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.@MacEmerg Virtual Regional Rounds: Thankful for the opportunity to share about #DEI in #MedEd and practice #upstander skills to address #microaggressions within the #ER.

🗣️#MedTwitter: Here's a #Tweetorial of how you can be an #upstander! Image
.@MacEmerg Virtual Regional Rounds: #DEI in #MedEd: Being an #upstander!

💭Why does #DEI matter? Many benefits, here are just a few:
🗺️Improved cultural competence
🏥Expanded delivery of health care to low resource settings
🗨️Improved intellectual discussion in MedEd Image
.@MacEmerg Virtual Regional Rounds: #DEI in #MedEd: Being an #upstander!

💭The issue is that Racism exists on all levels. And because its so embedded in our societies, it's hard to recognize and even harder to change. Image
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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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Starting #AAP2021 #COCM #CNACH session w @LanreFalusi on overcoming communication barriers
1) Look within: admit/ID biases, raise awareness
- don’t just ask BIPOC friends “to teach you”
- reflect on your own experiences
- intentionally diversify network
- question everything!
2) Use inclusive language
- It’s not them, it’s us: focus on collective orientation rather than labeling (shoutout @DrOmolara!)
- Strength-based language: focus on assets (vs deficits) and recognize disparities eg underserved ➡️ under-resourced

Humanizing stories: provide emotional appeal, counter-narrative for neg stereotypes (shoutout @juliemlinton)
- ppl remember narratives, not stats/facts
- portray ppl in hopeful terms eg victim ➡️ survivor
- AVOID centering our perspective, blind spots, etc
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Even the most cursory glance at the economic situation of people with disabilities in Canada paints a bleak picture. Disparities in income, wealth, and economic opportunities have widened since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the proposed....1/7
Canadian Disability Benefit has yet to become a law, it serves as an important reminder to analyze and understand the economic challenges faced by those with disabilities. 2/7
#disablethedifference #disability #disabilitystudies #disabilityinclusion #disabilityrights
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Through the years, people have asked me what they should say as “comebacks” to verbal microaggressions. I usually tell them to respond with something like “What do you mean by that?” as a way of getting the person to reflect on whatever it was they just said. #AcademicChatter
Recently, a friend asked what to tell people as alternatives to microaggressions. I liked this question better bc it takes responsibility away from target (typically of marginalized group) & encourages enactor (typically of privileged group) to reflect on/ change their behavior.
Hope you find these helpful & that you reflect on things you say or do to others. If you think to yourself “This might be offensive or hurtful”, it probably is, OR you might want to steer clear of it, if you’re not ready for a challenging conversation or acknowledge your biases.
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Was contacted by some1 from med school wanting to hear about my experience with a faculty member who started bullying me with bureaucracy after I reported his resident for mistreatment as he witnessed the train wreck and aftermath. 1/6
Claim was dismissed until another resident (person who contacted me) put in writing in their eval that I was mistreated. Then this attending used multiple meetings to tell me I was the bottom of my class and he didn’t think fit to be a dr. 2/6
When I brought up his behavior and showed emails and recorded conversations, ppl reminded me he was voted faculty of the year for many years so it must be me. So I did his remedial projects for my “professionalism” issues of not being a team player. 3/6
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1/ Bias in Medicine – A 🧵

This week I was able to participate in a #BiasInMedicine curriculum @UCSFMedicine. Below are some of my favorite (paraphrased) quotes and insights.

CC: @gradydoctor @dereckwpaul @jbullockruns @ChaseTMAnderson @_HarryPaul_ @FutureDocs @Bob_Wachter
2/ Black Female MD:

“Me being present everyday is me advocating. Just being in this space is me speaking up.”

“Some identities that we have are out in the open. Others are hidden, such as certain disabilities. These can be sources of bias. This is important to remember.”
3/ Latinx Female Med Student:

“Don’t ever call the medical student ‘the medical student’”

“There are times when the #HierarchyInMedicine makes sense…graduated responsibility to keep patients safe. That doesn’t mean it has to translate into all aspects of training.”
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Charlie Kirk may think he is smart for creating a conservative rejoinder to #microaggressions with
the label “micro-tyranny.” Alas, his ⁦@WashTimes⁩ piece is not the first to use it. 1/x…
Before those examples, this piece is paired with a recent episode of Kirk’s podcast - which I haven’t listened to. He may give credit there. I doubt it. But on to the others he is copying 2/x
First is the 2015 column by Thomas Sowell - an often quoted source for Kirk: 3/x…
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Dr. Grace Yeh speaks about the importance of knowing our histories as #AsianAmericans, but also the necessity of responsibility & care for other communities of color & indigenous peoples. #Ethnicstudies
I also love learning about Dr. Yeh and her work, like the "Filipino Love Stories" project to highlight immigrant lives on the central coast:…
Dr. Yeh talks about the history of #AsianAmerican studies, of ethnic studies, highlighting the solidarity in the early movement & work of the TWLF, their demands & that #ethnicstudies wasn't just about diversity & multiculturalism but power & empire
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If someone feels lack in their own life, then someone else's success may be felt as if it's something taken away or now unavailable to them. That the 'pie' is small & not enough for everyone to have a slice or as much as they wanted. This can leave them feeling envious.
The response can be to feel envious of THEIR perception of the other person's success or what they think they have. Envious attacks towards others can be subtle, in the form of questioning their choices or what they are doing. This is to destroy, attack or diminish their efforts.
If that is destroyed then the other doesnt 'have' that success. In the same way as saying 'if I can't have it neither can they'. An envious attack happens as a reaction & we can be on the receiving end of one in a split second & feel attacked, thinking we've done something wrong.
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Although #ShutDownSTEM & #ShutDownAcademia is just for today (I do need to go back to work tomorrow), it was great to find this calendared resource from @Autumn_Bry which means I can carry on learning over the following weeks:…
And another huge list of articles and resources:…
More music: Jamrock by Damian Marley remains an absolute bop. David Rodigan closed a session with this in London and I've never felt a beat so heavy. Incredible sound.
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BIPOC psychologists have written extensively on racial trauma & healing. See #RadicalHealingSyllabus and other resources I'll drop in the thread. @DellaVMosley @DoctorBry @JioniLewis @HYAdames @NYChavez @GACspeaksout…
Early seminal piece by @drthema on racist-based incident trauma. Image
Robert Carter's seminal work on race-based traumatic stress Image
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Dr. @nafisseh_warner and Catherine Njathi-Ori and I have presented on microaggressions, what they are, how they may affect us in medicine, and how to have a dialogue about them. @choo_ek rec'd tweetorials with references and claiming your expertise: here's my portion
Microaggresions can be difficult to confront or define: What did they mean by that? They often aren't obvious, like "old fashioned" sexism or racism.
(What's this guy saying? this just begged for a caption. She's not having it.)
What happens when you hear a microaggression? Do you find yourself derailed, are you thinking about it instead of what you are supposed to be focus on? Are you still thinking about it later? Are you still figure out how to respond? It's "intrustive cognition"
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1/ So, today was a big day for @DrJRMarcelin and I. We've been developing curricula on "Structural Challenges & Inequities in Healthcare Delivery" for the @UNMCCOM M1 students as part of the Health Systems Science coil.

Thread on this #MedEd project + today's capstone 👇🏾
2/ With inspiration from @JonathanMetzl & Dr. Helena Hanson's work on #StructuralCompetency, we wanted to assemble a pilot set of experiences that would give @UNMC students a glimpse into local health inequities, from historical & community perspectives:
3/ We gave the M1s several introductory lectures & assignments focused on big-picture issues like #SDoH & disparities, creating a "structural DDx" for patients, unconscious #bias & #microaggressions, developing structural humility, and #racism in medicine...
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So much to digest from #FESI2019 that it took me a while to collect my thoughts on the conference theme, “Dismantling the Barriers to Education.” Super cool to bump into #anticolonialism classmate, @ZainabZ01 from @OISEUofT! @tdsb/@YRDSB #teacherfriends
Heard great stuff from the first panel on addressing marginalized students & staff. @NHenryFundi @jeewanc @JhonelMorvan @nngafook

Q for y’all: Beyond listening ears, self-reflection & overcoming fragility, what is the role of white students & teachers at schools? #whiteness Image
Always refreshing to learn from @Ms_Karnad & @camillelogan. Empowering to watch women of colour leading the way in education, research & community building.

Q for you 2: How do we address power dynamics in our attempts at collaboration? #dominantvoices #rhetoric #voicesunheard Image
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Y'all can I discuss a #microaggression that occurred last week at an #AWP19 after-party? Because, as I told my co-workers this morning, it is indicative of a continual issue in forward momentum in the industry and in the country.
I also want to note that I was not the only person to witness this event. Another women of color and a friend who identifies as nonbinary and is queer (white) were also right there to witness this.
For those who saw me on Thursday I was wearing the #AccessIsLove t-shirt that @SFdirewolf discussed online. I would highly suggest folks buy one as it's super comfy and really great quality:…
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"Race matters in higher education." - Lorelle L. Espinosa (VP for Research at ACE) #EquityMatters

Pretty good way to get the morning started! Image
Key Finding #1: Our populace is becoming more educated, as well as more racially and ethnically diverse -- driven largely in part by an increase of Hispanic students. #EquityMatters Image
Unsurprisingly, Black students have higher debt loads and have a lower completion rate for credentials. #EquityMatters ImageImage
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So a thread run down of this year on Foluke's African Skies. Which needs its own twitter account by the way. I run 2 twitter accounts at the moment. One very intermittently. I am not sure I can stretch to 3. But it could happen. This year FAS was all about decolonisation.
It was not surprising that the most-read blog was about decolonisation. Republished from @TC_Africa, written by Morreira and Luckett, it was a very practical approach to decolonisation. Giving teachers 10 questions to ask when considering decolonising.…
But we must not forget that decolonisation is not just about what we teach but is also evidenced by the power and control structures in society. In this article, I explore how this is evidenced in the origins and current practices of the Nigerian Police.…
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