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🚨🐉🚨#TH3D3N is highlighting all of the Missing Kids that are out there but get little to no attention, hashtagged by State. Please DO SUBSCRIBE, CHECK OFTEN & SHARE Missing kids posters on other channels & platforms

#OpWhereAreTheKids ~ IT MATTERS

Rafael Martinez
Fatima Martinez

Kishe Banks-Jones

Usmaan Nawaz

🚨🐉🚨If you have seen any of these children~ please call 911,
1-800-THE-LOST or visit :… for more information on each poster ImageImageImageImage

Arden Pepion

Jonathan Blevins

Samantha Johns

Ryan Larsen

🚨🐉🚨If you have seen any of these children~ please call 911,
1-800-THE-LOST or visit :… for more information on each poster ImageImageImageImage
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Disband the #FBI | July 28, 2021
- The FBI needs to go away. It should happen in an orderly and thoughtful process, over a period of months. Congress should authorize and create an investigative division in the U.S. Marshals Service,…
'- we have learned that the October 2020 #Michigan governor #kidnap plot was largely a creation of the #FBI; a "senior FBI official" was on the take from media organizations; and another assistant director was in a "romantic relationship with a subordinate",' ImageImageImage
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My thoughts on #Big12, #IowaState, and the other institutions. The most likely scenario for the remaining schools is a merger with #AAC or #MWC or a combination of the two. Which isn’t ideal for the remaining schools because tv revenue would be way down… your annual payout would
be maybe $15MM? Compare that to the $34MM the #Big12 paid out last year. And if you’re confident that #IowaState goes to the #BigTen, I wouldn’t be. Not to say they won’t but if the Big10 is in a race against the #SEC you can’t counter by adding Iowa State or Kansas. You have to
ensure your premier schools #OhioState and #Michigan are happy and they only shot you have at that is striking a deal with the #Pac12 or some of the #Pac12 schools. And if I was #Fox I would PUSH for this. Why? Because #EPSN is the biggest benefactor here, right now.
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Proud Moment!: Business Development Manager 25-year-old #VaidehiDongre from #Michigan crowned #MissIndia #USA 2021; "This One Is For My Aai", dedicates win to her mother; Says 'It #empower #women of #Indian origin':
Beauty pageant held over weekend.
#Thread @JoeBiden @POTUS
Represented #India immigrants living in #UnitedStates as new Miss India USA. India born #MichiganState University #graduate @UMich @michiganstateu. Arshi Lalani from Georgia declared first runner-up. Vaidehi shared, "I want to leave positive lasting impact on my community and...
Focus on women's financial independence and #literacy." Vaidehi graduated in International Studies. Described journey as “whirlwind”. Mira Kasari got third position. "I've always strived to be role model for young girls, celebrate my rich #SouthAsian #heritage and leave lasting
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⚠️ Why does this pop-up vaccination site look so empty? Because many people don’t know it exists. It’s not included in vaccines[.]gov, vacunas[.]gov, via the text message service, or Google Maps

This isn’t unique to Detroit— it’s happening all over the country /1
cc @DetHealth
Q: Is the site new?
A: Not really, it’s one of a several #COVID19 vaccination hubs set up by the Detroit Health Department in partnership w/ Detroit Public Schools Community District

That particular site offers doses every Wednesday /2

cc @Detroitk12
Q: Are there other options?
A: Not for kids living in that zip code. In fact, according to vaccines[.]gov there are only 35 pediatric vax sites in *all* of Detroit, #Michigan that have doses in stock

~50K kids eligible to get vaxed live in #Detroit

That’s ~1425 kids per site
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🧵As coronavirus continues to kill thousands per day, it's important to humanize their deaths. This thread is dedicated to the 18-19 year old children that lost their lives to COVID. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid.
Follow the hashtags #SoulsLostToCovid & #TheySurvivedCovid for more stories. You can help end this pandemic by encouraging others to #GetVaccinated 💉
🇺🇸 18 y.o. Yasmin Pena from Waterbury #Connecticut passed away from COVID in April 2020. She was a senior at Waterbury Arts Magnet School, where she sang, danced & acted in plays. “Her eyes had a spark. And she had an effervescence." #SoulsLostToCovid 1/33…
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The surgeon general shouldn’t be leading an effort to defend against a foreign influence campaign— and that’s what we’re dealing with. Not only is he not qualified, even a modicum of *sustainable* progress will require NSA and/or CIA resources

Let’s all hit pause, and reevaluate
This isn’t a pack of cigarettes— you can’t slap an surgeon general’s advisory label on a (primarily) Russian misinformation campaign.

The surgeon general’s report is a naïve take on a complex issue; his advisory & proposal read like a hammer looking for a nail
There is public evidence that directly links online anti-vax propaganda *and* the broader topic of COVID-19 misinformation to Russian (and also Chinese) government foreign influence campaigns 👀⤵️

cc @jimsciutto @DanaBashCNN @MarkHertling
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This the second 🧵dedicated to precious children hospitalized with COVID and #MISC, but luckily #TheySurvivedCovid. Three other threads memorialize pediatric #SoulsLostToCovid. By telling their stories, we can learn from their experiences.
First thread of children that survived COVID
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Massive #flooding in #Detroit this past weekend. It's been heartbreaking and people need help. If you're able to volunteer to help with home clean-up between now and Wed 7/7, sign up here with @ICNARelief:

ICNA Relief #Michigan-Volunteer Sign-up Sheet…
If you are a homeowner in #Detroit, #Dearborn, and #Hamtramck and need help with mucking out the damage after the #flooding, please give @ICNARelief's Michigan disaster team a call at (313) 366-6800 or email at
Another option is to get help from Detroit SW Cares, a local mutual aid group that works in Southwest. Their form is in English, Spanish, and Arabic:…. Those who are undocumented can safely request aid here. #Detroit #FloodResponse
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🧵This is the 2nd thread dedicated to the precious children that have died from COVID during this never-ending pandemic. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid
This thread memorialized 30 children that survived after admission to ICUs from COVID or multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children #MISC.
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At @Andrews_JBA, @POTUS has just boarded Air Force One. He's headed to #Michigan to tour a local cherry farm in Antrim County.
Air Force One wheels up @Andrews_JBA.
Air Force One now en route #TVC (Cherry Capital Airport).
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🧵This thread is dedicated to the precious children admitted to ICUs after contracting COVID or multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children #MISC. Luckily, #TheySurvivedCovid. By telling their stories, we can learn from their experiences. Image
While the multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children #MISC is very rare, it can be dangerous. Luckily for all these unvaccinated children #TheySurvivedCovid
The first thread memorialized 40 #SoulsLostToCovid under the age of 50 from different countries.
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🧵 This thread is dedicated to the precious children that have died from COVID during this never-ending pandemic. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid
The first thread memorialized 40 #SoulsLostToCovid under the age of 50 from different countries.
The second thread memorialized 40 pregnant #SoulsLostToCovid from different countries.
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Republican Volunteer Training
Event by Berrien County GOP and David Yardley

*Open to ALL Republicans to learn, not just those in Berrien County

📍Monday, June 28th, 12pm - 1:30pm
Berrien County Republican Office, 2526 S. Cleveland Avenue, St. Joseph, MI 49085

The Berrien GOP is excited to announce we are assisting the Michigan Republican Party in launching a new voter contact program, "Battleground Michigan," in preparation for the 2022 election.

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Sgt. Tom Sawyer died from COVID on June 17, 2021. For 24 years, he served his country in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait & the Gulf War, and for the past 22 years, he was an active member of the Hammond Police Department in Indiana. #SoulsLostToCovid… ImageImageImage
Cautionary Tale: Joshua Garza, 43, from Sugarland, Texas previously declined vaccination then fell extremely ill to COVID requiring a double lung transplant in April. "If I knew what I know now, I would have definitely went through with the vaccination"… Image
Maria Elena Sifuentes, 57, mother of five, from Chicago was between vaccine doses when she contracted and died from COVID. She was a relentless advocate for health care and education, helping get new schools built in Albany Park. #SoulsLostToCovid… Image
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Documents MAJEURS pour l'étude de la fin de la présidence #Trump et son viol des normes admises de fonctionnement de la #démocratie US que ces courriels de pression sur le ministère de la Justice pour faire invalider l'élection de #Biden en décembre…
2. On y apprend donc pêle-mêle que #Trump, ayant à peine nommé l'intérimaire Rosen comme ministre de la Justice à la place de #Barr, lui fait parvenir le 14 décembre des documents fantaisistes et démentis par la justice sur des fraudes imaginaires au #Michigan...
3...on y apprend aussi que #Trump et son entourage voulaient que le ministère de la Justice dépose un recours auprès de la #CourSuprême fin décembre pour faire annuler le scrutin dans 6 Etats et convoquer une élection spéciale...
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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꧁✬#MI #Michigan ✬꧂

¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø ⩜υ⫒i͓̽ŧ ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸

[Ņ]ðţĥíňġ [Ĉ]ãň [Š]ŧöp [Ŵ]ĥâţ [Í]ś [Ċ]ŏmíňġ

"Call Today, Call All Next Week. Leave Messages."
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Here is the list of 175 Republicans who voted to cover up the violent attack on our Capitol and Democracy.
#ncpol #January6Commission #January6CommissionNow
Rep. Aderholt
Rep. Brooks
Rep. Carl
Rep. Moore
Rep. Palmer
Rep. Rogers
Rep. Young
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"We're at an inflection point in America," says @POTUS at @Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in #Michigan. Image
More of the tour for @POTUS of how the all-electric @Ford F-150 is being built. Image
Looks like we're going to have a vehicle reveal where @POTUS is speaking next at the @Ford factory. Image
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151,775 mail-in ballot records were changed on Nov 23rd.


From #CBKnews Telegram

$16,695,235 given to Election Officials to alter election procedures.


From #CBKnews Telegram

200,000 ballots counted without human verification.


From #CBKnews Telegram

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Does anyone actually believe that @DTE_Energy and @ConsumersEnergy actually need "at least 5 years" to study and understand dual participation energy storage in Michigan?…

#michigan #ferc #renewables #battery

I struggle to see this as anything more than a land grab and a way to limit investment/deployment. @FERC Orders 841/2222 make it very clear the goal for a new modern grid, and this type of feet dragging only hurts Michiganders.

We can't have it both ways!

More dynamic renewables mean that storage will be key to any large scale solar/wind deployment. The lack of that will just put a higher reliance on legacy utility-scale generation (i.e. Coal and Natural Gas)

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As a result of the #2020Census the states of #Colorado, #Florida, #Montana, #NorthCarolina and #Oregon will each again one House seat in reapportionment.
#Texas will gain two House seats.
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