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#Taranto,comitato elettorale del candidato sindaco #pd #5s. All’esterno l’unico gazebo in tutta la città della partecipata dei rifiuti(24% differenziata rispetto a 65% previsto dalla legge)guidata da ex segretario pd che se melucci perde resta senza lavoro.Questo è il campo largo Image
La percentuale di differenziata più bassa d’Italia per darla in mano al segretario del pd, e aumentano pure le tasse
Sempre lui oggi, con l’ex sindaco (a che titoli?) a una settimana dal voto inaugura la nuova trovata di amiu: le apecar per raccogliere i rifiuti. Rumorose e inquinanti. Tanto poi è colpa di ilva. Complimenti a @EnricoLetta che martedì viene a fare comizio co sta gente Image
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Because Wordle is a trick.
The trick is that it makes you feel far smarter than you really are. People are impressed with their own solutions.
It makes us sad to see people fall for the trick.
For me today, this makes me look real smart, I got it in 3 on hard mode
But when I look at the odds, I doubt I'm smart. With knowledge given at step #2, I had a 1 in 5 (20%) getting it right on the third guess ("drinn" isn't in their word list)
Presumably, the website records guesses, makes statistical studies, and can adjust their puzzles to be harder or easier. In other words, choosing a word like DRINK as the right answer rather than CRINK or PRINK. Is Wordle playing fair?
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#Pd disperato per tenersi Mattarella

E vogliono pure che Draghi stia a Chigi : domani il #Duce risponde #stocazzo…
Mattarella o la sua controfigura Amato
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@ramespaulus There are several versions of it but a basic example is: You have 5 choices in a primary. You rank them on your ballot in the order you prefer them. Officials determine the candidate w/the most #1s. If that candidate gets the winning # of votes needed (could be any %) they win./1
@ramespaulus That’s not likely tho, esp if the winning % needed is substantial. So then the candidate with the most #5s is eliminated. Then the ballots are recounted without that candidate, which changes the percentages. Rinse & repeat. This is just one way to do it. /2
@ramespaulus So if the guy you ranked #1 on your ballot who turned out to be ranked #5 by the most people, your ballot’s 2nd choice now becomes your vote. If you & enough people picked the highest vote getter as their 2nd choice, he now gets those votes & maybe now he’s got enough to win. /3
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#மிட்டாய்_தேசம் 😋
இன்னைக்கு ஆபீஸ்ல கொடி 🇮🇳ஏத்தி முடிச்சதும்,எல்லாருக்கும் 2-ரூபா சாக்லேட் குடுத்தாங்க.!🍬
அதபார்க்கும் போது நா அப்படியே என்னுடைய சின்னவயசு நியாபகத்துக்கு போய்ட்டேன்.!

#ஒருசின்ன_FlashBack 😂
என்னோட சின்னவயசுல எங்க தெருவுல ஒரு தாத்தாவ கூப்பிட்டு கொடி ஏத்துவாங்க😊 Image
கொடி ஏத்தும் போது பக்கத்துல உள்ள சித்தி விநாயகர் கோவில் Speaker Set ல,
"தாய் மண்ணே வணக்கம்" ன்னு ரகுமான் ஒலிப்பாரு. அவர்
"மா துஜே சலாம்" ன்னு பாடி முடிச்சதும் தான் நிறுத்துவாங்க..! 😂
இந்த Gap ல Sweet Distribution நடக்கும். ஆமாங்க #ஆரஞ்சு_வில்லை தான் அந்த Sweets..!😋 Image
அந்த வண்ணமையமான மிட்டாய்களை பாக்கெட்டோட அவரு டிஸ்ட்ரிப்யூட் பண்றதே நல்லா இருக்கும். எல்லாருக்கும் ரெண்டு தான்..!😊
இப்படியாக சுதந்திர தினம் இனிமையாக நிறைவடையும்..!😂

அப்பெல்லாம் நாலணா, எட்டணா கிடைச்சா போதும் பக்கத்துல உள்ள கடையில போயீ, மிட்டாய் வாங்கி அதை..
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#MYCROFT classified #DARPA satellite inspector that uses the #EAGLE platform as a mother-ship is departing 5S and I believe has been detected on S-band. I first noted short 'glitches' of a signal and then prolonged periods of wideband noise. 1/3 ImageImage
In the images above one can see periods of time when there's a rise in the noise level periodically throughout day. These periods are preceded by a fast moving carrier 'glitch'. The rectangle shows the area I zoom into. This behaviour is similar to #EAGLE as noted here. 2/3 ImageImage
#MYCROFT recently inspected #5S from close proximity and it and #EAGLE are now drifting 'rapidly' away. @M_R_Thomp noted that #MYCROFT is likely USA 287 based on official statements made before the inspection.…
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As a first cut for consideration, I'll probably draw the line at 40+ WAR.

That gives you 17.

Bonds, Clemens, Schilling, Walker, Jeter,
Rolen, Ramirez, Jones, Helton, Sheffield,
Pettitte, Abreu, Sosa, Kent, Giambi,
Vizquel, Lee
I think I've been undervaluing just how good Giambi's peak was. Avg of all HOF 1bman had a WAR7 of 42.7.
Regarding accused/confirmed PED users, my POV is

1) If the HOF or MLB doesn't want me to vote for those players, then don't include them on the ballot.
2) I have a hard time assuming that we can neatly divide players into clean or dirty based on public info, so I choose not to.
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1. vi aiuto a leggere questo articolo,usando i cablo di #WikiLeaks…
2. da oltre 10 anni gli USA, indipendentemente da chi siano governati(che sia Bush, Obama, Trump NON importa), fanno pressioni immense sulla politica e l'economia italiana per stroncare l'influenza che la #Russia riesce ad esercitare tramite le sue risorse energetiche
3. i cablo rivelati da #WikiLeaks documentano la furia USA contro #Berlusconi e l'#ENI, rei di "assistere" la #Russia in questa operazione di soggiogamento dell'#Europa attraverso il gas e le risorse energetiche russe. Ci sono cablo FURENTI
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