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#Nazionale - #Sondaggio @HarrisPoll
@JoeBiden 56% (+12)
@realDonaldTrump 44%
Campione: 1.886 elettori registrati su base nazionale
Data: 17-18 giugno 2020
Margine di errore: n/a (da noi stimato +/- 2%)
#Montana - #Sondaggio University of Montana.
@realDonaldTrump (R-inc.) 52,3% (+14,4)
@JoeBiden (D) 37,9%
Indecisi 9,8%
@stevebullockmt (D) 47,3% (+4,3)
@SteveDaines (R-inc.) 43,0%
Indecisi 9,7%
Campione: 517 RV
Data: 17-26/06/20
MoE: +/- 4,31%
#Michigan - Sondaggio @ppppolls per @ProgressMich.
@JoeBiden 50% (+6)
@realDonaldTrump 44%
Altri 5%
Indecisi 1%
Campione: 1.237 RV
Data: 26-27 giugno 2020
Margine di errore: n/a (da noi stimato +/- 3%)
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#Nazionale - #Sondaggio @ChangePolls.
#Presidente (nazionale)
@JoeBiden 49% (+8)
@realDonaldTrump 41%
Campione: 1.663 elettori probabili delle elezioni generali su base nazionale
Data: 26-28 giugno 2020
Margine di errore: +/- 2,4%…
@JoeBiden 50% (+6)
@realDonaldTrump 44%
@JoeBiden 51% (+8)
@realDonaldTrump 43%
Campione: 3.739 LV nei battleground States
Data: 26-28 giugno 2020
Margine di errore: +/- 1,6% nel totale, n/a ma più alto per i singoli Stati
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1. The past week hasn’t been easy. “The fires of frustration and discord,” once again, “are burning in every city, North and South.” As a Hong Konger deeply disturbed by the death of #GeorgeFloyd in #Minnesota, I stand with those who march for #BlackLivesMatter.
2. Systematic racism in the U.S. is real. The present moment has deep historical roots stretching back to before the country’s founding. I can only try my best to empathize with the pain this has inflicted on so many, even as I’ll never fully understand the plight.
3. For those of us watching the events unfold, scenes of confrontation and bloodshed can be traumatic: State violence feels all too familiar ever since the anti-extradition demonstrations broke out around this time last year in #HongKong.
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The DOJ is on a roll today. They filed several statements of interest today challenging the constitutionality of certain lockdowns in several states.

In this one, DOJ is supporting 7 businesses in a lawsuit against #Michigan Governor Whitmer for discrimination.
They're suing because the Governor treated them differently than other similarly-ran businesses that were allowed to be open.
The DOJ also filed a statement of interest in support of a lawsuit by Maine campgrounds and New Hampshire residents who want to visit those campgrounds b/c the Governor is only allowing Maine residents to those campgrounds.

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Former Macomb County, #Michigan Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco was indicted in a 20+ year extortion scheme where he and others extorted builders and contractors.
And today, Marrocco’s extortion buddy, Macomb County official Dino Bucci, also pleaded guilty.…
Sounds like Bucci is going to rat on his boss Marrocco.
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Trump Rally Thread courtesy of @OANN for your viewing pleasure! Let’s share the message! 1/8 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #OANN #Ohio
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Thread: Predicting #COVID deaths in the US from 8k to 100k.

I started predicting the US COVID death toll ~2 months ago. All of my predictions to date have proven accurate. The most painful predictions I have ever made.

Why have we failed to stop the #coronavirus in the US?

My first prediction on Apr 4 (toll @ 8k) was for the Easter Sunday (20k):

In my Apr 12 thread (toll @ 20k), I explained the fundamental systems concepts for the #coronavirus epidemic:

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1/ THREAD: Memorial Day in a Pandemic

I often struggle with #MemorialDay. With the calls for celebration and happiness on this day. For BBQs and summer fun.

Because nothing about this day is happy.

This day is about #grief. About tragedy. About #death and loss.

🇺🇸 😔 😢
2/ Above all, it is a day of RESPECT. Because Americans gave their lives in service to protect the citizens and country of the United States.

The lives they previously dreamt of were cut short. And that selfless gift of life is one of the highest honors to serve your country. Image
3/ But their husbands and wives will never kiss their spouses again. Their children will never hug their mothers or fathers again. It doesn’t change the visceral grief of parents losing their children to #prematuredeath. #memorialdayweekend2020 Image
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Trump, LYING HIS ASS OFF. In Nov when @JoeBiden whips his ass Trump will pull this BS and say he’s challenging the legitimacy of the election. What he says here is what the GOP does. Trump STEALING and SABOTAGE of election. #Michigan #TrumpDeathToll95K 1/
Trump projects what Republicans do. He mentioned Mike Garcia. Well, this is how Garcia won. This is what GOP will do this November: cheat. Trump’s GOP buddy Devin Nunes admitted to ballot harvesting for Garcia last week... 2/ #TrumpDeathToll95K #Michigan
In the video Devin Nunes from California, says of Mike Garcia: “it’s a traditionally Republican seat”(which it is.) Yet today Trump said it was Democratic. Key: this story is where Trump got his frenzy. But he omits context: #TrumpDeathToll95K #Michigan 3/
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❤️🇺🇸 Wheels up on Air Force One. Traveling with the President is of course Peter Navarro, Jared Kushner, Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, Johnny McEntee and Ronna McDaniel.

Headed to you Motor City ❤️🇺🇸
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.FLASH CONTINUED: The #Edenville & #Sanford #Michigan dams have breached, @GovWhitmer confirms.
"Please get somewhere safe now,"-Whitmer.
Thousands of people still need to evacuate, she says, including in Tittabawassee Twp, Thomas Twp, Saginaw Twp, Midland & Sanford.
FLASH CONT: @NWS-"Extremely dangerous flash flooding is ongoing along the Tittabawassee River in Midland county due to catastrophic dam failures at the Edenville and Sanford dams..."
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A video of Curtis Road Bridge which runs over the Tittabawassee River.

#EdenvilleDam #Midland #Michigan #USA #Sanford #Edenville
The bridge on a map.

#EdenvilleDam #Midland #Michigan #USA #Sanford #Edenville
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President Trump delivers remarks on supporting our nation's farmers, ranchers and food supply chain
President Trump takes questions from the press after #SenateGOp luncheon #CabinetMeeting
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1 #journaliste de New York Kevin Vesey fut menacé et insulté par des manifestants pro-#Trump et anti-#confinement. Le président reprend sa vidéo virale pour célébrer ces menaces et insultes. Le message a le mérite d'être clair. En cas de malheur, ce ne sera pas accidentel.
2) Toujours les mêmes remarques: #Trump se sert sciemment de ces foules- peu nombreuses- anti-#confinement pour faire pression sur les gouverneurs (Liberate) et ici sur la presse dans son travail de rapport des faits, instrumentalisant leur haine comme moyen de surmobilisation...
3)... pour #Trump, c'est 1 instrument politique de rapport de forces dans 1 démocratie muée en combat factionnel. Comme au #Michigan jeudi où la perspective d'1 manifestation armée force l'assemblée locale à ajourner sa session et le Capitole à…
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La crise du #COVID__19 aura permis de dévoiler plus nettement les traits distinctifs de l'exercice du pouvoir de #Trump. Et parmi ceux-ci, le refus complet de tout contre-pouvoir. Ainsi, le Dr. Fauci n'est pas autorisé à aller témoigner devant la…
2)... tandis que les inspecteurs généraux, autorités indépendantes créées dans chaque ministère après le Watergate pour évaluer le bien fondé du pouvoir exécutif, sont l'objet d'1 véritable purge par #Trump à l'occasion de la crise sanitaire du #COVIDー19.…
3) Depuis le début de la crise du #COVIDー19,#Trump a viré l'inspecteur général du renseignement Atkinson qui avait transmis le signal d'alerte sur l'#Ukraine. Il a viré l'inspecteur général du Pentagone devant contrôler la distribution des fonds d'…
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1. Why @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump's reaction to declining polls may accelerate the fall of the @GOP in key @SenateGOP races.

First, @parscale IMO has been tasked to use #GRU model sock-puppets to attack @JoeBiden and to create buzz in Trump's Nazi base by a criminal occupation of
2. Michigan state house. Trump gets a rush between his Adderall hits & Parscale goes back to counting the money he's looted from Trump's campaign. But, as the images of these dangerous domestic terrorists playing the role of #AmericanISIS covers the news, more and more
3. moderate Democrats and Independents will be repulsed by the Koch owned @GOP that is the source of funding these criminal acts. So rather than re-charging Trump's diminishing base, the actions that Koch and Parscale are engaged in will accelerate Trump's crashing polls.
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Real quick tho smh bc ofall the work being done @TheJusticeDept rounding up pedos now allowing the 2nd Head Pedo IC that sat in the wh watching the children get raped 🌎 running for @POTUS so he can let their pedo kiddie porn watching friends free again to prey on our children.😠
.@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @ODNIgov @NSAGov not $1 to help save the children either watching and trafficking children worldwide just letting it happen. Watching it the whole time. 🌎
More people going down for trying to coup you than went down for the coup attempt in the Turkey on President Erdogan is all I want to be writing about. @POTUS
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Live tracker: How many coronavirus cases have been reported?
Using data from the COVID Tracking Project, we’re following how each state is responding to Covid-19.

Scroll down to the photo of the States in this article & then click on the State.…
Iowa 3,159 positives on Monday. And now today Wednesday, 3748 positives, Iowa has a population of 3.18 million.
Georgia on Monday had 18,947 positives, today they have 20,740. Georgia has a population of 10.6 million.

But they have opened up their stay at home orders. Salons, restaurants, tattoo parlors now open. Expect these numbers to go way up. #Georgia #Georgians #COVID19
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Well, this is sketchy as hell. From what I just read, Michigan admitted that their health dept partnered with "Great Lakes Community Engagement" and "Every Action VAN," whose parent company is Democrat voter database NGP Van.
Here's an article that mentions Every Action VAN's involvement:…
Here's just some of who they work with:
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We continue to see positive signs that the #coronavirus "has passed its peak," according to @POTUS.
"They're way ahead of us in terms of death" from #COVID19, says @POTUS of #China.
"You don't hear anymore about ventilators. What happened to the ventilators? says @POTUS.
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