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This is why I do not think much of #SubhasChandraBose

Read this thread about the brutal treatment of #Malaya #Tamils by the Japanese in building the #DeathRailway

Bose wanted to take help from the Japanese in "liberating" #India.

Why would the Japanese ever care about "liberating" India from #British rule?

The #Japanese were imperialists. They wanted to conquer all of Asia and the Pacific.

They had already annexed #Manchuria in 1931, and everyone knew about their brutal treatment of the #Chinese.

The Japanese followed this up with the #RapeOfNanjing in 1937. This was followed by the establishment of #Unit731 in the city of #Harbin in Northeast #China, scene of one of the most egregious #CrimesAgainstHumanity in history, carried out by the #ImperialJapaneseArmy

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#Thread | A recent thread attempting to exonerate #Churchill of war crimes in India and Bengal has caused a stir.

It seems to skirt the blame on Japan or enemies of the empire and even attempts to make absurd & sensationalist remarks to gain traction.

While reading the thread, it was tough to find responsible quotes that could counter the widely held opinion that it was Churchill, his policies, and his 'hate' for India that led to millions dying in Bengal in the 1940s.

It's easy to take the "As someone who has read through thousands of pages of primary sources" route, but a better alternative would be to first critique Churchill's Secret War and spend time and effort in doing that.

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As the Allies advanced in Burma, Gen Joseph Stilwell sent the 5307th Composite Unit, called GALAHAD, better known as "Merrill's Marauders" on a wide march around the Japanese right to cut the enemy's communications.
They were named for their commander Brigadier General Frank Merrill. While the Chinese advanced slowly, the commander of the Japanese 18th Division left a force to block the Chinese while he attacked to destroy the new threat to his rear.

#Armyhistory #USArmy #TRADOC #WWII
The Americans made their way through thick jungle and occasionally clashed with Japanese, to reach their objective on 3 March. They established two roadblocks and dug in with the 3d BN at the Kachin village of Walawbum, the 2d northwest, and the 1st in reserve.
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I agree 100% with what President @ZelenskyyUa stated again.
There can be no discussion, let alone negotiation, with Putin's #Russia until its forces are driven out of the entire #Donbass and #Crimea.
Some elements in this recap #thread.
1 First, any proposal by Putin in this sense is a ruse—he is stalling in #Ukraine and he knows it. He's trying to hold on to what he has, before replenishing his forces and going on the offensive again.
Let's not give in.
2 Given the massive crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine by Putin, accepting negotiations would implicitly mean wiping the slate clean on these imprescriptible crimes.
This is Putin's goal—we gave in to #Syria. Let's not do it for #Ukraine.
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Thread: 3 August 2022: Day 161 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Ukraine likely disabled the rail link between #Russian-occupied Kherson and Crimea; the Russians can repair it, but will remain vulnerable. Russia has begun using civilian ferries to cross the Dnipro after the destruction of the Antonovsky Bridge. Image
Instructive: #Germany’s former chancellor, Gerhard Schroder, goes to Moscow and meets #Russia's ruler Vladimir Putin, comes back insisting on the need for "peace", i.e. a ceasefire that freezes Russian gains in place and gives the Russian Army a break.
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“The #Myanmar junta’s execution of four men was an act of utter cruelty. These executions, including of activist Ko Jimmy and opposition lawmaker Phyo Zeya Thaw, followed grossly unjust and politically motivated military trials" said @hrw today. #WhatsHappeninginMyanmar #Burma
"This horrific news was compounded by the junta’s failure to notify the men’s families, who learned about the executions through the junta’s media reports" added @hrw, decrying the executions of these 4 political prisoners. #WhatsHappeninginMyanmar #Myanmar #SaveMyanmar
"The junta’s barbarity and callous disregard for human life aims to chill the anti-coup protest movement. European Union member states, the United States, and other governments should show the junta that there will be a reckoning for its crimes" says @hrw. @POTUS @WHNSC @eu_eeas
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I have been thinking about samosas for the last week & here is a thread about them. For starters the Samosa comes from West Asia and was originally meat wrapped in a dough cone and fried - the sambusak! The only truly veg versions are all Indian! #Samosa #Sambusak #PunjabiSamosa
I grew up in Mumbai eating what is now known as the Parsi/Bohri Samosa and which I simply knew as a Samosa. Lightly spiced lamb mince cooked with onions, green chillies and corriander, stuffed into a triangular pocket made from flat precooked sheets of samosa patti. #Samosa
These were then slowly fried in hot (not too hot) oil till golded brown & served with a typically Parsi Green chutney made with coconut, mint, corriander, peppercorns, green chutney & lime juice. These treats were rare and cherished! #Samosa
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The @CDCgov is listening! Today, @EthnicMediaSvc hosts a roundtable with Bhutanese, Burmese, and Uyghur refugees and how these communities have managed the pandemic. #refugees #COVID19 #healthequity #publichealth #RIM
Speakers include: Faustina Palmatier, Karen Society of Buffalo; Aung M. Naing, President and Co-founder, Network of Myanmar American Associations @netmaa Sudarshan Pyakurel, Executive Director, Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio
Also: Parshuram Chamlagai: Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh; Omer Kanat, Founder and President, Uyghur Human Rights Project @Omerkanat1 @uyghurproject
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THREAD: Over Christmas I read two books, and started a third, as background for my new book on #China, published next year by @opibooks

First, in preparation for my chapter on #CCP #NorthKorea relations, I read @Draylien's excellent
book… via @AmazonUK
Then, in preparation for my chapter on #CCP's policies towards #Myanmar/#Burma, I read @gardlunden's superb book on the Wa -…
And now I'm reading David Shambaugh's new book on #CCP leaders…
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THREAD: Deeply saddened by this news. The world has lost a great man, a giant defender of human rights, freedom, justice, truth and reconciliation.…
I had the privilege of meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and corresponding with him by email several times, especially about #Myanmar/#Burma, which he took a very deep interest in

He wrote the Foreword to my book, "Burma: A Nation At the Crossroads"
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THREAD: After a beautiful day celebrating #Christmas in freedom & peace with my family, I received this truly heartbreaking and horrific news from #Myanmar/#Burma

#SaveMyanmar #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

Myanmar: more than 30 people killed in Kayah state…
As well as this horrific news yesterday…
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397 organizations signed a letter urging IFIs to repurpose funds into Covid assistance for border communities and prisoners in #Burma. See our press release: and the full letter for more: #Altsean #Myanmar #Covid19 #MyanmarCoup
These funds were supposed to go to the democratically elected gov't in 2020 for #Covid relief and frozen after the coup, leaving hundreds of millions unspent. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #SaveMyanmar #Pandemic #NUG
Vulnerable communities urgently need #aid against #covid19. The junta is persecuting health workers and preventing medical distribution to those who need it most. #Burma #Myanmar #HumanRights #ICRC #NGO
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It begins: UN Security Council "press" conference by Oct Prez @KenyaMissionUN @AmbMKimani - Inner City Press emailed asking for WebEx access (as it has at IMF) & Q's on #Afghanistan #Burma #Cameroon, #Yemen #Nigeria - no answers. #UNcorruptsEveryone - thread Image
Now @AmbMKimani says UNSC will go on junket to Niger (no UN mission there) and Mali (failing mission); he quotes an unnamed Ambassador at breakfast this morning trying to "touch reality." The reality at the UN today is censorship ImageImage
Now @AmbMKimani says "UNSC is expected to negotiate a resolution for the mission for a Referendum in #WesternSahara." The UN has been supposed to hold that referendum for decades and never did, took money, had sex abusers running MINURSO… Image
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It's time to do an honest review!
Historians will write and speak on the fall of #Kabul from here on, and this topic will feed conference sponsors and lecture circuit speakers around the world.
Had George Bush stayed away from Iraq, the situation today could have been different?
Saddam Hussein, a bloody tyrant that he was, at least kept the strategic balance of power in check from a sectarian perspective in the Middle East.
His removal unleashed the great schism between the rival school of thought, but, also shifted the focus away from #Afghanistan.
Iraq is reeling from the effects of the war that Blair and Bush launched based on fabricated grounds.
No WoMDs were found inside Iraq!
This was part of the greater #Neoconservative Plan based in Washington to weaken the Arab States, which could offer resistance to Israel.
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from by
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric for 1229th day,
he's gotten its Qs by email, incl on #Haiti case, Carney conflict, whistleblower Reilly, #Burma Cmr Hnd #UNGA vax #Nigeria #Cameroon #Burma UN rapes. Thread below
Banned Inner City Press has asked in writing, "What conflict of interest rules apply to UN official Mark Carney, given his positions with Brookfield, and it seems PIMCO and Stripe?
Inner City Press has asked, "what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that Mozambique’s opposition Renamo has demanded that parliament hold an session to discuss the presence of foreign forces fighting armed groups in the Cabo Delgado province?
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from by
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric for 1229th day,
he's gotten its Qs by email, incl on #MSF out in #Cameroon & #Tigray, if UNGA require vax or cancel, Cuomo, #Nigeria #Cameroon #Burma #Haiti UN rapes. Thread below
Banned Inner City Press asked On #Cameroon / #Ambazonia, what are the comments and action sif any of SG Guterres on that Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has withdrawn from Cameroon’s North-West region after months of suspension by the authorities?
Inner City Press asked AGAIN Amid Aug 3 reports that NYC will require proof of vax for indoor events, with full enforcement mid-Sept, & in light of UN's planned "honor system" in person #UNGA high level week Sept 21, will that be canceled or proof of vax required?
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from, by
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric (back from Greece) he's gotten its Qs by email, incl if UNGA require vax proof or canceled, Cuomo whistleblowers, Tigray, #Nigeria #Cameroon #Burma #Haiti UN rapes. Thread below
Inner City Press has asked in writing, "Amid reports that NYC will require proof of vax for indoor events, =\with enforcement mid-Sept, & in light of UN saying "honor system" in person #UNGA high level week Sept 21, will that be canceled or proof of vax required?
Banned Inner City Press asked: "What are SG @AntonioGuterres' comments if any on the findings of sexual harassment and retaliation by NYS Government Cuomo? And why has Guterres covered up for Hochschild, and retaliated incl against Press reporting on Hochschild?
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from, by
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric (back from 3 weeks in Greece) he's gotten its Qs by email, incl on #Nigeria IPOB case, #Tigray, Emma Reilly/whistleblowers, #Cameroon #Burma #Haiti UN rapes. Thread below Image
Banned Inner City Press asked @UN_Spokesperson & @AminaJMohammed: "On #Nigeria, what are the UN's comments and actions if any on IPOB's legal claim that providing aircraft to the Nigerian government is, legally, assisting genocide? See, case cite (DDC, USA).? ImageImageImageImage
Banned Inner City Press asked @UN_Spokesperson in writing, "what is SG Guterres' response to recent public statements by Emma Reilly that steps are being taken to fire her, w/ UN claiming whether names of Uighur dissidents were given to China is irrelevant?" ImageImageImageImage
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from, by
@StephDujarric (3 weeks in Greece) here's Assoc
@UN_Spokesperson Eri Kaneko- she's gotten its Qs by email, incl on #Nigeria Nnamdi Kano & #Igboho, Angola corruption #Cameroon #Burma #Haiti UN rapes. Thread below
Banned Inner City Press asked, YET *AGAIN* on N#igeria, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres and DSG Amina J. Mohammed on that the DSS raided Igboho’s Ibadan home, just like security agents severally stormed Kanu’s country home in Umuahia?
Inner City Press asked, On Angola and corruption, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that an international court has ruled that Isabel Dos Santos must surrender oil and gas shares worth $500 million? And disclose Angola help to Guterres
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from, by still (3 week) vacationing @StephDujarric, here's
@UN_Spokesperson Farhan Haq- he's gotten its Qs by email, incl on #Nigeria / Nnamdi Kano & Igboho, #Burundi #Burma #Haiti #Uighur #Cameroon, UN rapes. Thread below Image
Banned Inner City Press asked, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres and DSG @AminaJMohammed on the proceedings against #Igboho & #NnamdiKanu? why does the UN have no content neutral rules for press access, and refuse Press Qs on these topics? ImageImageImageImage
Banned Inner City Press asked @UN_Spokesperson of @antonioguterres & @MelissaFleming "On Myanmar, what are Guterres' response to the critique and recommendations of, among others, CPJ? See,
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1/6 Some clips from the @ukhouseoflords #Genocide Debate last Thursday #Xinjiang #Burma #Tigray #Nigeria #Iraq #Sudan

In full at:…
Current arrangements simply do not work
I asked @DominicRaab if his intention was to accept the @HouseofCommons #Genocide declaration. #China #CCP
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International Affairs /1-1
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
Myanmar's Generals
Run A Nearly Sanction-Proof
Long Before Seizing Control
Of The Streets
by @oanhha @jwf825
& Khine Lin Kyaw
MAY 11, 2021
International Affairs /1-2
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
- Area : 676.5K km²
- Population : 53.6 M
- Capital : #Naypyidaw
largest city : #Yangon
- #Bamar 68%
- #Shan 9%
- #Buddhism 88%
- #Christianity 6.2%
- #Islam 4.3%
#Burmese Image
International Affairs /1-3
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
- GDP (PPP) : US$355 B
Per capita : US$6.7 K
- #InformalEconomy :
one of the biggest in the world
- Rich in precious stones :
#Rubies 90% of world's
#Sapphires #Pearls #Jade
- #Tourism
- #Agriculture Image
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.​@ParamiUni in #Burma will be offering FREE online courses, subject to admission criteria, to further provide #learning opportunities.
This summer program will be eight weeks long, starting from June 7th to July 30th.

Upon conclusion of summer courses, students will receive a certificate of completion.

𝗪𝗵𝗼 𝗰𝗮𝗻 𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗹𝘆?
As these online courses will be taught in English, interested candidates are required to have completed high school and have competent English language skills
(minimum: Intermediate level).

𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗼 𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗹𝘆?
Click on each photo for the course descriptions and schedule (on FB). The summer courses catalog and registration form will be posted soon, so please stay tuned for more updates on the courses on their FB page.

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#Thread about #Opposition in #Burma #Government:

Burma's opposition forms an interim government against the generals
The opposing government that is forming wants to abolish the constitution that gave the military a veto right in the democratization process.
It tries to include the ethnic minorities as well. The army is fighting on several fronts.

Parallel government with great ambitions
The project operates under the name CRPH.

by @NZZ…
At the moment it is only a matter of a committee consisting of elected parliamentarians; They were never able to take up their function as representatives of the people and legislature because of the coup on February 1st. A government in exile is now to emerge from this dozen.
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