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Complete version of Georgia video protest against #BarcodeBalloting, which Brian Kemp wants to force the entire state of Georgia to use in lieu of #handmarked #paperballots!
1/ For more information about the differences between computer marked ballots from #BarcodeBalloting systems and hand marked paper ballots, please read this article by @whowhatwhy.…
2/ If you are a Georgia voter, please contact your state representative and state senator to protest #BarcodeBalloting and to demand #handmarked #paperballots instead.…
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This is a video protest by Georgia voters against #BarcodeBalloting, which Governor Brian Kemp hopes to force the entire state to use in lieu of hand marked paper ballots (democracy's gold standard). #gapol @briankempga @BradForGASOS @KalebMcMichen 1/
For more information about the differences between computer marked ballots from #BarcodeBalloting systems and hand marked paper ballots, please read this article by @whowhatwhy.… 2/
If you are a Georgia voter, please contact your state representative and state senator to protest #BarcodeBalloting and to demand #handmarked #paperballots instead.… 3/
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This is a video protest against #BarcodeBalloting, which Brian Kemp hopes to force on Georgia voters, even tho all independent IT election experts advise against it & recommend #handmarked #paperballots instead. If ur a GA voter & want to participate, pls DM me ur photo. TY! 1/
2/ Here’s an article I wrote for @whowhatwhy explaining the distinction between #BarcodeBalloting (which generates computer marked ballots w/ barcodes) and hand marked paper ballots, and why it matters.…
3/ I’m making this video with the graphics expertise of @JimHWhitelaw. If you DM me your photo, he will add the barcode and writing. The final video will end with a call for hand marked paper ballots & will include music if it works out technically.
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Ohio’s most populous county chooses insecure #BarcodeBalloting system that all independent cybersecurity experts recommend against. Rejects #handmarked #paperballots, which all such experts recommend. via ⁦… 1/…
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It is bizarre and concerning that @staceyabrams has yet to speak in favor of HAND marked paper ballots. Neither has @GeorgiaDemocrat. What gives? Election security is a winning issue for Democrats. Why don’t they care?! cc: @gwlauren 1/
Even after @VerifiedVoting’s well reasoned letter in favor of HAND marked paper ballots, not the COMPUTER marked barcoded kind, the best @fairfightaction can say is that it “wants SOME FORM of paper ballots...” Um, not good enough. @staceyabrams… 2/
Perhaps @staceyabrams and @gwlauren have been confused by some of the propaganda from the voting machine vendors and their surrogates, which include a former Democratic (sadly) Georgia Secretary of State names Cathy Cox who once graced the cover of a vendor brochure. 3/
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Ugh. This Texas county is choosing between PAPERLESS touchscreen voting machines & touchscreen ballot markers that generate barcoded paper printouts, which a recent study shows to be useless in an audit. Texas needs #handmarked #paperballots 1/
2/ This article explains the many problems with the touchscreens under consideration in GA, Texas, and in many other jurisdictions.
3/ Tobe clear, the paperless touchscreens don’t even pretend to be auditable. The touchscreens with barcoded printouts pretend to be auditable but it is a vendor scam for the reasons discussed in the article above.
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I used to hear IT Election experts like Professor Buell express these views offline, and I thought my head would explode bc the media wasn’t aware and wasn’t reporting it. That is finally changing! #handmarked #paperballots #NoBarcodes
By “these views,” I mean the importance of HAND marked paper ballots verses COMPUTER marked barcoded paper ballots from touchscreens like the ExpressVote. For so long, the media referred only to “paper ballots,” ignoring the distinction between the two types.
Another example of the media finally being specific about HAND marking the paper ballots.
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Why is @staceyabrams’s campaign manager calling for “paper trails” (vendor code for touchscreen-generated paper printouts) & scanners, rather than HAND marked paper ballots & scanners?! In doing so, she IS calling for the same thing that Kemp is calling for! 1/
I explain here the many problems with the systems that both Kemp AND the Abrams campaign seem to be touting. 2/…
3/ Due to legitimate concerns about security and long lines, touchscreens should be limited to ADA use, barcodes on ballots should not be allowed at all. #handmarked #paperballots
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Members of #BryanKemp's voting system commission, SAFE meet Wednesday, December 12 to decide on HACKABLE VOTING MACHINES for #Georgia.
Only permitting public comment AFTER decision.
Ask your state reps to attend.
10 to 4 at 237 Coliseum Dr, Macon GA
#PaperBallots #GApol
Find your #GA State Rep here:…
Let Georgia's SAFE Commission know that paper ballots WITHOUT BARCODES are the only reasonable choice for elections.
Emails below.
#PaperBallots #GApol
Call to Action thread from @IndivisibleGAco
Commission will meet to choose how to spend as much as $100 MILLION on new equipment for Georgia elections. That equipment may be no better than what they are replacing!
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Georgia plans to green light ES&S’s ExpressVote system & barcoded “paper ballots” tomorrow. This is a breach of elected officials’ fiduciary obligations bc such systems cost more than 2x as much as hand marked paper ballots & scanners, & provide much less security! @markniesse 1/
3/ Instead of green lighting this vendor boondoggle, the Commission should investigate the ties between ES&S in the one hand and Kemp and Dove (his former chief of staff and current transition member) on the other hand.
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday
December 9, 2018
Show support and RT from this #Thread:

Not only is our health care system morally bankrupt, it's also incredibly inefficient and wasteful.
We can't afford NOT to pass #MedicareForAll.
#SinglePayerSunday Headline:
Trump administration is encouraging seniors to ditch Medicare for privately-run Medicare Advantage and this family thought the low premiums were great -- until it came time to actually use the insurance…
#MedicareForAll America!
Why mixing Medicare with commercial insurance is NOT the health reform we need…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
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Election chiefs in New York and PA are justifiably under fire for the glaring conflict of interest arising from their decision to sit on voting machine vendor ES&S’s advisory board and traveling on ES&S’s dime.… 1/
2/ NY City “elections officials have typically defended the [ES&S] scanners, even after a bad day at the polls,” but it turns out “ES&S, has a somewhat cozy relationship w/Mike Ryan, the head of the city's Bd of Elections, perhaps blunting any criticism that could come its way.”
3/ “Since 2014, ES&S has paid for Ryan to go to at least 9 so-called conferences all across the country. It's part of Ryan's role as a member of a secretive advisory board for ES&S, something it calls the ‘National Customer Advisory Board.’ Ryan was invited to join it in 2013.”
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Donald Palmer, Trump’s nominee to the Election Assistance Commission, is a notorious voter purger akin to Kris Kobach. He’s also a fan of touchscreen voting machines, which his home state of VA recently dumped 4 #paperballots. Why aren’t Ds screaming?! 1/…
2/ Quote from Palmer, the GOP nominee to the EAC whose confirmation hearing is today: "These DREs have been one of the more reliable pieces of equipment we've had...We haven't had any major problems with them."…
3/ The touchscreen voting machines (DREs) praised by Palmer in post 2 are the ones that Virginia recently decertified thanks in part to its Democratic Governor.…
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I still believe the answer is to publicly hand count #handmarked #paperballots on Election Night. No more than 500 voters per precinct. Add more more precincts. Do it on a weekend. Use security cameras. 1/
Most respected members of the election integrity community disagree with me on the basis that our ballots are too complicated. But...2/
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How about candidates commit 2 demanding #handmarked #paperballots & #RiskLimitingAudits & that campaigns independently compare precinct results & reported results? Speaking of which, did ur campaign ever make that comparison? I discussed w/ ur campaign manager who won’t say. 1/
He has gone completely dark. Your supporters deserved for your campaign to conduct some basic due diligence to protect their votes. 2/
It isn’t too late. You could still make this comparison. If you don’t expect it to change the outcome, go ahead and say that. Use your talent to show others that election integrity isn’t about ensuring a particular result; it’s about ensuring a legitimate process. 3/
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@AUDIT_AZ has filed suit in federal court to compel the Florida Secretary of State to preserve the digital images of the scanned #paperballots from the Florida recount so that we can conduct a citizen audit!… @Emily_Levy 1/
2/ These digital images are automatically created by most scanners & are public records that can be used 4 citizen audits, but some Secretaries of State have gone out of their way to destroy them. Not this time, Florida, if Audit USA’s John Brakey has anything to say about it!
3/ Yes, the images themselves can be hacked. But they are not vulnerable to certain types of electronic tally manipulation. In other words, if they match the official count that will not prove the official count is correct. But if they DON’T match the official count, then...
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Touchscreen voting systems can be used to suppress the vote bc they limit the # of people who can vote at once to the # of touchscreens at the polling place. Yet another rzn for the GOP to be so enamored if them. #handmarked #paperballots @kira_lerner 1/
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The #PaveAct should be the election security bill of the month. Unlike the SEA, it requires actual Risk Limiting Audits for federal elections and that states give voters the option to mark their ballots by hand. #PAVEAct #handmarked #paperballots
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Without #paperballots, we can’t know 4 sure whether ballot-programming computers or voting machines have been rigged. But we CAN still detect rigging of central tabulators by comparing the POLL TAPES from each precinct to the REPORTED TOTALS, which is what a NEW MOTION in GA...1/
... has asked Judge Totenberg to order county election officials to do. Note that this is also something that we as citizens can do if we send volunteers to each precinct (at least in the largest counties) to photograph the poll tapes. Trying to get them after the fact is ... 2/
... timely and often very expensive. Johnson County, Kansas wanted to charge me more than $3k dollars for its poll tapes! By contrast, Delaware County, Ohio provided them free of charge. 3/
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And yet once again, @VerifiedVoting’s President says nada about the dangers of touchscreen barcode ballot marking devices (BMDs). On the contrary, she advocates “voter marked paper ballots,” which she defines as either HAND marked or marked by a MACHINE. Not good enough. 1/
My heavily sourced article on the many dangers of touchscreen barcode ballot markers (“BMDs”). 2/…
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Election integrity alert! 350 precincts voted in the Texas Dist. 19 election, which surprisingly FLIPPED RED. Of those, 221 were in blue Bexar county, the 4th largest county in TX. Bexar uses ES&S ivotronic PAPERLESS touchscreen voting machines. @PeteGallegoTX @BetoORourke 1/
2/ Bexar county results for its 221 precincts.
3/ Texas Secretary of State report showing that 350 precincts were involved in the District 19 special election (that suprisingly flipped red), with 221 in blue Bexar county.…
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My letter to Delaware's Election Commissioner re: DE's alarming decision to buy the ExpressVote XL, which will enable hackers to circumvent manual audits & manual recounts by altering votes only when voters choose the direct deposit ("freedom to cheat") feature. @Delaware_gov 1/
As explained by UCB Professor @philipbstark (who invented Risk Limiting Audits aka "RLAs"), even an RLA would be unable to detect this type of cheating.… 2/
@philipbstark alerted computer science professor and election expert Andrew Appel of this serious issue, prompting Appel to write this article titled: "Serious design flaw in ES&S ExpressVote touchscreen: 'permission to cheat.'"… 3/
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Georgia! This is huge! The court has ADVANCED the hearing on the historic motion to compel GA to use #handmarked #paperballots (vs. unverifiable touchscreens) & “is particularly interested in the PUBLIC INTEREST element”! New date: 9/12/18 at 10:15 AM. Pack the court! 1/
2/ Address correction: The hearing is before Judge Totenberg, room 2308 at 75 Ted Turner Drive SW, Atlanta, GA (it is NOT on Spring Street -as I had previously posted).
3/ Please remember this is a formal federal court hearing, not a protest, which means your presence is very much needed, but no chanting or shouting on this historic occasion.
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