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Te daré algunos detalles sobre el anuncio en #Venezuela de que, en caso de suspender clases por #Covid_19, se podrían dar a través de Internet, como trabajo remoto.
Abro hilo tecnológico. 🧵
Ninguna maestra del sistema de educación publica en Venezuela gana un salario anual (repito, anual) que le permita comprar una computadora.
Son de 4 a 8 dólares mensuales que no le alcanzan para comer. Mucho menos para adquirir o mantener un equipo electrónico.
Las "Canaimitas", las laptops escolares que promocionó Hugo Chávez aún en vida, como parte de su campaña electoral con dinero público, ya tienen más de 7 años de uso. No hay estatus sobre cuántas funcionen aún.
En su momento no se entregaron a todos los niños. Hubo exclusión.
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Dear @AxisBank & @DrJitendraSingh Ji & @AmitShah Ji @jkstartups . Since 5th Aug 2019, businesses have suffered like hell. Instead of creating a support system for the #startups or #businesses, Banks have started sending notices to the #properitors/#companies in #UTJK.
Instead of revoking #intrests on us in such political turmoil. We had no role to play in this turmoil, #UTJK economy was held hostage under these notices silently.
Sir was that our fault that u had to close out all communication / shut business 4 such long time 2 regain strength
If not, then why should I suffer.
I was a regular payer of my instalments for Loan taken for business. I am not funded by anyone and neither I fall under any of your policies because I have started and @JKEDI4U never supports established business.
Yes we are dependent on #Banks.
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@HarrisSamaras @Harvard @mlipsitch My take: It's a numbers game depending on a number of variables, including:
1. To what extend can #COVID19 be contained outside #China? Here the fast infection-rates in #SouthKorea & #Italy are a concern.
@HarrisSamaras @Harvard @mlipsitch b) Countries like #Indonesia, not taking proper precautions with returnees from #China, are also concerning. #Africa was fairly untouched, but now #COVID19 spreads in #Egypt.
2. How well do countries respond? Some seem to do OK, others seem to have been negligent (see #Italy).
@HarrisSamaras @Harvard @mlipsitch c) Currently #trains from Northern #Italy are still reaching #Germany - This is a great way to spread the risk & make containment difficult.
3. Can countries cope with a bigger number of severley sick people? The South of #Germany only has 60 Iron-Lungs. Not much!
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Over 94% poll takers believe that local business are getting effected by #InternetShutdowns.
#InternetShutdown means that no small #onlinebusiness can effectively function to use online payment gateways like @GooglePay, @Paytm, @NPCI_BHIM to accept payments especially after #demonetization or to operate via social media channels like @instagram for publicity & orders.
#Kashmir has lost some Rs 1.78 lakh crore ($25 billion) in economic output in the five months since August 2019. This is 11% of the erstwhile state’s nominal gross state domestic product (GSDP) of Rs 1.59 lakh crore for 2018-19. @qzindia…
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Det är svårt att föreställa sig om det som sker i Kina. Uppenbarligen samlar de in dissidenter. All internet trafik är spärrad utom de källor som kommer via den kinesiska staten. Det som pågår i Kina angående #Coronavirus är en krigshandling av främmande makt.
Det här viruset är
gjord av människan. Ryssland, Indien, Taiwan vet att viruset innehåller HIV.

Därmed är skiten tillverkad av människan. Det sägs att den slår hårdare mot kinesiska män än mot andra raser, vilket betyder att denna "attack" kommer ej från deras egna led.

Fortsättning följer.
Russian scientists believe America created the Wuhan coronavirus to sabotage China… via @Dimsum Daily
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“Children are being targeted and sold for sex in America every day.”—John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 2)
Children, young girls—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman being sold for sex is now 13 years old.

This is America’s dirty little secret. 3)
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A thread about how well #China is playing the international game to become the most prominent economy in this decade, by @swardley.
@swardley Some key points about #China's long-run #strategy:

- For the #CPC (Communist Party of China) the #market is only a tool to leverage the power of the Chinese people, culture, and state, and not the holy sacred truth, as most western liberals believe. See @swardley's explanation.
@swardley - #China, through its CPC, acts as the #world's #biggest #buyer of goods & services, and hence, is able to impose its conditions (read law, prices, access to intellectual property, etc) to all multinationals that want to access the Chinese market, no matter how big they are.
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🔅Ukraine Corruption🔅
Thread 6
(1 to 5 pinned on profile)

Fancy Bear, the Russian Military Hackers that #Crowdstrike said with 0 evidence, was actually living in #Ukraine and was later arrested by Russia for
Treason working with Ukraine, hacking Russia…
Thread 6 was long but very important to the conclusion.
▫Fancy Bear was born is Russia but left a decade earlier.
▫Fancy Bear was on the run from Russia for hacking Russia's Prime Minister and Putin.
▫Fancy Bear was later tricked into crossing into Russia then arrested
So why would #Crowdstrike
want to falsely accuse Fancy Bear?
▫Fancy Bear being in jail on treason in Russia for hacking Russian top officials, makes a perfect scape goat.
▫It can solve a long list of Problems : Buckle !
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I’m with a bunch of analysts and press for @Cisco’s #internetforthefuture event in San Fran. Here we go.
@Cisco @ChuckRobbins: Drone delivery, autonomous cars, business video, etc., all driving a capacity issue as we head toward 49 billion connected devices. #internetforthefuture
@Cisco @ChuckRobbins Robbins says #internetforthefuture needs more capacity, more speed, and mitigation of operational costs.
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#Impeachment Hearings reinforced the #TrumpBribery story for staunch #Democrats, but did it get critical conversion votes from any 2016 #Trump supporters, who are already immune from #media distortion? #Trump2020 net-benefit:
Formidable rhetorical skills on full display from #Republican lawmakers, compelled to make best use of limited time granted by #AdamSchiff.

"They Got Caught"
#DevonNunes warming to his role as House IC Minority spokesman, finds loophole in House Rules:
Expert litigator Rep. #JohnRatcliffe, R-TX discovering and breaking down inconsistencies in #DavidHolmes claim that he overheard both ends of a phone conversation between @realDonaldTrump and #GordonSondland:
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When you're asked to talk about a social issue such as #gender and #diversity, don't use it as a platform to promote your own organization, especially if you're an org that has no specific gender focus. A thread based on a recent experience at an #InternetGovernance (IG) event.
Recently, at an IG event I was speaking at, a co-speaker on my panel on "gender and diversity in IG" made her entire talk about how the org she represents is a gender-friendly space, instead of tackling any of the clearly pressing gendered issues that plague the Internet today.
This org had done a "gender diversity" survey which the rep said showed that there were "no pressing gender concerns" at the org. Their report states that "Most agree that all genders are treated
fairly and equally in the [organization's] community." Link:…
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@3Days3Nights The real question is, why did #Q choose to have 93 days of #darkness, and why was "dk" chosen as a coded form of #Silent #Running?

In '93, after a 2nd #Referendum, #Denmark (country #code DK) ratified the #Maastricht #Treaty creating the #EU.
What if there was #Voter #Fraud?
@3Days3Nights In those days, there was a flaw in #Cisco #routers which allowed the #CIA to hack into the #EU #negotiations and monitor all #electronic #comms, including #VOIP. I know this from an #Internet #insider. This data is likely now in the #NSA's #archives. So, yes, proof of #EU #fraud.
@3Days3Nights I'm not saying for 100% sure that there was #Fraud in the #Denmark #referendum that ratified #Maastricht. And I'm not saying for 100% sure that the #USA has proof that the very #Creation of the #EU was #fraudulently #accomplished. But the clamor for a 2nd #Brexit #vote...
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Thread. BIG NEWS the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines 2.0 #cybersecurity working group is going to recommend NO #Wi-Fi & NO #Internet capability for #voting systems. This does not include #epollbooks but does include tabulators & election management systems. @secureourvotes
This is not a done deal, but it is a good step! The working group recommendations will be given to the Technical Guidelines Development Committee this Fri & they (the TGDC) may vote on these recs (could be up/down) then (supposedly) they go to the EAC for a public comment period.
Keep in mind that even if the EAC adopts these guidelines - they are still VOLUNTARY. States can choose to disregard them, or follow some & not others. Also the recommendation is not for the Wi-Fi capability to be removed, but instead permanently disabled due to cost of removal.
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What if I told you that #BigTech and #SocialMedia platforms are manipulating you, steering you toward #Health information that they think is right, rather than letting you evaluate content for yourself?

Commentary by @MaryamHenein (Thread 👇)…
Accredited professionals, meanwhile, who stand for #Health freedom and who criticize Big Anything, are losing posting privileges, getting banned, being buried, finding themselves deranked, and getting digitally assassinated.
Content is literally disappearing from the Internet along with our #Health choices.

It sounds conspiratorial because it is. Independent #Journalists and health experts are blowing the whistle. But it’s become a silent one.
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1/: @bharatpeindia is bringing millions of small merchants on to the #digital payments ecosystem for the first time. Their goal: to become the largest enabler of free offline #payments and provide a one-stop platform for all #financial commerce solutions.
2/: Through a unique 30 second on-boarding process, @bharatpeindia has already reached a 1.7 Mn user base. 4 Mn+ #merchants will be using the platform by FY 2020.
3/: There are 50 Mn merchants in India, a vast majority of whom are underserved by #banks and #NBFCs. The credit gap in the market is ~$400b. This is the opportunity the company is going after.
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Heavy-Heartedly Following The Case Of #Hammond- After 18 yrs As A #Whistleblower This Level Of Lack Of Public Empathy & Support, The Death Of Empathy & Outrage, Shouldn’t Affect & Sadden Me; But It Does!!- - -… #
I believe the #DeepState’s biggest achievement to date, by far: The Creation Of Apathetic & Desensitized Majority. The Two Most Powerful Tools In this Speedy Transformation: 1- The Media ; 2- Weaponized Internet & Social Media.
As the Director of the Only Gov Intel & Military Whistleblowers Coalition Operated by Whistleblowers Only, With 150+ Military-Intel-Law Enforcement WBs When I Ask “Would you do it all over again today?” 90+% say “NO”. When I ask why: they say “Public Apathy” renders it “Futile”!
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1- Erişime engellenen sitelere girmenin birçok farklı yolu var. Genel olarak bizler hep DNS ve VPN'den bahsettik. Peki diğeleri neler? #Flood!
2- Erişime engellenmiş sitelere acil girmeniz gerekli ve hiçbir şey yapamıyor musunuz? O zaman Google Cache yardımınıza yetişiyor. Nasıl mı? #GoogleCache #Erişim
3- #Google'a girmek istediğiniz siteyi yazın ve ''önbellek'' sekmesini açıp tıklayın. Siteye erişebilirsiniz.

Örnek: #Wikileaks erişimi! #Google #İnternet #SansüreHayır
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Some thoughts on the recent @Cloudflare #8Chan decision,
esp their recent blog outlining the decision to cut their services to the site from an #anthro #PhD who studies such #Internet companies:…

So much of Cloudflare's reasoning is endemic to a number of cultural tendencies I see in my research across "Internet infrastructure providers".

Understanding these is necessary to tackle discussions about the responsibility of tech companies in such tragic events. 2/17
Many smart people like @beccalew @BostonJoan @JessieNYC are discussing the ramifications of the Cloudflare decision.

I will focus on the fact that there is a problem in how these companies see their tech & connect this vision to a sense of corporate responsibility. 3/17
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AUGUST 3 1964
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👀👀 #AntifaTerrorists 6 days apart the shootings in #GilroyGarlicFestival & #ElPasoShooting
and to add more butter This kid changed his party affiliation right around #FakeNews push #QAnon a Terrorist…
OMG. @realDonaldTrump @SenTedCruz
Report: Far-Left Groups Plan ‘Siege’ On El Paso, Texas, To Push ‘Border Resistance’…
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0/ 📢 @Quant_Network [ $QNT ] enables interoperability for @Binance's #BinanceChain [ $BNB ].

Details 👇
1/ 🔌 Quant Network announces they "have been working with" @Binance and will be connecting Binance Chain to their #Overledger operating system, solving interoperability.
2/ ⛓️ #Overledger has already connected to a number of enterprise #blockchains such as @inside_R3's Corda, @Hyperledger, and @Ripple, as well as public blockchains like #Bitcoin, @StellarOrg, and #Ethereum.
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1) Du bloggst über die #Menschenverachtung von Adolf #Hitler, über #Antisemitismus und #Antiziganismus. Und ein Kommentator setzt gleich mit #Rassismus nach, verlinkt die angeblich niedrigere #Intelligenz von #Schwarzen & eine angebliche #Soros-#Erika-Verschwörung...
2) Und Du fragst Dich, ob der #Hass nicht auch eine #Wahl ist, nicht auch das #Böse Teil der menschlichen #Natur. Das #Wissen für eine bessere Sicht auf die #Menschheit wäre da, aber er will es nicht, weist es ab. Er wählt bewusst die #Verachtung...
3) Und so überprüfst Du Dein #Menschenbild. Der #Humanist in Dir leidet, weil die #Vernunft nicht durchdringt, abgewehrt, verhöhnt wird. Der #Christ in Dir weiß zwar von der #Sünde des #Menschen, doch will er kein #Richter sein, #Liebe, #Glaube, #Hoffnung nicht aufgeben...
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1/9 Today in @cosmos we talk about the projects competing at @hack4atom and who are the ones building them. So let’s meet the teams:

1) Prediction -Masanori Uno
Prediction Market by using @ethereum & @cosmos

Pegging assets into @cosmos to help kick start defi
2/9 Today in @cosmos :

Staked atom marketplace using subkey feature

4) @agoric
Smart contract platform based on secure Javascript and Object Capabilities

5)@21xhipster @cyber_devs
Pin, publish and index your web content with ipfs and cyberd
3/9 Today in @cosmos:

6)@ixoworld and @simply_vc
Cosmic Bonding, a universal token bonding module for Cosmos

7) KIRO team @requilence Roman Khafizianov and Kirill Guzenko
Tool to create checkpoints proof chains as to use with light clients in other blockchains
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Negative responses to our open-source $TSLA model focus on changes we made to PP&E and R&D while maintaining our price targets. Those responses highlight the short term time horizon of analysts in the public markets and their unwillingness/inability to model exponential growth.
Based on #Tesla’s stunning results year-over-year in the first quarter relative to the $GM Bolt - the Model 3 sales up 6-fold from a base more than 50% higher than the Bolt’s, while the Bolt’s sales were flat - $TSLA should go full throttle in EV production.
The shift in our model from spending from R&D to PP&E during the next five years is based on the demand metrics for #Tesla’s EVs that are surfacing around the world Check out not only the US but also Norway which the bears wrote off after subsidies lapsed last year.
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