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Autoinflammatory syndromes by Dr Dan Kastner at #ACR22 !


🧬AR, pyrin mutation, evolutionary resistance to Y pestis

🌡️Fever 1-3 days
😣Peritonitis (severe)
🫁Pleurisy unilateral
✊Mono or oligoarthritis


⚕️ colchicine, anti IL1 💉

#MedTwitter #MedEd

No ethnic predisposition

🧬AD, TNGRSF1A- p55

🌡️Fever 4-6 weeks
♨️Migratory rash proximal -->distal
👁️ conjunctivitis, periorbital edema

Amyloidosis occasionally

❌response to colchicine
⚕️Steorids ✅ anti IL1✅

Northern europeans

🌡️3-7 days
😣 Serositis
♨️Diffuse MP rash
Cervical adenopathy
Aphthous ulcers

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#ACR22 Twitter 👑 herself @rheum_cat speaking on social media for scientific communication
Amplify your research group! @jeffsparks is a champion for @BrighamResearch Rheum research, follow him for #ACR22 highlights from the Brigham
Whoa. Me tweeting @rheum_cat showing her tweeting me… meta. #ACR22
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#ACR22 social media talk, very meta
Part 1️⃣: optimize your conference tweeting
If you're reading this you probably know all of this!

The first pro-tip was figure out the conference hashtag
The second? Engage with others in rheum
What else?

👉amplify your group
👉amplify speakers and sessions of interest
👉amplify your colleagues so they will amplify you in turn

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#ACR22 infection (COVID) posters Image
Abs 0784 @CCalabreseDO

Cleveland Clinic breakthrough infections, including data on n=21 who received Evusheld

📌Publication here:

@CCalabreseDO Abs 0779 @CCalabreseDO

Experience with evusheld PrEP with IMID on BCDT at Cleveland Clinic

📌Publication here:

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The EULAR e posters were tiny (bad) but speakers could zoom in and out (good)

That would have been nice for #IgniteTalks #ACR22
The sound is adequate though. EULAR issue was that the sound was poor in their (smaller) poster tour stages #ACR22 #IgniteTalk
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#ACR22 epidemiology posters Image
Abs 0700 @zach_wallace_md
💻Using NLP, ML algorithms to identify ANCA vasculitis cases

They also looked at the difference in performance metrics with/without filtering keywords

An explosion of NLP studies in rheum! #ACR22
@zach_wallace_md Abs 0732 Ho, et al. @JYazdanyMD @MilenaGianfran
💻Part of the explosion of NLP studies in rheum

Here the UCSF group aimed to capture VZV cases (differentiate from vaccination); and to capture active vs historical cases

See their diagrams explaining the steps!
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We have learned quite quickly that a virtual ONLY poster hall mixed into a hybrid meeting doesn't work well.

Poor wifi and the crashing platform compound the problem

And if it's online ONLY, is that truly hybrid?

This is not a complaint thread. I am hoping we can have discussion about what works/doesn't work, and what could be done next year for #ACR23
It goes without saying that an in-person poster hall is the most requested item on the wishlist for #ACR23

@GrantSchulert @Tuhina_Neogi
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Biostatician @MikeLaValley8 @BU_BMC_Rheum presents a quick overview on how to appropriately interpret results from studies #ACR22

Of course this is not an exhaustive deep dive, but covers some common errors of interpretation Image
@MikeLaValley8 @BU_BMC_Rheum First, what is your research question? What is the question you are trying to answer with t he study?

👉Does this exposure CAUSE this outcome?

#ACR22 Image
@MikeLaValley8 @BU_BMC_Rheum What are common observational study designs and what are big issues to watch out for?

These are issues that can affect the validity of their results.

There are more potential issues within these study designs that is beyond the scope of this table

#ACR22 Image
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#ACR22 #ACR2022
12S129. Purple Peripheries: Vasculopathy VS Vasculitis
Philip Seo is awesome as always
The most common cause is Cardiovascular followed by Rheumatic
More commonly vasculopathy than Vasculitis
#ACR22 #ACR2022
12S129. Purple Peripheries: Vasculopathy VS Vasculitis
Algorithm for Digital ischemia in Rheum
Mx for Gangrene in SSc
#ACR22 #ACR2022
12S129. Purple Peripheries: Vasculopathy VS Vasculitis
Large and Small vessel rarely cause Digital gangrene
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#ACR2022 #ACR22
12S130. Rheumatology Secrets and Pearls
Dr John Stone, at his best
🎯RA may present with asymmetric arthritis
🎯AAV might present with migratory oligoarthritis, which is steroid responsive
🎯Only a quarter of RA patients go into remission during pregnancy
#ACR2022 #ACR22
12S130. Rheumatology Secrets and Pearls
🎯Following trends is more important in pregnancy that stat values (ESR/Complements)
🎯Proteinuria⬆️ creat ⬇️ due to ⬆️ GFR and maternal Blood volume in pregnancy
#ACR2022 #ACR22
12S130. Rheumatology Secrets and Pearls
🎯Puffy fingers may be the first sign of SSc in RNApolIII SSc and No Raynaud's - May present with SRC
🎯ACEi are best kept reserved for SRC
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#ACR2022 #ACR22
12S130. Rheumatology Secrets and Pearls
Jason Kolfenbach, with his wonderful pearls
1. Vasculitis Pearls
🦪For Steroids ➡️ Less is more
🦪Be very careful in stopping Rx in AAV pts
🦪Don't give up on PLEX in suspected AAV Anti-GBM may have ANCA positivity.
#ACR2022 #ACR22
12S130. Rheumatology Secrets and Pearls
🦪Not all Skin thickening = SSc
🦪Lipodermatosclerosis (with inverse 🍾 sign)
🦪Thyroid disease important mimics
🦪PPI can cause diarrhoea
🦪FVC/DLCO ratio can help diagnose ILD/PAH
#ACR2022 #ACR22
12S130. Rheumatology Secrets and Pearls
🦪30% SLE pts have APS
🦪DLE uncommonly progresses to SLE
🦪PPIs, NSAIDs, Anti-HTN meds commonly cause SCLE
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Really enthused that some of the @rheum_covid #ILAR grant recipients could join us at this event tonight & talk about their work and their experiences
@panlarleague @aflarrheum

@rheum_covid @PanlarLeague @AFLARRheum Carolina Isnardi - Argentina
on behalf of the SAR-COVID registry


@rheum_covid @PanlarLeague @AFLARRheum @gponsestel The setup of the SAR-COVID registry in Argentina

@rheum_covid #ACR22
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It’s real! The @rheum_covid event where we all finally meet off zoom #ACR22
.@philipcrobinson as the @rheum_covid chair of the steering committee thanking everyone for their contributions #ACR22
With my Steering Committee colleagues @rheum_covid #ACR22

@JYazdanyMD @pedrommcmachado
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At the GRA gathering, @jyazdanymd gives an overview of what @rheum_covid has accomplished since March 2020

The theme is the power of global collaboration

@JYazdanyMD @rheum_covid We've seen this slide many times but this is the final tally: >30k cases reported to @rheum_covid including the @eular registry

@JYazdanyMD @rheum_covid @eular 4 Major Contributions to Inform Patient Care and Policy

arising from work done by @rheum_covid

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#ACR22 spondyloarthritis treatment oral abstract session
@sofiaramiro82 @Official_ASAS @eular_org Abs 0542

Key differences:
🔑added JAK inhibitors to bDMARD considerations
🔑specific EMM recs: monoclonal TNFi for uveitis, IBD; IL17i for PsO
🔑consider taper if in sustained remission

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More work from the @bu_bmc_rheum group & collaborators in #OA using data from #MOST

@BU_BMC_Rheum Abs 1912 @profdeepakkumar

❓Is altered facilitatory and inhibitory nociceptive functioning is related to lower physical activity in people with knee OA?

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Brooke McGinley (mentor @mikelavalley8) with @bu_bmc_rheum @tuhina_neogi

Identifying subgroups of pts undergoing knee replacement in #MOST

@MikeLaValley8 @BU_BMC_Rheum @Tuhina_Neogi 🔹In the US more than 640,000 knee replacements annually

🔹In the US estimated 10.2 billion in annual costs

🔹Knee osteoarthritis consists of different phenotypes often leading to a knee replacement outcome

@MikeLaValley8 @BU_BMC_Rheum @Tuhina_Neogi Purpose:

To cluster patients who have undergone knee replacement into SUBGROUPS according to demographic and clinical characteristics to develop PHENOTYPES for use in clinical management of knee #OA

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In the ortho/rehab oral session, which is really an #OA session we have former @bu_bmc_rheum postdoc @kosakuaoyagi now with his own lab at @utep

Presenting his work with @tuhina_neogi: trajectories of pain sensitization in knee OA

@BU_BMC_Rheum @KosakuAoyagi @UTEP @Tuhina_Neogi What is central pain sensitization?
Altered CNS nociceptive signaling

👉It's present in ~30% of people with knee OA & contributes to the pain experience in OA

@BU_BMC_Rheum @KosakuAoyagi @UTEP @Tuhina_Neogi There's a lot we don't understand about the pain experience in OA, or about central pain sensitization

📈Patterns in central pain sensitization over time may also vary and influence pain differently
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@DPatWCorrigan @kecostello @ProfCaraLewis @MikeLaValley8 @Tuhina_Neogi @patellaprof @BU_BMC_Rheum Individuals with unilateral symptomatic knee OA commonly walk in a way that unloads their knee with OA

This unloading can relieve pain, but may shift the load in such a way to increase risk of OA in the contralateral knee

@DPatWCorrigan @kecostello @ProfCaraLewis @MikeLaValley8 @Tuhina_Neogi @patellaprof @BU_BMC_Rheum This study aimed to explore relations between *ground reaction force symmetry metrics* and *cartilage worsening in the contralateral knee* in persons with unilateral knee OA

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Ideally “fun-fierce” #ACR22 #ACRKnowledgeBowl

sadly NOT live streaming Image
About to start! I bet @joannamarco likes the 🐻 team from UCLA #ACR22 #ACRKnowledgeBowl

Happy bday to the peds rheum half of the team! Image
A category is called Poly want a cracker 🦜 and @joannamarco wants everyone to know she was responsible #ACR22 #ACRKnowledgebowl
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#ACR22 #ACR2022
12S110. Plenary I - 0003
Rituximab versus Cyclophosphamide for the Treatment of Connective Tissue Disease Associated Interstitial Lung Disease (RECITAL): A Sub-group Analysis of a Multi-centre Randomised Controlled Trial
#ACR22 #ACR2022
12S110. Plenary I - 0003
PS: only 1 dose (Day 1 and 14) dose of RTX given
No other IS allowed
#ACR22 #ACR2022
12S110. Plenary I - 0003
Individual disease responses
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#ACR22 Spondyloarthritis posters Image
Abs 0382 McDermott, et al.

MGB study of new axSpA cohort (n=555) investigating dx delay

📌Dx delay in axSpA is well described:

Abs 0382 cont'd

Mean dx delay in this study: 6.8+/-8.5 yrs (consistent with prior studies)

In terms of factors a/w longer dx delay, they included the social vulnerability index, derived from US census data. This part is pretty novel

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#ACR2022 #ACR22
12S102. Year in Review 👌🏻
1st to be discussed was the Gloria Trial
Glucocorticoids effective but safety an issue ImageImageImage
#ACR2022 #ACR22
12S102. Year in Review 👌🏻
Next to the most discussed study of the year
Oral surveillance trial
The CV risk is higher in those with ASCVD - NNH 16😳 ImageImageImage
#ACR2022 #ACR22
12S102. Year in Review 👌🏻
Next to the Proderm Study
Cost, thromboembolism a concern in the first positive phase 3 RCT in myositis Image
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