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19 Apr
#AserbaidschanConnection Thread:
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Our research shows that the influence of the authoritarian regime on Union MPs is greater than previously assumed.
by @vice_de
Behind this is a lobby system to which Union MPs in particular were apparently susceptible - for years.
The autocratic ruler from Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev, ruler over ten million people, has an image problem.
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14 Apr
Liquid gas production project in Mozambique put on hold after militia attack
The Total group is reacting to the latest terrorist attack by Islamist rebels in Mozambique.

#Thread about #Mocambique #France #terrorism #total #Oil
According to reports from security circles, the French energy giant has ceased operations on site and withdrew its employees.

by @NZZAusland @NZZ…
Total decided to evacuate completely after surveillance images made with drones showed that supporters of the Islamist rebel group Ahlu Sunna wal Jamaa were very close to the conveyor systems under construction in Afungi.
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14 Apr
#Thread about #Israel #Netanyahu @netanyahu #Vote #discrimination #Violence in #Arab #communitymatters :

Violence is rampant in Israel's Arab communities

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu courted the Arab minority in the election campaign.
Above all, it wants one thing from the government: that it finally do something about violence and crime in its communities.

by @NZZ @NZZAusland
At the center of the dispute are two of the largest and most respected families in Kabul: the Rayans of Mayor Salih Rayan and the Akris of school principal Khalil Akri.
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14 Apr
#Thread about #Korea #Vote #VoteThemOut #SEOUL :

South Korea's voters miss President Moon Jae In a memorandum
The victory of conservative candidates in the mayoral elections in the country's two largest cities is a blow to Moon's Democratic Party.
The local elections could have an impact on foreign policy.

Mayoral elections in South Korea's capital Seoul always have national significance.

by @NZZAusland…
The ruling Democratic Party of President Moon Jae In not only lost Seoul to a candidate from the conservative opposition, but also the second largest city, Busan.
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14 Apr
#Thread about #Opposition in #Burma #Government:

Burma's opposition forms an interim government against the generals
The opposing government that is forming wants to abolish the constitution that gave the military a veto right in the democratization process.
It tries to include the ethnic minorities as well. The army is fighting on several fronts.

Parallel government with great ambitions
The project operates under the name CRPH.

by @NZZ…
At the moment it is only a matter of a committee consisting of elected parliamentarians; They were never able to take up their function as representatives of the people and legislature because of the coup on February 1st. A government in exile is now to emerge from this dozen.
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14 Apr
#Thread about #China and his #relationship with #Burma ! #WhatsHappeninglnMyanmar
#protest #HumanRightsViolations #geopolitics :

Beijing favors the democratically elected government in Burma.

by @NZZAusland…
In contrast to the military junta, it is considered predictable and reliable
After the military coup in Burma, there were rumors that Beijing was behind the coup and would benefit from it. However, the reality is different. Xi Jinping would probably choose Aung San Suu Kyi.
Beijing has so far not made up its mind to show empathy for the protesters who have been killed.
To make matters worse, the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was in Burma in mid-January, which is why rumors arose that the Chinese rulers had prepared the coup with this visit.
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13 Apr
Sperm whales can form a waxy, grayish black substance in their digestive tract. This so-called ambergris develops a pleasant scent through contact with air, water and light. It also makes the aromas of a perfume last longer.…
While ambergris has been replaced by synthetic materials in cheaper products, the "floating gold" from the whale's stomach is still in demand for expensive scented water. The price per kilo is between 10,000 and 30,000 dollars.
Most of the time, the sperm whales vomit their ambra lumps or excrete them through the intestinal tract. This sea gold, usually weighing a few kilograms, then drifts in the water or is washed up on beaches.
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13 Apr
Migration policy was not a big issue in Sweden until 2015. It was agreed that generosity in accepting asylum seekers was a duty for the country, which liked to describe itself as a “humanitarian superpower”.…
The only critical voices in the Reichstag (parliament) came from the ranks of the right-wing national Sweden Democrats. But these were in the dirty corner of politics, and the consensus among the other parliamentary parties was that they had to stay there.
But then the unprecedented wave of migration that swept across Europe completely turned previous Swedish policy on its head.
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13 Apr
Significant deposits of rare earth metals in high demand around the world could pave the way for Greenland to gain independence from Denmark.…
But mining the ores harbors ecological and political risks. The largest mining project is on the brink after a change of power.
The Kuannersuit / Kvanefjeld deposit near the town of Narsaq on the southern tip of Greenland is one of the world's largest deposits of so-called rare earths.
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13 Apr
Switzerland and Singapore often lead the global rankings, be it for innovation, competitiveness or citizen satisfaction. At the same time, the underlying social, economic and political systems differ significantly.…
While the existence of elites is often ignored or their behavior is equated with self-enrichment, the Elite Quality Index considers elites to be neutral. Elites are a tool used to coordinate the various interests, activities and technologies in a society.
The elite theory on which the EQx is based distinguishes three types of elite: the economic elite (Money), the political elite (Might) and the intellectual elite (Mind).
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13 Apr
The IMF boss Kristalina Georgiewa wants to give the member states an allocation of special drawing rights worth 650 billion dollars. There are voices who want to turn it into a global cryptocurrency at the same time.…
Special drawing rights (SDR) are reserve credits that give entitlement to freely usable currencies of member countries of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). SDRs were created in 1969 to supplement the currency reserves of the member states.
The IMF is currently discussing the possibility of a special allocation of SRZ in order to provide additional liquidity to countries hit by the pandemic.
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13 Apr
#Thread about #racism #Police #Right #UnitedNations #city #Crime #drugs :

America's most dangerous city is fighting crime with a radical plan
Baltimore has the highest murder rate of any major American city.

Now the responsible public prosecutor no longer wants to prosecute a number of crimes - in order to have more resources for solving serious crimes.
In 2020, in Baltimore, the largest city in the state of Maryland, an average of one person fell victim to a crime almost every day: 335 people died in a city with 615,000 inhabitants.
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13 Apr
#Thread about #GhostWeapons :
Components for so-called ghost guns can be ordered online in the USA and assembled at home in next to no time. They are increasingly the tool of choice for extremists.

Joe Biden has declared war on them - the so-called ghost weapons.
A new legislative proposal in the USA is to ban the possession and sale of self-made firearms in the future.
Like a toy, ghost weapons can be bought as a kit online or from an arms dealer and are assembled in no time. Do-it-yourself manufacture of guns for personal use is legal in the United States.
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13 Apr
#Thread about #WashingtonDC #UnitedNations :

The residents of “DC”, as the city is popularly known, are American citizens and taxpayers, but have no voting representatives in Congress.…
The one person who represents the capital as a delegate in the House of Representatives may speak but not vote.
Since the ratification of the 23rd amendment in 1961, the Washingtonians have only been allowed to vote in presidential elections and elect a minimum number of members of the Electoral College.
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13 Apr
#Thread about #Iran #Israel #shipping :

rael has been attacking Iranian tankers for two years. The Iranian tankers export crude oil - and thus violate the American embargo.

Ultimately, Iran has no choice but to continue to export oil, because Iran's main source of income is and will remain oil.
In the past few weeks, various media reported that the Israeli Navy had been targeting Iranian oil and arms deliveries for Syria for two years.
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12 Apr
How the start of the TV channel should succeed is unclear. According to the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg, RT DE has not yet applied for a license to operate a television station.
There is also no known license application from another state media authority. Much more important, however, is that state-controlled broadcasters cannot obtain a broadcasting license in Germany.
"In order to be granted a license, RT DE would have to prove that the company was distant from the state," said the Berlin-Brandenburg media authority at the request of the NZZ.
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1 Apr
Here a #Thread about #ColdWar #jurisdiction #UnitedStates #China #Russia :

After the Second World War and the Cold War, there were brief phases in which major crimes were solved by an international criminal justice system.…
Today the open rivalry between the great powers prevents independent investigations.
For the first time, politicians and the military could no longer hide their crimes behind abstract "acts of state", but were made individually responsible for their actions.
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1 Apr
#Thread about #NIKE #adidas #China #Uiguri #transparency #geopolitics :

Companies such as H&M, Adidas and Nike no longer want to process cotton from Xinjiang because of forced labor allegations. Therefore, the Chinese media are now calling for a boycott of the brands.
According to estimates by the United Nations and human rights organizations, China is holding up to one million Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

According to studies by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the regime uses Uighur slave labor on a large scale in cotton production. China's government vehemently denies the allegations. Around 20% of the cotton produced worldwide comes from Xinjiang.
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1 Apr
#Thread about #NearEast #China #Oil #Iran #nuclearweapons #5G #geopolitics :

Beijing is counting on reviving the nuclear deal with Tehran

Historically, China had maintained relationships with the Middle East to secure and diversify energy supplies.…
In the ranking of those countries from which China imports the most oil, five still come from the region. Saudi Arabia leads the ranking ahead of Russia.
The main oil suppliers of China
Import in 2020, in millions of tons

#Oil #SaudiArabia #Russia
by @NZZAusland @NZZ
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1 Apr
#Thread about @netanyahu #Israel #israelelections #Netanyahu #Politics :

Leaders have recently started to refer to the parties that Benjamin Netanyahu could put out of office after twelve years as the “block of change”.…
In the elections they won 57 of the 120 seats in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset. Netanyahu, on the other hand, has just 52 seats with his bloc, although his Likud party won by far the most votes.
This means that both blocs missed an absolute majority.
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1 Apr
#Thread about #nuclearweapons #USA #USArmy
Do we need new #nuclearweapons ?

Modernizing America's nuclear weapons will devour huge sums of money.…
Against this background, there is a radical demand to completely dispense with ground-based ICBMs in the future. President Biden has a difficult decision to make.
For decades America had a dogma about nuclear deterrence: it could only be credible if it stood on three legs: land, sea, air. This principle is currently being questioned.
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