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📌Pop Quiz 103 How much do you know about current events? Take a guess no one can see your answers! Please retweet great learning tool! #TuesdayThoughts #TriviaTuesday #MediaBias #LiesLiesLies
📌1. Many reporters took money from this company to lie to viewers during 2016 election. The owner testifies in court that DNC/ Hillary gave him millions on April 14, 2016. Meets with reporters/journalist many times.
📌2. On May 10, 2020, #NBC #MeetThePress #ChuckTodd uses an edited version of #AGBarr interview to deceive viewers. The network later issues an apology.
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#Human #Trafficking is a "#CONSPIRACY".

#HumanTrafficking STILL A CONSPIRACY?
#Rothschilds own #Reuters. The 6 media companies that exist get their news from Reuters & the Associated Press. Reuters owns Associated Press, therefore, Rothschilds control everything you see & hear on television,especially your favorite shows & the news.
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I worried daily that @HillaryClinton would be the legacy women left in the history books, knowing that one day her true crimes will be revealed. #ABC nomination set my soul at rest. May God bless her, keep her and make His light to shine on her. This is the legacy I prayed for.
God Bless this President who has never—for one single day—stopped fighting for us. And this nomination is the proof. Join me in praying for his safety, discernment and ongoing courage. God smiles on us.
Must read👇 “The Barnett 302... taken from the FD-302 of FBI Agent William Barnett. That "302" memorializes the interview of Barnett that was conducted by FBI agents and prosecutors investigating the handling of the Michael Flynn case.
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[When even reporter's daughter was under #Beijing threat]

1. Really horrified to know the intimidation former #ABC reporter #MatthewCarney faced. #Chinese cops summoned even his 14yo daughter for investigation & threatened to detain her in a secret place…
2. Since 2016, Matthew was repeatedly harassed by Chinese authorities. After he decided to cover #Uyghur #ReeducationCamps in #Xinjiang, he and his crew were surrounded by 20+ security police. Cops even suddenly knocked on his door and asked about daily activities at midnight.
3. One night when Matthew woke up, he found his phone was remotely hacked by someone who accessed, thoroughly searched his email account and found an email concerning #TankMan footage from #TiananmenSquareMassacre.
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@ABC Who was that reporter who was pushing Biden on vaccines?? Seems as if she had a major problem!! But look, if people don’t trust a vaccine they won’t take it, especially if this irresponsible president pushes one too damn fast for political reasons/not it’s effectiveness
That was a serious question!! #ABC. Who was she??
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Thread on #MyABC.

I have to get something off my chest.

Over the past several years I have watched my local @abccanberra radio station morph into something I no longer recognise. The loss of on-air talent & the reduction in news & current affairs programming is simply alarming.
It probably started w/ the departure of @rosssolly in late 2013. Listening to Ross do the Breakfast shift was a joy. I really miss his humour, the new music he played & his repartee w/ @JNorthside. Ross did so much for Canberra. He gave it personality.…
There was only a brief respite to adjust before a veritable flood of departures.

Regrettably, @Marcdawson was next to go in mid 2014. His authoritative delivery of the ABC radio news bulletins was always something to look forward to. Best voice ever.…
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More great news from #AVCT: it has developed a research use only ('RUO') ELISA test for #COVID19.

There are also a number of very helpful snippets and implications in the RNS and in the CEO presso below, concerning the development of the other #COVID19 diagnostic products.

#AVCT has previously referenced its ELISA only once before (, as the commercial opp is not nearly as large as that of its LFT.

As a RUO tool for labs, it will not require CE Marking / other approval. Sales should start this month.

However, that isn't to say... 2/12
...that sales will be insignificant. As the analyst at TPI points out:

"The scale of the potential long-term market opportunity identified is considered large enough for #AVCT to now be having active discussions with potential OEM partners and distributors globally."

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The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline.

However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will
tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars.

They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now
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Imagine if this "smoking gun" had been story of day that @BreakfastNews promoted, instead of their gullible team running with #Newscorp rubbish. I cannot find any coverage on #ABC of this critical element in #sportsrorts saga. #auspol…
"Officials from ANAO revealed to Senate talking points written by McKenzie’s senior adviser were basis for its conclusion the grant program was skewed to target marginal seats."
Also, "the talking points written by McKenzie’s senior adviser were the basis for its conclusion the community sport infrastructure grant program was skewed to target and marginal seats."
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"The potential source referred to as 'Female-1' below was a female employee of a financial consulting firm in New York City. The potential source referred to as 'Female-2' below was another female recruitment target located in New York City"
Just sayin', in general, there's not a lot of female figures in these spygate stories.
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The rise of the #AmericanDaesh:

You thought it would never happen here, right #CNN #NBC #ABC #CBS #FNC?

You thought that the riots were just a convenient way to "dump #trump" & raise cash.

But you were wrong because if they come, they'll come for you too!

#July4th in Stone Mountain, GA

I wonder what kind of "peacedul protest" angle the #FakeNews media is going to try this time?

Oh oh... Bad news for the #DomesticTerrorists. They are so over top - THE MEDIA WILL LIKELY IGNORE THEM.

@FBI and @DHSgov? Not so much.

The media "whitewash" of the armed march on #StoneMountainGA on #July4 2020 promoting racist, anti-government violence, has begun...


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Ciò che penso di #Venezuela/#M5S:
1) Il documento è indubbiamente falso, i servizi segreti non rilasciano ricevute, e chiama in causa Maduro che non aveva motivo di autorizzare. L'#ABC è il Lercio post-franchista e nessuna persona seria potrebbe dar credito a tale fonte. >>>
2) Che fosse falso era noto a tutti i politici che hanno commentato e a tutti i direttori di giornali che hanno messo in prima pagina una palese bufala. E ciò induce a riflessioni cupissime su come si compone l'agenda politico-mediatica italiana.
3) Ovviamente ciò non esclude che la politica estera chavista finanziasse soggetti amichevoli, o organizzasse eventi di propaganda, combattendo una legittima "guerra fredda culturale" con mezzi identici (ma con lo 0,1% di soldi) a quelli usati per decenni dagli Stati Uniti.
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As a permanent reminder and tribute to our highly effective leadership team, the team at Food Arses thought it would be useful to start a thread highlighting all our key failures over the last few years. Please tweet replies below, outlining all failures you are aware of. 💣💥
1. Human Placenta Processors. Some registered as food Biz and awarded #FHRS. Some served with HEPNs. @foodgov have never provided clarity or guidance on this issue, and to date remain on the fence (despite hosting the inconsistent #FHR data on this).
2. Allergens. Late to the party and still not managing the issue. #Allergen recalls still occurring very regularly. #Allergen complaints and incidents still happening. Non-compliance widespread in food biz. Unclear whether #allergens are in or out of the #FHRS
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1/10 Ontem, a Academia Brasileira de #Ciências #ABC transmitiu a nona edição de seu webinário "O mundo a partir do #coronavírus" com a temática: "Modelos computacionais e isolamento social" #COVID19. O Prof. Dr. Cesar Victora abriu com uma palestra de ~15min c/ o título
2/10 "Epidemiologia da COVID-19 na população brasileira". Faço aqui um resumo c/ informações chaves trazidas pelo Prof. Victora. Ele apresenta os resultados de estudos (todos em preprint, 1 já aceito na Nature Medicine) onde se analisa dados de prevalência do COVID-19
3/10 no Brasil (…). O projeto foi financiado pelo @iserrapilheira, @minsaude, dentre outras instituições, assim como parceria com várias universidades do Rio Grande do Sul. O primeiro resultado alarmante que ele traz é o de Breves, na Ilha de Marajó, com 25%
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Analysis: #NYSE $ABC

Case 277 #AmerisourceBergen Corporation

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#ABC 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Since peaking at an all time high of 120.68 (Apr. 2015) price has been trading in a 4 year range of 106.30 - 68.87. A close above 99.40 is required to tackle .....

ABC 2/4
..... firm #resistance between 106.34 - 108.21 and further up 115.48. Good #support is seen at 71.15 - 60.77 with major support at 52.08 - 47.23.

ABC 3/4
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Take a look at this #VanityFair cover. With what you all know now, what do think about the symbolism? Who is the master & who is the slave? These are all 🤡 assets. #Luciferian dogma. These people are SLAVES. #Oprah appears to be one of the high priestesses. Friends w/ #Weinstein
This picture to show Jessica Chastian, who starred in #ZeroDarkThirty. A movie about 🤡 ops also produced by the C_A. #Weinstein tied to #Israeli intel tied to #Epstein tied to the #Clintons & #Rothschilds. A big chunk of the picture.…
#Weinstein was #BillClinton’s #WhiteHouse projectionist. He also visited #BarackObama’s #WhiteHouse 13 times. #JeffreyEpstein was arrested for #ChildSexTrafficking. Bill flew to his private island over two dozen times. They all protected themselves.…
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Who else is going to watch #JeopardyGOAT followed by #TruthAndLies #JeffreyEpstein on #ABC?! It starts at 8pm eastern & 9pm for the #Epstein expose. Here’s how I think it’ll play out. Check it out!
Here are the stats on the thread before the show. I will promote it during the show and will let you guys know the size of the impact or (hopefully not) censorship. Check back later tonight and I’ll tweet the updated stats before bed.
Omg gross, they just said he just started masturbating while the girls thought they were doing a real massage. These girls were 13-14 and had braces. What a pervert 😡. The more that gets exposed will make it difficult for these guys to walk down the street. 🤢
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#ABC coming THROUGH with the HD, wide screen version on #TheSoundofMusic; I RESPECT THIS.
Poor Maria's bout to get roasted in 4 part harmony by the sister nuns #TheSoundOfMusic
#TheSoundofMusic Lmao, Maria said:
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1/ Lo de ayer tenía un tufo a montaje que echaba para atrás, pero no quise precipitarme. Hoy leo que #NadiaOtmani, fue detenida por regentar un laboratorio de drogas en San Blas, y que sus lesiones se deben a un ajuste de cuentas por soplona al delatar al resto de la banda.
2/ Lo de que fue tiroteada por salvar a su hermana, por tanto, es un camelo, igual que sus “veinte años luchando contra el machismo”.
“¡Con la violencia de género no se hace política!” gritaba. Mucho menos hacer de ella un medio de vida, haciéndose pasar por una de sus víctimas
3/ En la hemeroteca de ese año podemos seguir la secuencia de los hechos:

- 24 de septiembre #ElPais informa del descubrimiento del laboratorio clandestino y de la detención de #LauraOtmani
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BRAND NEW #Bombshell #Thread #Crowdstrike is covering up for #JeffreyEpstein’s #SexTrafficking operation which was run through the #ClintonFoundation. This is why #Hillary deleted her 33,000 emails. #Impeachment is a way to stop prosecution.
#SergeyBrin, owner of #Google visited #JeffreyEpstein after his #ChildSexTrafficking conviction in 2011 at #LongBeach, CA. The funder of #CROWDSTRIKE was in bed with #ChildSexTrafficker #Epstein along w/ #Bezos, #ElonMusk & #BillGates.
Financed by #Epstein friend #SergeyBrin & the #Rockefellers, hired ex-#FBI #ShawnHenry, #Crowdstrike provided cover to the examination of the #DNC servers which would’ve exposed their entire #JeffreyEpstein #China #ClintonFoundation trafficking ring.
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#Bombshell: Ex-#DisneyStudios CEO, #RichardCook was found on the flight logs for #JeffreyEpstein’s #LolitaExpress to travel to #LittleSaintJames. #Disney owns #ABC who buried #Epstein’s crimes while children got raped & murdered! Cook started #Legendary pictures owned by #China!
I definitely think there is something fishy here. #DickCook started off as a monorail operator at #Disneyland. How does someone go from running a train at an amusement park to heading distribution for Disney films within 10 years? Are they promoting #Pedophiles from within?!
Correction to the original tweet, #DickCook started #DickCookStudios w #China and worked with #LegendaryPictures in 2011 after #Disney.
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2. Brice Taylor, a Presidential Sex Slave, abused by many Presidents, was programmed at Disneyland. Her disturbing account is here… . #Disney #AliceInWonderland #Alice #Disneyland #WaltDisney #IlluminatiSymbolism #HollywoodSymbols #Alice #MickeyMouse
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