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Satlick: Centaur Detective #7
I'm giving up on the story in picture format, it's a pain in the ass for me and elongates the whole process.
So it's back to extra long threads for now.
I'll use @threadreaderapp at the end for those who find it a bit much.
Now where were we...
"I dislike small talk Commander as well you know, the Darwinists, while a problem, are not our current problem" Saltlick replied in a professorial tone "Honestly I don't know how you people get anything done!"
"You people?" the other three people said at once, leaping at a golden
opportunity to flummox the centaur.
"Are you a speciest now Saltlick?" asked the commander* *Like a racist except for other species rather than other people of the same biological class, seen as terrible character flaw and indicator of stupidity by most people in the city.**
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Tonight is the #denimag #smutfest
Voted on & decided by popular opinion this installment features A Deceitful Knight & Witch. Watch this thread for the next couple of hours & decide their fates... #amwriting #writingcommunity #microfiction #slapdashsat #CYOA #midnightwritersclub
Serane walked in shadow, counting the sidewalk cracks. At twenty-six she stopped. An odd way to find the thread tied to the door, but old magic was quirky. She leaned on the brick wall of the building feeling #vestiges of the terratracker she was here to dispel. #vss365 #denimag
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#DnD #cyoa
Result: Back to grove
You turn and race off towards the grove, your decision to save Bobkins from his fellow cultists weighing on you all the way there.
He murdered a priest in front of you after all.
Just before you get to the grove the tugging of your true form
Becomes overwhelming and you snap back to your normal shape.
It's a bit chilly without your robes but you manage to keep pace with the wolf the short distance back to the grove.
When you pass through the trees you find a group of small fey flitting about gleefully. They dive to
The ground and come back up holding up your robe, it is now covered in beautiful picture of night turning to day in gold and silver thread. You heap praise on them, thanking them over and over. They present your similarly adorned staff and you repeat the praise.again. They flit
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#DnD #cyoa
Result Howl
You manage to pass the air through the right end this time and emit a fearsome howl. The two cultist spin round daggers at the ready, as the sleeping figures all sit up in their bedrolls
The figure they were about to murder is Bobkins!
"What was that?" he
"Wolf" says one of the cultist "Really close too"
The tug to revert to your true shape is getting insistent you can't stay wolf for much longer.
"Your weapons are back in the grove cub" the wolf reminds you "unless you want to fight them naked I suggest you move"
I'm going to be running an rpg @ItzaconEire before the time is up on this, reult will be posted around 10pm Irish time.
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#DnD #cyoa
Result: Peek at Campfire
As you run with the wolf to the grove your curiosity drives you to veer off towards the campfire.
"You don't have much time left in this form cub, don't waste it" warns the wolf
"I'll be quick" you assure him as you creep towards the campfire
Around the campfire, two figures sit, the Bhaal cultists! Nearby four others are under blankets, you're fairly sure they are asleep from the breathing noises.
One of the two says to the other
"You know I used to like this lark till he showed up"
"Yeah, know what you mean"
"Used to be we'd only do the odd cow or wandering troublemaker but now!"
"Yeah, has to be sentient, has to be every ten day, has to be tortured.."
"It's taking up a lot of time now, I mean I still have a farm to run like"
"Yeah, there is a time honoured solution to this though"
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#DnD #cyoa
Result: Strike!
As the creature reels back it tries to put it's weight on it's injured leg. It howls in anguish, unconsciously reaches for the leg with both hands. NOW! You strike!
Leaping out of the bushes with a guttural snarl you latch onto its throat before it
knows you are there (22) teeth sinking into its the sticky dark flesh
You whip your hindquarters around adding momentum to your strength as your teeth meet in the middle of its throat, you land on the other side of the creature, dropping its rancid flesh from your mouth as it
collapses with a gurgle. You and the other wolf howl in victory.
"Well done cub!" it says "In all my days I've never seen a fart used as an actual weapon" you both laugh
You feel something tugging at your form.
The wolf sighs "You can't stay as wolf much longer, lets head back"
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#DnD #cyoa
Result: Trump
You gather in air for a fearsome howl but while you have the movement aspect of being a wolf you haven't got the inner workings quite right and break wind so loudly it shakes the bushes around you.
The creatures snarls and starts half crawling towards you
You hear the other wold desperately trying to stifle a laughing fit as you make a hasty retreat from where you were.
The creature stops short of where you were a second earlier, the skin on its snake like nose audible flickers, it makes a sneezing noise, then a second one more a
forceful, like it was trying to clear something from it's nose, it starts to back of as it makes hacking noises like it's trying to clear it's throat.
Yes the smell of your fart is so bad the undead creature beside a dead animals corpse is choking on it!
-fumbled an easy con save
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#dnd #cyoa
Result: Tendons
You spring out at the creature, your teeth sinking through thick into it's tendons, you rear back with your teeth firmly clamped on the tendons, you feel something give.
"Now run cub!" the other wolf warns.
The creature howls in rage whipping round with
it's claws, it scratches your hindquarters as you run to the bushes.
The wound is not enough to slow you down but it does hurt.
The creature makes to run after you but it's wounded leg collapses beneath it. It screams with pain and frustration, it starts crawling after you, fast!
"I'd get downwind of it again cub" advises the wolf "All wounded creatures are dangerous"
You work your way around the dead stag to the bushes behind the creature.
It's brought it's good leg up under it to a kneeling position, one claw guards it the other its throat
#Trump #poll
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#DnD #cyoa #twitterDnD
Result: Stalk
The wolf snorts approval
"Good cub, your prey thinks because it hunts it won't be hunted, makes stalking it easy, lets begin"
The wolf moves until it is directly down wind of where you know the prey to be
"Some of these things have good noses
it is best to approach from downwind, now lets get closer"
You follow the wolf, switching to a low crawl as you approach to the edge of a gully, Directly below you a humanoid shaped creature is feasting on the remains of a stag. It's skin is a solid black colour, its hands clawed
you glimpse rows of sharp pointy teeth as it tears a chunk of flesh apart.
There's plenty of cover if you want to get close though you are fairly sure you could make a leap from here and land on it.
You hear the other wolf in your head
"Your prey is before you cub, now what?"
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