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I confess, I left #CPC19 a little early and watched the speech online so I could enjoy
No regrets
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Boris Johnson repeats assertion which has been commonplace all this week, that the govt has “cleared up the debt”.

Current UK debt?

Around £1.8 trillion. #cpc19
Johnson says if Parliament were a school “it would be shut down by ofsted”

Not sure the analogy works. On that basis he’s the about to be sacked headmaster. #cpc19
Boris Johnson says Jeremy Corbyn would hold a Scottish referendum in 2020.

That seems highly unlikely. #CPC19
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Boris Johnson at DUP reception #cpc19
Suspect he may have offered to pay for the wine
Nigel Dodds: “We intend to be back next year...”
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.@GregHands: “I would be very doubtful that the UK govt would propose customs checks on the island of Ireland either at the border or a few miles away.” #CPC19

Nonetheless it seems they have done so...
Hands: “I believe we can still get a deal and leave by October 31st.”
Very few others privately do.
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.⁦@grantshapps⁩ conjuring the memory of the Victorians in an energetic and uplifting paean to the importance of Britain’s infrastructure ⁦@CPSThinkTank#CPC19
Speaks of the frustration of trying to ‘cut through the blancmange’ and get even relatively simple decisions made - key to getting infrastructure built
Says that 3/4 of Thomas Cook clients now back, 95% on scheduled day. (I agree: has faded from news coverage precisely because govt has actually done a v g job of mopping up, even if precious little thanks for it...)
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Full house for @patel4witham speech. #CPC19
Patel: “Today here in Manchester the Conservative Party takes its rightful place as the party of law and order in Britain once again”

Questions then.

When wasn’t it, exactly? under Theresa May, one of her predecessors as Home Secretary? Or Sajid Javid, now Chancellor?
Seems especially tough on May and Cameron given it wasn’t under their premierships that the Conservative Party flirted with disobeying the law...
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We're at the Tory Party conference keeping an eye on environmental announcments and developments. Here's what @TheENDSReport @simonpickstone and @Conor_ENDS have learned so far #CPC19
Thread (1/10)
(2/10) Chancellor @sajidjavid has launched 'Brexit red tape challenge' giving the UK the chance to "remove or improve" regulations…
(3/10) Environment secretary Theresa Villiers has said she wants to "take control of environmental regulations" after Brexit…
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And now to the Gaukeward squad. Applause as (former Tory MPs) @AlistairBurtUK @DavidGauke and Dominic Grieve enter the room.
Grieve: “All of us want the best for the Conservative party and also want what is best for the country. Being a party loyalist means putting country before party. And we are 30 days away from a potentially catastrophic event in our country’s history.”
Grieve: “There may be many people in this country who can make a no deal transition. But as the yellowhammer papers make clear, it’ll be the vulnerable in our society who will suffer most. That is something that we as Conservatives cannot neglect.”
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Javid:”No more second guessing. No best of three. One vote. One mandate. One nation moving forwards together.”#CPC19
Javid: “Whenever I talk to businesses and international investors the concern they raise with me is not the manner of our exit from the EU it’s about the policies of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.”

Hmm. I think they’re rather concerned about both.
Javid: “Labour left behind a bankrupt Britain and we fixed it.”

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Chancellor to #CPC19: No Deal prep my top priority ... not without significant challenges... our step change in prep has made a deal more likely, and no deal more manageable
Chancellor says Bank of England has already revised down economic impact of No Deal because of preps... (now a hit of 5.5% rather than 8%)
Failing to deliver Brexit “will tear at the fabric of British democracy” ... “one vote, one mandate, one nation” - number one concern of business in not EU withdrawal but Labour, says Chancellor:
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"Remainer May is the reason Brexit isn't the romping success we expected".

Your argument rests on the idea that you voted for a concept so vague that it could be fundamentally changed depending on who happened to be in charge.
There's a difference between a vote to make something illegal and a vote to scrap the NHS.

Something can illegal day 1. The NHS would need to be replaced with a new healthcare system. If people couldn't agree on the new system you wouldn't just burn down all hospitals. (No-Deal)
And yet a government minister told me yesterday that he wasn't willing to put the brakes on this thing because he couldn't come up with a credible Brexit option (that matches people's expectations from 2016) to put against Remain in a referendum.
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Bruges Group meeting. 31 years ago this month Thatcher made that famed speech, which essentially still tears her party apart today. #cpc19

Mark Francois, Arlene Foster, John Redwood on the panel. #CPC19
Chair: “Now as we are preparing to leave, we are met with the so called ‘withdrawal agreement’, which is actually nothing of the short. It is in fact a surrender document. It oversees our transition to a vassal state.”
Chair: “I have no doubt that if we attempt to overcome this Withdrawal Agreement we will be overcome by the judiciary, which is dominated by remainers.”
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Can Boris Johnson win back #Brexit Party voters? The answer to this question will, ultimately, determine what happens at the next election
@unherd #brexit #CPC19
To Brexit Party voters on Twitter

Let's say Johnson fails to get a deal in Oct & Brexit deadline is extended until Jan. Between now & then, an election is called in which Johnson says "vote for me or Brexit is lost forever"

How do you vote?
Genuinely interested in your views
Thanks for the replies to this. Just to say I've read them all
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I came to Manchester for #CPC19. I had every intention of proudly representing millions of students across our country. However, as President of @nusuk and a Muslim woman I cannot in good conscience participate in a Conference that openly denies the existence of Islamophobia.
Yesterday, I was horrified to see reports of what was sickening Islamophobia arising from an official Tory Party fringe entitled ‘Challenging Islamophobia’. Here, panelists denied the existence of anti-Muslim bigotry and toasted to their being labelled ‘Islamophobe of the Year’.
A Muslim Tory Party member was forced to ask whether the panel was setup to ‘promote Islamophobia rather than challenge it’. With anti-Muslim hate crimes soaring, for such dangerous rhetoric to be spread at the Conference of our governing Party is abhorrent; it must be condemned.
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Young Tory argued: because we're the EU's biggest export partner, we're in stronger position.
1⃣ The EU's our largest trade partner too.
2⃣ One's largest trade partner could still only be 6.5% of total exports (as we are for France & Germany, whereas the EU is 46% of ours)
That means day one of a No-Deal Brexit, UK exporters see tariffs go up with 46% of their export market (plus the countries we have trade deals with via EU membership).

Which countries will they have lower export tariffs with on day one to make up for that?


One actual good thing about Brexit is our diet might get better when half of the fish we catch, which would otherwise go to the EU 27 countries, is no longer profitable to sell there so we have to eat it all.
But we are talking about literally eating twice as much.
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This is a truly bizarre conference with more than a hint of unreality about it. Can’t think of an example of a party gathering when it is at least possible they could be out of office by the end of the week. #CPC19
These are plastered everywhere, which is sort of odd given it’s a party which has manifestly failed to “get Brexit done” for 3 years.c #CPC19
It’s accompanied by a series of others which imply once Brexit is out of the way the party can invest in public services. But of course, if there’s a no deal Brexit, there will almost certainly be no investment in any of those services as the public finances will be badly hit.
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At a Conservative Party conference fringe titled “Challenging ‘Islamophobia’” #cpc19
The panelists here either don’t agree with the APPG definition of Islamophobia or don’t agree with the term being used at all.
This #CPC19 fringe title “challenging ‘Islamophobia’” refers to why people should challenge the concept and definition of the word Islamophobia, rather than actually challenging its occurrence.
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.⁦@GeorgeFreemanMP⁩, ⁦@FlickD⁩, ⁦@PennyMordaunt⁩ & ⁦@redditchrachel⁩ get ⁦@CPSThinkTank⁩’s #CPC19 programme underway on ‘Britain Beyond Brexit’ #cpscpc19
.@PennyMordaunt calls for a new Great Reform Act to get government working better and people more involved. Also worries that govt doesn’t have enough understanding of needs of business
.@FlickD warning of the problems faced by coastal communities - don’t get attention of Northern Powerhouse etc
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If you’re at #CPC19 the @CPSThinkTank Theatre will be in the heart of the main hall.

We kick things off at 2pm today with @PennyMordaunt, @GeorgeFreemanMP, @Helen_Whately, @FlickD & @redditchrachel on ‘Britain Beyond Brexit’...
Then at 3.30 it’s a historic (for education policy wonks) debate on free schools including @theNSN founder @racheljanetwolf & its latest director @UnityHoward.

At 5 I’ll be in conversation with Chief Secretary & rising Tory star @RishiSunak.

And then at 7, it’s drinks.
We’ve got a cracking line-up on the Monday and Tuesday too, including @sajidjavid, @MattHancock, @grantshapps, @KwasiKwarteng & @EstherMcVey1. Follow @CPSThinkTank for full details and latest updates.
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#CPC19 delegates in action, stealing & vandalising stuff.
I give you cowardly Conservative councillor Sam Smith & invite @MattHancock to have a word with him at #CPC2019 #CPC19.
I suggest he buys @Femi_Sorry a drink & apologises properly.
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With all the #Brexit talk in UK focussed on loopholes and SpAds - maybe good moment for a change of perspective, based on some "Continental" insights this week. Starting with Barnier's Friday statement... (thread)
1/ Re #Brexit deal: Sources in Brussels & beyond confirm Barnier's terse words. No written, but more importantly no substantial proposals. (Expectations low that will change after #CPC19) EU27 not willing to endorse British holes in Single Market.
2/ Which makes the October Council possibly not a deal, but an extension Council. But: Remember the March 19 EU Council? Over night 27 leaders turned the table & wrote script for UK domestic agenda by giving Theresa May 2 deadlines.
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1 week before the @Conservatives #CPC19, we have used YOUR policy suggestions (via to make 5 requests to @BorisJohnson

These 5 requests will help Boris to fulfil his leadership election promise of governing as a #OneNation #LiberalConservative
1. Reinstate the whip for all of the 22 purged MPs who want to be Conservatives, and allow them to stand as @Conservatives MPs

These MPs are loyal, #OneNation Conservatives who will support your domestic agenda and help to deliver a pragmatic Brexit.
2. Introduce a 25p charge on single-use coffee cups as proposed by @KeepBritainTidy

The House of Commons study reduced consumption by 74%

We need to conserve our environment & look after our planet

We must be a world leader in environmentalism #VoteBlueGoGreen @ClimateTories
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