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Mitch McConnell’s opposition to any and all proposals that would expand access to voting for Americans isn’t new. It goes back decades. Here’s a thread on his long history of voting against voting:
In 1993 Mitch McConnell voted against Motor Voter, a law that requires states to establish voter registration procedures. To sum up: this law helped states create a centralized voter database to streamline elections and make voting easier.
In 2010, Mitch McConnell voted against legislation that was designed to protect the voting rights of Americans overseas — including members of the armed forces. Let me repeat: he voted against a bill that would make it easier for service members to vote in federal elections.
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Let’s talk about what happened with that App in Iowa. If you think because paper backup was available so there was no real problem then I will say you aren’t paying attention.

My Rant.

Everything we are fighting today, everything goes straight back to the problems in our Election System.
If it worked and allowed people to vote and stopped counting votes in the dark and got Private Companies out of our Public Elections then a woman would have been reading the State of the Union tonight.
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Q&A session Jim Baker is asked abt the greatest NS threat.

“I’m tremendously worried abt [Russian cyber] w the 2020 election... our systems are highly vulnerable... there’s 8,800 jurisdictions. There’s a lot of attack surface.”

“The bad guys don’t have to go after all of it (election systems). They have to pick these precincts in those states that will flip the election. That’s what I worry about.” — Jim Baker

@thejimbaker they did it in 2016. Trumps vote % increased based on precinct size Look👇🏽

Trumps vote % increases as precinct size goes up again & again. This is only possible by manipulation.

@thejimbaker See this excellent thread & url link to the evidence. Thank you for speaking up. Please do what you can @FBI w this information

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“Russia will do anything to create friction & division in our country. The American people simply don’t understand what’s happening”—HPSCI witness on Putin’s playbook. Repubs chose to attack @RepAdamSchiff rather than uncover the scale of Kremlin operations that put Trump in WH.
.@RepSpeier: Today’s attack on @RepAdamSchiff to resign was orchestrated by the White House. Trump tweeted it. Republicans signed a letter then spent hearing time not talking abt Russian interference but attacking the Chair. It was reprehensible. I’ve never seen anything like it.
🔥🎯@RepSpeier: Trump campaign did engage w/ Russian efforts. The remedy is for Congress to get serious about our voting systems. Only 4 companies provide the hardware & software. They’re porous & hackable. All European countries now use #PaperBallots. We must too.
cc @jennycohn1
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Here’s this week’s rundown of what’s going on in the #FloridaLegislature.

A few bills covering campaigns & elections, and a continuation of the FL GOP’s war against poor people.


CS/HB 689 - allowing voting machines that produce “voter-verified ballots”
Introducers: @RepFitzenhagen (R), @Mel_Ponder (R)

CS passed Oversight 12:0, now in Public Integrity

HB 615 - deletes provisions for public funding of elections

Passed Oversight 7:5, (@AnnaForFlorida, @KimDanielsFl, @RepBobbyDuBose, @GoodforFlorida, @Javierfor114 voted no)
Now in Public Integrity.


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"Let me say right here, right now. Absolutely Donald Trump should release his tax returns."

Whatever you do, do not Retweet this video of GOP Rep, and @realDonaldTrump lacky, @mattgaetz saying he believes Donald Trump should release his tax returns.
While I have your attention go to @VoterSticker Project and give us a follow! The #VoterStickerProject sends #IVoted stickers to everyone who doesn't get one, whether they vote by mail, absentee, or they just dont get one at the polls. #PaperBallots
A team attorneys has been guiding the House Ways and Means Committee, to craft what they hope will be an "air-tight" legal strategy to compel the president to hand over 10 years of his personal tax returns.…
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I don’t care if you’re a divider or a uniter. We should all agree on the importance of election integrity. Thank you to @staceyabrams & @ronwyden for your advocacy of #handmarked #paperballots! Everyone deserves to have their vote counted as cast. 1/
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Mission Control, we have (another) problem:

Quote from Donald Palmer, who was sworn in today to the Election Assistance Commission: ""These [paperless touchscreen] DREs have been one of the more reliable pieces of equipment we've had... " 1/…
In 2013, Palmer used Kris Kobach’s Crosscheck system to inaccurately purge voters from the rolls in Virginia… 3/
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Call to Action for WI; PA; OH; FL; NC; AZ; GA; NJ: MO; TX: SC; AR; & CA! Pls email ur Secretary of State & county election officials the following: “Please use #handmarked #paperballots. Please reject touchscreens (except for ADA use) & barcode voting.” Contact info below. TY! 1/
2/ Google doc with email and physical addresses for state election officials in all 50 states. You will need to look up your county election officials’ email addresses yourself. But please do that. It’s important!…
3/ Google doc by @planetscape. Call to action concept via @DenbrotS who has been lobbying (successfully it seems) for #handmarked #paperballots in New Jersey! Please DM him for in person lobbying ideas.
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Hand marked paper ballots are the way to go. Remember all the vote flipping touchscreen machines in Georgia and Texas that election officials attributed to human error? No thank you. #handmarked #paperballots 1/
2/ From Texas: "E-voting machine problems blamed on operator error."…
3/ Likewise, in Georgia, “Brian Kemp’s office [said] reports of malfunctioning electronic voter machines changing votes for gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to votes for Kemp are probably just mistakes being made by voters.”…
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OMG! @staceyabrams will appear in a Super Bowl ad sitting next to a Republican County Commissioner from Georgia who declares, “We need HAND-MARKED paper ballots”!!!! via @KatrinaGriessman & @bluestein cc: @RonWyden @RepMarciaFudge #FairElectionsNow #gapol…
For more on the battle raging in Georgia (& elsewhere) between #handmarked #paperballots (which all independent IT election experts recommend) & #BarcodeVoting (which all independent IT election experts recommend AGAINST), here’s my piece for @whowhatwhy.…
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If Republican state Senator Jeff Mullins and SOS @BradForGASOS think touchscreen voting equipment is so secure, I’m sure they’d have no problem getting that equipment from Sequoia rather than ES&S. Right? Wrong. They want hackable touchscreens from their decidedly red vendor. 1/
3/ How about Smartmatic? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Let’s cut the cr#p and move to #handmarked #paperballots except for those voters who are unable to hand mark their ballots.
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At 5:34pm election night Vlasto emailed Bossie the polling data he requested. Trump was down 5-8pts in 8 key states. The polls at this point had never been wrong.

Bossie shared the data w Bannon, Preibus & Kushner 1/ ImageImage
Frank Luntz over at Fox was given Fox exit polls at 5:03pm election night. It wasn’t even close. Hillary would be President.

Luntz says Trump had the (illegally obtained) polls & knew what he knew. 2/ ImageImage
August 2016 Roger Stone writes a column for the Hill accusing Priebus of rigging Wisconsin elections.

Step 1 publish a rigged poll
Step 2 rig the voting

3/ Image
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Let this sink in. Our states’ top election officials oppose improving election security. #handmarked #paperballots #AuditTheVote
@SEGreenhalgh is leading the charge to find out WHY our states’ top election officials oppose minimum election security standards.
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OMG. Philadelphia Commission is poised to select ES&S’s ExpressVote XL, a #BarcodeBalloting system, thus ignoring the advice of cybersecurity experts and voters who favor #handmarked #paperballots instead! Via @georgia_vv… 1/
2/ Some important excerpts from this excellent piece by Rich Garella, a former national coordinator of’s election integrity campaign, and member of the Election Verification Network.
3/ All of these #BarcodeBalloting systems are a disaster, as explained in detail in this piece by @whowhatwhy.…
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Calling all voters! We must quickly educate a massive number of people, including Congress, re: the dangers of #BarcodeBalloting. Pls DM your email address to me if you would like to help by posting this video on your Twitter, FB, & Instagram. I will send the video to you. TY! 1/
2/ When you post the video, please also consider including a link to this @whowhatwhy article explaining the dangers of #BarcodeBalloting and why states and counties should use #handmarked #paperballots instead.…
3/ Although the article in post 2 was written w/reference to Georgia, all of Delaware and at least some counties in the following states have purchased these dangerous #BarcideBalloting systems already: KY, TN, CA, Ohio, WI, NJ, KS, and WV. Counties in PA & FL will soon follow.
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How Voting-Machine Lobbyists Undermine the Democratic Process By ⁦@suehalpernVT⁩ 1/…
“In the past decade, Election Systems & Software (E.S. & S.), the largest manufacturer of voting machines in the country, has routinely wined and dined a select group of state-election brass, which the company called an ‘advisory board,’ offering them airfare on trips...2/ places like Las Vegas and New York, upscale-hotel accommodations, and tickets to live events.” 3/
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Complete version of Georgia video protest against #BarcodeBalloting, which Brian Kemp wants to force the entire state of Georgia to use in lieu of #handmarked #paperballots!
1/ For more information about the differences between computer marked ballots from #BarcodeBalloting systems and hand marked paper ballots, please read this article by @whowhatwhy.…
2/ If you are a Georgia voter, please contact your state representative and state senator to protest #BarcodeBalloting and to demand #handmarked #paperballots instead.…
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This is a video protest by Georgia voters against #BarcodeBalloting, which Governor Brian Kemp hopes to force the entire state to use in lieu of hand marked paper ballots (democracy's gold standard). #gapol @briankempga @BradForGASOS @KalebMcMichen 1/
For more information about the differences between computer marked ballots from #BarcodeBalloting systems and hand marked paper ballots, please read this article by @whowhatwhy.… 2/
If you are a Georgia voter, please contact your state representative and state senator to protest #BarcodeBalloting and to demand #handmarked #paperballots instead.… 3/
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This is a video protest against #BarcodeBalloting, which Brian Kemp hopes to force on Georgia voters, even tho all independent IT election experts advise against it & recommend #handmarked #paperballots instead. If ur a GA voter & want to participate, pls DM me ur photo. TY! 1/
2/ Here’s an article I wrote for @whowhatwhy explaining the distinction between #BarcodeBalloting (which generates computer marked ballots w/ barcodes) and hand marked paper ballots, and why it matters.…
3/ I’m making this video with the graphics expertise of @JimHWhitelaw. If you DM me your photo, he will add the barcode and writing. The final video will end with a call for hand marked paper ballots & will include music if it works out technically.
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Ohio’s most populous county chooses insecure #BarcodeBalloting system that all independent cybersecurity experts recommend against. Rejects #handmarked #paperballots, which all such experts recommend. via ⁦… 1/…
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It is bizarre and concerning that @staceyabrams has yet to speak in favor of HAND marked paper ballots. Neither has @GeorgiaDemocrat. What gives? Election security is a winning issue for Democrats. Why don’t they care?! cc: @gwlauren 1/
Even after @VerifiedVoting’s well reasoned letter in favor of HAND marked paper ballots, not the COMPUTER marked barcoded kind, the best @fairfightaction can say is that it “wants SOME FORM of paper ballots...” Um, not good enough. @staceyabrams… 2/
Perhaps @staceyabrams and @gwlauren have been confused by some of the propaganda from the voting machine vendors and their surrogates, which include a former Democratic (sadly) Georgia Secretary of State names Cathy Cox who once graced the cover of a vendor brochure. 3/
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Ugh. This Texas county is choosing between PAPERLESS touchscreen voting machines & touchscreen ballot markers that generate barcoded paper printouts, which a recent study shows to be useless in an audit. Texas needs #handmarked #paperballots 1/
2/ This article explains the many problems with the touchscreens under consideration in GA, Texas, and in many other jurisdictions.
3/ Tobe clear, the paperless touchscreens don’t even pretend to be auditable. The touchscreens with barcoded printouts pretend to be auditable but it is a vendor scam for the reasons discussed in the article above.
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I used to hear IT Election experts like Professor Buell express these views offline, and I thought my head would explode bc the media wasn’t aware and wasn’t reporting it. That is finally changing! #handmarked #paperballots #NoBarcodes
By “these views,” I mean the importance of HAND marked paper ballots verses COMPUTER marked barcoded paper ballots from touchscreens like the ExpressVote. For so long, the media referred only to “paper ballots,” ignoring the distinction between the two types.
Another example of the media finally being specific about HAND marking the paper ballots.
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