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#Civility: Consciously motivated individual & organizational behavior, that is ethical, in willing submission to a higher power (or an imagined perfect observer, for those who do not believe or are agnostic).
Civility requires discipline, of which there r 4 tools
1) Delay of ...
2) Acceptance of responsibility.
3) Dedication to truth
4) Balancing
This might include the appropriate expression of anger (not faux outrage) where it may be said that a perfect gentleman is someone who never hurts another person's feelings, unintentionally.
The will to use the four tools of discipline, including the awareness of balancing & the work involved in communication, is Love, where love may be defined, among other mysterious & biological aspects as - the will, to give of one's self, for the sake of another's..
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@mtobiasneely @NIH @TIMESUPNOW @MeTooSTEM @socwomen @Clayman_Inst @ASAnews @insidehighered @chronicle @JHUmetoo @ProfSharona @AnnOlivarius @darakass @maddow @CWolinetzNIH @SUNYChancellor @NLMdirector @rejoicePhD @CWGreider @500womensci @500WIM @JamesRPriestMD @scoutout @JulieSegre @kaymtye @HannahValantine @choo_ek @KayKosmos 3. @McLNeuro is founder of @MeTooSTEM. Her department chair, Sweatt, on leave for allegedly drugging and raping a student, was allowed to be part of the decision to reverse her tenure (at the request of Dean Jeffrey Balser) after tenure had been…
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@McLNeuro @DrAilshire @JMGrohNeuro @sbarolo @hormiga @risss_evans @KKTreseder @SarahEMyhre @batssiki @sbrietz Set up ways to continue dialogue with @NIHDirector & committee–ongoing conversation & input. Action plan before you leave. Also make clear any further delays are unacceptable. Action plans, strong regulations/policies must be instituted immediately. Petition is excellent example.
@McLNeuro @DrAilshire @JMGrohNeuro @sbarolo @hormiga @risss_evans @KKTreseder @SarahEMyhre @batssiki @sbrietz @NIHDirector 1- Many excellent thoughts/suggestions in thread. We thought a list of comments/support/urgency from many sectors may be useful. Concerning that @NIHDirector has not made clear, active efforts to stop #SexualHarassment by @NIH grant holders while @NSF & other orgs have.
@McLNeuro @DrAilshire @JMGrohNeuro @sbarolo @hormiga @risss_evans @KKTreseder @SarahEMyhre @batssiki @sbrietz @NIHDirector @NIH @NSF 2- Why isn’t #SexualHarassment a top #NIH priority. Why the resistance to actively creating strong policies against #SexualHarassment to protect #WomenInMedicine #WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM #WomeninEngineering, even when called out repeatedly by many. What’s the real issue here?
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TRUMP: "We are having some very good times in our country. We are doing very well, except for the border... Something will happen [to end the shutdown], I hope. Otherwise, we will go about in a different manner. I don't think we will have to do, but you never know."
Trump offer gore porn: "Human trafficking. It really hits a nerve, talking about, in many cases, women & children grabbed, thrown into backseat of a car or thrown into a van, w/no windows, no form of air. Tape put across their mouths, and they are brought across the border."
TRUMP: "Human trafficking cannot be stopped if we don't have a steel barrier or a concrete wall, something very powerful. It cannot be stopped...It doesn't mean a thing if they're going to be driving women & children through sections of border where nobody is, where you can't be"
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1/ On #WorldKindnessDay let's talk about two ideas in alleged tension, both of which should be re-framed by their relationship to kindness. (1) "Political correctness" and (2) #civility
PC is always a complaint. Civility a demand. They're used as weapons of the status quo.
2/ When people complain about political correctness they're saying opportunities for kindness are oppressive. POC, LGBT, women, or disabled say "X language is unkind. It hurts us and it's a symbol of oppression and dehumanization." Reaction: you threaten my freedom.
3/ Freedom for what? To hurt your neighbors, to treat them as less human, to put them in their places, to retain your own discursive place at the top, a bull in a china shop. Make no mistake: complaints about PC are objections to human decency. That's it.
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Hannity's presentation tonight is akin to 1980s WWF
Even though @Neilyoung detests Trump, the president is sullying his classic "Rockin' In The Free World" before he speaks at his rally in Missouri
Hannity is so worked up over a tasteless SNL skit that he's almost in tears.

"Are you proud of that Tom Brokaw?" he asks. "Where is Tom Brokaw, speaking out about this?"
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📌1. Hey @CNN @MSNBC @ABC @CBSNews @NPR @washingtonpost @nytimes et al, can we talk? Is one of these groups of people more important than the other? All of them were targeted with a deadly threat but most people don’t know that because you didn’t report it #MAGABomber
2. This isn’t an attack, it’s an attempt to help you understand why we chant “fake news” and maybe, just maybe if any of you read it, you’ll admit you aren’t really as fair as you think? @realDonaldTrump is right, we can all do better.
3. Not going to talk about the guys arrested because that really shouldn’t be the focus but two men were both arrested and complaints were filed for five felony charges. Yup, and no one even knows the name of the guy that sent Ricin, why? #CesarSayoc will trend though.
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#11 (and possibly #12):

– Suspicious package to Sen. Cory Booker intercepted in Florida

– NYC police evacuate Manhattan post office after report of suspicious package #MAGABomber…
Arrest in Plantation, Florida in #MAGABomber case: man in his 50s, owns a white van covered with Trump stickers and right-wing messages
Law enforcement source on the #MAGABomber:
– 56-years-old man
– lives in Aventura, Florida
– has New York ties
– they were led to him through DNA evidence…
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Short thread: We should be focusing on what happened BEFORE the Proud Boys attacks in NYC.

Here is actual video of a deranged 17-year-old murdering a man with a samurai sword merely because he's a socialist. Japan, 1960. 1/
The attacker's name? Otoya Yamaguchi. A sick, irrelevant young man. A murderer. Not a hero. 2/
Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes has a shtick where he f*cking REENACTS THAT MURDER. He brings a samurai sword, and recreates the senseless murder of a socialist for... audiences. THAT'S the event the Proud Boys were attending that night: the reenactment of a murder. 3/
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Ahead of @SenatorCollins' speech on the Senate floor, protesters chant "believe women!" from the gallery
COLLINS is using her speech to criticize opponents of Kavanaugh as "frenzied," "spreading outright falsehoods," and representing "special interest groups."
COLLINS: "The president has broad discretion to consider a nominee's philosophy, whereas my duty as a senator is to focus on the nominee's qualifications as long as that nominee's philosophy is within the mainstream."

It sure sounds like she is going to announce a yes vote.
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@McLNeuro @statnews "In stark contrast, the NIH has done essentially nothing to address gender violence committed by NIH-funded scientists"–@statnews YET in 5 yrs it's paid out almost $2 million 2 settle #SexualHarassment cases brt by scientists in its own labs!… #TimesUpNIH
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As @ChuckGrassley begins 2nd day of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing by talking about yesterday's disruptions, loud protests immediately break out in back of the room
In response to Grassley's first question, Kavanaugh cites United States vs. Nixon as "one of the greatest moments in American judicial history." 👀
KAVANAUGH: "No one is above the law in our constitutional system... under our system of government, the executive branch is subject to the law... We make decisions based on law, not based on political pressure, not based on identity of the parties, no matter who you are."
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#WomeninSTEM get a lot of “Reply Guys” who repeat the same unhelpful comments.

@shrewshrew and I (a woman & a man in science) have attempted to catalog those replies, to save us all the trouble of writing new responses every time.


We will post one Reply Guy a day, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Starting with a very nice fella, full of helpful advice, with one big problem:

Reply Guy #1. THE LIFE COACH
People who get annoying replies can tag the dude with the appropriate Reply Guy from this thread, and save themselves a pointless debate. That’s the idea anyway.

And some guys seem to take it to heart when you point out that they’re being a cliché.

#MeTooSTEM #MeTooPhD
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.@OMAROSA on Trump taking legal action to silence her: "What is he trying to hide or afraid of? If he has not said anything that's derogatory or demeaning to African Americans, why would he go to the extent to shut me down?"

She also confirms she's been interviewed by Mueller.
WOW -- Omarosa claims Trump had foreknowledge of WikiLeaks' activities during 2016 campaign, including when stolen emails would be published.

Trump's own intelligence chiefs have accused WikiLeaks of serving as a Kremlin cutout.
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Less than 24 hours after attacking LeBron James, Trump is set to deliver a speech at a rally in Bron's home state of Ohio at the bottom of the hour. Follow me for a video thread.
Trump presses some flesh before his speech at the @Troy_Balderson rally near Columbus
LOL -- immediately after Fox News reporter praises Trump Ohio rally attendees for being "friendly," the crowd breaks out in "CNN sucks!" chant. #civility
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.@TuckerCarlson is airing his Helsinki interview with President Trump in just a few minutes. Follow me for a video thread.
Tucker characterizes Trump's walk-back of his defense of Putin as a "hostage tape."

"The people yelling loudest about how the Russians are our greatest enemy & Trump is a puppet happen to be the same people who have been mismanaging our foreign policy for the past few decades."
Tucker is still skeptical that Russia interfered in the election.

"Shouldn't we see some actual evidence that it happened? Maybe a server or at least a clear explanation of what happened."
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ICE is training its deportation officers in the use of M4 assault rifles, “chemical agents”, stun grenades, and flash bangs, according to federal procurement records I found.

“Sounds like they’re getting ready for war,” a retired ICE agent told me.…
ICE *more than doubled* its supply of M4 assault rifles, according to federal procurement records I found.

ICE also signed a $15 million agreement with the M4's manufacturer, Colt firearms…
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1. Welp, so much for #civility: LET'S MAKE THIS GUY FAMOUS. Last night, at a French bistro in NYC, I got into it with this old white man in an American flag t-shirt who loudly "joked" to the waitress, "I'm going to tell Trump to deport you, hahaha, I'll tell Trump to deport you!"
2. I said (in a firm, calm voice), "Sir, that isn't funny and it's not ok. Don't joke about deporting people," that his waitress didn't deserve that treatment. He began screaming at me, "IT WAS A JOKE!" I said it wasn't funny but dangerous, that he shouldn't talk to ppl like that
3. Mr Civility, screaming, staring me down, irate: "DON'T TALK TO ME! YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TALK TO ME! WHO TOLD YOU YOU COULD TALK TO ME!?"

Me: "Well, don't threaten to deport people and I wouldn't have to talk to you."

Woman with him tells him to stop it;he continues.
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A day away from Twitter to face down #cancer drama with medical folks.
Then dealing with the financial devastation wrought by this administration on sick people with a social worker assigned to me via my health insurance.

I am so angry, it's palpable.
Trump is a monster.
I know we're all supposed to be drinking the #civility KoolAid--but I am so angry with the folks who put us here.

I guess that civility mantra is easier if you have money and aren't sick/#disabled.

Oh-my-G*d am I angry.
I'm angry for everyone--even the smug 3rd party purists still trying to keep us from winning back the House & Senate because something something privileged bs.


Look at just 600 days of Trump.

Do NOT demand #civility of me.

I don't want to die.
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My parents were Civil Rights workers. My father was a Freedom Rider. The calls for #civility were constant.
.@repjohnlewis, our Civil Rights icon, was nearly killed in non-violent actions.

#Civility has never been two-ways. Civility has never benefited the oppressed.
#Civility still got #MLK and #RosaParks arrested.

Because those in power are never civil.
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A pretty pretty good take.
Lying Trump administration mouthpieces are not a protected class (except sort of in DC)
"breakdown of democracy" is a hyperbolic way to put it, but this isn't incorrect.
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I'm one of a few million Americans awake when we should be sleeping because of the pain of #cancer or some other chronic illness.

Adding to our sleeplessness is knowing #healthcare is under threat. We may not be able to afford it due to the #GOP's actions.

It's terrorizing.
My parents were Civil Rights workers. My father was a Freedom Rider. As a small child I was taught the legacy of #MLK.
I watched people invoking MLK on Monday. Not in defense of #votingrights or in outrage over how the #SCOTUS ruled on two pivotal cases on gerrymandering.
MLK wasn't being invoked for #votingrights but for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who lies to America every day about policies that could very well kill me & others.

Policies that are hurting millions.

Policies that have kept me a citizen without equal rights in my own country.
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#Trump #Civility - Part I
#Trump #Civility - Part II
#Trump #Civility - Part III
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Here is a happy family enjoying play in the snow in 1940. Hard to imagine their idyls getting disrupted by protesters, and they never would have. #civility 1/
The father in the photo is Karl Otto Koch, shown here in uniform, commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp. When the previous photo was taken, at his comfortable home outside Buchenwald, the Nazis had stifled all dissent. #civility 2/
The luxury of arguing about #civility belongs to the privileged classes, not those at risk. We will never know if the Karl Otto Kochs could have been stopped before they got this comfortable, because "civility" at the time prevented making them uncomfortable first. fin/
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