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#Fascist politicians typically gain support by appealing to people’s nationalism & racism, especially by promoting suspicion or hatred of people that they label as foreigners or otherwise cast as 'illegitimate citizens' — as Hitler did with the Jews.

Do you understand? 🇬🇧 Image
There are a number of general characteristics that fascist movements from 1922 - 1945 tend to have in common, many of which will feel eerily familiar to anyone living in Britain today. 🇬🇧…
I'll just list a few. Draw your own conclusions.

Opposition to Marxism, wealth redistribution, & liberalism.

Racism, sexism & misogyny.

Conservative economic programs.

Unquestioning obedience to authority.

Anti-urbanism. Anti-intellectualism. Anti-individualism.
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#FascistCrimes#Otd in 1944, in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, the Nazis and their fascist collaborators tricked 31 young #partisans into surrender and murdered them, leaving their bodies to hang from the trees lining the town's main boulevard>
#Thread 1/9
#26settembre #September26
for 4 days. What led to this massacre? The ranks of the partisans had swelled considerably in the summer of 1944. Many young men "took to the mountains" also to escape the Fascist draft and war, and execution if >
#Thread #BassanodelGrappa @LouiseRawAuthor #26settembre
they were found. That caused several problems, one being making it easier for informers to infiltrate the Resistance movement and traitors to gather information for the Nazi/Fascists who were getting ready to launch a series of massive anti-partisan raids. >
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#AoGCult Stephen Strang owns Charisma Magazine (helped by #CNP Pastor Karl Strader his nephew is Doug Wead Russian $ Trump) promoting Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America w/ Flynn #KochNetwork #Fascism


Flynn spoke @ Assembly of God “church” #AoGCult by John Hagee & close friend Doug Wead (Russia $ Trump, #AmwayCult) Robertson, Graham, Crouch, Dobson, etc & National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) & National Association of Evangelicals #KochNetwork #Fascism…
Pentecostal Assembly of God #AoGCult started early 1900s (Global) by Parham. Horrible history - violent deaths. Pastors - Graham, Falwell, Oral Roberts, the Bakkers, Karl Strader, wife Joyce is Aunt to Doug Wead #AmwayCult Russia $ Trump #KochNetwork 👉…
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This "Sticky Dough" account from Kiev, set up in February '22, cuts to the chase and has a straight-up old-school Azov badge in his profile pic. Wolfsangel plus Sonnenrad. Image
And here's a Petlyura fan account with a single Wolfsangel and two Balkenkreuz's. It's worth noting the handle starts with "oberstu" in, Obersturmbannfuehrer? That would mix a couple of historical periods, but I get the idea. 🤨 Image
"Ukraine ueber alles, bitch" says even more more than that Wolfsangel over there. 🧐 Image
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When I and others suggest that today's Tory party is verging on fascism, some people say I am exaggerating. I'm not. I offer four examples that illustrate that today's Tory party has become so right-wing that classifying them as fascists is accurate /1
Firstly, scapegoating. In the 1930s, the German Nazi party blamed all the country's problems on Jews. They called them the Untermensch. In today's Britain, refugees who cross the channel to claim asylum because there is no legal route open to them are demonised in the same way /2
Secondly Trade Unions. On 2 May 1933, just three months after Adolf Hitler's appointment as Chancellor of Germany, All Trades Union were banned. In today's Tory Britain, legislation to remove the right to strike is being proposed and pushed by the Tory Party /3
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Nazi-Fascists of Bulgaria:

IVAN - VANCHO MIHAJLOV - "The Man Who Murders For Von Ribbentrop"

"But even high officials of the German Foreign Office, accustomed to these constant visits from bloodstained ‘leaders,' were startled when, Image
oneday in the spring of 1940, their chief was called upon by no less a person than Ivan Mikhailoff, confederate of Pavelic and head [usurper] of the IMRO - the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation".
- "Of all the murderers on Hitler's visiting list, Mikhailoff is the most brutal and cold-blooded."

Source: "The Voice," Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, Saturday, 30 August 1941.
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Dominic Raab is planning to curb judges’ powers in a move likely to make it harder to bring successful legal challenges against the government in England & Wales.

If it acts exactly like a fascist, it probably is a fascist.…
The UK Government's barbaric Rwanda plan is eerily reminiscent of the Madagascar Plan, proposed by the Nazi Government in 1940 - a plan to forcibly relocate the Jewish population of Europe to the island of Madagascar.

If it looks exactly like fascism, it probably is a fascism.
It could never happen here, right?

Surely the British people would never tolerate any UK Govt joining forces with actual neo-Nazis across Europe, let alone actually introducing explicitly discriminatory laws.

If it precisely resembles fascism, it's almost certainly fascism.
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A group calling itself the #UnitedPeopleOfCanada or TUPC, has only existed since March 24, yet somehow has $6M to purchase a heritage property in #Ottawa. Oh, & they call it the “embassy” & have ties to #FreeDumbConvoy - which they gaslight about… #cdnpoli
I’ll highlight this part again because it’s significant. TUPC has already retrained legal counsel, stating they plan to be litigious towards people calling them out.

Now why would an organization not quite 4 months old, feel the need to retain legal to “intervene”?🧐🤔 #cdnpoli
Interesting thread delving into the fascist symbolism of TUPC.
“The United People of Canada” is also registered as a “nonprofit”. I smell grift & a way to launder foreign money & funnel it to domestic political campaigns (ie Polievre, perhaps?) #cdnpoli

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It's hard to disagree with the introduction to this article, so I'll quote it in full:

"In the last three decades, we have witnessed a gradual but consistent return to prominence of extreme right, authoritarian & #fascist views, values & politics across the world."
"Whereas the #fascist authoritarian extreme right was a marginal political phenomenon in many democratic countries 30 years ago, it has in a relatively short period of time become a strong, powerful and emboldened segment of the mainstream right...
...with ideas and viewpoints once considered deviant and morally repugnant today confidently asserted as 'the new common sense' and increasingly shaping public policy."
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Some people have asked me why I describe the UK Government as #neofascist, rather than just straightforwardly #fascist.

While of course there are many similarities, there are some crucial differences.

Like their fascist predecessors, #neofascists embrace populist nationalism & authoritarian values, attack Marxist & other left-wing ideologies, indulge in racist & xenophobic scapegoating, & portray themselves as protectors of traditional national culture & religion.
Whereas fascists assigned much of the blame for their countries’ economic problems to the machinations of bolsheviks, liberals, & Jews, British neofascists tend to focus on non-European immigrants, arriving in increasing numbers from the 1990s.
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Today I've seen a number of trending hashtags with a common theme: the UK Government's increasingly obvious #Fascist tendencies.

Know your history.

#TomHunt #PeterBone #LizTruss
#Rwanfda #RwandaNotInMyName #RwandaDeportation #ToryFascist
#ToryFascistDictatorship #PritiPatel
#THREAD on what Linguist Ruth Wodak calls 'shameless normalisation', which explicitly refers to ‘impolite or shameless behaviour’ manifested in "the far-right populists’ agendas (& related rhetoric)... which have already reached the political mainstream."

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There's much about #fascism that is largely hidden from us in Britain.

#Fascist ideas prospered politically only when perceived economic threats increased their appeal to members of certain social groups.

In 1928, before the onset of the Great Depression in Germany, Hitler received less than 3 percent of the vote; after 1930, however, far more voters—many of them middle and lower-middle class individuals fearful of “proletarianization”—gave him their support.
The economic anxiety underlying the success of Nazism was reflected to some extent in party membership, which was drawn disproportionately from economic elites and other high-status groups—especially for leadership positions.
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#Kremlins des Putin-#Faschismus lassen "#Azov" trenden. Wer oder was ist also das #Azov-Bataillon innerhalb des Asow'schen Regiments?
Einige Quellen.
#Ukraine️ #Piraten 1/4
"A far-right battalion has a key role in #Ukraine's resistance. Its neo-Nazi history has been exploited by Putin" #Azov -… via @CNN
#Piraten 2/4
Jewish Ukrainians gear up for fierce Russia fight, alongside the ‘neo-Nazis’ of #Azov they say Putin is lying about -…
#Piraten für #Ukraine 3/4
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🧵1320+ hrs since #Ukrainian Patriotic War of Independence was started by #Russia full scale attack & 2981? days since #RussiaInvadedUkraine
Can't write much now, not much is clear really, situation may be changing. What doesn't change is that it hurts for #Mariupol...
More shell strikes, apparently attempts to advance. Hard to make conclusions, but #Ukrainian army doesn't just sit and wait, when possible there are counter attacks as there are reports that #Ukraine regained control of #Maryinka near #Donetsk.
However, the main attacks probably may be along #Izium-#Kurakhove axis. But if #Russians manage to get more men they may try broader actions + they will try attacking everywhere they can, not minding own losses, not to speak of our civilians, anyway. Their playbook since soviets
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A🧵thread on #Navalny so that hopefully it is clearer to Westerners why Ukrainians are sceptical of him (and no, Ukrainians aren't fools who need stuff explained to them !NEWSFLASH! our opinion kinda matters). As a teaser: twit by the man himself criticizing arms support for 🇺🇦
Peculiarly, despite criticizing #putin, #Navalny somehow supports #Kremlin's strategies, first, most obvious, his stance on the matter with #Russian annexation of #Crimea (our "#Sudetenland" if you will) is pretty clear - he supports it!
One thing on Crimea annexation he's not happy with - he would like to legalize it internationally (and indeed he'd a handy figure to do so, after toxic #putin is done).
Although, he isn't really as liberal as Russian propaganda paints him (hm.. why would they do it, huh?)
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I could write something like "#Russian culture" here, but really it's not it. It's not even that much cult of war these days as more of a cult of crime (although #fascist militaristic frenzy is there, yet, it's criminal "ethics" and culture that penetrates all spheres of 🇷🇺life) Image
🧵No, #RussianCulture is not "tanks, balalaika, bear, matryoshka" as may be made fun on in the West, neither it's "Tchaikovsky&Tolstoy™". It's endless stream of sleazy dumb criminal shows about criminal cops and mobsters, the gopnik "ethics" and culture, the cult of crime. ImageImageImageImage
There is some cult of "Great Patriotic War" in #Russia, for sure - but it's really a couple of cheap, cheesy shows about that war and only for the May holidays, not even mainstream in so called #RussianCulture ImageImageImageImage
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🧵1200+1 hrs since #Ukrainian Patriotic War of Independence was started by #Russia full scale attack & 2976? days since #RussiaInvadedUkraine.
Pretty much the same as last time - tense situation waiting for new #Russist violence as they sink in frustration over their failures...
More missile strikes, air alerts across entire country. Which is ofc expected after the humiliation #Russia suffered when its #Moskva sank. Frustrated with own failures they can only escalate and keep destroying our cities, sending missies to kill us from, for now, safe distance
#Russia's #criminal culture demands an "otvetka" - their criminal slang for a retaliation, which, characteristically, they use openly in their propaganda - crime is a part of their fascist mafia culture, after all.
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1. Yesterday, one of the culprits of #Russia's return to imperialist #ultranationalism, the #fascist #VladimirZhirinovsky, died. On Zhirinovskii's form of #Russianfascism:… @FFRAFAction @KomRex_UniJena @FascismJourna
2. His #LDPR's victory, with 22.92% in the first post-Soviet multi-party parliamentary elections in December 1993, was an insufficient but necessary pre-condition for Moscow's military intervention in #Chechnya one year later.
@russian_monitor @ElectionsCenter @russia_matters
3. The #FirstChechenWar of 1994-1996 and its deep repercussions on #Russian society were arguably the beginning of the end of post-Soviet proto-democracy. See:…
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1/ Viewed from the perspective of #EU & #NATO members only, I fear that a strict policy of non-intervention is demoralising for us and emboldening for #Russia and #China. What do our governments think the world will look like in the next few years if Russia ultimately prevails?
2/ We should not underestimate the demoralising effects on the West of the suffering of the Ukrainian nation and of the brazen and massive violations of International Law and of every principle of civilised behaviour now pursued by the #fascist #dictatorship in #Moscow.
3/ Our nations and governments must be fully mobilised in the service of what we hold most dear, not only in the defence of our territories, but also in the defence of the freedom of #Ukraine. Stepping behind the triple red line of #NATO is not enough.
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A small thread on the mind of #Putin. 🧵

To understand Putin you must understand Ivan Ilyin. This well-recognised fascist intellectual was around more or less a century ago. See the link below to get a better idea of his frightening totalitarian vision..…
What I find even more compelling is the response to Ilyin and his 1925 work "On The Use of Violence to Resist Evil" (fun title!) and the outright concern about where this sort of path can lead *even then* - pre-Hitler, pre nuclear weapons, pre Cold War, pre terrorism etc etc
Another leading thinker N. A Berdyaev produced a polemic on Ilyin called, "The Nightmare of Evil Good."

The full text is here:…
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Supporting neoNazis abroad, smearing Canadians as fascist at home: #Freeland #Fascist #convoytoottawa2022

'The source in Kyiv credits Ms. Freeland as the key intervention that changed the Ukrainian government’s plan to arrest the former president.'…
'Poroshenko, who served as president from 2014 to 2019, was placed under investigation for high treason and left Ukraine in December. '…
'The sources in Ottawa and Kyiv say she [Freeland] warned that the arrest of the former president would send an antidemocratic message to the world and undermine efforts to bolster the country in the face of a threatened Russian invasion.'
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Welcome to the new #CPC and their leader @PierrePoilievre Reference to back this picture’s claim:… Disclaimer: I can’t confirm if the term was used on more than this one occasion. Source if pictures:…
Reference:… @PierrePoilievre did apologize after a backlash of outrage. Doesn’t seem genuine to me. Not material for a democratic leader who states he intends to become our PM!
Read the details of the @PierrePoilievre violations of the Elections Canada Act here:…
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1/  THREAD: This is Indiana State Senator Scott Baldwin — a Republican from Noblesville, Indiana. He's recently said that teachers, "need to be impartial" during lessons about Nazism and Fascism. #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #ScottBaldwin #Nazism #Nazi #Fascism #Fascist Image
2/ Note Baldwin's facial expression. What do you see?

• He's 'Smiling' out of one side of the mouth
3/ This is NOT a Sincere Smile (not a Duchenne Smile).
How can we tell this his 'smile' is insincere smile? What characteristics are displayed and betrayed here?
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