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🆕📰Now finally out as @iza_bonn DP:

My paper on the impact of indoor #airquality on cognitive performance of #chess players! 🏭♟️ (with @KunnSteffen @umsbe & #JuanPalacios @MIT)

Paper here:

Summary 👇🏻(1/N)
We know that #airpollution is really bad for your #health.

Exposure to poor air quality may have harmful impacts on the 🧠.

Question: What are consequences for performance in complex cognitive tasks? (2/N)
We study the effect of air quality on cognitive performance using data from #chess tournaments. Why chess? ♟️

Because it's a complex, cognitively demanding task with strong incentives, involving strategic decision making under time pressure. (3/N)
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The first time a chess grandmaster told me they lose around 10-20 pounds during the course of a *single* tournament, my jaw was on the floor. I spent a year embedded in the bizarre world of weight loss in chess. Here is what I found:… #Chess #FIDEWorldCup
I stumbled upon this story while working on a feature on last year's Sinquefield Cup and it led me to talk to scientists, neurologists, grandmasters, physiotherapists, sleep doctors. It's been one hell of a journey. Do give it a read!…
Did you know the 1984 World Chess Championship was called off after five months and 48 games because defending champion Anatoly Karpov had lost 22 pounds? "He looked like death," grandmaster and commentator Maurice Ashley recalls.…
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Fabio Ciucci on LinkedIn [1/8]: #Putin said "the nation that leads in #AI will rule the world," not that "a rebel AI will rule the world starting with burning the nation that built such AI." #ArtificialIntelligence
Fabio Ciucci on LinkedIn [2/8]: If #Russia and #China lead on weaponized AI (and they could), other nations including the USA (whatever they deny) do it too, like with atomic bombs.
Fabio Ciucci on LinkedIn [3/8]: News: Google AI (#DeepMind #AlphaStar) finally became able to kill every pro-human at #starcraft2 war game too.
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What’s white’s best move here? (Or black’s for that matter)? #Chess
Oops orientation sucks in photo. This is better
I’m proud of myself with these pawns!!
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1/ So my opening is okay, but my middle game sucks (or maybe my opening sucks too. WHO KNOWS? not me). Where would I theoretically go from here? I'm playing white.

This game is already over and it was a massacre. #Chess
My opponent, it should be said, is extremely aggressive. He also has NO issue taking my white square bishop w/ his knight.
I think what happened w/ this game is he ended up driving my white square bishop back w/ a pawn, then pinning that same bishop & my knight w/ another dumb pawn (or maybe the same one who knows this is probably why I am bad at chess).
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Some of my #takeaways & #notes from various #DECMA sessions this weekend. (1/n)
By @madan_kumar
- Build a rock solid trading plan
- Treat trading like a business
- Limit your time spent with the trading business
- Take the extra time that trading allows you to have and spend it with your family
By @Raminations
- Use all experiences positive and negative for building future plans
- Understand the products you are trading to the smallest details
- If a position or trade is giving you sleepless nights, get out of it immediately the next morning.
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In 2017, I played a lot of board games in person, and online, with @boardgamearena. My favorites: Codenames, Noir, Outlaws, Secret Moon, Pandemic (especially Legacy), Quantum, + an old favorite, chess.
I used to think playing games was: wasted time, guilty pleasure. Now I let myself enjoy them, + I also think there are benefits. @soryuforall says sports are life minus everything important. You can mess up + experiment. Even if you lose, you learn. Same is true w/ games.
The more board games you’ve played, the faster you are at picking them up. People who don't play a lot of games are slow to learn new games, people who do are surprisingly quick.
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