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New Thread on #FakeNews
Everyday running new #SmearCampaigns
There narratives are failing BIGLY!
NO ONE CARES what CNN,NYT, & Others say everyday on News
Called em out like he sees them!
Here is the video @SpeakerPelosi guiding you on how to work a #SmearCampaigns
What #SmearCampaigns mean
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Today in pulp... I get serious about word processing! #WednesdayWisdom
Writing even the simplest document is complex: composing, editing, spell-checking, formatting, version control, page numbering, printing, archiving... Automating even part of the process should lead to a productivity boom.
And in 1964 IBM made a huge stride in this automation with the MT/ST system, combining a 'golfball' typewriter with a magnetic tape drive to create the first reusable storage medium for typed information. No more carbon copies: letters were now electronic.
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This is a business you can do on either a part-time or full time basis, depending on your resources, social network and capability. For those, however, who do not have much capital to start with you can operate right from your house. #WednesdayWisdom
To do a good job, however, there are few important things that you must know.First you must be familiar with the various laws and regulations governing the insurance business. Secondly, you must be certain about the condition for claims.
There are several insurance companies who will employ you and you don't necessary need to resume at their offices until you have clients who want to insure something with you.
One other important factor of success in this business is absolute honesty on your part.
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41 years ago today, the BBC aired its latest science fiction show. Dark, violent and dystopian it pitted a group of criminals against a neo-fascist Federation in a doomed battle for survival and freedom.

This is the story of #Blakes7...
Blakes 7 (no apostrophe) was unique. Created by Terry Nation, it was more George Orwell than George Lucas. Story arcs were long, morals were hazy, lead characters were gruesomely tortured or killed off. Cynicism, ruthlessness and paranoia were always present.
Blakes 7 tells the story of political dissident Roj Blake. Brainwashed and used as bait to trap other dissidents he is then tried on false charges and deported to die on a penal colony.
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What's going on? (account protected) (last tweet 25 Dec) (last tweet 25 Dec) (last tweet 22 Dec) (last tweet 23 Dec)

#QAnon (last tweet 21 Dec) (last tweet 25 Dec) (last tweet 25 Dec) (last tweet 21 Dec)

Bonus: President Trump knows about Seth.

Tweet > response > Q decode
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1. That white evangelical subculture has been "shielded from criticism" is absolutely true; it's something the #Exvangelical community is working to end. The shielding is partly due to evangelical leaders' savvy about cultivating good PR and cozy relationships with journalists.
2. For an introduction to how evangelicals manage their PR, see this piece I wrote for @RDispatches ahead of the midterms:…

To dig deeper, follow and look up the work of @brucewilson, @FredClarkson, and @PRAEyesRight.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
3. But there's another reason evangelicals have been shielded from criticism, and that has to do with what @drvox refers to as "media culture's weird mythology about who is & isn't 'Real American.'"
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@CynthiaCoy8 @braden_rose @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @NancyPelosi @SenWarren @SenSchumer @SenSanders @maziehirono @SenDuckworth @SenJeffMerkley @SenFeinstein @nytimes @washingtonpost @MiamiHerald @AP @Reuters @BarackObama We ask that if a petition reaches a million signatures, that the congress
Must bring it to the floor for debate and a vote within 60 business days of reaching 1 million votes. This WILL be the dawn of a new republic #WednesdayWisdom #resist
@CynthiaCoy8 @braden_rose @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @NancyPelosi @SenWarren @SenSchumer @SenSanders @maziehirono @SenDuckworth @SenJeffMerkley @SenFeinstein @nytimes @washingtonpost @MiamiHerald @AP @Reuters @BarackObama #WeThePeople ask Congress to give our country more power to bring new ideas.Calling the congress by phone has no real record other than for or against an issue. We have more to say to clarify our position.
Should use the telegraph, would be as effective. #ThursdayMotivation
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If you've been on Twitter for a while, you've probably run across daily hashtags such as #WednesdayWisdom or #FridayFeeling. Some accounts appear to be using them on the wrong day. Can this be turned into a diagnostic technique?

cc: @ZellaQuixote
To explore, we downloaded all original tweets (no RTs) containing #WednesdayWisdom since Saturday morning. We then excluded those containing the names of other days of the week, resulting in tweets from 89 accounts.
A significant subset of those 89 accounts appear to be automated. 33 of 89 are either active 24/7, post 90+% of tweets via automation services/API, or both. There's a decent variety, but some of them do appear to be part of networks (indicated by color).
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Look out it's the #FunPolice coming to ruin Christmas songs & Children shows near you!
In the #MeToo era, any remote suggestion of men “taking advantage” of innocent women must be wiped away from history.
“Baby, its Cold Outside,” a classic Christmas song of over 50 years must be banned! It doesn’t matter that 94% of the radio stations listeners said no to the ban, the radio station caved to the 6% that voted the song as inappropriate.
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I'm so insulted by this racist nonsense, this OWG garbage, that I'm threading it so you can all be insulted with me. UGH! #WednesdayWisdom #WASPs
2-"The nostalgia flowing since the passing of George H.W. Bush has many wellsprings: admiration for the World War II generation and its dying breed of warrior-politicians, the usual belated media affection for moderate Republicans, the contrast between the elder Bush’s foreign
3-"policy successes and the failures of his son, and the contrast between any honorable politician and the current occupant of the Oval Office. But two of the more critical takes on Bush nostalgia got closer to the heart of what was being mourned, in distant hindsight, with his
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Beto O’Rourke, who’s pondering a 2020 presidential bid, met with Barack Obama
#WednesdayWisdom #BlueWave2020 #Beto…
2-"Beto O’Rourke, weighing whether to mount a 2020 presidential bid, met recently with ­Barack Obama at his post-presidency offices in Washington.The meeting, which was held Nov. 16 at the former president’s offices in Foggy Bottom, came as former Obama aides have encouraged the
3-"Democratic House member to run, seeing him as capable of the same kind of inspirational campaign that caught fire in the 2008 presidential election.The meeting was the first sign of Obama getting personally involved in conversations with O’Rourke, who, despite his November
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"..subpoenas seek details on some of the most closely held secrets of Trump’s presidency: Which foreign governments have paid the Trump Organization money? How much?..for what?" #WednesdayWisdom…
2-"The attorneys general for Maryland and the District of Columbia issued subpoenas for financial records and other documents from as many as 13 of President Trump’s private entities Tuesday as part of an ongoing lawsuit alleging that his business violates the Constitution’s ban
3-"on gifts or payments from foreign governments.The subpoenas seek details on some of the most closely held secrets of Trump’s presidency: Which foreign governments have paid the Trump Organization money? How much? And for what?All of the documents — among them marketing
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"Once again this week, world leaders, U.S. lawmakers and jittery investors have been reminded that Trump’s words cannot always be trusted."
#WednesdayWisdom #China #TradeWar #StockMarket…
2-"After his Argentine steak dinner last weekend with Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Trump announced that they had reached an “incredible deal” to temporarily suspend his trade war. But days later, Trump declared, “I am a Tariff man.”Trump last week proposed stripping
3-"away electric-car subsidies from General Motors as punishment for the automotive giant moving to cease production at plants in the United States and Canada. But then his chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said the White House would do no such thing. Targeting a single
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2/"Listen to me. The trees in the White House were all green when I got here. They were all green as recently as Monday. But the trees have turned. Walk faster. Don’t be afraid. The trees would smell it. Things are wrong here. Little details are wrong. The attorney general is
3/"different. He hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate. We go nearly a month between daily press briefings. The trees are red. The phrase “Be Best” is everywhere. “Be Best.” As though to “be best” is grammatical and not the clumsy articulation of a child. But there are no children
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This cabal of crazies have done everything that they possibly could to mess with Obama, then Clinton and now the Mueller Investigation. Jerome Corsi & Roger Stone are dangerous little lunatics. Really. #WednesdayWisdom…
2/"Conservative author Jerome Corsi alerted longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone in early August 2016 that WikiLeaks planned to release material damaging to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, including documents related to her campaign chairman John Podesta, according to a draft
3/"court filing. Corsi emailed Stone about WikiLeaks’s plans nearly 10 weeks before the group published Podesta’s hacked emails in October, according to the document, which was prepared by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team as part of plea negotiations with Corsi that
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A little birdie just whispered something in my ear, so I did a little digging. Part of Manafort’s plea agreement was admitting guilt in STATE CRIMES. He is not a very smart man because those cannot be pardoned. He will rot in jail. Get him @NewYorkStateAG 1)
If prosecutors went after him in New York, Virginia or California — where Manafort has already admitted to defrauding banks and evading taxes — the former campaign chairman could be looking at significant prison time that couldn't be erased by presidential pardon. 2)
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"[Manafort] He is now in a far worse position than if he had never elected to cooperate, or if he had followed through on his agreement." #WednesdayWisdom #Mueller…
2/"How to make sense of the bizarre turn of events involving Paul Manafort? Two months ago, he struck a plea deal with Robert Mueller, the special counsel — he pleaded guilty but agreed to provide full and truthful information in exchange for a more lenient sentence.
3/"But according to a filing by Mr. Mueller’s team on Monday, Mr. Manafort lied to them repeatedly, and after multiple warnings. He is now in a far worse position than if he had never elected to cooperate, or if he had followed through on his agreement. What was he thinking?
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This is the NYT story that broke the whole Manafort issue wide open last night. This raises a LOT of new ? about all of the players, including the lawyers! #WednesdayWisdom…
2/"WASHINGTON — A lawyer for Paul Manafort, the president’s onetime campaign chairman, repeatedly briefed President Trump’s lawyers on his client’s discussions with federal investigators after Mr. Manafort agreed to cooperate with the special counsel, according to one of Mr.
3/"Trump’s lawyers and two other people familiar with the conversations. The arrangement was highly unusual and inflamed tensions with the special counsel’s office when prosecutors discovered it after Mr. Manafort began cooperating two months ago, the people said. Some legal
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2/"The Trump administration has given U.S. troops along the southern border permission to use force in protection of federal Border Patrol agents, but there has been no decision to alter the military’s mission there, Defense Secretary Mattis said Wednesday...
3/"According to the order, signed by White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, military personnel may use “a show or use of force (including lethal force, where necessary), crowd control, temporary detention and cursory search” to protect CBP..." WaPo, 11/21/18
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Wow, charming! What's coming around for Matt Whitaker likely won't be pleasant. Not at all. Hardcore, judgmental & hateful man. Yikes! #WednesdayWisdom…
2/"Raeanna Woody’s crimes hardly seemed like they would add up to a life sentence in prison. She had two nonviolent drug convictions, for possessing marijuana and delivering 12 grams of methamphetamine. But when she was arrested in a third drug case, she said, the office of
3/"U.S. Attorney Matthew G. Whitaker decided to make an example of her. Under Whitaker, who is now acting attorney general, Woody was given a choice: spend the rest of her life in jail, or accept a plea bargain sentence of 21 to 27 years, according to court records. She took the
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Today in pulp I look at a few Email dos and donts... #WednesdayWisdom
First things first: are you sitting comfortably? RSI isn't funny, so be sure you are in a supported but relaxed position before you start typing.
And if you're going to be writing a lot of emails it's a good idea to warm your fingers and wrists up first with some gentle stretches.
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Populism: Rich politicians telling the people the economic bottom of society that the problem is other people at the economic bottom of society.
In other words, this:
You can watch the full conversation here:
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Today I'm looking back at the career of English painter, book illustrator and war artist Edward Ardizzone. #WednesdayWisdom
Edward Ardizzone was born in Vietnam in 1900 to Anglo-French parents. Aged 5 he moved to England, settling in Suffolk.
Whilst working as an office clerk in London Ardizzone began to take lessons at the Westminster School of Art in his spare time. In 1926 he gave up his office job to concentrate on becoming a professional artist.
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