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Everything begins with A

Aluminum -> Amyloid -> Autism & Alzheimer's

Aluminum is the main adjuvant in most childhood 💉s

Aluminum is also proven to cause amyloid or misfolded proteins in the brain.

Amyloid plaques are associate with Alzheimer's and autism. 🧵
The CDC states that Aluminum is the main adjuvant, or immune system "stimulator," in many 💉 on their childhood 💉 schedule >…
Aluminum transforms normal proteins into misfolded, messy, junk or Amyloid proteins. >

"The results demonstrated that Al(III) induced the transformation of the initial random coil structure to the β-sheet configuration in the Aβ40 peptides."…
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If Moira Deeming sues John Pesutto, I hope she sues @ABCaustralia next. Altho, ABC had no reporter at the Let Women Speak event March 18, 2023, nor did it interview any participants or organisers; Moira Deeming or Angie Jones, or the main draw card at the event Kellie-Jay /1…
ABC has promoted the Nazi / fascist narrative through all its channels; @abc730, @abcnews, TV news, the website and @RNBreakfast that the organisers of LetWomenSpeak and the participants were associated with the Neo-Nazis that showed up. @MRowlandMP /2
Furthermore, the narrative that #LetWomenSpeakMelbourne participants were affiliated with either far right, or fascist, and/or were promoting a violent narrative at the event to INCITE hatred or violence towards transgender people. /3
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#ABC Los colegiados jubilados detectan miedo piramidal entre los árbitros que están hoy en activo.

"Aplaudieron tanto en Las Rozas que casi se les irrita la piel".
#ABC “Recordaban perfectamente lo que le pasó a Daudén Ibáñez (ex árbitro) por mantenerse íntegro contra Villar, y cómo Sánchez Arminio lo dejó completamente solo”

“Sólo vimos lloriqueos, narcisismo y autobombo"
#ABC Ex árbitro: “...Y no quiero ruedas de prensa, quiero que pongan denuncias. Sinceramente, no me vale que vayan de romería a una reunión a decir que estamos todo unidos. Tampoco me vale que denuncie uno solo. Tiene que ir el colectivo unido..."
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中国🇨🇳#中共 #二十大 闭幕,新一届领导班子成员已公布,预计未来五年 #中国 将进入一个与“过去三十年”完全不同的「新时代」
下面整理一些中国大陆 墙内社媒严格封锁、全面封杀的内容,欢迎推友补充。#China #CCP
#中共二十大 闭幕会上,前国家领导人 #胡锦涛 令人意外的 #被请离 会场,相关视频和照片在网络上疯传。ABC西班牙语记者拍摄下了胡锦涛 #被请离会场 “视频”之前的过程,起因可能是由于一份文件,胡抬手要翻阅文件,栗战书按住文件不让他看,习进平见状叫来了时任中央办公厅副主任的 #孔绍逊 1/2
命令下达 #孔绍逊 后,习又叫来一名身着黑衣的「工作人员」,抬起右手作出指示,胡脸色苍白表现得略惊讶,#栗战书#王沪宁 表情则明显感到震惊…之后就有了网络上疯传的视频和照片 2/2
附📎#ABC 网址链接:…
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#ABC News Producer Missing Since #FBI Raid [Video] | Oct 21
- Emmy award winner James G. #Meek – a deep-dive journalist who was also a former senior counterterrorism adviser and investigator for the House Homeland SC, abruptly quit his job of 9 years…
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Há 50 anos, em 24 de setembro de 1972, corria o teste 106 da loteria esportiva (… ) +
Foram vendidas 50.843.255 apostas a Cr$ 1,00 cada, e o prêmio total foi de Cr$ 16.015.624,79. Houve 318 acertadores; cada um ganhou Cr$ 50.363,59. O dólar na época valia Cr$ 6,03. Todos os 13 jogos foram pelo campeonato brasileiro. +
Na data a Loteria Esportiva estava implantada no Distrito Federal e 16 estados: Guanabara, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Goiás, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte e Mato Grosso. +
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Há 50 anos, em 17 de setembro de 1972, corria o teste 105 da loteria esportiva (… ), com todos os seus jogos pelo campeonato brasileiro.+
Foram vendidas 52.877.3520 apostas a Cr$ 1,00 cada, e o prêmio total foi de Cr$ 16.656.365,88. Houve 9 acertadores; cada um ganhou Cr$ 1.850.707,32. O dólar na época valia Cr$ 6,03. +
Na data a Loteria Esportiva estava implantada no Distrito Federal e 16 estados: Guanabara, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Goiás, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte e Mato Grosso. +
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A project with extremely cute art going on a roll.

How did these cute pfps suddenly pop out of nowhere & back into the spotlight 💡

Let's dig a bit deeper and find out abt @KikiVerseNFT Image

Art created by @PepeCloverNFT , it's in a league of it's own with 1200+ super cute traits !

Some other projects the artist is involved in :
- @Squishiverse
- @PepePawnShop
- @SappySealsNFT

Turns out he's the artist for #ABC as well 🤯 Image

Roadmap highlights:

🔸Watch to earn

🔸Women-led project

🔸Animated Series

🔸Metaverse Integrations Image
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MT @SergeiMillian: "[Papadopoulos] is telling BS [about me having often talked about a Chinese girlfriend and her dad in Beijing]. My girlfriend at the time was an AMERICAN lady and her father lives in NYC. ABC was hunting for her. I'm glad I was able to protect her identity."
MT @SergeiMillian: "During the interview, Brian Ross of ABC got desperate and asked me directly where does my girlfriend live. I replied what's your business about my girlfriend's address? Ross told me somebody gave him tip she lives in Brooklyn. Somebody told Ross wrong info."
MT @SergeiMillian: "She is a remarkable American lady whose name I was able to protect. ABC was especially aggressive at hunting for her day and night."
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1/5: NZ Russian Ambassador
.@radionz reported the Russian ambassador declined to appear before a committee to answer questions about #Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
That sounded a bit poor of him - especially the way #RNZ couched it.
But knowing Parliament unanimously voted-in sanctions the previous week - with no need to consult the Embassy - then how disingenuous & empty the summons NZ was making.
They'd already made up their minds - probably with a bit of coaxing from their US 'intelligence' friends.
Of course, the official US/Western narrative would have been *all* bias, distortion & lies.
As they did with Iraq & for *every* unjust American war - as this also is, of course.
And for Russia? Was not the justification for *their* action obvious to any who cared to inquire?
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En la fría mañana del 17 de febrero de 1966, párroco D. Luis Muñoz Díaz, señalaba con su mano un punto concreto de un solar vacío situado en la calle Maestro Arrieta, de la barriada de Santa Cecilia.
@stajustayrufina @Archisevilla1 #sevilla #triana #historiadetriana #Efemerides
Ese día anunciaba a la prensa la ubicación prevista del futuro templo parroquial. Junto a él se encontraban entre otros, el arquitecto que lo proyectó señor Gómez de Terreros y cómo no, el fotógrafo del periódico ABC, inmortalizando el momento.…
Tres días más tarde, el domingo día 20, se procedió a la colocación y bendición de la primera piedra del templo parroquial de las Santas Justa y Rufina.
El Cardenal Bueno Monreal presidió la ceremonia a la que asistieron las principales autoridades civiles y militares.
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#Pd disperato per tenersi Mattarella

E vogliono pure che Draghi stia a Chigi : domani il #Duce risponde #stocazzo…
Mattarella o la sua controfigura Amato
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.@jimmykimmel Ok Jimmy I’ll focus on the President you love…..Biden did abandon Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan after he said he wouldn’t. Correct

He’s created a massive Covid-19 super-spreader disaster at the border. Correct...
He abandoned energy independence that Trump accomplished and now is begging Opec to produce more Oil. Prices are going through the roof. Correct

Inflation is through the roof, the cost of everything has increased. Correct...
The only things down are Biden’s approval ratings and your shitty ratings. I love it that Greg Gutfeld is nipping at your heels on a cable news channel. Correct

I guess you will have to go back to your repulsive bits from years gone by like these two.
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There's lot's of things that just don't add up in the #DerbyCounty story (not just the balance sheet)!


Fortunes squandered
Rules bent/broken
Financial Engineering

It's not the first time the poor DCFC fanbase have been exposed to these c*nts
I was reminded of this incredible story from the mid 2000's that had passed me by at the time... but could be instructive of things to come.

- MD Nissan
- Fraud/Financial Engineering
- Offshore
- Loans/Mortgages on the stadium
- Dodgy solicitors & administrators

The story about #MichaelHunt the biggest (uncovered) theft in the UK from #Nissan

Money Laundering through Swiss Trusts & banked in #Panama then loaned back to #QPR and #DCFC is the stuff of Spy movies!

@david_conn Nissan don't come out of this well - Anyway, moving on...💸⚽️
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I’ve decided that I can’t stomach the idea of having a shit con government win so here are ALL the Canadian flippable Con ridings. #ABC this may take me some time. #VoteSmart #NeverVoteConservative
Here’s my source;
Cape Breton-Canso; Vote Liberal #ABC
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Good Morning; listed below are Alberta’s strategic ridings for #ABC. ABC: Means to vote for the party most likely to beat the conservatives in your specific riding. (Anyone But Conservatives). Let’s get our progressive voices heard in Parliament! #cdnpoli #abpoli #Elxn44
Calgary Centre: Vote Liberal #ABC
Calgary Confederation; Vote Liberal
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Whether you are a Conservative or not, you can see it’s time to eject this serial liar from Downing Street. Now that it’s been revealed he literally called for #BodiesPiledHigh in the streets rather than protecting us.
A short thread on how to get him out. Turns out it’s easy:
Conservative high command doesn’t care about lies nor even about bodies. You have to speak to them in the only language they understand: votes.… If the Conservative Party gets a drubbing in the nationwide elections on May 6, they will fire Johnson.
Whether you are a Conservative or not, the time is absolutely ripe for a protest vote that will work. These May 6 elections are the first elections since the #COVID19 pandemic began. Since Johnson ensured that the #BodiesPiledHigh. Get out and vote, and you’ll get Johnson out.
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As a male I have always despised @LiberalAus for it`s treatment of workers
Libs hate universal healthcare, public schools, blue collar superannuation & equal rights for women
The ABC has returned to 60`s style of @AustralianLabor bashing
In the 60`s, Labor was "that other lot" according to @ABCaustralia
Menzies used the McCarthyism "Reds Under The Beds" which he & the ABC linked to Labor in order keep them out of power
In the 60`s the #ABC was the doyen of televised media
The #ABC has never really been the "people`s media" as it always promoted highly conservative geopolitical views :ie Tory/Royalist & Autocratic
It was revamped somewhat to a more balanced nuance during the Hawke/Keating 13 yr era
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Trainwreck interview between Labor's Tony Burke and #AfternoonBriefing's Patricia Karvelas, who was attempting to push a #FakeNews policy narrative announced by Christian Porter.

Burke wasn't having it. 👍

#journalism #ThisIsNotJournalism #auspol
lol. Patricia Karvelas is now trying to steamroll Labor's Stephen Jones with Christian Porter's #FakeNews about 'portable entitlements' on #AfternoonBriefing

Karvelas is on the Morrison spin team.

#journalism #ThisIsNotJournalism #TheNarrative #auspol
And now it's segment #3 trying to push the same Christian Porter #FakeNews narrative, this time with Australian Industry Group lobbyist Innes Wilcox.

#ScottyFromMarketing's narrative is getting the rolled-gold treatment.

#TheNarrative #journalism #ThisIsNotJournalism #auspol
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El debate sobre la extinción del #INAI es interesante. Aquí hay una lista de cosas a ponderar.
Va un breve 🧵👇🏻 Image
👉🏻Es muy costo mantener al #INAI y no se maneja con austeridad.

México está pasando por una severa crisis económica por la pandemia por #COVID19 y los consejeros se rehusan a bajarse el sueldo y sus exhorbitantes aguinaldos.
👉🏻En las peticiones de información que hacen los periodistas, han habido casos en los que el #INAI expone sus datos personales y de contacto, cuando México enfrenta un fenómeno nacional de #violencia contra #periodistas.
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"Feel free to copy/paste, I did." ~ @lex31555

Here it is, abridged, and with pictures:

"I have listened to everyone else’s hatred, rhetoric and outright lies for the last four years, so now I am having my say.
Let me be clear, I am not a Biden fan.

But what has Trump done in the past 4 years?

(you fill in the blanks, there is are ample resources. Trump has been called every name in the book, and they're making up new ones all the time)
The "____" in the White House brokered four Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of political intervention and endless war failed to produce.…
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I'm watching the #Michigan Senate hearing on the 2020 Elections. How many more Americans with sworn testimony have to come forward with their detailed accounts of the fraud they witnessed before the talking heads at #ABC, #NBC, #FOX & #CNN will start reporting on it?
It's worth adding to this tweet that I have been extremely impressed w/ @newsmax & @OANN. The anchors are top notch & their production is high quality. They will certainly continue to grow into major media networks. It's been an honor to be interviewed on both networks this year.
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Good question.

#NCYT has been installing Q16s and Q32s weekly now in the NHS, so what they've done with the care home trial is expand it now to include the NHS hospitals.

The care home Q16/Q32 trial held up to lab testing.


What happens if you go all-in, and get data from supply to hospital wards too?

Well if it can hold 99%, then you can approve rapid RT-qPCR machines as permanent installations across the entire NHS and social care
We obviously want our kit in there, but what we're suggesting is an entire rewrite of the UK's microbiology network.

That involves change at all levels of the NHS - a major public policy change too.

Nothing has been done on this scale in diagnostics in our generation.
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