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The power of large, pragmatic randomized trials. Conducted by academic researchers using an adaptive trial design (#MAMS), and you’ve got a winner. Strong reasons why publicly funded research is so very important. Thread Image
The #RECOVERY trial has answered 3 important, clinically relevant questions about #COVID_19. It has shown that #Dexamethasone is beneficial in patients requiring oxygen/ ventilation & that HCQ and Lopinavir-Ritonavir are not useful.
#HCQ results are now out in preprint!
#RECOVERY randomized 1561 pts to #HCQ and 3155 to standard of care. Primary endpoint of 28-day mortality was 26.8% in the HCQ arm and 25% in the SOC arm. Lack of benefit consistent across all sub-groups. And remember, 28-day mortality in the same trial in the Dexa arm was 21.6%
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So remember when I wrote this thread in an effort to explain why, coming from a mechanism of action perspective, #hydroxychloroquine (#HCQ) for #COVID-19 should be administered with #zinc?
2/ Well, this NYU preprint explains how the team performed a retrospective observational study to compare #hospital outcomes among patients who received #HCQ + azithromycin + #zinc vs. HCQ + azithromycin alone for COVID-19:…
3/ They found that addition of #zinc sulfate to the #drug combo increased the frequency of patients being discharged home, and decreased the need for #ventilation, admission to the #ICU, and mortality or transfer to hospice for patients who were never admitted to the ICU.
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Will this tangled mess surrounding CV statistics ever get sorted out?

Seems like the whole system, at every turn, has done everything it can to screw up the data and #HCQ treatment.

And we are constantly finding out about situations like this man.

We are at the mercy of Our health care system…
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🔥Thread hydroxychloroquine #HCQ #COVID19

Pourquoi la très grande majorité des médecins s’accordent aujourd’hui pour dire que l'#HCQ ne marche pas ?

Parce que de très nombreuses études montrent son inefficacité et qu'aucune étude de qualité ne montre son efficacité.
👇1/n ImageImage
Tout en haut de la pyramide de valeur des études, il y a les essais randomisés de grande ampleur. Il y en a désormais 3 sur l’#HCQ dans #COVID19 dont 1 publié (@NEJM) et 2 partagés via communiqué presse (@MartinLandray @ScienceMagazine). On y ajoute 2 méta-analyses solides.

2/n ImageImage
1er essai : @boulware_dr et collègues

#HCQ en prophylaxie (en prévention de l'infection après exposition à risque) chez 821 patients : autant de patients contaminés par COVID-19 avec #HCQ que #placebo. Effets indésirables plus importants avec #HCQ (40% #HCQ vs 17% #Placebo)

3/n Image
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Enforcing compulsory institutional isolation at this stage of spread in Delhi is #contrary to principles of patient care and judicious use of resources.
Such a process will cause dynamics and disincentives which will fuel further spread of #covid in #Delhi. THREAD
The 'order' is based on the premise that home isolation is causing spread. Where is the evidence? Spread is by multiple factors.
If this is the premise then proposing only 5 days of institutional isolation makes no sense, +ve patients will continue to be infectious beyond 5 days
This will unnecessarily saturate healthcare capacity for cases that do not need facility monitoring. Leaving those who actually need facility care in the lurch. Possibly worsening fatality rates. Also exposing more health workers to patients who would otherwise have been at home.
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🔥Voilà un thread afin de ne pas avoir à répéter tout le temps la même chose sur la recherche médicale thérapeutique pendant #COVID19 #SARS_CoV_2 #pandemic

1/ Les infectiologues cliniciens n'attendaient pas de ttt antiviral permettant une amélioration "spectaculaire" pr une maladie aiguë virale sévère (cf dengue, zika, chik, grippe), il était donc nécessaire d’évaluer rigoureusement et d’espérer un ttt un peu efficace et non toxique
2/ Il existe de nombreux candidats repositionnés qui ont été utilisés et testés et ce dès le début de la pandémie : #lopinavir/#ritonavir, #remdesivir, #hydroxychloroquine, #interferon ß pour n’en citer que quelques-uns
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1/With today's @US_FDA decision to end emergency authorization for #hydroxychloroquine to treat #COVID19, let's revisit the clues that this miracle cure, touted by @POTUS, was politics, not science, from the start (thread)
2/Right away, the FDA's emergency use authorization (EUA) allowed for plummeting quality standards. Stockpile chloroquine phosphate from uninspected Rx plants in Pakistan + India? Why not?
3/The compromise was worth it, supposedly, because the drug was a #gamechanger, as @POTUS proclaimed. As the Trump administration secretly planned to flood NY + NJ w/ millions of doses, gov't scientists rightly resisted:…
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#BREAKING B.S. : #FDA REVOKES emergency approval for #HCQ to treat #coronavirus patients after Trump touted its benefits.

Because 50 + years on the market is NOT enough.…
With that said, from a functional medicine perspective, i go the natural route. But this is #NIH politics.


The FDA primarily pointed to the results of a clinical trial of #hcq performed at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.
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#NYC Nurse - Says They Are Murdering for Money” via @YouTube @FBI #QAnon
@realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani @TheJusticeDept @IvankaTrump
2/ Doctors and Interns are getting paid to murder people with Government Funding?!?? #COVID19
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept
3/ Are the #NYC Doctors & Interns intentionally overdosing patients to make it look like #COVID19 Deaths?!? They are actually getting Paid to do this!?? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @FBI @TheJusticeDept
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Thread: Why is Zinc necessary for maximum benefit of #HCQ in treatment of #COVID19? I have continually seen misinformation as to WHY they work together. Ive seen cute little images and visuals made to explain, however they have all been inaccurate from a biochemical standpoint.
2) Being a stickler for accuracy, I wanted to clear up the mechanism of action of the two drugs together. Again, even the most advanced physicians do not know the WHY, often. I find it best when you don't know why, to just share your experience that it just works!
3) Below is a portion of the post from May 7 regarding HCQ and CD147 and Cyclophilin A. Cyclophilin A being necessary for the CD147 binding... well, as it turns out, what “allows” or assists in Cyclophilin A binding... ZINC!
Also explains how Zinc alone can be ok,
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The @NEJM Boulware paper that came out just after #lancetgate was raising red flags everywhere.

I think the data is real, but the study was designed to fail and everything possible done to ensure it did.…
The first red flag on this paper is the conflict of interests of @boulware_dr

Declared and undeclared.

He declared chinese community association affiliations. That's bizarre, he doesn't seem to be Chinese

Why Chinese business associations in a medical paper?
Then the *undeclared* affiliations. Why weren't these disclosed David?

Surely having associations with Gilead (makers of remdesivir) and Revive - another pharma company - would be worth declaring, no?…
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My Dad's recent #COVID19. Not an academic document-just sharing a human experience of outrage & triumph.

My Dad is almost 90, frail as can be, in a nursing home. I went to visit him 3 months ago & wore a mask before it was fashionable to protect him just in case I had it.
I sent an email to 5 people at the nursing home the next day saying that I was shocked that none of the staff or visitors were wearing PPE. I warned them that the now infamous Seattle nursing home which had massive deaths early on in the #COVID pandemic was a sentinel event.
I warned them that they needed to "act now" to prevent a "major tragedy," but not a single one of the recipients responded to my email, silence. I reached out to my Dad's doctor to discuss the situation. She felt that he was a sitting duck and that prophylaxis was appropriate.
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The #Recovery trial, financed by the BILL GATES FOUNDATION, shortcuts its results (planned in June) to say #hydroxychloroquine does not work. It compares Ritonavir, Tocilizumab, corticosteroids, plasma but they ONLY communicate about HCQ, the day after the #LancetGate. Read on..
Link of the protocol below (NOT the full study) The dose of #hydroxychloroquine is HUGE: 1860mg on 1st day, this way more than #Raoult / #Zelenko protocol.
Good news: this time, NO claims that HCQ kills people. (we see you, fake #Lancet study) #COVID19…
The #Recovery trial protocol does not give full numbers, nor does it explain the stage of illness of the patients. But since they announce a percentage of deaths in the control group of 25%, the patients must have been in a severe stage. Another study on patients almost dying?
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I think the authors put forth a good effort, but there are significant issues with this study, which was intended to evaluate #COVIDー19 post-exposure prophylaxis with #HCQ. My two cents:👇…
Planned enrollment threshold was within 3 days of exposure due to the average incubation period of 5.5 days. But then the threshold was changed to 4 days. Cutting it close. One can argue that the study nearly misses its basic premise of being a PEP trial. And then this: 👇
Authors wrote that the "vast majority of the participants" couldn't get diagnostic testing for #Covid. Instead, they looked at symptoms and labeled some cases as "probable," about which they admit, "predictive power of this case definition is unknown." Is this OK?👇
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Based on published #HCQ studies & case-controlled clinical trials, HCQ has significant efficacy in early treatment of #COVID19: PRE-exposure prophylaxis & early POST-exposure treatment. Recent NEJM RCT focused on NEITHER of these 2 key groups but rather: POST-exposure prophylaxis
2/ Here’s link to NEJM #HCQ RCT published today on POST-exposure prophylaxis given up to 4d AFTER exposure. Disturbing that science was again politically sensationalized by media before study was even published w/quotes from MD with #Gilead #BigPharma COI…
3/ “The results reported by Boulware et al. are more provocative than definitive, suggesting the potential prevention benefit(s) of #Hydroxychloroquine remain to be determined,” concluded Dr. Myron Cohen MD in NEJM editorial re recent NEJM HCQ #COVID19 RCT…
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A new thread on another #hydroxychloroquine study in a major medical journal from the same study group as posted in @TheLancet and for which the data has been shown to be impossible.

This time the @NEJM

Hold on to your hats
You need to have a bit of statistics background to understand this. It's all about the variance. When you have different groups they vary. The more numbers you have in each group, the less the variance (proportionally).

Different groups would never have the same variance
Except in this study!

Not only do all these age groups have the same variance in this chart, but what *should* happen is that very small groups would have big variance (confidence intervals on this chart).

Well, it appears there are a lot of hypertensive teens with #covid19 Image
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What does "science-based" mean to you?

Ethical conduct of research requires "equipoise", which means there is genuine uncertainty between the options studied. There is simply no good data on #hydroxychloroquine and its use as prevention or treatment of mild #COVID19.
The exisiting observational studies of hospitalized patients not only tell us nothing about prevention/mild disease, but now are plagued w/ allegations of data fabrication #LancetGate. A well-designed, randomized controlled trial IS the most "science-based" option right now.
Myself & my co-investigators @TulaneMedicine @TulaneSPHTM @UW have been trying to answer these unknowns about hydroxychloroquine #HCQ in a scientifically sound, safe, ethical way, but have been receiving online abuse for our efforts, and this needs to STOP.
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Thread about #HCQ & #COVID19, highlighting biases in medicine & media. @niro60487270 @JamesTodaroMD

This 65 year-old drug, which has been prescribed safely hundreds of millions of times, has been reduced to media villain over the span of a few short weeks. Here's how:👇
To say that this drug has been politicized has been an understatement. It's been an embarrassment. A permanent stain to whatever last remnants of objectivity had remained in medical science and media. Let's look at the hypocrisies: 👇…
A trove of data supporting the efficacy & safety of #HCQ for #COVID19 has been curated by @JamesTodaroMD, but that hasn't stopped the media from running with "results" from two poorly designed retrospective data reviews. Problems are summarized here:👇
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Watch Live: @NASA / @SpaceX Crew Dragon DM2 prepares for final approach to the International Space Station #LaunchAmerica

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse- Opening The Gateway To Major Change
Schumann + Space Weather Update:

High Frequency Health Effects, Flood, Cosmos | S0 News Jun.1.2020
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Indonesian public health officials can do the math.

EVEN if #HCQ side effects were 100 times what they are, and even if they were outright FATAL, simply applying the numbers we do have shows that the diminution of COVID-19 mortality DWARFS #HCQ risks.…
This linked article tells how France, Belgium and Italy "knee-jerked" to WHO's mendacity on behalf of China and Bill Gates, even (in the case of France, where Didier Raoult discovered the efficacy of HCQ+azithromycin) BANNING use of HCQ for C19 outright!…
The whole thing reminds me of socialist California, where everything, very uselessly, causes cancer. And THAT goes back to the Carter administration, where "societally destructive concerned over-reaction" truly began.

What we see is a very dangerous inability to prioritize.
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In addition to not addressing confounding by indication, adjusting for the wrong indicators of severity, not accounting for clustering, a supplemental table that appears to have fitted data, the Australian death numbers don’t add up: @walidgellad
We also note that the North American hospitalized case numbers exceed publicly reported cases by a log when considering Canada is reporting only 4K, and we estimate 60-100k in the U.S. by 4/13. They quoted 60k from only 550 hospitals: @dvgbiostat
The @WHO should not have stopped Soldiarity based on this study., well-done observational study which performed chart review and adjusted for disease severity via multiple lab/vital signs, did show such a large signal for mortality.
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7. Nothing report worthy to see here🚨(👉🏻if you’re #msm).
BMJ caught deleting data that was IN FAVOR of Hydroxychloroquine in pre-print versions but deleted for final published paper.🤨
#Hydroxychloroquine #HCQ Tracking Thread🧵
📌 ImageImage
8. #Hydroxychloroquine #HCQ Thread 🧵 👉🏻 Chloroquine.
@_Rogue_Actual_ shares PubMed research showing #Chloroquine as a potential inhibitor of SARS CoronaVirus infection & spread... 👏🏻

Full article 📍…

📌 ImageImageImageImage
9. #HydroxyChloroquine #HCQ Thread.
QDrop 4245 “Infomation Warfare”
Q shared link video below👇🏻 on the over 60 yrs of safe use & FDA approval of HCQ, until Trump said it & #FakeNews #MSM literally went ballistic.
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This #Cuomo scandal is WILD. Purposely sent #COVID19 patients into nursing homes causing an outbreak. Said it was for space when multi-billion $ makeshift hospitals never admitted patients. Hid ventilators in storage & banned the use of #HCQ to further the spread. Wow! Pure evil!
I meant to say multi-million dollar hospitals but I’m sure if you add them all up you get into the B range
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1. #QAnon Welcome to the Shadow Presidency of Barack H. Obama. Adm Rogers didn't retire till June 1 2018. He'd met President elect Trump in TT November 17th, 2016 in SCIF w/o informing Clapper. Trump moved out next day, & WaPo reported same day 11/18/16 Adm R ought be removed. #Q
2. #QAnon… Rogers knew [Hussein]'d ordered prevention of sharing of intel on #RussiaHoax spy-op on Trump team, w layers of protection, Mueller, AS WB's, impeachment, now accidentally on purpose spill of #WuhanVirus. #Q
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