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In my @cbcradio interview today, I said that #migrants crisis on #Belarus #PolandBorder is escalation of conflict between EU, in particular #Poland, & Belarus. #Lukashenko government uses it to retaliate for EU, especially Poland’s, support of opposition & sanctions.
Humanitarian crisis on #BelarusBorder with #Poland intensifies because of cold weather & harsh living conditions of #migrants, including many women & children. #Polish police used water cannons. Poland continues to block attempts of migrants to cross border & apply for asylum.
#Polish government actions are aimed in boosting popular support. Statement by #Poland prime minister that #migrants crisis is #terrorism does not meet definition of terrorism. Polish police used water cannons, & Poland continues to block attempts of migrants to cross border
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For those who love to tout about the so-called, well oiled GOP machine? Seems as if they had a few problems when the vote happened resulting in the passing of the BIF last Saturday morning.

And it highlights the sheer political skill and acumen of @SpeakerPelosi.
First, the BIF has PLENTY of earmarks in it from GOP members of Congress, going to roads, bridges, broadband and water systems. Against the GOP leadership, 13 Republicans voted with the Democrats on this bill.
Reps. Don Bacon (NB); Nicole Malliotakis (NY); Don Young (AK); Adam Kinzinger (IL); Fred Upton (MI); Jeff Van Drew + Chris Smith (NJ); Andrew Garbarino, John Katko + Tom Reed (NY); Anthony Gonzalez (OH); Brian Fitzpatrick (PA) and David McKinley (WV).
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As a former fan of Coach’s Corner I lost my fire when the #Libtards at the #CBC fired Don Cherry @CoachsCornerDC for being a proud #Canadian who #respects the ultimate #sacrifice our #WarDead made and wears a Poppy like I and all respectful Canadians do…
Then the #BLM B.S. came in 2020 and I seen something happening that made me angry enough to shut off the game I’ve loved my whole life. I seen the true colours of racism being forced into each and every home in Canada. We were being told in clear messaging that said…
if you’re a white Canadian you need to know that you’re the racist. You need to bend your knee. You must listen. You must watch. You must hear this. You must change your racist ways.

Well that was more than enough for me. Nobody…
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1/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

Since Zelda went into hiding over violent protests that terrorized hospitals & Liberal campaign stops, participants scurried to find new places to organize & a 🇨🇦 companion to Parler has emerged

This #thread is RE partisan #violence & how it's paid for
2/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Violence #Elxn44

There's been much ado trying to insulate Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole from the vulgar & violent uprising surrounding right-wing causes during the election

But on #Aug23 the CPC posted propaganda that specifically invoked violence as a motto
3/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Violence #Elxn44

The full Conservative ad shows a boxer punching forward & that was uncivilized enough

For those who use dark theme, xray, or colour inversion display (for style or visual disability), the violence was quite amplified
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#CBC am I the only one who has a problem with this education system? @wmnjoya complained for ages and no one paid attention. Maybe she was too technical so we missed the point. Mine is very simple, is there an education system that is as discriminatory as this?🤨
I am a product of the pre-mutilated version 8-4-4. I carved wooden swords, made clay pots, made a dozen woolen baby bootees, stitched table clothes, sewed pyjamas and made pilau, all in school; in arts and craft, home science etc.
Every child in Kenya in the 80s and early 90s did this. We did it in school with our teachers, the people paid to instil knowledge and skills as part of the curriculum. Half the time, our parents had no clue what we doing in class but we proudly brought home our finished product
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1/24 This is the second #thread in a controlled #leak of my #CAF/#DND investigation. The reason I've chosen to release these details early is to neutralize #disinformation in #CDNmedia during the pre-writ phase

This one is RE Conservative Party Leader Erin O'Toole #CDNpoli
2/24 #CAF #DND #CDNpoli

As my first #thread about Deputy Minister Jody Thomas identified, there's an issue with "torqued" #CDNmedia at Global News (Mercedes Stephenson) + Globe & Mail (Robert Fife) surrounding the Canadian Armed Forces

For reference:
3/24 #CAF #DND #CDNpoli

Most readers are unaware of Mercedes Stephenson's (Global News) undisclosed conflict of interest pertaining to her husband, Dan Mader. Widely described as an on-again/off-again union, Canadian Forces & #CDNmedia were invited to the wedding in 2015
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BREAKING: BC unveils 'Re-start 2.0'. The following thread breaks down what will resume when. Attached is an overview, but all of it with a caveat: Re-opening is based on dates AND data, so it's all dependent on meeting specific thresholds. @cbcnewsbc #cbc #bcpoli #bcleg #cdnpoli Image
*Personal Gatherings* (people you know):
-MAY 25th: indoor gatherings up to 5 people, or 1 other household
-JUNE 15th: outdoor gatherings up to 50 people
-JULY 1st: return to normal for indoor & outdoor gatherings
-SEPT. 7th: normal social contact
@cbcnewsbc #bcleg #bcpoli Image
*Organized Gatherings* (could be strangers):
-MAY 25th: indoor seated gatherings of 10 people, outdoor seated gatherings of 50 people
-JUNE 15th: indoor gatherings of 50 people
-JULY 1st: fairs and festivals can resume
-SEPT. 7th: concerts can resume
@cbcnewsbc #bcleg #bcpoli Image
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1/9 Add another former #CBC voice to the list

This is the worst idea @CBCNews has ever contemplated, that leads to demise of the public broadcaster & bastardizing #PressFreedom by mixing facts with #FakeNews

(see next post in thread)

#CDNmedia #CDNpoli…
2/9 Execs at #CBC are being blinded by the dollar signs when it's not their mandate to follow in the footsteps of privately owned #CDNmedia

Before @CBCNews was outrageously politicized by the Harper Govt it was a dream come true to report there, as leader of industry standards
3/9 But the trauma of the Harper Govt has obviously led to a PTSD of sorts, with lingering symptoms that could cause this shift in thinking at @CBCNews

If LPC, NDP, GPC & Bloc wish to combat the rise of #FakeNews by predominantly right-wing sources, they must outlaw advertorials
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1/9 This is 1 of the ways the public fails to grasp how #CDNmedia functions

In the case of #CBC, the board is often tainted by partisanship but it was replaced by the current govt. Continuing issue is higher placed editors & producers who may still wage political battles within
2/9 To support that point, I departed from CBC over a dispute about the Occupy movement. I was dispatched to cover the Toronto camp & I wrote that it was peaceful. But CBC maintains the right for editors to re-write & they did that to me, wrongly claiming the event was violent
3/9 The exec editor went so far as to use a pic of a bomb exploding in Egypt to represent my Toronto coverage. I disputed this politicized spin printed under my byline & my contract was cancelled on the spot. I also couldn't grieve because they use contracts to evade the union
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أنقل لكم في هذا الثريد تودد مستشار #أردوغان #ياسين_أقطاي لـ #مصر وجيشها.
وتعليق الوزير الخارجية المصري #سامح_شكري على هذه المبادرة التركية. ImageImage
نبدأ بما قاله مستشار #أردوغان #ياسين_أقطاي في حواره مع موقع #عربي21 التابع لـ #الاخوان_المسلمين

*لا توجد لدي معلومات دقيقة بخصوص تفاهم بين #أنقرة و #القاهرة في الملف الليبي، لكن حسبما أسمع وأرى فإن هناك تقاربا وتواصلا بين الأطراف".
* لابد أن يكون هناك تواصل بالفعل بغض النظر عن أي خلافات سياسية بين #أردوغان و #السيسي، فالحكومتان والشعبان يجب أن يتقاربا.

* موقفنا وتواجدنا في #ليبيا ليس إلا لإقامة الإصلاح والسلام، وترك ليبيا لليبيين، وهذا ليس احتلالا بأي صورة من الصور، ونأمل أن تتبنى #مصر هذا النهج.
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1 - Clifton Cantonment Board CBC in DHA Karachi resolved the problems by threatening the peaceful protesters
Full Program : |
#DHA #StormWaterDrain #KarachiRains #KarachiRain #KarachiSinks #CliftonCantonmentBoard #DHACares
2 - Clifton Cantonment Board CBC in DHA Karachi resolved the problems by threatening the peaceful protesters
Full Program : |
#DHA #StormWaterDrain #KarachiRains #KarachiRain #KarachiSinks #CliftonCantonmentBoard #DHACares
۱ - کلفٹن کنٹونمنٹ بورڈ نے اپنے زیر انتظام ڈی ایچ اے کراچی سمیت دیگر علاقوں کے مسائل پلک جھپکتے ہی کیسے حل کئیے 👈

#DHA #StormWaterDrain #KarachiRains #KarachiRain #KarachiSinks #CliftonCantonmentBoard #DHACares
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Ground Floor of every House from 5th Commercial Street to 10th Commercial Street Phase 4 #DHA #Karachi is under 3/4 Feet water and streets are also under water. Clifton Cantonment Board , DHA are no where . No Electricity hence no water since 1200 clock yesterday. #KarachiRain
Ground Floor of every House from 5th Commercial Street to 10th Commercial Street Phase 4 #DHA #Karachi is under 3/4 Feet water and streets are also under water. Clifton Cantonment Board , DHA are no where . No Electricity hence no water since 1200 clock yesterday. #KarachiRains
Ground Floor of every House from 5th Commercial Street to 10th Commercial Street Phase 4 #DHA #Karachi is under 3/4 Feet water and streets are also under water. Clifton Cantonment Board , DHA are no where . No Electricity hence no water since 1200 clock yesterday. #KarachiSinks
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Good evening class!

Here is a #PoliticalEducationKE thread prepared by The Centre for Public Integrity Kenya (CPIK)

The Kenyatta family, conflict of interest and the political economy of State Capture in Kenya

This CAT will contribute 40% towards your end year exams.
As Economist Dr @DavidNdii, Uhuru's agemate has been telling us, the Kenyatta family empire has now gone beyond Kshs 5 trillion net worth. Trillion, not billion worth...

With Uhuru at State House, this will continue to rise because of *the conflict of interest corrupt arrangement* where the whole republic is a kitega Mali ama kitega uchumi.

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1. Rex Murphy, like the rest of his RW cohorts, reveals his stunning hypocrisy yet again. In spite of the fact that it has yet to be determined if there is a COI in this WE case, Murphy stunningly imagines himself to be in a position to talk about conflicts of interest #cdnpoli Image
2. Rex Murphy has his own glaring conflicts of interest. While pulling cheques from taxpayers while at the #CBC, Murphy never once disclosed he was on the payroll of oil & gas corporations as he shilled for them on air. #cdnpoli… Image
3. But what is the cherry on this #hypocrisy sundae? #RexMurphy pulled up to an estimated...wait for it...$30K FOR GIVING SPEECHES! Including to black-tie events at a Calgary business forum, attended by the CEOs of Kinder Morgan, Enbridge, & TransCanada. #cdnpoli #WECharity Image
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Emergency Situation:

We have a young family that just moved here from Lethbridge. We were able to help them get into a basement suite and get them a hamper but we still need help with raising money for the rest of the damage deposit...
...the landlord was gracious enough to let Harvest Hills Cares Calgary pay a partial Damage Deposit and two months rent ahead of time.

The remaining amount owing for the rest of the Damage Deposit is: $650.00

Etransfers can be sent to:

HHCC Can be contacted at 403-608-7224 for more information.

1.) I’m in my early 40’s
2.) I’m married
3.) I live in Calgary
4.) I have 3 kids
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BREAKING: BC releases geographical-specific #COVID19 data, breaking down case counts beyond health authorities. This sources health service delivery areas - pink is overall, purple is recent. NOTE: #Richmond has had 0 cases since at least May 18th. @cbcnewsbc #cbc #bcpoli #bcleg
NEW: Fascinating first look at virus origin in BC, using genome sequencing to trace where #COVID19 was picked up. NOTE: first surge of European-like / Eastern Canada cases stemmed from Vancouver dental conference outbreak. @cbcnewsbc #cbc #bcpoli #bcleg #cdnpoli #coronavirus
NEW: Here is a map overlaying the breakdown of local regions vs. where #coronavirus was picked up. NOTE: bulk of Metro Vancouver's cases had Washington State-like lineage (which also envelops similar genomic cases from other parts of US). @cbcnewsbc #cbc #bcpoli #bcleg #COVID19
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Cellphone tower set on fire in Saint-Henri

yo .⁦@CBCMontreal⁩ .⁦@CBCAlerts

your story 👇 talks of “False narratives around #5G technology...” so by all means let’s deal with #5Gfacts & not mindlessly conflate with #C19



***no independent scientific studies of #5G safety have ever been conducted — #fact wireless industry reps themselves have admitted.***

this MUST be brought to public attention!!!

(it certainly has been kept quiet so far.... 🤔 yo #cdnmedia! )


2 /

any claims of #5G safety by #BigTelecom are cynical PR distraction ploy from core threats to human health (which #BigWireless, #lobbyists & servile ‘regulator’ .@GovCanHealth — both #PHAC & #HealthCanada — refuse to acknowledge)…


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Let me use this tweet about medical training to explain, yet again, how corruption is destroying our education and professional training.

To understand how the system works, you have to understand some theory. Yes, that word which parasite sector and government have made the devil incarnate of education.

By the time I finish this thread, you'll see why they hate theory so much.
Theory is very simple. It's a narrative about patterns. Theory explains how things are related to one another, and how each event will happen together with another event in whichever sector you go. So this theory applies to health, #CBC, unis, anywhere there is a social service.
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From Valley Medical Clinic in Strathmore, Alberta.

Dear Patients of Valley Medical

As you may have heard, the government of Alberta has decided to terminate the Alberta Health contract with doctors, effective March 31st.
They have also decided to implement new changes to how healthcare is delivered starting April 1st.

These changes have been fought by Alberta doctors and the Alberta Medical Association since they were proposed in December.
Unfortunately for Albertans, the government decided to stop mediation between themselves and the AMA on February 14th.

There will be significant changes in the way Albertans receive healthcare as a direct result of these cuts.
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Kenyans, this is what KICD said.

Now, if you go through my media appearances, I said that this system change disempowered teachers and dictated teaching decisions from Nairobi.

At one point, my argument that teachers should be allowed to be creative was refuted by saying that our teachers are incompetent.
This again, is from KICD. Once again, they are shifting the goal posts. #cbc
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(Thread) Breaking. The intellectual disciple of the far right Jordan Peterson is being treated in RUSSIA for a benzo addiction which his daughter claims was ‘misdiagnosed’ in North America.…
2. Peterson is the University of Toronto psychology professor who became the acceptable face of the far right through his intellectual justifications of racist iconography like Pepe The Frog. He made a fortune through donations on YouTube and Patreon. @NarativLive
3. My heart goes out to Peterson and his family. His situation is dire and I wish him a long-lasting recovery. Secondly, it's appalling that the right wing @NationalPost has reported on this without context, especially as Peterson is a columnist for them.…
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