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1. The only way to stop the #Iranians from threatening our force in #Syria is to slam the door at #Baghuz. But that's the border and taking a border crossing is a big deal. We are with the #SDF on the other side of the Euphrates but the SDF has to deal with the
2. Russians because Tяump betrayed them by surrendering to #Erdogan. @POTUS kept status quo with Turkey - still murdering #SDF. #Israel approaches political disintegration so #Putin & #Iran think it's good time use #Kremlin's caucus of @HouseGOP to help them take all of #Syria.
3. #ISIS is still very active on the west side of the #Euphrates next to the Iranians. We should get them all out but past and present policies have a price and ours is that we have to do this with US and/or other partner forces because of @SecBlinken's misguided #Turkey policy.
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🚨🚨 HELP Syria 🚨🚨
Russian Intelligence Service: #US uses #terrorist groups to undermine situation in #Syria
Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has announced that the #US continues to use #terrorist groups in #Syria to undermine positions of the Syrian government.
“The Central Command of the #US forces is planning to form battalions of terrorists to carry out hostile acts against the legitimate #Syrian government”
-Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin-
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On #InternationalDayOfHappiness we note that #Israel is ranked 4th this year, up five places from last year. That puts it well ahead of the #UK (19th place) and the #USA (15th place).…
This is a remarkable and important result when we think of the tensions experienced by the population of this tiny country and that in happiness it also ranks ahead of the #Netherlands, #Sweden, #Germany and #France.
Also note that 21.1% of population of #Israel is #Arab (2,037,000 people) with 73.6% #Jewish and 5.3% ‘others’ including non-Arab #Christians, members of other faiths and those not belonging to any religion.…
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The resumption of #Saudi-#Iran relations has triggered what I believe to be exaggerated reaction about #China’s emergence as a #MiddleEast powerbroker and a strategic shift of #Riyadh away from its traditional partners. 1/17
Some context: in an October meeting in #Jeddah, a #Saudi leader at the highest level explained his strategy was to defeat #Iran through growth. The fact that KSA is the fastest growing G-20 country, w/trillions invested in everything from tourism to mining, supports this. 2/17
But growth takes time - and growth can be sidetracked through insecurity, whether from #Houthi missiles or the threat of nuclear blackmail. To protect the long-term strategy, he said, KSA needs security. 3/17
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#Tunisian president seeks resumption of diplomatic ties with #Syria…
#Tunisian President Kais Saied said on 10 March that he is seeking a reappointment of ambassadors between his country and #Syria, representing the growing #Arab consensus to reintegrate the Syrian government into the regional fold.…
“A decision must be taken on this issue,” Saied was quoted to have told Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Nabil Ammar during a meeting.…
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#Syria Welcomes Agreement Between #SaudiArabia And #Iran On Resuming Diplomatic Ties…
The Ministry of Foreign Affair has stressed that Syria welcomes the agreement reached between #SaudiArabia & #Iran on resuming diplomatic ties between the two neighboring countries & highly appreciates the sincere efforts exerted by the #Chinese leadership in this regard.
Syria stresses that this important step will consolidate security & stability in the region & enhance cooperation that will reflect positively on the common interests of the peoples of the two countries the peoples of the entire region, the ministry said in a statement.
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Sayyed #Nasrallah: The Global War On #Syria Has Failed, And Opening Up To It Today Is An Acknowledgment Of Its Victory…
The Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah, affirmed that the project of the global war against #Syria had failed militarily and politically, and this is a huge achievement, pointing out that opening up to #Syria today is an acknowledgment of its victory.
Sayyed #Nasrallah said in today’s speech that many #Arab countries have a desire to restore full relations with #Syria, but the obstacle is the #American objection, adding, “When we see Arab delegations in #Damascus, we feel happy.”…
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“End the Siege”campaign in solidarity with #Syria to launch next Saturday
In solidarity with the #Syrian people, a campaign entitled “End the Siege” will be launched next Saturday, at the initiative of the Arab Forum in Amman, & in cooperation with a group of organizations & figures in the #Arab world, #Europe & #NorthAmerica. Image
The campaign comes in solidarity with the #Syrian people who are suffering from the unilateral measures imposed on their country by the #US & its #European allies, & aims to mobilize efforts to lift the Western blockade on Syria, especially after the recent earthquake. Image
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Prayers for #Syria and for the victims of the earthquake
Several churches in #Syria and in various countries around the world held prayers at the same time for #Syria and the souls of the victims who fell from the devastating earthquake.
The faithful prayed to God to speed up the healing of the injured survivors, to heal the souls of the families of the martyrs with faith and to give them the determination and strength to rebuild what was destroyed.
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In Nov 2022, the International Department of the #CCP Central Committeee hosted its 3rd political dialogue with the #Arab world. It featured participation from more than 80 Arab parties from 17 countries, including Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Why it matters?

#Beijing has also made tangible gains in the South Mediterrnian region through political outreach. The $CCP actively cultivates ideological and political supporters in the SoMed region in support of the state’s evolving approach to political governance. 1/
These occur through a variety of direct political party-to-party exchanges and trainings with political elites in the region. Such programs include the #China-Arab Political Parties Dialogue & other platforms for engaging and influencing young and rising political leaders. 2/
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You can guess that the #Qatar2022 #FIFAWorldCup is what @SeppBlatter and I first talked about: “The @FIFAWorldCup is not the privilege of the Northern Hemisphere. We should NOT stick to a June/July World Cup calendar because of #Europe. The World Cup does not belong to #Europe
“They (@UEFA) need to adapt to the realities of the present and not think that they are entitled to have everything. There is pressure from new countries to change things, especially the #Arab countries. And they have the economic power [to push their agenda]…
.@SeppBlatter: “Football has 2 billion followers and the game has to be played within the geo-political structures of our world.”
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Since #WWII, #USA has used #USdollar hegemony to transfer domestic crises, harvest world #wealth and undermine the economic and financial stability of other countries through armed conflicts, financial wars, and trade wars. To maintain US dollar is to maintain US world hegemony. Since #WWII, #USA has used ...
Since March 2022, #FederalReserve has raised interest rates 6X. On 2 Nov, its 75-point rate hike and sharp #USdollar appreciation caused global #currency depreciation, capital outflows, rising debt servicing costs, hiked imported inflation and currency/debt crises of countries.
How this #KhazarianMafia #SCAM all started: At the latter part of #WWII, #USA took the opportunity to hoard tons of #gold and led the establishment of Bretton Woods system based on a peg between #USdollar and gold, thus establishing US dollar as "global hard #currency".
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आज अरबी हटेलात जाऊन #मंदी नावाचा प्रकार खाल्ला. घरातल्या थाळीच्या दुप्पट आकाराच्या थाळीत बिर्याणी चा भात पसरून मध्ये पनीर, काजू ची भाजी ओतली होती.

#मंदी #Mandi #Yemen #cuisine #Arab #मराठी Image
अरब लोक याहून मोठ्या डायनिंग टेबल एवढ्या थाळीत बिर्याणी भात पसरून मध्ये उंट किंवा आणखी कुठल्यातरी अभक्ष्य प्रकारच्या तंगड्या ठेऊन धा-बारा जण त्यावर तुटून पडतात म्हणे. नशीब त्या ताटात स्वतः च्या तंगड्या घालत नाहीत. Image
काय एक एक संस्कृती (?). जपान मध्ये सार्वजनिक ठिकाणी गरम पाण्याच्या हौदात नैसर्गिक कपड्यात धा बारा जण पुरुष बायका जाऊन बसायची पद्धत आहे म्हणे.

तर अशी पनीर-काजू ची मंदी खाल्ल्यावर मेंदू मध्ये मंदी आलेली आहे.
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In #Afghanistan, #India blew $2bn on building hospitals, dams, highways, parliament and more. So, they kept us out of resolution talks but included #Pakistan

Now, we reward them with thousands of tonnes of free wheat. Now they’re killing the remaining handful of #Hindus & #Sikhs
One of our Prime Ministers got our soldiers butchered to defend the integrity of Sri Lanka. He got blown to pieces for that.
This PM is busy bailing them out of bankruptcy and Chinese debt-trap with billions of US dollars of Indian taxpayers.
And they let in a Chinese spy-warship
We give #China $100 Bn/year in imports for illegal occupation of our territory, arming #Pakistan and kicking us on the border to encroach further.
We gave another $100 Bn/year to the #Arab sheikhdoms to humiliate us on our internal issues like democracy, free speech and #Kashmir
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1. I'm no #Assad fan. He is a brutal dictator who used chemical weapons on his own people. But we learned what happens if you destroy a nation's defense force after defeating dictators in #Germany and in #Iraq. What comes is either subjugation to a predator like the USSR or chaos
2. in the form of something like #Daesh. The #Turkish attack on the Syrian #Arab Republic forces near #Kobane is an act of an aggressor nation seeking to subjugate #Syria so it can commit genocide against #Yazidi, #Kurds and #Christians. @NATO cannot permit #Erdogan to hold
3. our collective morality and best interests hostage while he uses #Finland and #Sweden's accession as means to extort complicity in his crimes. Tell #Erdogan if he attacks Syria every member of @NATO will terminate their #Article5 obligations to #Turkey and cast the neo-
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The other side of #Gaza that terror groups try to hide
Sharing this side of #Gaza immediately unsettles and disturbs sympathizers of foreign-backed militant groups who rush to hide this under their one-sided narrative to keep Gaza residents hostage and continue exploiting their misery:
A terrorist commander was taken out in #Gaza in the same way that Al-Qaeda's #Zawahiri was taken out in #Afghanistan. This innocent #Palestinian child did not deserve this brutal end because of militant groups hiding behind civilians to launch rockets:

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Significant statement from caretaker PM @yairlapid: "Two-state solution is a strong guarantee for a democratic state of #Israel with a #Jewish majority."
Interesting moment during the @JoeBiden-@yairlapid presser in #Jerusalem when #Saudi news outlet @AlArabiya correspondent asked @POTUS what the #US is offering #Gulf states on #Iran's malign activity in region, and Lapid on where #Israel disagreed with Washington on Iran policy.
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The Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports is pushing the world to the verge of the global food crisis. How can we prevent it? We asked Taras Kachka, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, Trade Representative of Ukraine. Key points – in our brief, #UkraineWorldAnalysis 1/11
#Ukraine is a major exporter of agricultural products in the global market. It provides annually 50% of international trade in sunflower oil, 25% – in corn, 10% – in wheat. Ukraine is also an important exporter of barley, soybean, grist, and other agricultural products 2/11
400 mln people around the globe are dependent on the Ukrainian agricultural products, which are exported to #Turkey, #Egypt and other states of Sub-Saharan #Africa, #Arab states of the Persian Gulf, and other countries 3/11
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I Can't Stop Laughing 🤣🤣
Now I Am 100% Assured That India 🇮🇳 Has Been Progressed Towards Right Path By Defeating Radical Islamists And Extremist Forces Same Way As France.

⬇️⬇️ (A Must Check Thread) ⬇️⬇️
(#1) @AJArabic Has Reported That BJP Lead Indian Government (Pro Hindutva) Are Defaming Other Religions 🤣
But The Truth Is Completely Diffrent, See There Were Two Scenarios Beings Discussed Around Here.

First Case Was Off #NupurSharma Where She Quoted (Sahih Al Bukhari 5133) And (Quran 51:48) Saying What Will You Islamists Feel If She Mock Islam By Saying PBUH Married Aisha At 55 ?
(In Context To Requesting To Not Mock Shivling And Hindu Deities) 🤝
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Actions and policies of ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan and his #PTIGovernment have led to arrests, denial of jobs, travel bans, and deportations of Pakistanis from #Turkey #UAE #France #SaudiArabia #China. All in just three years. The latest is Saudi crackdown on pro-Khan Pakistanis. /1
In April, ex-PM #ImranKhan's incitement was responsible for Pakistanis getting radicalized in two countries: #Turkey+#SaudiArabia. 🇹🇷 arrested 27 pro-Khan Pakistanis on Apr 12. 🇸🇦 has repeatedly arrested Khan sympathizers in 2019+2020+2021 & 2022. /2
In 2020, PM #ImranKhan's followers launched online campaign against #Arab-#Israel peace agreement #AbrahamAccords, radicalizing young Pakistanis in the #Gulf who protested on streets in #UAE & #SaudiArabia, leading to loss of jobs, expulsions, visa bans/3

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BREAKING - The first 10 mercenaries from the Arab country #Libya, who were recruited by the Russian PWC "Liga" (ex "Vagner") to fight Putin's #war in #Ukraine, were eliminated near #Popasna town in #Donbas. Source: Ukr. journo Anatoliy Shtirlits via his Telegram. [Thread⬇️]
[2] On March 24, the Commander of the #Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar visited Moscow to talk about sending #Libya's soldiers to fight with the Russian forces in #Ukraine. But LNA denied it, of course.…
[3] On March 11, Putin approved an idea of a defense minister Shoigu to recruit approx. 16,000 mercenaries from the #Arab countries to fight his genocidal war in #Ukraine. “We need to welcome them and help to get to the battle zone,” said Putin at that time.
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🇫🇷 Marie Le Pen potentially leading polls w/ youth? What's up w/ that? Well as a young man who himself was once led astray by the alluring nature of far-right nationalism and radical politics, enjoy a personal view on what I think is happening here in thread format. 🧵
Le Pen in particular is an interesting figure, because she says all the right words to attract just the right amount of people to her words. Feminism? She's got your back, but she's again the "threat" of neo-feminism, that's bonus points with both men and trad-feminists.
She's pro-#nuclear power and for hydro-electric. #France already moving in this direction under Macron so good choice by her there. She wants to smack down wind and solar, also good on enticing that nuclear energy community, and one of her few points I actually respect.
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Must note that #US has never called or asked #Saudi ruling #Klan to end politically motivated executions or help the dictatorship modernize its courts to ensure the minimum standards of legal fairness. US sold #Saudi trillions in arms & help improve its security @jakejsullivan
#US has so far refused to sanction a single #Saudi official involved in human rights crimes such as @pss_en @MhmdAlissa & others. #American policy has been clear & consisting for decades, support the ruling Klan & ignore its crimes. @WHNSC #Ukraine
#UK PM @BorisJohnson will meet mass executioner #MBS next week in spite of this massacre. This is the real #UK policy where #Arab victims of #UK -backed regimes are not seen or considered #bigotry
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Something I posted in my original Twitter a few years back. I hope you enjoy it. I entitled it,
"#Apartheid My Ass!"
Apartheid My Ass!
#Israel is the only country in the Middle East that DOES NOT engage in #Apartheid.
Those who claim that Israel is an Apartheid 'regime' claim that compared to the civil rights of the Jewish majority in Israel, the civil rights of the Arab Muslim minority are discrimina­ted based upon their color, creed, religion and race.
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