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Fabio Ciucci on LinkedIn [1/8]: #Putin said "the nation that leads in #AI will rule the world," not that "a rebel AI will rule the world starting with burning the nation that built such AI." #ArtificialIntelligence
Fabio Ciucci on LinkedIn [2/8]: If #Russia and #China lead on weaponized AI (and they could), other nations including the USA (whatever they deny) do it too, like with atomic bombs.
Fabio Ciucci on LinkedIn [3/8]: News: Google AI (#DeepMind #AlphaStar) finally became able to kill every pro-human at #starcraft2 war game too.
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@DeepMindAI's #AlphaStar is a milestone in #StarCraft AI, but it did not beat the game. Thread. ⤵️
Today at 3am Tokyo time, @DeepMindAI presented one new member of the Alpha family: #AlphaStar, playing StarCraft 2.
#AlphaStar beat two SC2 pro gamers, @LiquidTLO and @Liquid_MaNa, and this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a real achievement. So can we say that SC2 is beaten, like Go of Chess? Definitely no.
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What happened with #AlphaStar? Checkout out @DeepMindAI’s official blog here:… . I’ll be unpacking some stuff based on the information from the live stream and now blog post.
Context: After Deep Blue beat a chess grandmaster, Go - with its considerably larger action space and lack of heuristics - seemed to be the next big challenge. Like AlphaStar, the original AlphaGo used a combination of imitation learning and DRL to learn to play.
AlphaZero replaced imitation learning with self-play, but like its predecessor used tree search for training by rolling out a Go simulator. SC II is far too expensive to use in this fashion, so search during play or even expert iteration in training wouldn't work.
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1/3 Really proud to share #AlphaStar with the world - a milestone for game-playing AI, and the first system to beat a top pro at #StarCraft2. Massive thanks to @Blizzard_Ent, @Liquid_MaNa & @LiquidTLO for being part of this great journey!

Blog + Replays:…
2/3 As well as showing how far we’ve come, it was exciting to test out our new prototype system that uses the in-game camera interface to play. Massive respect to @Liquid_MaNa for outplaying it! We’ll keep working on it and play more games soon :)
3/3 While StarCraft is ‘just’ a (very complex!) game, I’m excited that the techniques behind #AlphaStar could be useful in other problems such as weather prediction & climate modeling, which also involve predictions over very long sequences. Peer-reviewed paper is underway.
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