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THREAD: There has been a fair amount of discussion about how, even with the changes, the #KidsOnlineSafetyAct (or #KOSA) would be weaponized against LGBTQ+ folks & especially queer and trans youth.

But there's another huge problem with the bill: it would censor abortion content.
#KOSA creates a broad "Duty of Care" for tech companies that goes way beyond dictating what kinds of privacy or security they need to have in place and gets the government involved in dictating what kinds of content they can allow or recommend to minors.
The bill tries to keep this narrow by saying the duty of care only applies to specific impacts on mental health (as defined by the DSM), or predatory, unfair, or deceptive marketing practices" prong (Sec.3a6) or "physical violence."

All sounds reasonable, right?
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THREAD: There is a new version of the Kids Online Safety Act (#KOSA).

The bill's sponsors are claiming that these changes address the concerns raised by more than 100 human rights and LGBTQ+ organizations.

They do not. We still oppose #KOSA and it should not be in the #omnibus.
We appreciate that #KOSA's sponsors made changes that attempt to address some of the concerns that we raised in this letter:…

But the new version of the bill still poses a significant threat to LGBTQ rights, abortion access, privacy, and free expression.
The "Duty of Care" model that #KOSA takes is fatally flawed when applied to content regulation / user speech. You can tweak the definitions all you want, but in the end you're giving Attorneys General like Ken Paxton a massive cudgel to to threaten platforms over allowing content
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🧵Okay it's #ElectionDay (go vote! voting is a valid harm reduction strategy.)

I know this birdsite is going to hell in a handbasket, but while we're all still here, I put together a THREAD on what the midterms will likely mean for tech policy fights that impact human rights.
This is going to be a bit of a ruthless analysis of how I see the election results impacting hot button tech policy issues like Section 230, content moderation, privacy legislation, the FTC and FCC, antitrust and Big Tech accountability, etc.
I'm not gonna spend as much time explaining the substance of each issue, more just how the political dynamics around them are likely to shift depending on the makeup of the House and Senate. But I'll try to link to relevant campaigns / news coverage to dive deeper.
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Our data leaks all over the place. It even leaks within companies and they have no idea where it’s going. This is an illegal way to engineer platforms. Platforms that fail to enable #DataRights must be rebuilt. It was pure hubris to design them otherwise.…
No one at Facebook knows what happens to your data. You can see why paying mega fines and settlements is better for Zuckerberg’s business than re-building Facebook from scratch. You can see why he’d rather retire his essentially unlawful apps and focus on something else entirely.
This problem is industry-wide. Data brokers trading in sensitive information admit they have no idea where they got it. They simply won’t care unless forced to. And the penalties need to be more than the cost of doing business and PR hits. #DataRights
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My observations on @AGRobBonta's first major #CCPA enforcement action, announced today against @Sephora - big news for U.S. privacy. 1/16
First, @Sephora is a strategic choice. The most significant outcome is their 2-yr agreement to honor Global Privacy Control (GPC) signals. It's very important for the AG to get this on the books, because it bolsters CCPA's key (only) redeeming feature: the universal opt-out. 2/
Despite CCPA's underlying weaknesses (advocates have rightly criticized it as an ineffectual notice & choice law), the concept of a decentralized "universal opt-out" browser mechanism has taken hold in the US and been adopted in CO, CT - with great promise. 3/
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One out of six ain't good: Five ways the American Data Privacy and Protection Act falls short. #ADPPA…
As @omertene points out, @ACLU_NorCal opposed California's current privacy bill when it was on the ballot in 2020.

So did @ColorOfChange, @DoloresHuerta, and quite a few immigrant rights groups.

How many of the California bill's weaknesses they talked about does ADPPA address?

I looked at the ballot argument against Prop 24, the rebuttal argument, and @ACLU_Norcal's "Californians Should Vote No on 24"…
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The CPPA Board voted unanimously today to oppose as currently drafted H.R. 8152 (#ADPPA), proposed federal privacy legislation that seeks to significantly weaken Californians’ privacy protections by pre-empting the California Consumer Privacy Act and other state privacy laws.
The Board also voted to oppose any bill that similarly threatens crucial privacy protections for Californians but, via a third motion, left room for the Agency to support federal privacy legislation that provides a “true floor” that allows states to implement stronger protections
#ADPPA was advanced by @EnergyCommerce Jul 20, 2022 but @CAgovernor @rendon63rd & @AGRobBonta all submitted letters critical of the broad preemption language in the bill

While #ADPPA would extend privacy rights to other states, it would be at the expense of Californian’s rights.
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ADPPA Advances. But what about the elephant?

Federal privacy legislation update, July 26…
Last week, the House Energy & Commerce Committee advanced the American Data Protection and Privacy Act (ADPPA).

It's the first time this century a consumer privacy protection bill has made it out of committee in Congress, so congrats to all involved!
ADPPA's next step is a vote by the full House, probably not until September. This discussion between @AttorneyNora of @freepress, @JustinBrookman of @ConsumerReports, and @justinhendrix has some good perspectives on the bill's prospects.…
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Adtech is at its core an immoral and dangerous business practice that reveals its injuries to the innocent during ground war in Europe and the rollback of civil rights in America.
data privacy is a fundamental human right and stealing it save money on your ad spend is costing society somewhere else
Replace RuTarget with any domestic data broker or DMP and replace Ukraine with a vigilante state that offers abortion bounties and you’ve got Alito’s America
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It's time for the #ADPPA markup!

It's being streamed at…

Just what is a markup? @cobun has a helpful thread ...
Here's our post from yesterday with an update on where things are with #ADPPA -- and some perspectives from our experiences from legislative battles over privacy here in Washington state…
@SNolanCollins is livetweeting the hearing as well ...

@janschakowsky hopes we call all agree to "seize the moment". Carpe diem!
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Health care privacy and more -- today's #privacy news roundup.…
@geoffreyfowler looks at software that thousands of clinics and hospitals across the United States use to check people into appointments ... which harvests the information people provide and uses it to target ads.

That's bad!

How can they do that? There's a paragraph authorizing this in the consent form people sign when they're checking in. Most people don't bother to read it, so consent to sharing without even thinking about it.

It's a great example of the limitations of "notice and consent".
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Time for some hot #privacy action! The House Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce hearing on the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (#ADPPA) starts at 10:30 am Eastern!

Here's the livestream and list of witnesses:…
This morning's post on The Nexus of Privacy has background.…
#ADPPA has bi-partisan sponsorship - House Energy and Commerce Chair @FrankPallone and Ranking Member @cathymcmorris, Senate Commerce Committee Ranking Member @SenatorWicker.

Conspicuous by her absence: Senate Commerce Chair @SenatorCantwell, who's working on her own bill.
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Good morning! EPIC Deputy Director Caitriona Fitzgerald will testify before Congress this morning on the need for a strong U.S. #privacy law and the proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act. Follow this thread for updates, and watch here:
.@CaitrionaFitz is ready for today's hearing!
And we're under way! Chair Schakowsky calls the meeting to order. #privacy #ADPPA
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Visualize National #DataRights in the USA. The #ADPPA Bill §203 has the Right of Access, the most basic of transparency rights…
UX design is about to become regulated and I doubt industry is prepared. Consider how revocable consent mandates a particular kind of switch type/design pattern if #ADPPA bill passes with this language which expressly prohibits dark patterns in consent UX/UI
Visualize a data broker registry website where you can issue “Do Not Collect” requests. #DataRights #ADPPA
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