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I'd like the above sonnet to move. So ideally you know the answer--it is a widely known answer in disability circles--and then you're it. You write yr own "Tag, You're It" sonnet, same form, same first line, different tags, different code to answer. Whoever answers that, etc.
Tagging people I think might be up for this challenge @SandraBeasley @sagrossman @SF_Montgomery @authorKQ @gm_palmer @cyreejarelle only crips/disabled poets @CadeyLadey @jesilfa @travisclau yes you have to know answer to 1st one b/c it will lead you b/c cyborg magic
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Let's talk about online teaching and accessibility. Shifting courses online is an opportunity to build in accessibility from the beginning. #thread #criptechnoscience
1. If you already use an online course manager, you may be familiar with some basic accessible teaching strategies: Image descriptions for all images and videos, 2.captions and/or transcripts for all videos, 3.PDFs with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for screen reader access
2. Use apps like or @thisten to transcribe class discussions for the future archive. AND/or assign a student or two to live-type class notes shared via Google Doc.
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Make Trick-Or-Treating Accessible! 🎃♿️❤️


If you participate in handing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters, try these tips to be more accessible to trick-or-treaters with disabilities: A child wheelchair user is dress in a pirate costume, an orange sign displays the wheelchair accessibility symbol wearing a cape and text reads, “Accessible Trick Or Treating”
Have a well-lit path to avoid accidents/injuries, particularly for those with low vision and mobility disabilities.

If there are bumps or raised sidewalks/pavement, try marking it with glow in the dark tape or paint to prevent falls. A sidewalk has a raised crack, it it marked to be visible with bright orange paint.
Clear a path from the sidewalk to your home.

Walk the path from the sidewalk to your home and be alert to whether the path is wide enough (minimum 32 inches) and smooth enough (free of debris, obstacles, etc) for wheelchairs/mobility aids, wagons, & strollers to come and go. A house with a clear drive way leading to the front door of the house.
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A thread about general conference accessibility. Future threads will focus on #ACMSIGCHI and the #ACM in general. Tell us your stories of conference inaccess at CHI and other ACM venues. 1/ #CripCHI #AccessCHI #CripTheACM #CripTheConf
This is a known problem that spans all conferences in all fields. However, that the problem is pervasive doesn't absolve any organization of the responsibility to attend to it. 2/
#CripCHI #AccessCHI #CripTheACM #CripTheConf
There are several systemic problems that recur in conference culture related to accessibility. This list is not exhaustive. 3/ #CripCHI #AccessCHI #CripTheACM #CripTheConf
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Y'all can I discuss a #microaggression that occurred last week at an #AWP19 after-party? Because, as I told my co-workers this morning, it is indicative of a continual issue in forward momentum in the industry and in the country.
I also want to note that I was not the only person to witness this event. Another women of color and a friend who identifies as nonbinary and is queer (white) were also right there to witness this.
For those who saw me on Thursday I was wearing the #AccessIsLove t-shirt that @SFdirewolf discussed online. I would highly suggest folks buy one as it's super comfy and really great quality:…
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How do we honor the our disabled elders & ancestors?

When I first found out that Carrie Ann Lucas @DisabilityCubed died 3 days ago, it was painful. Like countless of sick, chronically ill, and disabled people, she died at the hands of the medical industrial complex.
Carrie Ann created disability culture, family, and community. She lifted people up and defended their rights. She fought the system with every tool at her disposal. She loved her friends and family fiercely.
Stories can carry our history, joy, love & grief into the future. We can preserve Carrie Ann's crip wisdom by sharing stories about her. I'm delighted to publish 2 guest pieces for @DisVisibility by disabled parents about Carrie Ann, a badass unapologetic queer disabled mother.
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In honor of this week’s #disability and #accessibility lecture series, here are few things I wished I knew ahead of beginning work on campus accessibility. #highered
1) When your college/ university talks about #ADA are they talking about more than just facilities? (Facilities are huge but they aren't everything)
2) Incorporate disabled people’s experiences. Incorporate student perspectives. Incorporate staff perspectives. Incorporate faculty perspectives. Get a lot of different voices into the room and try to listen to each other. #AccessIsLove
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