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In 2016, 84% of @CanadianGreens members voted for sanctions on Israel.

So why won't new Green leader @AnnamiePaul speak in support of sanctions, or even answer a straightforward question on the topic? #GPC #GPCLeadership #cdnpoli Image
See CJPME and @IndJewishVoices's assessment of the GPC candidates on Middle East issues from mid-August
In September during the foreign policy debate, candidates were asked whether they support imposing sanctions on Israel. Annamie Paul was one of only 3 candidates who didn't say Yes.

(Glen Murray clarified in a tweet later that he does support sanctions)
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Breaking: @AnnamiePaul has been elected leader of the @CanadianGreens. In August, CJPME & @IndJewishVoices assessed Paul's positions on Middle East issues & awarded her a grade of C-.

See the full report: #GPCleadership #gpc #cdnpoli
Annamie Paul is one of only 2 candidates who refused to endorse the MP pledge to oppose Israeli annexation, which was signed by all 3 Green MPs. She refused to respond to our questionnaire. She has no foreign policy on her website.
This is how Annamie Paul responded to a specific question about whether she would support imposing sanctions on Israel. She doesn’t answer the question, other than to say that she prefers dialogue. (During @rabbleca / @ForeignPoli_C debate)
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Nearly 24,000 members of @CanadianGreens voted of 34,000 members. That's 69% of membership who cast a ballot for the next leader of Green Party of Canada. Voting ended 23 minutes ago. Results will start to be announced soon. I'm watching it here… #GPCldrR
Because the winner must have a majority of the votes cast, that means the winner in this 8-way race of candidates for next leader of Green Party of Canada must collect nearly 12,000 votes from the system of ranked ballots. #GPCldr
It could take several ballots before winner is known. With this system of voting involving ranked ballot, if none of 8 candidates get a majority on 1st ballot, then lowest candidate will be dropped & everyone who voted for that candidate will have their #2 choice counted, etc
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Today in Parliament, @ElizabethMay tabled a petition for Canada to respond to Israel's annexation plans by:

1- banning imports of settlement goods;
2- formally distinguish b/w Israel ‘proper’ and the OPT
3- terminate charitable status for groups that support Israeli settlements.
The petition had 1111 signatures and was initiated by David Kattenburg from Winnipeg, Manitoba @davekat…
By the way, 5 of the Green Party leadership candidates signed this petition to ban settlement goods (still in the race: @MeryamHd2020, @dimitrilascaris, @AmitaKuttner, @DavidMerner). The others did not respond.
#gpc #gpcleadership #cdnpoli
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I have voted! @DavidMerner is 1st place. In the past 10 months he has listened, grown, paid attention to the members he encountered. I see him mirroring the people he speaks to. No, more than ever, it is important for the #GPC leader to reflect the membership.#GPCLeadership
.@DavidMerner is bilingual. Incredibly educated. Real world political experience, working in government, and working on many winning #Green campaigns across the country. Lives in a winnable riding with established campaign team. Lives the values Greens ascribe to.
.@DavidMerner has what it takes to heal and unite the #GPC. Anyone paying attention knows there is work to do. David is the guy to get’er done. I believe we can trust him to walk the walk, talk the talk, and do the right thing. (NO PRESSURE David! 😉)
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#merner4leader #GPC #PVC #Mernercommechef Opening
David: We need Greens in the house of commons. Need to hold the government to account. If not we won't get the changes needed.
#merner4leader #GPC #PVC #Mernercommechef
David: Canada used to be respected on a world stage - PM Pearson got a nobel peace price. But we have taken the wrong path. Largest per capita supporter of O&G. Outsized contribution to climate change.
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9/gpc Intensity of exposure to Corona virus matters. Which is why all household members get sick if they don't take precautions during home quarantine of one member. It's also why bars, party rooms & public bathrooms are most dangerous.
10/gpc This means we will have to follow the five safety precautions mentioned in first tweet & repeated in 🧵, even after new cases decline(ie for 6-12 months) :
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Canada’s place in the world: Green Party of Canada Leadership Debate via @YouTube On live right now! #GPCldr
Annamie = Substance-free zone #GPCldr
Excruciating to listen to Andrew trying to redeem himself on #BDS issue and #GPC policy, which he apparently does not understand.
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8 candidates made it onto ballot for race to succeed Elizabeth May as @CanadianGreens leader. I will be voting for human rights activist & ecosocialist @dimitrilascaris. You have until midnight tonight (PST) to join #GPC for $10 & help unite the Left!…
To be COMPLETELY accurate... you have until 11:59 pm PDT today (Sep 3rd) to pony up yer $10 and join @CanadianGreens so we can elect an ecosocialist to lead a federal Canadian party! #TeamDimitri #GPCldr #GPC #cdnpoli #TheTimeIsNow #UniteTheLeft 💚🌍🐍💙🐢💙🌳💙🌿💙🍃💙🌎💚
Here is the link for joining #GPC through Dimitri's campaign page so your $10 goes toward his campaign:…
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Great to hear our pledge to oppose Israeli annexation mentioned at the #GPC leadership debate! It's true, all Green MPs and 6 candidates have signed.

Thank you @RAWnGreen, @MeryamHd2020, @dimitrilascaris, @Glen4Climate, @AmitaKuttner, @DavidMerner ! #theotherleadershipcontest Image
68 MPs (including all Greens) have called for concrete action to oppose Israel's plans to annex parts of the West Bank.

Will the remaining 3 Green candidates sign the pledge? @greenandrewwest @AnnamiePaul @courtghoward…
Update: Thank you @courtghoward for endorsing the MP Pledge against Israeli annexation!

7 out of 9 Green Party leadership candidates have signed on!

See the full list:… #TheOtherLeadershipContest #GPC Image
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Re-posting my estimate of Q1 Fy21 GDP and GDP growth projection for full year 2020-21 :…
2/fy21 The Q1 GDP est of -29% by CSO is better than my est of 3 months ago w/o any data, based only on the logic of lockdown & sectors subject to it. Accounting for 10-15% error it's still likely to be close to final value. I stick to my full year FY21 est of -5% (+/-1%)..3/
3/fy21 #GPC #LDE Medical advice given to GOI, was behind the curve in collecting & integrating latest scientific evidence from across the world on novel SARS Corona Virus 2, and in communicating it to public & policy makers. Lives were saved at cost of largest Gdp decline in EMEs
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#GPC #LDE V shaped notmalization from #Lockdown is happening in most countries. Post-normalization growth recovery in #India will depend critically on #economic #reforms (#GST, #DTC, #DCT, #Labor, #SEZs, Tariffs-FTAs, ...........)
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1. While many foreign observers praised @Rob_Malley's op-ed in @nytimes, anyone who KNOWS Yemen will find it one-sided. The op-ed does a gross disservice to #Yemen despite good intentions.

At times I thought the op-ed was either naive or deliberately misleading. Here's why:
2. @Rob_Malley gives a narrow view of #Yemen's conflict and re-hashes #Houthis' narrative when he limits the conflict as "#KSA vs. Houthi". He is not inaccurate per se but deliberately selective, ignoring Houthis' overthrow of UN-backed government as a root cause of conflict.
3. For a Conflict group to overlook the root cause of the conflict is to ignore the ABC of policy analysis. #Houthis wanted a monopoly of power in #Yemen and chose violence to do it, committing war crimes during the five past years. Mr.Malley doesn't show opposition against them.
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MANE Forum Session 3: Online dispute resolution for cross-border mediation

'Mediation: A New Era'

#mediation #debate #conference #panel
Eunice Chen: ODR can use synchronous (same-time) and asynchronous methods.

It's better to mediate online than to not meet at all = ODR good from an access-to-justice point of view.

ODR is useful when parties may need to be separated - e.g. domestic violence situations.
Asha Hemrajani - ODR = "improving access to justice". Online dispute resolution removes barriers with costs, time, geography. No need to travel, no need to pay for a lawyer for extensive periods of time.

#mediation #odr #adr
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The thing to recognize when dealing with the anti-#transmountain people is that they love the bait and switch argument. This piece by David Hughes and promoted by @ElizabethMay is a classic example… #bcpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli @sjmuir #GPC #NOpipeline 1/
In the piece Mr. Hughes discusses the difference in price between heavy oil in the Gulf and Heavy oil in Asia to argue the @TransMtn is not useful. Except Alberta can't get its oil in volume to the Gulf Coast either #bcpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli #GPC #NOpipeline 2/
So the price comparison is totally irrelevant, he may as well be comparing the price of Alberta oil to the price of apples. What matters is what Alberta is getting for its oil at Hardisty. Compare that to the Asian price #bcpoli #cdnpoli #canpoli #GPC #NOpipeline 3/
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