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President Trump grants a full pardon to Alice Marie Johnson, whose life sentence was commuted by the president in 2018 @NBCNews
Alice Marie Johnson is an American criminal justice reform advocate and former federal prisoner. She was convicted in 1996 for her involvement in a Memphis cocaine trafficking organization and sentenced to life imprisonment.
Ms. Johnson spoke at the #RNCConvention2020.

Racist @TheDemocrats and their funded media, including @MSNBC and Joy Ann Reid of @thereidout, despicably called Ms. Johnson a “prop” and a “token” who was “trotted out” by @realDonaldTrump
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1. 1st song in this video that the absolutely incredible @ChrisMacchio sings at #RNCConvention2020, sending goosebumps through your soul, is non other than the song from PAYBACK Scene in 🎥 “The Sum of All Fears”💥👊🏻
Next is Anon who found it...
2. It’s “The Sum of All Fears” “PAYBACK” music when they are killing off the people who are conspiring to destroy America. 🧨💥👊🏻
Well done @realDonaldTrump, Well done Maestro!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Nice find David! 👉🏻
3. I believe this is the same song that Chris Macchio shared as well.
As found in the movie 🎥 🍿 “The Sum of All Fears” in the Payback scene.
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Do you prefer lies or evasions? In this piece @HHS_ASH just lies, while @CDCDirector is more slippery than an eel. We are in a pandemic & 8 months in we don't have an evidence-based, scaled-up comprehensive testing effort. It is unforgivable. @SherylNYT 1/…
We need massive scale-up of testing now for both diagnosis AND screening. One can be sensitive PCR-based tests, the other as @michaelmina_lab has suggested can be less sensitive antigen-based tests which can help target the most infectious in the community. 2/
So what do these idiots do? They buy a shitload of antigen tests from @AbbottNews, but tests not suitable for testing asymptomatics at the moment, still drag their feet on getting a bill to get $$$ to states/localities that actually DO the testing. 3/
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Así terminó anoche la Convención Republicana, lo que abre la fase final de la campaña. Aquí un HILO con algunas claves de anoche: #RNCConvention2020 #RNCConvention #RNC2020Convention #USA2020

1. Toda elección gira en torno a una pregunta que debe responder el votante y Trump trata de enmarcar la campaña entre "salvar el sueño americano o imponer la agenda socialista en EEUU".

2. Las campañas más eficaces siempre consiguen trasladar una imagen visual efectiva. Los republicanos intentan que sea la de “Biden, el caballo de Troya del socialismo”. Image
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"This is happening on @realDonaldTrump's watch" ~ @donlemon Re: Violence in American cities!!
@CNNSpecialNews Live!!
But @realDonaldTrump is specifically pointing out that it's happening in #Democrat run cities - that's what his base is hearing, UNFORTUNATELY!! @donlemon @ChrisCuomo
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En resumen, la #RNCConvention2020 y @realDonaldTrump:

• Biden y los demócratas representan el socialismo y la izquierda radical.

• los republicanos son el partido de la ley y el orden.

• el #COVID19 es culpa de China, EU tenía una gran economía.

Abro hilo 👇🏻
• los demócratas son culpables de la violencia y protestas en ciertos estados.

• los republicanos apoyan a los afroamericanos, aunque no creen en #BlackLivesMatter.

• apoyarán a las patrullas fronterizas, frenarán a los inmigrantes y el muro se terminará.
• los demócratas aumentarán impuestos.

• el movimiento de “cancelar la cultura” es una iniciativa de la izquierda radical.

• EU dobla a sus aliados internacionales, al igual que a sus adversarios.

• Biden es débil y depende de hipócritas liberales.
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Someone from either #NIAID @NIH or #NCID @CDCgov should educate #TantrumP2020, Global #COVIDIOT No.1, #Virology/#VirusEpidemiology/#SARS_COV_2 #101 to stop the #SHIT that's coming out of his upper orifice!!
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
1) It ain't #WuhanVirus or #ChinaVirus - it's #SARS_COV_2!
2) #China DIDN'T SEND IT OUT to infect America - Global Travel did! 🙄
3) The DISEASE has been Christened #COVID19 (COronaVIrusDisease2019) by @WHO, for ease of reference!!
Oh?! The TIMING!!
Just my luck to switch on the TV at approximately 11.00 a.m. #MYT, to have it already tuned to #AlJazeera channel LIVE, at the exact moment #TantrumP2020, Global #COVIDIOT No. 1, was uttering his SHIT about #COVID19usa, caused by his SO-CALLED #WuhanVirus!
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The staggering difference between this man’s natural skin color and his recolored complexion ImageImage
Funny how all the Black people who were on stage all week are nowhere to be seen in this mostly maskless, shoulder to shoulder crowd
#RNC2020Convention ImageImage
“At the Democrat National Convention...the Democrat Party”

Can someone explain to me the Republican microaggression of refusing to use the term “Democratic”? They do it all the time, but other than just being assholes is there a meaning to it?

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Damn, White House blockoff is big tonight. This is at 17 and K. Follow here or @abeaujon and @EvyMages for more updates of tonight’s actions
Police currently blocking off protesters in front of Lafayette Square. They briefly pushed them back
On the other side near Black Lives Matter Plaza. Doesn’t seem to be a kettling situation. Unclear why police are blocking protesters from accessing an open street
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#NEW: @DemocraticAGs Political Director, and native Utahn, @farahsmelendez on @SeanReyesUT participating in #RNCConvention2020 & ignoring #COVID19 safety protocols:

"Sean Reyes is proving once again that he is out of touch with Utahns and our priorities." #UTpol
“As Utah surpasses 400 deaths and 50,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the Attorney General—who was elected to protect my family’s health and safety—is jetting off to DC to schmooze." #utpol
"Worse, he appears to be ignoring medical guidance – increasing the chance of endangering more Utahns when he comes back." #utpol
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This crowd at Pence speech is small and the clapping makes it sound like a speech kicking off a campaign for city council. #RepublicanNationalConvention #RNC
If Trump has “kept his word” why does he lie so damn much, @VP? #RNCConvention #RNCConvention2020
Pence continuing the lie of Veterans Choice. What a honorable man. And in front of his mother, too. #RNCConvention
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after the successful republican convention-miracle of standing up while on a wheelchair, here is a preview of what is planned for the next miracle: #RNCConvention2020
Sorry not sorry. This convention is kissing me off. This shit has been peddled in third world countries decades ago and should be laughable. The fact anyone is taking this RNC trump hand job bs seriously is INSANE
Pissing me off *. Whatever
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Everytime i hear someone talk about “school choice” for students with disabilities, i pull out my go to meme of the monarch asking how it feels to be a liar with pants constantly on fire no. 1/
#RNCConvention2020 The mighty monarch in a  co...
You shouldn’t be able to call it “choice” if it results in the eradication of your civil rights.

Priv. schools DO NOT have to comply w/disabled students individual education plan, meaning they don’t need to provide the services they need. 2/

Speech therapy? Nope.

Second set of book? Nope.

Note taker? Nope.

zilch. zero. nada. 3/

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So, @yabutaleb7 @SherylNYT @HelenBranswell @edyong209 . There is a bigger story emerging here: @CDCgov is saying asymptomatics and community spread are no longer a priority for #COVID19 control in the USA. This is coming from @WhiteHouse. 1/…
.@jbkrell from @PrEP4AllNow has shared a little noticed @HHSGov press release on Defense Production Act edict for antigen tests specifically for nursing homes. 2/…
And there still aren't enough tests. Anyone who thinks this is more than a question of political will is fooling themselves. We could scale-up testing for diagnosis and screening if we wanted to. 3/
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Sooooo @TimScottSC (the tbd) lied. @realDonaldTrump did everything he could to roll back Obama-Biden admin funding policies for HBCUs.

#TrumpChaos #RNC2020 #RNCConvention2020
The funding ran out in September due to the Senate. That he is a member of. However with Dem Sens. @DougJones and @ChrisCoons help they were able to restore funding and make permanent for 10 years

#TrumpChaos #RNC2020 #RNCConvention2020
Also when @realDonaldTrump signed the BIPARTISAN legislation into law. He requested 643m / 2019 which is less than the 683 m / received in 2010 under @BarackObama and @JoeBiden

@TimScottSC is a liar.
#TrumpChaos #RNC2020 #RNCConvention2020
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👉Help here…👈

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This is the real story of the #RNCConvention2020 tonight.
The Jews-will-not-replace-us president had to cancel a speaker from the racist lineup for retweeting an anti-Semitic diatribe from the conspiracy pushers they rely on for reelection while being normalized my MSM pundits.
All while we march so black people don’t get shot by racist white cops in extreme acts of cowardice during an out of control epidemic of the president’s making under threat of attack from our own military for practicing our 1st amendment right, while the election is being stolen.
All I can say is someone with power in politics or the media needs to grow a big vagina and start calling this shit out for what it is instead of asking if Melania Trump of all God-forsaken racists sounded like a 1st lady tonight.
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Classic #NikkiHaley. She used the same rhetorical tactics to justify refusing Syrian refugees from the state of South Carolina. In what I term “redemptive exclusion”, she uses her own immigrant history to justify proclamations of exclusion towards others
In doing so, she reconciles seemingly oppositve rhetorics: xenophobic discourses of exclusion become coarticulated with mythic promise of an America open to All.
we see how she uses her own immigrant history and hyperbolic narratives of American benovolence to preempt the acceptance of refugees, or in this case to argue America is not a racist country
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I'm doing a write up for @nytimes along with colleagues of tonight's #RNC2020. We have 50 words for each section: "Best" and "Worst" Moment. This will be cut/trimmed when it's published, so I'm posting it in full below. This is my submission for the "Best" Moment.

I can't pretend what we witnessed during the 2nd night of the #RNCConvention2020 was in any way normal, routine, or healthy for this nation. I refuse to judge it by a lower standard, rank a "best" moment bc that's what's been asked of me, or choose a "least horrible moment...2/
...from a night of gaslighting, falsehoods and fearmongering. I think this only normalizes vulgarity, dysfunction and harms this country. I can't do it. But, because I'm charitable, at least I didn't laugh out loud this time. 3/3
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I wish Melania plagiarized a shorter speech... this one is just so looooong. #RNCConvention2020
Finished another round of Fall Guys and she’s STILL FUCKING TALKING.
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“My deepest sympathy goes to everyone who has lost a loved one and my prayers are with those who are ill and suffering." - @MELANIATRUMP. #RNCConvention2020
“Like all of you, I have reflected on the racial unrest in our country,” @MELANIATRUMP says. “It’s a harsh reality. We are not proud of parts of our history.” #RNCConvention2020
She added later: “I encourage people to focus on our future while still learning about our past."
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Wow! The #ARSEHOLE spoke from #MOUNTOLIVE, #EASTJERUSALEM (CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE STATE OF PALESTINE) with the #DomeOfThRock of #AlQuds in the background!!
Lovely and moving speech by @FLOTUS! BEAUTIFUL!! 💖 😍
Now we know why @FLOTUS redesigned the #RoseGarden the way she did!! 😎
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Trump's imported & paid "wife" will now address the nation! I can hardly wait to hear what wisdom she shares with us about life as a paid employee of the country's crazed president.

#Melania #RNCConvention2020
That walk down the White House runway reminded me that actually Melania is a paid MODEL more so than a paid wife. Trump has always used her like a trophy, like a piece of property. We all know there's only one way Trump was able to secure Melania's hand in marriage: $$$$$.
Melania is married to the nation’s greatest BULLY. That is the epitome of HYPOCRISY.

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Earlier tonight, @GovAndyBeshear again called on Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to quickly wrap up his investigation into the killing of #BreonnaTaylor. Instead, he’s speaking at the #RNCConvention2020 in support of Donald Trump.
“...we still don't have the facts in the #BreonnaTaylor case. And those who are weary, imagine what that family must feel to wait this long,” @GovAndyBeshear.

He also said Daniel Cameron’s investigation needs to wrap up or at least update its progress.…
The #RNCConvention2020 has dedicated plenty of time to fear-mongering and conspiracy theories, but has utterly failed to address the epidemic of police violence that continues to kill and injure Black people in America.
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