panama Papers (2016), FinCEN (2020) etcetera.

But this time, it’s different. We’re in a #pandemic and lives are at stake. Instead of awarding contracts to experienced and reliable public companies,
the #Tory #government is looting the #Treasury and awarding its donors. It is doing so with almost no accountability or oversight. Tory-linked corporations

In 2009, #Labour established a #PPE stockpiling system, but the #Tories left it to rot.
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#कृषिबिल के विरोध में बैठे
#विपक्षी_दल😠😠😠 और #राजनेताओं😠😠😠

अब तुम्हारी ही #याददाश्त को #10वर्ष पीछे ले जाकर
सत्ता में रहने के दौरान आपका #कालखंड ही याद दिलाना चाहता हूँ
कृपया पोस्ट के साथ ये दोनों #संलग्न_पत्र ध्यान से देखिए
एवं पढ़िये👇👇👇
जिनमें से एक पत्र दिल्ली की भूतपूर्व मुख्यमंत्री #स्व0शीला_दीक्षितजी को एवं दूसरा पत्र #मध्य_प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री #शिवराजसिंह_चौहानजी को लिखा गया था।
जो #काँग्रेस😠 के सत्ता में रहते हुए #वर्ष2010 में तत्कालीन #कृषिमंत्री #शरदपवार😠द्वारा देश भर के मुख्यमंत्रियों को लिखा गया था।
जिसमें तत्कालीन #कृषिमंत्री एपीएमसी(#APMC) में #संशोधन कर #निजी_सेक्टर को #किसानों से सीधे खरीद करने का समर्थन करते दिखाई दे रहा है।
#काँग्रेस😠 के संग सत्ता में रहते हुए #राजनीतिकदल😠और #नेता😠 जो आज #विपक्ष में बैठकर इस #कृषिबिल का #विरोध कर रहे हैं...😠😠😠
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It's been well said that a commodities 🐂 market will either "wear you out" or "scare you out"

It has now been over 100 days since the Aug 7th $2089 high in $gold & the $29.92 interim top in $silver

Many are worn out and have thrown in the towel

As bull markets mature, shares of quality companies and physical #preciousmetals become increasingly concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

Unfortunately, most retail participants are shaken loose way too early as the "smart money" accumulates when the market is quiet.

A firm understanding of the fundamentals can give one the conviction to hold (or add) through gut-wrenching pullbacks and longer than expected consolidations.

💎My personal conviction in this bull market has never been stronger.
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Day 11 of #WarOnTigray

#Abiy has been trying to convince the international community and the likes that his jets and tens of thousands of troops are in/around Tigray for a "surgical operation." Now, after 11 days of intense battles, loss of hundreds if not thousands of...1/n
...lives and tens of thousands fled away #Abiy's #bombings, it has become crystal clear that this was/is neither surgical nor limited. Let's call it by its name: a #war against #Tigray|ans! For those who really were ready to see, this was clear since day 0. Any sane person...2/n
...can tell that Tigray is equally, if not more, equipped as the fed gov + got some of the best military leaders in the country. And most importantly, a determined people for its self-rule and administration.

These realities could/should have been enough to see what was...3/n
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#Pakistan has No #Money but #ARMY is cash-flush

#Pak is desperately poor. Its #ARMY is rich beyond belief. How come ?

🔶Lets talk about something #Pakistani Deep State is most secretive about & something unique about its army.
🔶The struggle between #armys𓆗 & civil seems to come to a thaw after appt of Imran as #PM, who came to power because army backed him up .

So, it's an uneasy relation b/w Imran & #ARMY- he is going to stay as long army wishes.
🔶 The #Pakistaniarmy took advantage of authority & kept establishing businesses across #Pakistan .Today, #PakistanArmy is largest business conglomerate with more than 50 big business entities across , most of whom are largest in country .
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#Abiy's war is against the people of #Tigray, not against #tplf nor handful #tplf 's higher officials as the pathological liar in #PM office kept telling to westerners! No ifs and buts about this.

Let's start with the renowned #Oromo scholar Prof. Ezekiel's argument 👇👇👇 1/n
Before the invasion:

#SayNoToWarOnTigray #SayNoToWarEthiopia

Systematic retirement of Tigrean Generals and Colonels, non-politicians, from the national army since day one in his office (April 2018).

Moving troops from all parts of Ethiopia to Tigray border for weeks. 2/n
#SayNoToWarOnTigray #SayNoToWarEthiopia

Evacuated troops from Guliso; Western Wellega an area under command post to protect civilians at danger from rebels (Oct-31-2020)...3/n
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Your Father's policies brought a huge rare gift back to real
@Labour... Unity. To unify to All people. People of every colour class & creed. This & his common sense policies is his legacy & his Power.. He has sown the seed & showed the way forwards & completely changed politics
Everyone knows this is injustice, a ruse, to close down a principled decent fair man. To stop & kill off Democracy The utter #Hatred from the #Blairites #establishment #press & #media Is simple Jealousy & pure Class war...
I was never so proud of your Father when After the #rigged elections ..He stood ramrod straight ,held his head high & marched through a sea of #Blairite ,#Tories. jeering, sneering insults He Returned to the dispatch box He spoke firmly & clearly & continued to fight the #Tories
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#Thailand #protesters already gathered infront of parliament house where MPs & senators are debating on whether to amend #constitution. They'll likely be able to start taking a vote at about 6pm #Bangkok time. This is continuation of reform demands #ไปสภาไล่ขี้ข้าศักดินา
#Thailand protesters say they want to continue momentum to demand for change & to support the activists who have been vocal in asking for new #constitution, reforms to #monarchy & change in government. MPs, senators will vote on 6 motions #แก้รัฐธรรมนูญ #ไปสภาไล่ขี้ข้าศักดินา
#Thailand MPs, senators to vote on 6 motions on whether they agree to amend #constitution. A least 1/3 (84) senators have to agree before motion can be passed. Senators are appointed & usually vote as a bloc. Constitution now has provided for their existence #แก้รัฐธรรมนูญ
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Siguiendo el gran hilo iniciado por @LuisMiguelValue, reduzco su lista a las empresas que Morningstar no sólo califica con Wide Moat sino que además les da una puntuación máxima de 4 o 5 estrellas lo que significa que la compañía no solo tiene una ventaja competitiva
infranqueable en los próximos 20 años sino que además está infravalorada. Centrado en mercado americano:
- Altria (#MO) 4⭐️ Precio Objetivo 54$.
- Anheuser-Bush Inbev (#BUD) 5⭐️P.O 96$.
- Bayer (#BAYZF) 4⭐️P.O 84,52$
- Biogen (#BIIB) 4⭐️ P.O 389$.
- Boeing ( #BA) 4⭐️ P.O 264$.
- British American Tobacco (#BTI) 5⭐️P.O 54$.
- Charles Schwab Corp (#SCHW) 4⭐️ P.O 45´50$.
- Coca Cola (#KO) 4⭐️ P.O 54$.
- Enterprise Products Partners (#EPD) 5⭐️P.O 25´50.
- Gilead (#GILD) 4⭐️P.O 79$.
- Imperial Brands (#IMBBY) 5⭐️ P.O 42$.
- Intel (#INTC) 4⭐️P.O 70$.
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Fresh grad from #Thailand #Thammasat university @o_ongkanin became a mini celebrity as he took a picture of the symbolic plaque embedded into ground by #protesters calling for national reforms in his graduation gown. This is beginning of change he feels #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร
Surrounding people applauding young #Thailand graduate for taking a picture of plaque laid down by #protesters calling for #monarchy reforms, change in government & constitution. Many question how long this plaque will remain as it's infront of palace #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand @prayutofficial thanked all for a peaceful #protest this weekend. Said officers ensured safety of all, both authorities & protesters avoided "unnecessary tensions" by not confronting each other.
#19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร… ImageImage
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#Thailand protesters & police alike ready for round 2 on 2nd day of protest at Sanam Luang, infront of Thai #grandpalace. Many camped out in the field overnight as protesters kept speeches going on almost throughout the night. #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand #protest crowd certainly thinned out since last night where tens of thousands were gathered here on Sanam Luang, a royal park right infront of palace and beside #Thammasat University. Protest leader says #monarchy shouldn't be above politics #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร ImageImageImageImage
#Thailand leading protest leaders stating their demands for reforms to #monarchy right infront of the #GrandPalace. These demands include getting rid of lèse majesté law, closing some of the royal offices/units & reducing budget of the palace. #19กันยาทวงอํานาจคืนราษฏร
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