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Glad the New York Times has caught up to what I’ve warned about: mailing in your ballot is playing Russian roulette with your vote. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. #VoteByMail #VoteByMail2020 #SaveMyVote2020…
And this year, some Boogaloo schmuck in a Hawaiian shirt will be the poll watcher challenging your ballot. #ElectionDay #Election2020 #Voting…
As we've previously reported, a seminal MIT study, Losing Votes by Mail, warns that 22% – more than one in five mail-in ballots – never get counted. #VoteByMail #VoteByMail2020 #PurgeByPostcard #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #VotingRights #CivilRights…
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Hundreds of thousands of voters have been struck from the voter rolls and they have no idea.

There’s no question that this attack on the voter rolls is affecting voters of color and young people — and could absolutely change the outcome of the election.

In October 2019, #Georgia’s Secretary of State published a list of over 300,000 citizens purged from the state’s voter rolls. But, almost two out of three of those Georgia voters struck off for moving from their registration address hadn’t moved at all.

In some states voters need to show photo ID in order to vote in person.

In "Exact Match" states, voter registration details have to match govt ID — down to the last hyphen.

In Georgia, about 70% of voters impacted by “Exact Match” are African American.

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Carrollton Mayoral Candidate Zul Mirza Mohamed Arrested, Charged With 100+ Counts Of Voter Fraud

Article incomplete.
Paxton's Election unit, Carrollton PD, & DPS assisted in investigation & arrest from other reports.

#ElectionFraud #ElectionIntegrity…
Dallas suburb - Carrollton, TX Dem voter fraud

Carrollton Mayoral Candidate Zul Mirza Mohamed Arrested, Charged With 100+ Counts Of Voter Fraud

@TexasKelGirl @TheRand2025 @UrUnpaidPundit @chiIIum @peljswife @khenry657 @Debbie22210
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Zul Mirza Mohamed, who is a Candidate for Mayor of Carrollton #Texas, was arrested and charged with #VoterFraud! He requested a bunch of mail in ballots be sent to a PO BOX that was supposed to be for a nursing home.

Investigators contacted the residents whose ballots were requested, and none of them ever asked for their ballots to be sent to that PO Box.
A fake University of North Texas student ID and fake driver's license were used to set up that PO Box, which did NOT belong to the nursing home.
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1. Democratic #pennsylvania Governor #TomWolf attended this secret summit two years ago. His name is listed. Please read. The theme was titled The #Resistance.
Secretive Liberal Donor Summit Increases Security, Changes Itinerary Following Free Beacon
3. 2017 The documents are all here. You can see for yourself…
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Here we go again. A laptop and memory sticks that are used to program Philadelphia’s voting machines were stolen. They think the items were stolen sometime this week.

#ElectionFraud #VoterFraud #Philly
The laptop belonged to belonged to an employee of Omaha, Nebraska-based company Election Systems &Software, that supplies the machines.

Reportedly, there was no election info on the laptop.
It’s not clear who owned the memory sticks, but they are used to set the election machines and the design of the ballots.
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Second #JamesOKeefe #projectveritas Video Drops: Alleged Cash-For-Ballot Transaction Caught On Tape, #IlhanOmar Accused Of Direct Involvement #BallotHarvesting #ElectionFraud #Election2020
2. According to Jamal, senior Ilhan Omar staffer Ali Isse Gainey is at the center of the vote-buying scheme.

Jamal also said that Ilhan Omar operatives would accompany Somali residents to the voting booth and do the actual voting for the person.

3. "They help us at the voting booth. They allow them to help us," said one Minneapolis ballot harvester recorded on hidden camera. "They go inside with us and help us, and they actually do that inside there."

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Let’s worry about nonsense items like Trump’s lawful tax deductions...

But by all means, let’s IGNORE the rampant #ElectionFraud occurring in #Minneapolis right now.

How long before Omar is #ARRESTED?
Full 12 minute video here:…
People are VERY FAST to dismiss @Project_Veritas videos as being selectively edited.

Unfortunately for Ilhan Omar and others in Minnesota... we now have a member of Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office as an undercover operative.

An added layer of credibility for this investigation.
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The 2 members of #NC state Elections Board resign in protest on the heels of being misled by board on settling of suit w/ Marc Elias re: gutting absentee ballots protections. 3 Dem members remain.

@chiIIum #ElectionFraud Marc Elias Perkins Coie
Suit details down thread
@RMachArts @SpicyNoodles2 Elias Perkins Coie
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Just received a call from the @AP concerning #ElectionFraud in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate Primary Elections. I asked her to put her questions in writing. Here are my answers. I share this for full transparency.

Question/Answer 1
Question/Answer 2
Question/Answer 3
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Dana Debeauvoir, the Travis County, Texas Clerk, Jennifer Fleck writes: attached a few pages of the audit logs of the July 2020 Election Day runoff, which reflect the following, see below: @bradswail @_TeddyBrosevelt @fox7austin ImageImageImage
Attorney General Paxton @KenPaxtonTX should file criminal charges, and possibly criminal conspiracy, against the Travis County Clerk and file an injunction prohibiting her from contact with the November election. TODAY. Recall Dana maybe next?
10:00pm “Finished Load of Results”(all ballots entered)
11:49pm - 100th memory stick cleared (all ballots deleted)
1:21am - “Election Closed:Recount” (new ballot batches entered) The Election Day Republican Judge confirms new memory sticks were created and added that many times
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DOJ update on Ohio discarded ballots dumpster dive.

Luzerne County, OH - Shelby Watchilla, county Director of County Elections, is in trouble.

US Attorney Freed's letter linked as PDF in article.…
😳🔥😳US Atty Freed's office is still investigating discarding of ballots, opening ballots ahead of election day, opening & resealing mailed ballots, etc.

Dumpster diving Elections office trash.
DA Stefani Salivantis had notified Freed's office of the problem in the 1st place
Ms Watchilla and her office according to the early investigation from interviews in Freed's letter acted similarly in the primary:

Opened absentee ballots as received vs election day, discarding envelopes, and discarding ballots.…
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At the request of Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis, the DOJ and FBI Scranton, PA are investigating military ballots that were cast for @realDonaldTrump that were discarded.

So far, they found 9 discarded ballots.

#VoterFraud #ElectionFraud
It doesn’t say where those ballots were found, but they’ve already done interviews & found some evidence. Election officials have been cooperative. However, some of the ballots can’t be attributed to specific voters. No further details available yet.
Here is the letter that the US Attorney wrote to the Luzerne County Bureau of Elections about the discarded mail in ballots.

There’s also more info, which I’ll post in my thread here.
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.@FreeBeacon #VIP2020

.@PILFoundation, an #Indiana-based #ElectionIntegrity group, conducted a nationwide study to identify the hundreds of thousands of deceased individuals on voter rolls.

.@FreeBeacon #VIP2020

During its analysis, @PILFoundation also found that nearly 40,000 likely duplicate registrants "appear to have cast second votes in 2018 from the same address."

.@FreeBeacon #VIP2020

#NewYork, #Texas, #Michigan, #Florida, and #California—accounted for 51 percent of the total number of deceased individuals on voter rolls, according to @PILFoundation.

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.@WashTimes #VIP2020

.@LCChurchwell .@PILFoundation, a voting integrity outfit, a #VotingIntegrity outfit, said #NorthCarolina officials have blocked efforts to bring transparency to its voter registration process.

.@WashTimes #VIP2020

.@PILFoundation is suing the @NCSBE to try to pry loose data. Without that, it’s impossible to estimate the extent of #NonCitizenVoting.

#VoterFraud #ElectionFraud
.@WashTimes #VIP2020

#NorthCarolina’s lack of transparency is leaving the public with few options to explore the full scope of #NonCitizenVoting activity and address any procedural shortcomings,” @LCChurchwell .@PILFoundation.

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More Than 349,000 Dead Registrants Remain on Voter Rolls/1…
2/“The number [of dead still on voter registration rolls] is a major improvement over the last time an assessment of similar scope was performed in 2012, when a Pew Research report turned up 2 million deceased voters on the rolls.”
3/“In the 2016 and 2018 elections, states credited 14,608 registrants for voting after death, the PILF report found.” Note that not all states shared their data, so the actual number could definitely be larger.
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#California . @DailySignal . @HvonSpakovsky


As regular listeners of @NPR know, the taxpayer-funded outlet regularly disparages the idea that any type of fraud occurs in our elections.

#ElectionFraud #VoterFraud
#California . @NPR . @DailySignal . @HvonSpakovsky


Now, research by the @PILFoundation has turned up information pointing to possible #ElectionFraud by NPR employees.


The [type of #ElectionFraud] found in the @NPR case, instances of which appear in The @Heritage #ElectionFraud Database, concerns individuals who violate eligibility rules by registering and voting where they don’t actually live.
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#Pennsylvania . @BroadAndLiberty


#Philadelphia #ElectionOfficials are doing all they can to crank up bias in this year’s elections. The latest? Accepting a $10,000,000 cash payment from a #Chicago based 501(c)(3) “charitable” organization.
#Pennsylvania . @BroadAndLiberty

The Center for Tech and Civic Life @HelloCTCLexpects #Philadelphia to run elections the way the outsiders in #Chicago want the election to be run, or else.

No word if the cash came in a brown paper bag.

#Pennsylvania . @BroadAndLiberty @lindakernslaw


We do know the folks in Chicago giving Philadelphia all this cash expect something in return.

Why not? It’s the Philadelphia way.

#BallotBox #VoterFraud
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We r being programed to expect
a mess on #ElectionDay by
Democrats & #ComplicitMedia
due to the helicopter dropping of
millions of unsolicited ballots
...and yet we're not told what's
going to be done about this
obvious planting of #ElectionFraud
...just how we're to deal w/it?
Why is this a supposed new norm
when it hasn't ever been done?
This is a blatant attempt to steal
an Election the Democrats know
they have no chance in.
@realDonaldTrump is heading for
an obvious #Landslide2020 and
they have but one chance to
undermine #WeThePeople.
The #NSA has undermined the
#DeepState in manipulating the
vote count electronically.
So another plan had to be initiated
via #Plandemic promotional fear,
while setting up a #Fallguy for loss or setting up the need of an infinite #EveryVoteCounted
...for an eventual stolen win. ImageImageImage
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Voting App Developer Opposes Fraud Appeal by Former Police Officer…
How to Steal an Election…
and Get Away with It
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Four nonprofits run by or linked to this network of lawyers – the @PILFoundation, the @The_ACRU , @JudicialWatch and @TrueTheVote - have been involved in at least 61 lawsuits over election rules since 2012, according to a @Reuters examination.
. @Reuters #VIP2020

@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams @ElectionLawCtr said his work does not target legitimate voters, but tries to reform poorly run election offices and identify people who shouldn’t be on the voting rolls.

. @Reuters #VIP2020

“The @GOP gets it now,” @PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams wrote in an email. “And that isn’t going to change even after Trump. Republicans are no longer wimps when it comes to fighting election fraud and vulnerabilities.”
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"The Audacity of Heist - Thoughts On Stealing The American Election" by the Democratic, Deep State, Radical Left Gang!

It is essential that the silent majority morphs into the vocal majority NOW!

#Trump2020LandslideVictory #SilentMajorityRising
The Heist:

1. Paralyze & weaken citizenry.
2. Worsen virus & race situation.
3. Appoint dummy candidate @JoeBiden & manchurian candidate @KamalaHarris .
4. Hijack & corrupt electoral process.
5. Delay, doubt, dispute results indefinitely.…
@realDonaldTrump's handling of virus & race riots have increased his popularity. He looks as strong & unflappable as ever. “True character is revealed under pressure.” Under more intense pressure than any recent US President has faced, Trump has performed like a champ!
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. @WashTimes #VIP2020

@PILFoundation said #Nevada’s Clark County opted for actual ballots, not applications, to all listed voters in the state’s June primary.

. @WashTimes #VIP2020

Las Vegas-centric Clark County, #Nevada’s largest, mailed 1.3 million ballots; @USPS determined 223,469 were undeliverable. Voters filled out and returned 305,008.

. @WashTimes #VIP2020

“These numbers show how vote by mail fails,” said @PILFoundation President J. Christian Adams @ElectionLawCtr.

#MailFail #ElectionIntegrity
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Imagine the 'peaceful demonstrations' that DNC ANTIFA/BLM/Brownshirts have in mind for election day. I could see them torching ballot boxes & burning down polling places- or at least harassing & intimidating voters at targeted precincts in coordinated #ElectionInterference.

All to put the final vote count in doubt. Dems would 'appeal' the results to the MSM, the UN & every other Marxist-controlled organization that hates America.

Leftist Orgs like MMFA, OFA & sites like Daily Kos are already gearing up for a fight.

This is the next step in a #ColorRevolution. They're already shooting people in the streets, and have neutered or eliminated Police Protection. This perpetuates & expands the twin cycles of fear & violence- created by politicians & stoked by #CorruptNews corporate MSM.

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