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@narendramodi 18.11.21 [Writ Petition(s)(Civil) No(s).1240/21] Hon'ble SC dismissed writ petition filed by students seeking urgent directions to conduct Class X & XII #CBSE & #ICSE Term I exams in hybrid manner. #Omicron arrived post 18.11.21. Therefore, exams should be online.
#Children should not be made to suffer because of #Omicron. Centre and States must cancel all #offline #exams forthwith. As a nation, we cannot take such a massive risk & play with the lives of our children. Online prelims are done, marks should be part of board marksheet.
Children belong to households that have either lost family members due to #Covid19 or members who suffer from #comorbidities & cannot be vaccinated. #Omicron shouldn't be taken lightly. Save our children. Protect our children. Cancel all #offline #exams immediately.
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I am sharing my learnings of calculating my weekly and monthly range. Making a thread and tagging few famous traders' for wider reach if it could help anybody in anyway.
@Abhishekkar_ @ST_PYI @ITRADE191 @PRSundar64
DURING crash of last week of March 2020, my inquisitiveness led me to carry out a thorough research on the functioning parameters of #Nifty50. With the help of #research papers available on Nifty50 on #internet , i came across a detailed probability derivation of Volatility.
for option selling.
Any #newbee in #StockMarket has the biggest question of defining the range of #market, up to which it could scale or correct. Predicting/guessing this range requires a lot of experience which cost a lot of time and studies. Since, as per my observation...
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The case for #interoperability and #ICON’s Blockchain Transmission Protocol (#BTP) $ICX
#cryptocurrency #blockchain #metaverse

A thread! 👇
There are many similarities between the internet and #blockchain in terms of how the #technologies have dawned and evolved. This will, undoubtedly, continue going forward. Much like the dawn of the internet, there are isolated networks operating with their own rules and uses.
Really, this was pre-internet because, initially, the internet was just a connection between similarly isolated networks of computers. But as the #technology was refined and became more desirable and used, this network of networks grew into what we know as the #internet today.
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Con hacks, malware, troyanos, estafas, ciberdelincuentes, etc… hace más falta que nunca esta serie de consejos para navegar con seguridad por internet, que últimamente se está convirtiendo en el salvaje Oeste.…
El ciberespacio se ha llenado de personas sin escrúpulos que buscan aprovecharse de ti, infectando tu sistema operativo con un virus, robando tus datos para venderlos a una empresa de marketing, pirateando tus cuentas, inyectándote troyanos, etc, etc, etc….
Y la reciente proliferación de dispositivos conectados a internet (desde teléfonos inteligentes y tabletas hasta los más modernos relojes, lavadoras y frigoríficos) ha aumentado el riesgo y las posibilidades de sufrir un ataque cibernético.
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The power in your pocket:
On July 20, 1969, humans landed on the #moon. Key to that feat was a computer module designed by the @MIT Instrumentation Laboratory called the Apollo Guidance Computer For all mankind.
Not particularly powerful by todays standards having 64Kbyte of memory & operating at 0.043MHz but boy did it deliver on a complex task greater than the sum of its electronic parts, providing computation + electronic interfaces for guidance, navigation & control of the spacecraft
Even then, there were teams of technicians and engineers at the Goddard Space Flight Center using 5 @IBM System/360 Model 75s #mainframe computer to run parallel comparative calculations to ensure everything went right ... no room for error IBM System/360 Model 75 were the size of a small room
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This is EVP Margrethe @Vestager speech "Democratic values in a digitalised world" @HumboldtUni 25.10.21. It explains rationales, set up basis for what I think will be a successful #EuropeanDigitalLaw! A speech that will continue to resonate for us #Thread…
Late 1990: large platforms “emerged and started organizing the internet for what would soon become millions of users around the world.” For 1st time "the platforms acted as global “match-makers” B2C. With “ever-growing match-making” platforms have power, & control. 1/1
Power & control are particularly important 4 #socialmediaplatforms. "Clicks matter. The more content is seen and shared, the higher the income from advertising. Hence, it is not so much the quality or the truthfulness of the content that matters but its “virality”" 1/2
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REVEALED: The #Rajasthan govt. ordered internet shutdowns for petty reasons like “preventing cheating” in exams! IFF filed RTIs with the state's divisional commissioners (responsible for #internetshutdowns) to investigate compliance with #AnuradhaBhasin directions. #KeepItOn 1/4
IFF received a response from the #Udaipur Divisional Commissioner, stating their office has issued ❗️26 different #internetshutdown orders❗️ since the decision of the Supreme Court of India in #AnuradhaBhasin. 2/4…
According to the #AnuradhaBhasin directions, governments can only issue an order to shutdown the #internet if it is “necessary” and “unavoidable”.

Were these shutdowns necessary and unavoidable? See for yourself! 📲 #KeepItOn 3/4
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#Digital technologies, which have become one of the important parts of our lives, have numerous benefits in many areas such as #education, #health, #economy, etc. But, and there is a big but?
What are the costs of #digitalization for #children and #young people? How should families treat children on the internet or social media using? What do the figures tell us? Here is the threat on Children & Young People’s Mental Health in the Digital Age by the OECD in 2018. Image
Almost half of the world is connected to the #internet, and in countries that are members of the OECD almost everyone is #online. For children and young people today, being online and using social media have become an integral part of their lives.
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Today, COC is launching our #BreakUpBigTech campaign. With all of the recent @Facebook news, it’s urgent #Congress pass #antitrust reform.

An outage at 1 company shouldn't knock out 3 of the largest social platforms. #BigTech monopolies put economic justice at risk. A thread 🧵
Without #antitrust regulation, #tech giants like @Google, @Facebook, @Amazon, & @Apple allow the civil rights of Black people to be violated. Corporations use surveillance networks that span across the #Internet to collect information about you that's sold to advertisers.
Advertisers run targeted ads & online marketplaces. This #data is used to discriminate against Black users, denying us opportunities for employment or home loans.

#BigTech shouldn’t have so much power that they can choose to ignore hate speech & misinfo continue to make profits.
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No es la primera vez (y seguramente tampoco la última) que #WhatsApp deja de funcionar de un momento a otro. ¿Pero cómo funciona y por qué hay fallas? A continuación te contamos 🍿 #ChecaElDato
Cuando mandas un mensaje, la aplicación encripta el mensaje y lo manda a través de un paquete al servidor por #Internet; el servidor lo que hace es leer el destinatario...

...y buscarlo en la base de datos para reenviarle el paquete a tu contacto, el cual una vez recibido se desencripta y se muestra en nuestro chat.

Notarás que hay un factor clave en el proceso, además del Internet y dos usuarios: el servidor
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1/6 #ChinaTech #Event #Watch: World Internet Conference 2021 opened in WuZhen, Zhejiang. Generally who's who in gov't and businesses showed up with topics as future themes: AI, Cybersecurity, CyberLaw, Internet Charity/ESG, 5G, Internet+Edu
2/6 Panel 1 Guests on AI
3/6 Panel 2 guests. Notice #Megvii and #Iflytek, both on US sanction lists.
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In wenigen Tagen endet die Wahlperiode, Zeit für eine Bilanz von @AnjaKarliczek als Bundesbildungsministerin. Ich habe ein paar Lowlights ihrer „Leistungen“ zusammengestellt.

#Karliczek hat fast #Scheuer-Qualität. Ein Thread. (1/22)

#Aufbruch #keinWeiterSo
Womit bleiben Sie eigentlich im Gedächtnis, Frau Karliczek?

Vier Antworten 👇

Karliczek und ihre Scheinargumente gegen die #EheFürAlle.

Oder wie Claudia Roth sagt: „Frau Karliczek antwortet wie sie will.“

#Aufbruch #keinWeiterSo
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Što je #centralizirani #VPN?
VPN je bitan alat za Internet privatnost.
VPN je posrednik između #internet korisnika i #weba. Korištenjem VPNa internetski se podaci s vašeg uređaja kriptiraju i anonimno šalju putem VPN poslužitelja prije nego što stignu na odredište.
Ista pravila primjenjuju se kada podaci dolaze s web stranice: podaci moraju proći kroz #centralizirani VPN poslužitelj prije nego što vam se vrate.
Centralizirane VPNove kontroliraju i njima upravljaju centralizirani subjekti (obično privatne tvrtke).
Te tvrtke svojim korisnicima omogućuju pristup skupu privatnih poslužitelja putem kojih se upravlja njihovim VPNom.
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What is #centralized #VPN?
VPN is an essential tool for Internet #privacy.
VPN is an intermediary between #internet users and the #web. By using a VPN, Internet data from your device is encrypted and sent anonymously through the VPN's server prior to reaching its destination.
Same rules are applied when data is coming from a website: data has to pass through the #centralized VPN servers before coming back to you.
Centralized VPNs are controlled and operated by centralized entities (usually private companies).
These companies provide their users with access to a set of private servers through which their VPN is operated
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On the Australia Subreddit, this post has over 10000 upvotes…
1. Data disruption warrant: gives police the ability to "disrupt data" by modifying, copying, adding, or deleting it.

2. Network activity warrant: allows the police to collect intelligence from devices or networks that are used, or likely to be used, by those subject to warrant
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#Global #ETF (thread): 26 Aug 2021

- 2020 worst perf #sectors making still leading in 2021 $IXG $IXC

- This is helping #oil producing countries with #SaudiArabia & #UAE in top5 #Country ETF YTD performers in USD $KSA $UAE

- #SouthAfrica $EZA still in top30 YTD performers

#EmergingMarkets #ETF seriously lagging #DevelopedMarkets ETF, mostly due to disinvestment from #China.

#SouthAfrica might need a lot of catch up, but $EZA YTD performance in USD (+8.2%) is still ahead of $EEM (-0.95%)

#Global #Value #stocks enjoyed short-term recovery to the end of April, but since then, $IWVL #ETF really struggled against #Quality & #Momentum. Over 1yr period it is however still the best-performing #factor, very much in its recovery phase.
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#Erftstadt: Stellungnahme zu @WDR-Recherche

Na, noch gute Laune?

Aber interessiert, wieso die Warnkommunikation in der #Hochwasserkatastrophe im #Ahrtal versagt hat?

Na dann setzt euch und lest das hier mal aufmerksam /1…
Wir starten mal mit "möglich sind":

"Zusätzlich gab es den Gefahrenhinweis, dass infolge des Dauerregens unter anderem Hochwasser an Bächen und kleineren Flüssen sowie Überflutungen von Straßen etc. möglich sind."

Aha, oder auch nicht möglich? /2
"Der hydrologische Situationsbericht des Landesamtes für Natur, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz NRW...vom 13.07.21 - 13:30 Uhr enthielt für die Gewässer in NRW die Information, dass die Gewässer in NRW derzeit noch keine Überschreitung der Informationswerte aufweisen." /3
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In 2016, the management of the global music video behemoth, MTV, made an interesting statement: “In the last 5years, our 18-35 year old audience has shrunk by 50?!” Where did their audience go? The answer is YouTube (and other digital sources of music videos).
While MTV reaches 387 million homes globally, YouTube is used by over 1 billion people. Today, YouTube reaches more 18-35 year olds than any TV Network. Most views come from mobile devices.
The Internet (primarily social media networks) has become the primary channel through which the youth demography may be reached. Therefore, it is important for churches to learn how to use it to spread the Gospel and to minister to them.
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[Aus #Kulturwissenschaft und #Sozialwissenschaften Sendung - Deutschlandfunk] Aus Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften 29.07.2021 - komplette Sendung #ausKulturUndSozialwissenschaftenSendungDeutschlandfunk… via @PodcastAddict
ab min32 - bin am suchen nach dem einzrag dieses beitrags... kurz vor investigativer recherche (so?)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/30/2021…
A process-based approach to understanding and managing triggered seismicity…

#seismicity #ProcessBasedApproach #MultidisciplinaryMethod
A Digital Locksmith Has Decoded Biology’s Molecular Keys…

#NeuralNetworks #ProteinSurfaces #ViralDefenses
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Are #Startup valuation any way justified?

Closing price of #Zomato on #BSE today was Rs. 132.60 at this price, Market cap of Zomato (Total valuation of Company) is at Rs. 1,04,027 Crores. Which means #Zomato is already in top 50 Companies of India market cap wise (1/n) Source: BSE India
#GodrejConsumer which was listed on 18-06-2001 and having a track record of giving constant profit for atleast 10 years (…) is valued just below #Zomato. despite comparatively much stronger performance and track record of Profit and Dividend (2/n) Source: BSE IndiaSource:
On the other hand #Zomato has accumulated loss of 56,00,30,00,000 INR (Source: Zomato RHP - in INR Million) as on 31/3/21 and still it is valued at such a higher price. Zomato is valued higher than #TataMotors #Britannia #BergerPaints to name few (3/n)… Source: Zomato RHP
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This project came from the idea of getting a free accessible categorized database of all internet sites.
Right now (2021/07/22) there are 1,875,862,355, however less than 200 million are active, around 75% of websites are inactive by parked domains and similar.
Data from:
So categorized 200 million dynamic websites that born and die is very difficult, however two main project have committed to do this work: DMOZ (Directory Mozilla) and Curlie (successor of DMOZ).
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@SpaceX backed Starlink @SpaceXStarlink #Broadband #Service could debut in #India in 2022:
#SpaceX, venture by #BILLIONAIRE #ElonMusk @elonmusk aims to launch company's own #Satellite #internet service. #Aerospace company listed multiple Indian locations on website.
#Thread #tech
Services will be available on first-come-first-serve criteria. Starlink as concept is collection of tiny internet satellites orbiting closer to #Earth surface, at altitude of 550km, which, when compared to larger navigation and #communications satellites operate from medium Earth
Orbit of around 2,000 to 35,000 km or, at times geosynchronous orbit, usually operates from beyond 35,000 km. Potential users can pre-book Starlink services in India on website for refundable amount of $99 or Rs 7,265.
Due to proximity to planet's surface, Starlink and other...
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