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I’ve come straight from physical therapy so no coffee and I might be sillier than usual 😩
I’m planning to comment in favor of Charles and Cydney but also to ask the council use this time to instead focus on getting to a yes regarding the generous offer from King County.
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Gen. Colin Powell Lessons on Civility in Public Life and Politically Diverse Friendships - Some reflections in early grief. #ColinPowell #EmilyPosts…
Gen. Colin Powell always said about politics, “It’s just business.” He meant, it’s not personal.

It helps to make political issues “just business” because it takes out the emotional charge.

#ColinPowell #civility thread (2/)
The public knows Colin Powell could be mean and judgemental because of his hacked emails.

It was a shame his privacy was taken.

He was so careful in public life to moderate his speech and his writing. He didn’t inflame people with words.

#ColinPowell #civility (3/
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I'm so sick of complaining, but no solving. I don't care if you're conservative or socialist, democrat or republican, white supremacist or human rights activist, green or purple, I just want solutions that work. #Nolabels #ProblemSolvers #Civility #Pragmatism #RadicalCentrism
Let's begin by solving Climate Change with #ClimateSavingAccounts. #CSA's give preferential capital gains tax treatment to green energy companies, thus spurning investment in renewable sources. Soon, there will be so much investment that the Earth's climate will change back.
Everything can be a Savings Account. We've seen #CSA's and of course #HealthSavingsAccounts (via @RealisticDemoc1). We could create #HIPAASA, which would incentivize HIPAA compliance through preferential tax treatment for investing in compliant companies. Same for Infrastructure.
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Remember the version of the #Cleveland #Police Department that showed up at the #Republican National Convention in the summer of 2016? That was then, this is now. Appalling images from the #GeorgeFloyd protest show officers are far from reformed.…
#Reporter @LeilaAtassi writes: "They were the picture of #constitutional #policing, representing #Cleveland when all the world was watching. Working alongside law enforcement officers from across the country, Cleveland #police managed even the most volatile demonstrations..."
"... on downtown streets with #professionalism, #civility & respect for the rights of citizens. Observers worried that the embattled #police department – then operating under its first year of a federal consent decree governing use of force – would overly restrict protests..."
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This is the single best advice for any doctor at any stage: listen to nurses. In particular, listen to Black nurses

Also, protect nurses. In healthcare the terminology is “writing orders” - if that is not power imbalance, I don’t know what is

One thing I have noticed on social media is: even at pre-med stage, the condescension & disrespect towards nurses sometimes is already there

Much of recent #MedTwitter drama I engaged in was because, though I knew it would be wise to “look away” could not

not if vs Black nurses
Across the board, regardless of race, when nurses, or anyone, is bullied within in clinical practice settings - setting that already have high rates of error

on many levels

it is anti-#safety and #quality for patients & staff

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@tribelaw @SenSchumer War on women and LGBTQ Americans

These men intend to take away the constitutional rights of millions of Americans, but #civility
@tribelaw @SenSchumer Roberts gaslights us with his there are "no Trump judges" bullshit

Legal pundits gaslight us by acting as if the SC has not been completely hijacked.

'moderate' Chief Justice Roberts hobbled the Voting Rights Act

'moderate' Justice Kennedy wrote Citizens United.

Worse to come
@tribelaw @SenSchumer PS the framing of the 'religious freedom' to discriminate is not new…
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Thread! New followers and locals now paying attn: we’ve been at this a while. In fact, each sat (plus some) since Aug, except when neo-Confeds went to the RVA 1/20 gun rally, maybe a holiday? Other that, every Saturday. Sorta bc this happened:
Bc we do our best-w lots of help-to track what neo-Confeds are doing. We knew they’d be at the Ag Center 2/15; we warned folks. We knew they’d then go downtown; we helped a few local businesses keep from being targeted. We hope you’ll join us, because we need our community.
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Hi #PA01 folks. I am live tweeting the @RepBrianFItz #Telephony #TownHall. I got included late, so we are joining in the midst of his intro speech.
#PA01 #Telephony #TownHall /1
@RepBrianFitz Our @RepBrianFitz is talking about something with educating girls, but I caught him at the end of it, so not sure of the details.
#PA01 #Telephony #TownHall /2
@RepBrianFitz Right now Fitz is asking a polling question about a ban of e-cigarettes. Because that is the most pressing issue of our day, amirite? #ImpeachmentInquiry
#PA01 #Telephony #TownHall /3
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📌1. Hey @CNN @MSNBC @ABC @CBSNews @NPR @washingtonpost @nytimes et al, can we talk? Is one of these groups of people more important than the other? All of them were targeted with a deadly threat but most people don’t know that because you didn’t report it #MAGABomber
2. This isn’t an attack, it’s an attempt to help you understand why we chant “fake news” and maybe, just maybe if any of you read it, you’ll admit you aren’t really as fair as you think? @realDonaldTrump is right, we can all do better.
3. Not going to talk about the guys arrested because that really shouldn’t be the focus but two men were both arrested and complaints were filed for five felony charges. Yup, and no one even knows the name of the guy that sent Ricin, why? #CesarSayoc will trend though.
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Short thread: We should be focusing on what happened BEFORE the Proud Boys attacks in NYC.

Here is actual video of a deranged 17-year-old murdering a man with a samurai sword merely because he's a socialist. Japan, 1960. 1/
The attacker's name? Otoya Yamaguchi. A sick, irrelevant young man. A murderer. Not a hero. 2/
Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes has a shtick where he f*cking REENACTS THAT MURDER. He brings a samurai sword, and recreates the senseless murder of a socialist for... audiences. THAT'S the event the Proud Boys were attending that night: the reenactment of a murder. 3/
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.@TuckerCarlson is airing his Helsinki interview with President Trump in just a few minutes. Follow me for a video thread.
Tucker characterizes Trump's walk-back of his defense of Putin as a "hostage tape."

"The people yelling loudest about how the Russians are our greatest enemy & Trump is a puppet happen to be the same people who have been mismanaging our foreign policy for the past few decades."
Tucker is still skeptical that Russia interfered in the election.

"Shouldn't we see some actual evidence that it happened? Maybe a server or at least a clear explanation of what happened."
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ICE is training its deportation officers in the use of M4 assault rifles, “chemical agents”, stun grenades, and flash bangs, according to federal procurement records I found.

“Sounds like they’re getting ready for war,” a retired ICE agent told me.…
ICE *more than doubled* its supply of M4 assault rifles, according to federal procurement records I found.

ICE also signed a $15 million agreement with the M4's manufacturer, Colt firearms…
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1. Welp, so much for #civility: LET'S MAKE THIS GUY FAMOUS. Last night, at a French bistro in NYC, I got into it with this old white man in an American flag t-shirt who loudly "joked" to the waitress, "I'm going to tell Trump to deport you, hahaha, I'll tell Trump to deport you!"
2. I said (in a firm, calm voice), "Sir, that isn't funny and it's not ok. Don't joke about deporting people," that his waitress didn't deserve that treatment. He began screaming at me, "IT WAS A JOKE!" I said it wasn't funny but dangerous, that he shouldn't talk to ppl like that
3. Mr Civility, screaming, staring me down, irate: "DON'T TALK TO ME! YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TALK TO ME! WHO TOLD YOU YOU COULD TALK TO ME!?"

Me: "Well, don't threaten to deport people and I wouldn't have to talk to you."

Woman with him tells him to stop it;he continues.
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A pretty pretty good take.
Lying Trump administration mouthpieces are not a protected class (except sort of in DC)
"breakdown of democracy" is a hyperbolic way to put it, but this isn't incorrect.
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#Trump #Civility - Part I
#Trump #Civility - Part II
#Trump #Civility - Part III
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@CNNnewsroom @David_Gergen This is such stupid and false MAGA bs. As if America used to be more civil. AS IF!
@CNNnewsroom @David_Gergen America is as civil as it's ever been. Maybe more so for some. Only if you have the historical white male privilege to have been uncivil without ever having to have uncivil done back to you does it seem like we're less civil.
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Protest is as American as apple pie. You don't have to be nice to anyone & are under no requirement to practice #civility in the face of rampant incivility.

But my question to those fed up is: What's next? How will your opponent reply & how do you plan to counter that?
Over & over again I see anxious ruminations about whether or not right minded people who oppose Trump are supposed to be appealing to / converting Trump voters.

Why? The last election proved that you're in the majority.

Your goal should be settling differences on your OWN side.
Trump's people are unified. Republicans give this ramshackle, incompetent President a 90% approval rating. Republicans in previous administrations would KILL to have that kind of rating.

So it's not about them, not about what they do, it's about what YOU do.
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(11) Trump supporters near Mar-a-lago on Presidents Day weekend.
(12) The First Family boarding Air Force One before heading back to DC on Monday.
(13) Leaving Florida and arriving at Joint Base Andrews Monday night.
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#WhyWeResist (THREAD) Renowned spiritual leader John Neuhas once said:
"Genuine #tolerance does not mean ignoring differences as if differences made no difference. Genuine tolerance means engaging differences w/in a bond of #civility & #respect." #CampaignforCivility 1/
Neuhas was not completely right. #Fascists, #WhiteSupremacists, Nazis, bigots, etc. lambast progressives for not tolerating their views. But hateful extremists use #tolerance merely as a tool to gain acceptance & obtain power. #CampaignforCivility #WhyWeResist 2/
Once fascists & bigots are in power, they vilify all who are different, all who dare to disagree. They only care about one thing: consolidating their power. #CampaignforCivility #WhyWeResist 3/
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