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New paper!! Examines a neglected population in the area of health and justice - people given community snetneces. What is contribution of psychiatric disorders to any and violent reoffending? Large population study (n=82k), sibling controls. Short 🧵👇…
Despite community *sentences* being widely used, reoffending rates are not low. Recidivism rates in UK >25% over 1 yr. In many countries, >20% over 1-2 yrs. Figure 👇from 2019 review (and note higher rates in Norway than Ireland/Holland):… 2/
Little known about modifiable risk factors for reoffending, esp. psychiatric disorder and substance misuse. Previous work not used diagnostic categories or considered familial confounding. These disorders common in this population, who rarely seek help from community services. 3/
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Thrilled to end the year with our new #OA paper in @SciReports! We used plant remains from ancient segments of the Great Wall to look at environmental and climate changes in northwestern China since the Han Dynasty. 1/7…
You're probably familiar with the brick and stone masonry of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, but did you know that the earliest Great Wall was constructed using locally available materials, with reed fascines and wood bundles interbedded with gravel-mixed rammed earth? 2/7 Ming Dynasty brick and mortar Great Wall. Photo by Robert PaRemnant wall segments and beacon towers of northwestern Chin
The dry climate of Gansu Province and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region helped preserve these plant remains in the ancient Great Wall, allowing for a wealth of environmental and climate information to be obtained from these site-specific, organic building materials. 3/7 SEM photographs of modern (Phragmites australis, a-c) and Ta
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I know we're all obsessed with the stream of discoveries about #receptiogate, the revolving-door website updates, & Rossi's doubling-down claims of innocence that are easily disproven, but I also want to talk about her #fragmentoogy work, which is troubling in several respects...
As many of you know, I have been working closely with @FragmentariumMS and many other scholars for decades to develop best-practices for cataloguing, data-modeling, and digital reconstructions of dismembered manuscripts, i.e. #fragmentology
To her credit, Rossi is doing that too, working to recontruct recently-dismembered Books of Hours, transcribing them to allow for deep analysis of the recovered liturgy. This is a very worthy goal, & the transcriptions, while not always correct, are useful. So that’s great! But…
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More work from the @bu_bmc_rheum group & collaborators in #OA using data from #MOST

@BU_BMC_Rheum Abs 1912 @profdeepakkumar

❓Is altered facilitatory and inhibitory nociceptive functioning is related to lower physical activity in people with knee OA?

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Brooke McGinley (mentor @mikelavalley8) with @bu_bmc_rheum @tuhina_neogi

Identifying subgroups of pts undergoing knee replacement in #MOST

@MikeLaValley8 @BU_BMC_Rheum @Tuhina_Neogi 🔹In the US more than 640,000 knee replacements annually

🔹In the US estimated 10.2 billion in annual costs

🔹Knee osteoarthritis consists of different phenotypes often leading to a knee replacement outcome

@MikeLaValley8 @BU_BMC_Rheum @Tuhina_Neogi Purpose:

To cluster patients who have undergone knee replacement into SUBGROUPS according to demographic and clinical characteristics to develop PHENOTYPES for use in clinical management of knee #OA

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In the ortho/rehab oral session, which is really an #OA session we have former @bu_bmc_rheum postdoc @kosakuaoyagi now with his own lab at @utep

Presenting his work with @tuhina_neogi: trajectories of pain sensitization in knee OA

@BU_BMC_Rheum @KosakuAoyagi @UTEP @Tuhina_Neogi What is central pain sensitization?
Altered CNS nociceptive signaling

👉It's present in ~30% of people with knee OA & contributes to the pain experience in OA

@BU_BMC_Rheum @KosakuAoyagi @UTEP @Tuhina_Neogi There's a lot we don't understand about the pain experience in OA, or about central pain sensitization

📈Patterns in central pain sensitization over time may also vary and influence pain differently
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🌟Abs 0001 Botson, et al.
MIRROR RCT: adding MTX to pegloticase for gout
👉52 wk results: response 60% vs 31% pbo

*response: SU<6mg/dl for >=80% of wks 48-52
Abs 0001 cont'd

👉Also: complete tophi resolution 54% MTX vs 31% pbo at 52 wks

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New paper! Antipsychotics are widely prescribed in people with personality disorders. Using Danish population registers, we examined links between these medications and self-harm, suicide, and being charged with violent crimes? Short 🧵 @EBMentalHealth #OA Image
Primary analysis was to use a within-individual design to test associations between those dispensed antipsychotics and adverse outcomes. This design examines outcome rates when someone is dispensed (i.e. prescribed and collected) meds compared to when they are not dispensed meds
Included all diagnosed with personality disorders in mental health services during 2007-2016 (n=166k). Antipsychotics: ACT codes N05A (esp. quetiapine, olanzapine, risperidone). Outcomes: self-harm and suicide mortality, and suspicions for violent crimes (from national registers)
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#NUEVO material didáctico para profesores y alumnos
“Mamá Mandinga. Entre África y el Caribe”, un #cuento ilustrado para #adolescentes sobre la esclavitud africana y su legado, en acceso abierto en @EditorialCSIC por @ConnecCaribbean #OA #historiaCaribe… Image
El texto de los profesores de investigación Consuelo Naranjo y Miguel Ángel Puig-Samper @IH_CSIC y las ilustraciones de Ulises González Silva representan #hitos de una narración de la #esclavitud que va desde la captura en África hasta el tiempo presente. Image
Una adaptación divulgativa de temas de indudable calado como los orígenes de la #esclavitud; la trata de #esclavos; el viaje trasatlántico; la estigmatización; los derechos; la riqueza cultural y el legado de las etnias y sociedades africanas. ImageImageImageImage
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It seems there was a problem with the thread yesterday, so here it is again in all it's glory! #UKSG2022
Wait! What? There's lots of vital stuff missing!

Has two decades of digital broken the scholarly record 💽 ?

Buckle up! It's another #scholcom 🧵!

A @UKSG2022 ⚡️ Presentation Image
Dougherty's checklist to qualify for the scholarly record 💽 :

✅ advance/summarise academic knowledge
✅ named authors
✅ be issued by an academic publisher
✅ be catalogued by university libraries
✅ be indexed in curated databases

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-99435-2_2
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DEAL-Vertrag mit Wiley. Bin schlecht in Zahlen. Steht auf S. 73 wirklich 1 Interimsgebühr für Lesezugriff von 12,5 Mio.€? (bis Juni 2019) & danach 13 Mio. & 26 Mio., d.h. bis Dez. 2020 hat 1 DEAL fast 52 Mio. gekostet? 1 Artikel 2750€?…
Edit: Nur die erste Zahl ist Lesezugriff. Die beiden anderen sind schon Publish & Read
DEAL für Springer Nature. Ich komm auf 58 Mio. (2020-2023). Gleiche PAR fee pro Artikel.…
Diese Summen lassen mich verzweifeln.
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What effects do prisons have on repeat offending? Our new paper examines this across 44 Swedish prisons. V brief thread. Paper #OA:… 1/ Image
We compared reoffending rates in people who were in different prisons at the same security level (between-individual), adjusting for measured confounds, and also examined repeat offending in the same person released from different prisons (within-individual). Two approaches. 2/ Image
To do this, we selected a reference prison with the lowest reoffending risk within each of the 3 security levels. Then we followed up released prisoners for reoffending using national crime register for an average of 8 yrs. 3/
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„Digitales Publizieren und die Qualitätsfrage“

🧵 zum Stand der Dinge, nach dem Workshop des @Projekt_AuROA (…). Zugleich eine Zusammenfassung für jene, die im Sinne guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis veröffentlichen wollen:

#auroa22 #GeiWiPublizieren
Klar scheint:
1) #DigitalesPublizieren hält viele Potenziale für bessere Wissenschaft bereit.
2) #BigTech hat absurde Angebote & Abhängigkeiten implementiert, die Wissenschaft nicht verbessern. (Seit 2016 schlimmer geworden, vgl. .)

#auroa22 #Siggenthesen
3) Es ist dringend an der Zeit, wieder zu dem zu kommen, was Wissenschaft eigentlich benötigt.
4) Von Verlagen unabhängige scholar-led Magazine sind eine Alternative.
5) Eine andere ist die engere Zusammenarbeit von Wissenschaft & kleineren/mittleren Verlagen.

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📢 Welcome to

Change the "X" in any arXiv article link to the "5" in ar5iv to get a modern HTML5 document.

Thread: what is included, why now, and how we hope to merge back into arXiv.

#OA #OpenScience #preprints

What to expect?

A collection of 1.75 million preprints, readable today.
That measures at ~97% of the available sources.

Most documents mostly read well (~80%).
Few are perfect.
Almost all have a clear path to support.

Our own e-journal CSS:

- optimized for large screens, best in Firefox
- decent on mobile, in any browser
- justified text, with hyphenation
- dark/light themes (toggle with 🌙/☀️)
- highlighted notes
- basic figure zoom
- 1000+ lines of misc CSS elbow grease

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🚨📝Interested in the commonalities & differences btw #dataprotection, #privacy, informational self-determination & other emerging concepts such as contextual integrity, group privacy & differential privacy? Check our new paper! #OA 👉… Image
We approach the question of how to protect privacy through the interdisciplinary lens of #datafication, informed by the recent book of @JAnneBeaulieu & @SabinaLeonelli 'Data and Society: A critical introduction'…
We then go on to look at the origin of the legal protection of the (individual) right to privacy, the emergence of dataprotection #law in the 1970ies in Europe, as well as the development of informational self-determination in (West-)Germany & 'habeas data' in Latin America.
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Just published 3rd in a trilogy of #spierslab reviews (pandemic years) each exploring brain regions in navigation:
2020: #Striatum & #Hippocampus (wth @cgahnstrom)
2021 #Prefrontal Cortex (wth @ZitaPatai)
2022 #HippocampalFormation (wth @NilsNyberg_ @ElDuvelle @caswellcaswell)
Our latest 2022 review "Spatial goal coding in the hippocampal formation" explores how the hippocampal formation (e.g. hippocampus, subiculum, entorhinal cortex) might code information for navigational guidance. Current #OA version available here:…
The 1st author of our review @NilsNyberg_ did an amazing job thoroughly reviewing the literature. Its the most detailed review I've ever had the chance to write. Kudos to @NeuroCellPress for supporting such in depth reviews, allowing 310 references!
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#Azhdarchids, a brief thread concentrating on my involvement with this amazing group of #pterosaurs. Azhdarchids have to be regarded as the most distinctive and unusual of pterosaur groups, and views on how they might have lived have varied considerably... (images by @MarkWitton)
In 2008, @MarkWitton and I examined the skeletal proportions, cranial anatomy and sedimentological setting of #azhdarchids and concluded that they were strongly adapted for quadrupedal walking in terrestrial settings....
They were likely striding predators of small and mid-sized prey, analogous to ground hornbills. We termed this the ‘terrestrial stalking’ model. See our #OA @PLOSONE paper A Reappraisal of Azhdarchid Pterosaur Functional Morphology and Paleoecology… cont...
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New in @nature w/ @philvlam, @csugimoto + @lariviev:

The article has 2 main parts:

1) We chronicle rebranding + bootlegging as new predatory publishing tactics.

2) We argue that open peer review is the best way to kill the Hydra of predatory journals.…
We focus on the case of OMICS International, the infamous predatory publisher who was recently slapped w/ a $50m USD fine for deceptive business practices (@FTC). OMICS is responding to this stigma by creating new journal brands. OMICS goes as far to 'retcon' old articles.
As a couple of examples, using the Wayback Machine to access the initial OMICS publications, here's OMICS erasing the OMICS branding in new 'Hilaris' and 'Longdom' brands. Using #OA publishing to retroactively alter the scholarly record is a disconcerting precedent.
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This tiny crab trapped in 100-million-year-old amber is the most complete fossil crab ever discovered! But how did a crab get trapped in amber in the first place? Here we tell you the story… #Science #Evolution #SciComm 1/n Image
Transitions from marine to non-marine environments (e.g., land, brackish & freshwater) are an infrequent even in most animal groups. And yet, true crabs, or #Brachyura, have done it independently over a dozen times! #ocean #freshwater #evolution 2/n Mangrove tree crab, Aratus ...
Amber is like a time capsule that preserves organisms like frozen in time. While most fossils in amber are land-dwelling animals—principally insects—, aquatic organisms such as crabs are extremely rare! #amber #jurassicpark #Cretaceous #Crabs Photo by @LidaXing1982 3/n Image
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#valiantorganics Update :
1. OA capacity expanded to 4800 MT
2. ONA (Raw material for OA) capacity increased to 7200 MT. It will increase the margins. (New Product)
3. #PAP #paraaminphenol Production started. 200 MT in Q1 and expected to be 2300 MT in FY22. Total capacity 9000MT
4. Increased the stake in bharat chemicals from dhanvallabh venture LLP ( from 40 to 50%)
5. #bharatchemicals capacity of #paracetamol increased to 9000 MT
6. Raw material price increased in Q1, which will be passed on in Q2. #OA,#ONA,#PA,#PNA,#PAP will started contributing
7. New capex for #apis (chemicals for APIs). Mostly for apis manufactured by #aartiindustries and #aartidrugs
Intermediates will be manufactured for following APIs :
1. Ranolazine
2. Benazeprill
3. Elagolix
4. Pranlucast
5. Moxifloxacin
6. Ramipril
7. Montelukast
8. Quinapril
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Ich habe mich dazu entschieden, das Thema einer Wissenschaftskultur der Digitalität an den ~eigentlichen~ Beginn dieser Woche zu stellen. Das tue ich, weil ich überzeugt bin, dass wir die Möglichkeit haben, ein erweitertes Verständnis von akademischer communitas zu entwickeln. 1/
In einer Kultur der Digitalität (nach Stalder) zu leben, bedeutet, dass sich Transformationen und Verwerfungen von Formen des gesellschaftlichen Umgangs mit Wissen nicht erst andeuten, sondern ~bereits Realität~ sind. 2/
Damit stehen etablierte Prozesse der Wissensaneignung, der Hervorbringung und Kommunikation von Wissen sowie der Status von Wissen selbst zur Disposition. Die Frage, was Wissen sei, war noch nie so offen wie heute. Ein Rückzug auf eine vordigitale Kultur ist keine Option. 3/
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An der @tudresden_de studieren über 30.000 Studierende – ein großer Teil davon in den Geistes-und Sozialwissenschaften. Das ist einer von insgesamt fünf Bereichen, denen die Fakultäten zugeordnet sind. 1/
Zum @GSW_TUDresden gehören die Philosophische Fakultät (PhF), die Fakultät Sprach-, Literatur- Kulturwissenschaften (SLK) und die Erziehungswissenschaftliche Fakultät (EW). 2/
An der SLK kann man auf BA, in den Masterstudiengängen "Literatur und Kultur im gesellschaftlichen Wandel" (LiKWa) und "Europäische Sprachen" (EuroS) und auf Lehramt in den Fächern Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch, Französisch, Russisch und Latein studieren. 3/
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Dass ich Linguist bin, heißt nicht zugleich, dass ich leserlich schreibe. Deshalb transkribiere ich Euch gern hier, was Euch in dieser Woche auf diesem Account erwartet. 1/
~Heute~ verorte ich mich für Euch ein wenig @tudresden_de und @GSW_TUDresden mit @SLUBdresden und stelle Euch das ein oder andere für mich, und vielleicht auch für Euch, interessante Thema vor. 2/
~Morgen~ steht "Wissenschaftskultur der #Digitalität" im Mittelpunkt: #OER, #OA, #OEP, #Barrierefreiheit. Live seid Ihr bei einem Vorgespräch über eine geplante Hamlet-Aufführung ( und einem Vortrag von @MalNeAndere in HD dabei. 3/
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