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Just a few more days until you can demand that your service providers stop selling your personal information thanks to the #CCPA.
Indeed, #datarights are still “under construction” in the USA.…
OK AT&T customers. Here’s where you go to demand that they stop selling your information. California residents may also request or delete their data. #CCPA
Looks like AT&T is only honoring data requests from California residents under #CCPA. OF COURSE THIS ONLY INSPIRES ME REDOUBLE THE EFFORT TO PASS THE #NYPRIVACYACT and contribute to the patchwork industry claims to fear most.
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New Yorkers, Let’s work together and help Albany defeat the industry lobby and pass the NY Privacy Act next year. #S5642…
In case you missed it, I wrote a guide of sorts for PAPER’s #BreakTheInternet issue to help you escape creepy ads, build up your data privacy defenses, and pep talk you into getting involved in the battle to demand your #datarights in the USA.…
A common thread between this new Privacy Project piece and my PAPER piece is that consumers have been gaslit into surveillance capitalism using consent without rights as a cudgel. Industry deceptions that location data is “anonymous” lead to catastrophes like Cambridge Analytica.
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Report: Brexit referendum and US elections are tainted by Canadian privacy law violations by British Columbia based company AIQ. #PIPEDA #DataRights #TheGreatHack h/t @jason_kint…
Because the data scandal was global in nature since SCL and its affiliates such as AiQ operate across borders, elections, and jurisdictions, collaboration between privacy regulators is THE NEW NORMAL. Also suggests UK ICO’s report is coming very soon. #DataRights
Custom Audiences — the microtargeting audience matching feature that Facebook badly wants to preserve and digital political technology consultants swear by. Google suspended their matching feature tho. We’re starting to wonder if it is even legal? #DataRights
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I’m here at NY State Senate hearing on #S5642 #NYPrivacyAct and will offer some commentary…
@Partnership4NYC opens with testimony that seeks to gut the draft bill to take a far more pro-business stance. They want opt-out instead of opt-in and to strike the private right of action while delaying roll-out to 2 years from 6 months. #S6542
Business Council of New York State prefers federal law and FTC enforcement. Seems to want to narrow concern to data breach rather than address data abuse. They even object to basic data request rights! claiming it’s onerous for business (despite CCPA/GDPR). #S5642
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Are data rights human rights? How can tech drive economic growth? What can startups do to fight climate change?

We’re at #WebSummit2019 this week, where we’re covering everything from digital rights to inclusive economies

Follow us here for the latest
How can leaders use tech to promote economic prosperity across Europe?

@DoroBaer, a German politician working in digital affairs, and @GPapandreou, former Prime Minister of Greece, take to the stage

“We can use technology for public service AND for revolutionising democracy” says @GPapandreou #WebSummit19
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Shows you have much the data privacy debate has shifted in the US when lobbyists can’t get their loopholes. #CCPA #TheGreatHack
“shows you *how much”…but seriously taken together with the reclassification law, Sacramento is doing the hard work of reigning in the excesses of Big Tech to protect consumers and workers where Washington DC isn’t.
Watching loophole lobbyists fail badly at statehouses is ratcheting pressure on Washington to act on preemption to grant us national data rights. But the devil will be in the details and the industry’s concessions for winning preemption. #DataRights…
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Doesn’t mention anything about Data Propria, the CloudCommerce subsidiary, founded by former Cambridge Analytica director of product Matt Oczkowski, who still does data analytics for Parscale, and who led the embedded CA Project Alamo team in 2016.…
I suspect most political reporters are all-in on the trope that CA was hype and snake oil, a mere Facebook privacy scandal, fines issued, shut down, case closed, old news. Never mind a criminal conviction in UK and the pending ICO report on seized servers.…
Data Propria is right there in the SEC 10k filing. Oz is a key man in Parscale’s operation. Readers would appreciate knowing who has carried over from 2016. A piece on myth making strenuously avoiding CA seems incomplete to me.…
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The Irish Times covers my visit to Dublin talking about #TheGreatHack and the key lesson it teaches Americans. We need the US to catch up to the EU on #DataRights to safeguard democracy. #Tech4GoodDublin cc @ICCLtweet @INCLOnet @thegreathackdoc…
And also via @FT…Google caught allegedly circumventing the #GDPR, slapped with an investigation by Irish Data Protection Commissioner, as @johnnyryan’s research exposes Google’s dirty tricks.…
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Cloudflare may have been pressured to dump 8chan from DDOS shielding but Facebook is still pumping news feeds with xenophobia and scapegoating for profit after getting caught for being deceptive about Cambridge Analytica. #TheGreatHack
Mad as hell about #TheGreatHack? Not gonna take it anymore? Ready to demand #DataRights? Write to your Reps about the #VoterPrivacyAct to demand your data rights for elections as fundamental, simple rights. Demand they pass and enforce before Nov 2020.
Fellow Americans, write to your state representatives and senators about #VoterPrivacyAct and demand something like it passed in your statehouse before Nov 2020. How else are we gonna hack around Mitch McConnell? #Federalism #MoscowMitch #TheGreatHack
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Design for relationships, not users, and let people change their mind. More brilliance from @projectsbyif @sarahtgold
@projectsbyif @sarahtgold Changing your mind is an important part of being human! Two things that would simplify #datarights and #explainability for people: variable consent as a service, and data risk profiles, so ppl could automatically opt into services at their preferred level of data-sharing.
@projectsbyif @sarahtgold After all, is it possible to have a right without the ability to meaningfully consent? (@lilianedwards ??)
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You going to Health Datapalooza next month? YOU WANT TO, you do! It's never just a nerd herd, and this year you'll get #cyberwoke. Settle in, I'll spin the tale. #HDPalooza #epatient #datarights
First, you need to know that as awesome as social media is for #epatients, #research teams, #healthpolicy wonks, #datascience peeps, and other members of the #HDPalooza tribe, there IS a dark side. #cyberwoke #dataprivacy #HumanRights
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