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Watching the right furiously spinning mass murderer #ConnorBetts despicable act in Ohio to somehow neutralize #PatrickCrusius or blame the actions on the left. Meanwhile #CesarSayoc is to be sentenced.…
Donald is not gonna jump on that 2A grenade. But let's start at the top with that mental health thing.…
I have long believed that many of these young men involved in mass shooting had medication and mental problems triggered by stress but then again I have watched completely sane men calmly murder dozens of people without remorse or stress.
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Rochelle Ritchie, a liberal political analyst, appeared on @FoxNews .
#CesarSayoc Tweeted her:
“We will see you 4 sure. Hug your loved ones real close every time you leave home.”
She complained to @Twitter [MORE]
[Cont.] Ritchie sent complaint, @Twitter did zip.
Days later she Tweeted:
“Hey @Twitter remember when I reported the guy who was making threats towards me after my appearance on @FoxNews and you guys sent back a bs response about how you didn’t find it that serious."
"...Well guess what it’s the guy who has been sending #bombs to high profile politicians!!!!”
Now @Twitter is apologizing for failing to block #CesarSayoc account.…
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Assorted pics of a "man who slept in a van and is a crazy "lone wolf" trump supporter"
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📌1. Hey @CNN @MSNBC @ABC @CBSNews @NPR @washingtonpost @nytimes et al, can we talk? Is one of these groups of people more important than the other? All of them were targeted with a deadly threat but most people don’t know that because you didn’t report it #MAGABomber
2. This isn’t an attack, it’s an attempt to help you understand why we chant “fake news” and maybe, just maybe if any of you read it, you’ll admit you aren’t really as fair as you think? @realDonaldTrump is right, we can all do better.
3. Not going to talk about the guys arrested because that really shouldn’t be the focus but two men were both arrested and complaints were filed for five felony charges. Yup, and no one even knows the name of the guy that sent Ricin, why? #CesarSayoc will trend though.
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What we know about Cesar Sayoc and #SuspiciousPackages: Everything could have been planted, faked and framed. This is literally a #MadeForTv event. #Fonts, #Decals, #WhiteVans, #SocialMedia
Notice how the Fonts on the Packages were Extra Large, Computer Printed and in Bold. This makes them easy to be filmed and Broadcast to push the Democrat Narrative.
The Devices: Standard components arranged to simulate explosives yet were basically harmless. Once again PERFECT for MSM Broadcast. FYI Digital Clocks all contain Batteries.
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#CesarSayoc has long criminal history of extremist behavior-like his 2002 bomb threats-which predate @realDonaldTrump’s political career-He’s a self-started amateur extremist- He didn’t need Trump for inspiration. #Congratulations to #FBI & all those whose lives were disrupted
For those saying it's not the same van, pls use your common sense. The circled stickers are 2 huge stickers that have been placed over the older stickers which is why you can't see the old stickers. Additionally, if you look closer you can still see the yellow of the ISIS sticker
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Ultra Nightclub in West Palm Beach tells @WPTV #CesarSayoc, suspect in #MailBombings, DJ’ed at club LAST NIGHT. #wptv
MORE from manager at Ultra: #CesarSayoc worked there for last 2 months as DJ/barman. Manager had no idea about his politics. Fellow DJ found out his political views a month ago. Said Sayoc used to sit by himself watching the news all the time. #wptv @WPTV #MailBombings
For those wondering, Ultra is a Gentleman's Club.
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#CesarSayoc's twitter page. He's pictured on the right. He only follows some 32 people who are mainly hard core liberals and he does not follow the President. Now how many Pro Trump people on twitter don't follow the President? @_ImperatorRex_ @drawandstrike
He does follow one former President.
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Here is my analysis of #CesarSayoc's twitter account, @hardrockintlent.

I downloaded the last 3200 tweets from @hardrockintlent, and analyzed them with the R programming language.

To start out with, here is a wordcloud of Sayoc's most popular terms used:
As the previous wordcloud shows, Sayoc mentioned "Trump", "CNN", Ryan Zinke, and Fox News anchors, Chris Wallace, & Laura Ingraham, often. Also, "Obama", and "Fox News".
The hashtag, "#ChrisWallace", was used very often by @hardrockintlent.
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#BREAKING- I just obtained 2002 arrest affidavit related to Cesar Sayoc making bomb threat. It states he called FPL and said it would be 'worse than September 11.' #WFTV #CesarSayoc
Chilling to think of how a threat like this would have been perceived when this occurred, less than a year after the 9/11 terror attacks. #WFTV
RE-POSTING full arrest report with SSN redacted. Image released by @MiamiDadePD did not redact SSN.
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Watch the descriptions, background, political ideology, neighbor comments, work record, arrest record playing into the calculus. How will news agencies report on the putative suspect? If he's depicted as seriously mentally ill, that will deflect from the meme of @POTUS causation.
Assessment: Fanaticism and disconnected zeal lend to the meme and trope that your suspect is a lone wolf. The clearly demented outlier, not ordinary or usual. Like #Antifa is separated from rational liberals such must apply to your alleged suspect.
What are the fact pattern narratives as to "device" postage, postage but not canceled, no postmark, delivered, couriered? The issue of accomplices and codefendants rises, along with presumption of innocence. If he cops an insanity defense posture that changes the calculus.
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The package mailer has been identified as Cesar Sayoc.
If you would like to know a little bit about him- here is the skinny.…
Registered March 4, 2016 in Miami-Dade county as a Republican and his voter status is active. #CesarSayoc
#CesarSayoc voted early in the most recent primary.
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