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This lawsuit shows invalid ballots were counted during the WI recount

State laws were violated to accept many more ballots than Biden's current lead

We must
The four violations are:
1. Clerks illegally altered mail in ballot forms to add missing info.

This is a clear violation of WI law even though the Left & media claim it's been happening for several elections

Just because they got away with it before
Doesn't make it legal
2. Absentee ballots were distributed w/o a written application being submitted

The Dem/Media/Left claim the ballot envelope itself is an application, but this fails to provide two separate items to compare for audit purposes & again violates state law
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"Dominion machines were built to be manipulated." - 1st witness at #ArizonaHearing
Army Col. Phil Waldron testifying that hundreds of IT teams looking at voting machine anomalies. Dominion machines hacked in just a few minutes. Malware discovered by one of Waldron's white-hat hackers. Waldron team able to see down-ballot changes on MI machines.
Col. Waldron/Giuliani: Algorithm inserted in MI local vote after election day to "shift the vote."

Giuliani: "It's like having an open computer." MI evidence being submitted to dispute lies of Dominion that their machines are tamper-proof. "Just the opposite." #ArizonaHearing
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BREAKING: Affadavit of James Ramsland Jr. concludes:

"The vote counts in Michigan, and in Wayne County contain at least 289,866 illegal votes that must be disregarded."

Ramsland Jr. holds an MBA from Harvard, worked with NASA and MIT, and is part of the ASOG management team.
Full Michigan Affadavit
Full Michigan Affadavit: Voter Turnout Impossibilities
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@GenFlynn To one Country you might be a ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ General, but to the world you are a hero. #FlynnFighters #DigitalSoliders #SidneyPowellRepresentsMe #Fightback @lofly727 @GoJackFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @JosephJFlynn1 @realDonaldTrump
❤️ from Australia 🇦🇺
@GenFlynn I wish I could bake you some peanut butter crackers in celebration haha but I’m sure @lofly727has you covered 😂 🍻 🎉
I love this video my special friend @Jewel4Trump made for @GenFlynn
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"No evidence of #Voterfraud", just ignore...

-Ballot Harvesting
-Ballot Curing
-Unsolicited Absentee Ballots
-Shifting Votes Electronically
-Stopping the Count
-More Votes than Voters
-Bins/Trashbags/Boxes of Ballots Brought in After Counting
-Smartmatic Peter Neffenger with Biden Transition Team
-Out of State Voters
-Machines Hackable in 5 Minutes
-Swing States Still Counting
-Media Collusion
-Hundreds of Affidavits
-100% of "Glitches" go to Biden
-Backdating Ballots
-Dead Votes
-Illegal Votes
-Felon Votes
-Burning Ballots
-Tearing Ballots
-Discarding Ballots
-Blocking Republican Poll Watchers
-Suggesting Voting Biden at Polling Stations
-Pristine Mail in Ballots, No Folds, No Marks
-Deleting Ballots that Vote Straight Republican
-Paying for Votes/Ballots
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It's hard for Dems to convince people that a ticket with a Prez candidate, who has nothing appealing about him - dementia, corruption, CCP-apologism, credit-card lobbyism, 47 years of public non-service; and a VP on the ticket, who got just 844 votes in primary can win 78 m votes
#AuditTheVote is very important for US democracy.

Without it, there will be no closure.
In 2008, Obama won the biggest mandate till 2020 - 69.5 million votes. He had charisma and carried the hopes of many after the wars. Trump won 73,35 million votes in 2020. Hard to believe, that Biden-Harris, two of the most dull politicos in USA, can win 80 million votes.
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Thank you to everyone who has followed me since before the 2016 election, during #AuditTheVote, and thereafter.

Thank you to everyone who took action to register resistance to Trump’s illegitimate path to the White House and his criminal and traitorous acts within it.

This #impeachment vote would not be happening without everyone’s sustained interest and activity to make sure Trump is held answerable to the rule of law.

What you did mattered .

We have a long way to go, but what is happening now is historic.

No matter what happens with these Articles of Impeachment in the coming days, they cannot be erased.

At a minimum, these Articles of Impeachment against Trump are a record for history that we tried to stop authoritarianism in its tracks.

No one can say we didn’t try.

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@dccc @McCreadyForNC I wrote about additional ES&S security lapses--in addition to blatant corruption--here. Please protect our votes. Thank you.…
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Thank you @RebeccaRhynhart for standing by your convictions. We could use a lot more of that lately. #ProtectOurVotes 1/…
2/ ES&S's ExpressVote XL "Hybrid" voting system, which @PhillyVotes selected, is a dangerous system that experts say can change paper ballots after they've been cast. They should never have chosen it. #EXPELtheXL

Link to article about Hybrid…
3/ The other dangerous "Hybrid" voting system that to which jurisdictions are flocking is the Dominion Image Cast Evolution (ICE). #ICEtheICE
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Let this sink in. Our states’ top election officials oppose improving election security. #handmarked #paperballots #AuditTheVote
@SEGreenhalgh is leading the charge to find out WHY our states’ top election officials oppose minimum election security standards.
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Against the backdrop of concerns about Georgia voter registration practices, it's important to remember that Georgia uses voting machines that have no paper trail - meaning it's very difficult for voters or auditors to independently verify that votes were accurately tallied.
Almost two years ago, I wrote about why we need to #auditthevote. We've learned a lot more about election security since then, through reports like this one from SSCI, and reporting like this by @KimZetter
Citizens everywhere should press state and local governments for answers on what they're doing to make sure vote counts are accurate and that elections are secure and error-free. And we all need to register, show up, and vote.
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Thread 1/7 WHY WE NEED #AUDITS. Professor Andrew Appel breaks down the #myth that someone can't #hack a #VotingMachine if it's not connected to the #Internet.… #PaperBallots #AuditTheVote
Thread 2/7 "The ES&S model #DS200 #optical-scan voting machine has a #cellphone modem that it uses to upload #election-night results from the #voting machine to the “county central” canvassing #computer." #PaperBallots #AuditTheVote
Thread 3/7 "The voting machine calls the county-central computer using its cell-phone modem... this connects ... to a cell tower ... near the canvassing computer." #PaperBallots #AuditTheVote
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"It is in m my view inexcusable that our democracy depends on such hackable voter technology made by a handful of companies [e.g., ES&S & Dominion] that have been able to EVADE OVERSIGHT and in fact have actually been STONEWALLING the Congress for years. " - Senator Wyden 1/
"My legislation [The #PaveAct] focuses on two common sense measures that are backed by the overwhelming number of cybersecurity experts in our country: paper ballots and risk limiting audits." 2/
"And I wrote this bill in spite of this campaign of DUCKING and BOBBING and WEAVING, really STONEWALLING from the major voting machine companies [which are ES&S and Dominion]..." 3/
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California voters! Election officials say that "paper" makes it OK to use hackable voting machines bc the paper can be audited. But UCB Statistics Professor @philipbstark says the audit procedure proposed in #AB2125 is UNACCEPTABLE. There will be a vote this Tuesday, June 19! 1/
2/ The Senate Elections Commitee will vote on Audit Bill #AB2125. In its current form, the bill wld officials to call their audits "Risk Limiting Audits," even though they would not meet the statistical and transparency requirements of real Risk Limiting Audits per @philipbstark.
3/ Please call the Committee members and demand that they amend #AB2125 to require real Risk Limiting Audits as outlined in @philipbstark's letter of June 15, 2018. Contact info. in next post.
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Vote tally manipulation is almost impossible to prove bc states still use unverifiable touchscreens, vendors & courts don’t allow forensic audits, states don’t conduct meaningful manual audits & stymie hand recounts, paper ballots are often destroyed in contested elections... 1/
...and some state election officials turn off voting machine audit functions. These are “red flags” in and of themselves and we must learn from them to protect FUTURE elections, even if we cannot prove in a court of law that election fraud has occurred in the past. 2/
It’s pretty hard to prove a crime occurred when you’re denied access to what would be the crime scene and evidence: the inside of the election equipment and the paper ballots or receipts. 3/
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This is the BEST ARTICLE re how as both a matter of PROCEDURE & PRACTICALITY all states—yes ALL—can move to real #paperballots & manual audits in time for the 2018 midterms! But voters must make it happen bc election officials don’t want the xtra work! #PaperBallotsNow
Thank you @rad_atl and @duncanbuell for this Desperately Needed explanation of WHAT we must do to protect the 2018 midterms, HOW to do it, and WHY it is doable!! #PaperBallotsNow #paperballots #AuditTheVote #ProtectOurVotes
1. “Last year, 22 Virginia localities converted to #paperballots within two months...”!
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Congressional Task Force on Election Security preliminary recs includes: 'States should conduct post-election risk-limiting audits.'

@secstatewa @ZackHudgins @PierceCountyAud @KCAuditor @TCAuditor

#auditthevote #electionsecurity #electionintegrity
Link to congressional task force on election security preliminary recommendations report:

@secstatewa @ZackHudgins @PierceCountyAud @KCAuditor @TCAuditor
"States should conduct post-election risk-limiting audits. A risk-limiting audit involves hand counting a certain number of ballots to determine whether the reported election outcome was correct. Risk-limiting audits use advanced statistical methods to enable states..." 1/
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Is Putin supporting Trump?

Naw, Putin could care less.

Trump’s a pawn Putin is using to attack the US on 2 fronts. /1
Everyone knows about Putin’s alt-right pro-Trump trolls. He's using left-wing anti-Trump trolls too. Exhibit A: meet @MarcusC22973194 /2
At 1st glance Marcus looks like an everyday liberal American - Obama supporter, says everyone’s equal & wants Trump brought to justice. /3
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