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Fall 2022 Mid-Term Election Cycle

- 1970s Stagflation Dynamics
- The Great Reset - Make Americans live like "Europeans"
- US vs China New Cold War Tensions
- Israel vs Iran
- Spring 2022 Back-to-the-Office after Boosters this Winter
- Stimulus: Fed-Treasury-Congress
Anger, Anger, Anger

Q: What the Hell are they doing to Our Country?

- "Critical Race Theory" Indoctrination by Teachers Unions & Public Schools
- Law-and-Order Breakdown with Violent Crime, Drugs, Gangs, and Homeless in Our Cities
- Celebrating Trans-gender
- Anti Christian
US vs China New Cold War Tensions

- Stop Dancing around with the ChiComs. We are AT WAR -- Start Acting Like It.
- Breakdown of Trade
- 5th Column Risks by ChiCom Operatives inside the US and "Influence" over parts of US Govt & Business
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I pray it does not come to escalating from the First Amendment right to assemble and Equal Protection enforcement through the Second Amendment.

Some things are better left untested.
For those of you unfamiliar with allegory.

Cliff Booth (Pitt)=We The People—silent majority w limited patience

Hippie Hyenas=Majority Party rogues in legislature & federal Gov exercising tyrannical control over what they consider their domain.

Tire=results of chicanery.
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Q: Why did Fauci cover-up the #ChinaVirus "Leak" from the Lab in Wuhan?

Why did Fauci cover-up Cuomo's Nursing Home DEATHS in the NYC area and launch a campaign on #CNN & #BigTech to DAMAGE President Trump into the Election?

What did #Zuckerberg know?

Fauci knew and he did NOT warn the President

Fauci knew and he did NOT warn the American People

Fauci knew and he coordinated a Cover-up and Lying Campaign with the #LiberalMedia and #BigTech

Q: How many #TRAITORS do you see? Image
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#DemocratCorruptionNetworks seeking to transition from the #ChinaVirus Outbreaks into Saving the Planet from #ClimateChange

#Trudeau and the #ClimateChange Corruption Networks

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Our European Partners were INVOLVED in the #ElectionFraud Ops of 2020 that INSTALLED Biden-Kamala
This will be MESSY
Trump's Nationalism Movement in the United States is seen as a THREAT to the Globalist Agenda

After leaving Office #Obama Organized Shadow Govt to Oppose Trump

European Banking Families are Primary Players in the #ClimateChange Corruption Networks

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Thread 1. Where has Tracy Campbell documented #ElectionFraud in the US? I made a list of a few places.
Page numbers are from "Deliver the Vote"

San Francisco
MA (Constitution)
New York (p. 64) multiple listings
Arkansas (p. 65)
Mississippi (p. 88)
“Venal” Indiana (p. 95)W. Virginina (p. 95)
Alabama (p. 100, 158)
Louisiana (p. 103)
Wilmington Riots (p. 105)
Louisville KY (p. 106) multiple listings
North Carolina (p. 104)
3. Rhode Island “a state for sale” “bribery of voters with cash at the polls.”
(p. 136)
Adams County OH, (p. 143)
Terre Haute IN (P. 147- 149)
10th Congressional District of PA “wholesale fraud” (1918) (p. 154)
Iowa (p. 157)
Texas (p. 223)
Georgia (p. 282) “extensive fraud”
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MSNBC and the rest of the leftist Media, now that Biden has been installed at the White House, feel emboldened to express their HATE for all patriotic Americans that have rejected their marxist-globalist agenda and voted for President Trump.

#IncitementOfViolence #impeachment
The Whole #CapitolRiots “Insurection” Was A Trap

A Planned Op To Derail The Process Of Objecting To The Fraudulent Biden Electors

Deep State won that day...

Watch: PEACEFUL Trump supporters trying to stop Antifa from breaking the #Capitol windows: 👀
⚠️ Antifa provocateur wearing gas mask is seen coordinating the attack on Capitol Police, whereby comrades pepper spray officers — and getting innocent bystander Patriots attacked in turn!

#USCapitolBreach #Jan6 #CapitolHillRiots #DCriots #impeachment
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.@PILFoundation Commends Texas #BallotHarvesting Arrest

RIGGED ELECTION: TX 'Ballot Chaser' Illegally Pressures Voters To Change... via @YouTube
“Many continue to claim that there’s no such thing as #ElectionFraud. We’ve always known that such a claim is false and misleading, and today we have additional hard evidence." .@KenPaxtonTX
'Ballot Chaser' Illegally Pressures Voters To Change...
#Texas .@PILFoundation

This is a victory for #ElectionIntegrity and a strong signal that anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice. .@KenPaxtonTX

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Try this with a US vpn
Shots in chamber reported, Pence evacuated. Why havent security stopped this, seems strange...
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1. Georgia Senate Election Fraud. It looks like same tricks pulled as Presidential Election. Vote counts going backwards, stoppage in counting, ballots being found late etc. I will drop stuff here but it will be mix of stuff, maybe repeats #ElectionFraud #georgia #GA #Fraud
2. Early projections from Dems...
3. Republican leads overtaken at the end, in early hours... #electionfraud
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Pizza Inn Takes Bold Stand For Election Reform
Widespread concerns over fraud demand commonsense changes to rebuild unity and confidence
#ElectionFraud #WashingtonDC #January6th #Censorship #ElectoralCollege
DALLAS (Jan. 5, 2021) – Pizza Inn is known as America’s Hometown Pizza Place because the brand stays squarely focused on creating a close-knit community centered on traditional American values.
These values include the preservation of American democracy, which millions of brave men and women have fought to protect. And our democracy’s very foundation relies on fair and transparent elections.
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Exceptional analysis performed by @justinmealey, @DaveLobue, & @LyndaMcGlaughlin regarding how 17,650 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in GA. It combines time stamped vote tally increments with explanations of specific features of Dominion software.
It yields irrefutable evidence of election fraud in GA. Same software was used in 28 states including 47 out of 83 counties in MI...including Antrim County where 6,000 votes were flipped. Only thing impeding this analysis in other states such as MI is ACCESS TO DATA.
Those who falsely assert "there is no election fraud" should have no problem giving us access to this data. Instead, they have been engaged in promoting the deletion of data...which is itself indicative of #electionfraud.
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Sure, @dananessel, YOU make it personal, YOU hide behind false (old, tired) misogyny smears as @realDonaldTrump criticizes your PROFESSIONAL (mis)behavior.

You've ignored the law, constitution & people of #Michigan in pursuing an overtly partisan, aggressively political agenda.
#Michigan AG @dananessel is doing the bidding of the Governor, the Democrat Party, & George Soros (who helped elect her)- instead of defending the PEOPLE of Michigan's interest. She flouts laws, ignores the Constitution & abuses the power of her office.…
Respondingvto valid #ElectionFraud accusations backed by evidence & sworn affidavits, she threatens to use a Govt Hammer on anyone daring to point out her malfeasance, mis-administration & ignorance of the law. #ImpeachNessel & #ImpeachWhitmer before there's another 'lost decade.
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Voter fraud was used in the 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, & 2020 elections. We saw “found” ballots for one candidate in non-approved locations. We saw unexplained data anomalies. Evidence was substantial, but no investigations?! Time to end this... #MerryChristmas #Thread
#Election2020 Massive Voter Fraud & Election Fraud Orchestrated by Democrats & Conspirators, with Cover-Up Co-Conspirators in Media & Social Media platforms. This means #RICO , #Coup , #Sedition , & #Treason.
When you have this many election officials crying foul, data scientists crying foul over voting system data, voter crying foul over votes cast fraudulently in their name, dead voters, senile nursing home residents targeted, & people hiding machines & evidence, it is malevolent.
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“The system intentionally generates an enormously high # of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots w/no oversight, no transparency, & no audit trail”
Not just #AntrimCounty
It’s impt to note that we do not know how many of the 80,000 reported went through adjudication...I do believe, based on reports that a large % of those ballots also had to be adjudicated
Sifting through info to get confirmation which would increase the % greatly!
Oh so this is why Republicans were treated so poorly, kept at a distance, & kicked out...easier to manipulate the ballots that have to be adjudicated
48,000 in this batch alone at one place!
#Dominion #ElectionFraud #stopthesteal #FightForTrump
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Yes — SCOTUS isn’t taking the Texas case

Yes — all 3 Trump Supreme Court Justices: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett, voted to decline to hear TX

No — Fraud does NOT ultimately wins

No — the hope for a remedy to the RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD Democrats deployed, is not lost

#WeThePeople Image
“The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!”
President @realDonaldTrump

#SCOTUS #ElectionFRAUD Image
SCOTUS: standing vs merit Image
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News Analysis🔎The firm hired by @GaSecofState to conduct an #Audit of #DominionVotingSystems is the same one that previously certified the #Dominion systems and also approved a last-minute system-wide software change. (Thread👇)…
In a widely quoted statement, @GaSecofState Brad #Raffensperger said that ”Pro V&V found no evidence” of tampering with the machines.

But he failed to disclose that the company had a preexisting relationship with #Dominion that dated back years.
The testing from Pro V&V had been characterized as “superficial” and “cursory testing” by an expert cited in court documents.…
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Piecing it all Together: What if this election fraud campaign, done in several states, is nothing more than a college exam scam on steroids? What if we have the entire crime’s evidence already in hand? @RudyGiuliani @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @dbongino @MariaBartiromo @tracybeanz
First, let’s ask some simple common sense questions. If this wasn’t Trump, and was Hillary running for re-election against a GOP challenger, with her having a lead in ALL battleground states, would the count have stopped? 🤔
Then there’s a lot of other facts LEADING UP to 2020 election, occurrences AFTER counting stopped & BEFORE GOP witnesses returned the next day, none of which passes the smell test.
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#Smartmatic #Dominion
Because of the censorship, I have to post all the pictures instead of the link(#Gnews) to tell the truth about the #VoteFraud of #Election2020 and more stories behind it.(5 tweets below)
01/05 ImageImageImageImage
02/05 ImageImageImageImage
03/05 ImageImageImageImage
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BREAKING: Affadavit of James Ramsland Jr. concludes:

"The vote counts in Michigan, and in Wayne County contain at least 289,866 illegal votes that must be disregarded."

Ramsland Jr. holds an MBA from Harvard, worked with NASA and MIT, and is part of the ASOG management team.
Full Michigan Affadavit
Full Michigan Affadavit: Voter Turnout Impossibilities
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1. Why do the BBC not cover US election fraud? #ElectionFraud #BBC
2. (join link) It is several hours since legal complaints have been published https://defending - for Michigan https://defending… - and for Georgia https://defending… #Georgia #Michigan #Kraken #BBC #BBCbias
3. It is also many hours since the legislative hearing in Gettysburg which showed many examples of election fraud Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election #elctionfraud @BBCBreaking @BBCWorld @BBCNews @mariannaspring #fraud
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@GenFlynn To one Country you might be a ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ General, but to the world you are a hero. #FlynnFighters #DigitalSoliders #SidneyPowellRepresentsMe #Fightback @lofly727 @GoJackFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @JosephJFlynn1 @realDonaldTrump
❤️ from Australia 🇦🇺
@GenFlynn I wish I could bake you some peanut butter crackers in celebration haha but I’m sure @lofly727has you covered 😂 🍻 🎉
I love this video my special friend @Jewel4Trump made for @GenFlynn
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