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All right #DnD #5e people, today we're going to take a look at something They (WOTC) doesn't want you to see.
This is Appendix A from AD&D 1e, a tool almost as invaluable as Appendix N from the same book.
This is Gary Gygax's Random Dungeon Generator.
So firstly, why did Gary put this in the book?
Because he knew that you have a life, and dungeon prep can be difficult and time consuming.
Maybe it wasn't game night & you didn't have anything, so you want to procedurally generate a dungeon.
Gary was giving you a toolbox.
And with that toolbox you could do...whatever you wanted.
You weren't tied to TSR products. Gary wanted you to have the same freedom in world creation that he did, even if you're not that creative yourself.
Roll some dice, and you've got a brand new totally original dungeon!
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(1/19)What if fantasy were not based on European but African myth? This is the premise behind the world Wagadu,a #5e setting and an upcoming online multiplayer RPG by @twindrums: below a teaser of people, creatures and places. Join here to follow project:…
(2/19) In the Upper Realms, life is mostly peaceful and safe. For unknown reasons, every few years, people "fall" into a realm of wild spirits and powerful nature: Wagadu. People band together to survive and even thrive in its savannas, deserts and rain-forests. art @Gordiluv
(3/19) There is no such thing as "races" in Wagadu, everybody is one people. Ancestry manifests in different ways, they call them "lineages" - you are usually born in one, but for various reasons some people can switch during their lives. art @igsonart
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(1) .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump No one from a solitary Racketeer-Influenced Corrupt Federal Agency (such as the FBI for example) has been locked up.

America is quickly morphing into a police state on your watch & all you do is talk about how you've been targeted & attacked by ....
(2) the #FBI and #DOJ.

What about the rest of America .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump .@EricTrump .@DonaldJTrumpJr, which is now subject to vicious and corrupt #FBI #InfraGard and #JTTF units, coordinated thru #DHS-funded #FusionCenters with the assistance of #NSA & possibly ....
(3) #CyberCommand?

So while you keep on talking about how you are "under attack" by rogue elements in the federal government, tens of thousands of innocent Americans have been placed on bogus watch-lists, to profit retired #FBI #DHS #DEA personnel who run private security ....
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Sobre #5E
¿De dónde salen los 100 votos de Guaidó?
- 60 dip. principales
- 25 suplentes de principales perseguidos, en otros roles, o ausentes
- 9 suplentes de 'traidores'
- 2 suplentes de dip. de Cambiemos
- 2 miembros de la Fracción 16J
- 2 dip. electas con el chavismo
Si se hubiera dado una sesión normal, sin bloqueo militar y demás, parece evidente que Guaidó hubiera recibido al menos 85 votos (más que los 84 necesarios), incluso a pesar de 'traiciones' de última hora
Entre los votos que NO se dieron en El Nacional están los de Freddy Guevara, Jorge Millán, Rafael Guzmán, y Sergio Vergara, dado que esos principales y sus suplentes están perseguidos o en el exilio. Otros 5 principales perseguidos, vieron a sus suplentes apoyar el show de Parra
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Next up among the "Just Imagine..." Characters that Stan Lee tackled is Shazam! This time, the character really is called Shazam (a thing that was not yet the case at the time in the comics). While the basics are pretty close to the original, this incarnation is more monstrous! Image
I wish I had done this after Goliath from Gargoyles, but the character here is still a solid #SupermanAnalogue. Robert Rogers says the word Shazam to transform into a massive draconic being. While his flight comes from wings instead of just floating, he still checks all the boxes Image
Where the character differs is that the 2 identities identity as seperate beings (like the Hulk), not fully sharing memories with each other. In addition, Robert is an adult Interpol agent granted powers by Merlin. So different but if you squint you can see the parallels. Image
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This is a thread about why gatekeeping #ttrpgs is stupid and makes you an asshole, and my thoughts on creating an inclusive, fun environment. Me: Playing RPGs since 1982. Boring old white dude.

#rpgs #inclusivity #tabletop #5e #DnD
1 - Do not go on about systems. Systems are, by and large, irrelevant. Do not say, "That system has too much math." There is literally no system where you can't hide the number crunching. Do not say, "That system is too simplistic."
There is no system you can't houserule to any level of complexity you like. Do not go on about systems. Systems don't matter.
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