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No matter how you dress them up they are the same. She is no better. Interesting she has deleted her twitter account possibly to hide her negative tweets against President Trump. #KristenWelker #ChrisWallace #SteveScullyLIED
Fox News has its issues but they are a whole lot better (in my opinion) then the counterparts.
#savanahguthrie and #GeorgeStephanopoulos are just pigs in lipstick. They are in Joe Biden's corner and have ZERO credibility.
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VP debate tonight. Join me & @smalltownandrew with @TrustGod7733 & others afterwards for an analysis.…
Chris Wallace is fired! Susan Page is doing a much better job. She is poised and controlled and not taking sides. He is on Fox as a commentator but should relinquish his seat. When you saddle up to the other side and try to be neutral it doesn't work. Old fart.
Pence is on fire! Man he is steamrolling Harris.
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Why all the Panic Chris?? 🤔@POTUS 😏#FauxNews
Is it because Mike was in the #EpsteinBlackBook 📓

Wallace is a registered Democrat as well JFYI
#WallaceTheClown 🤡
Noice frens ...Clooney huh?🤔
Wait #ChrisWallace where have I seen Clooney before ..?
Oh yeah now remember w /#Renegade In Italy ✔️
I just want to get it straight this 'unbiased' [🤡]reporter w/ keeps company w people that hang w/ Soros and Leo??🤔
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@CNN sorry fake news but the president at the moment is doing fine. #FourMoreYears #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
You’d think all would be glad but it’s not the narrative they want. They want the president out if site until after the election and forever. #PresidentTrump
Everyone can’t pray for you. Their intentions aren’t earnest and neither are their prayers.
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1. News: Leftist Former CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo Wants to Watch His Political Opponents Lined Up Against a Wall & SHOT in the “Revolution" - TG 🙏 for President Trump. -Thread 10.01.2020… #WarWithin #ThankYouPresidentTrump
2. News: Black Democrat State Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent of Ohio Breaks from Her Party & Endorses President Trump For Reelection:

3. News: Media Gunning For Dr Scott Atlas Because He Keeps Exposing Coronavirus Lies…
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Last night's #PresidentialDebate was moderated by #ChrisWallace, son of #MikeWallace. Here is an interesting photo of #MikeWallace, #Trump, and #GhislaineMaxwell's later father #RobertMaxwell and Senator #JohnTower
We really need to understand what exactly was going on here.
Some interesting theories here. Full article here:…
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Not everyone is Team Malarkey . . .

Fox News hosts blast presidential debate moderator – Fox News' Chris Wallace… via @JustTheNews
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This is what bothered me the most . . .

Pollak: Six Hoaxes Trump Failed to Debunk in the First Debate… via @BreitbartNews
Going to debunk a few here . . . Joe began his run on a RACE HOAX called Charlottesville
Catch that? No problem, I have the Transcript . . . Image
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1. News: BUSTED On Hot Mic! PA Gov Tom Wolf & State Rep Wendy Ullman Laughs about Wearing Masks... for 'POLITICAL THEATER' [for the sheep] -Thread 9.30.2020… #Masks #COVID
2. News: New York State PARENTS FILE LAWSUIT Against Gov Cuomo for Forced Masking & COVID Restrictions… #Masks #covid #lawsuit
3. News: Tucker Carleson BUSTED FEINSTEIN Walking Around Mask-less at Dulles Airport After She Called for AIRPORT MASK MANDATE:

Sen Dianne Feinstein: Masks for Thee but Not for Me!… #Masks #COVID #Tucker
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We'll never know, but are Wallaces another Anderson Cooper Cult family?

Chris' older brother Peter, died at age 19 in a mountain-climbing accident in Greece in 1962.

Chris Wallace looks clean…
You are not looking close enough.
Two different versions of Peter Jon Wallace's death. Fascinating.
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Chris Wallace has always been a left leaning lemon... if you expected anything less you need to do a history rewind ⏪ then rewatch the #Debate2020
History rewind... April 9, 2016 🎬🍋

#ChrisWallace #WorshipsSatan #History #RealityCheck #Debate2020
‘360’ in the bible = ‘my help’ — so what they’re telling you Chris Wallace is willing to help push satan Obama’s message...
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.@JoeBiden lies tonight:
1. Hunter didn't get money from Ukraine and China
2. "Very Fine People"
3. Covid handling
4. Trump taxes and businesses.

What did I miss?
.@JoeBiden more lies
@FoxNews #ChrisWallace

5. Climate change caused fires in West.
6. Paris Accord would help the Amazon rainforest.
7. Climate change is controllable by humans.
8. Trump wants to drop a nuclear weapon on hurricanes.
9. Trump said soldiers are losers.
.@JoeBiden ---> more lies
@FoxNews #ChrisWallace

10. Mail in ballots aren't fraught with fraud.
11. Mail in ballots are the same as absentee ballots.
12. He will accept the election results. (Remember, told him not to.)
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LET HIM FINISH (drink) #PresidentialDebate2020
THE WAY IT IS (drink)
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.@JoeBiden still doesn’t realize that @realDonaldTrump’s term is not over. There is no logical or legal reason for Trump to hand over his Constitutional duty and imperative as the POTUS to cave to the Democrats’ whining. #PresidentialDebate2020
.@realDonaldTrump has already won the debate. Biden was supposed to be on the offense continuously. Biden is on the defensive.

“I’m not answering that question,” says @JoeBiden.

#ChrisWallace doesn’t follow up or even ask why.

@JoeBiden is getting flustered: “Keep yapping, man,” to @realDonaldTrump.

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I'm somewhat dreading the debate but I am going to watch it & will make comments in this thread!

#Debate2020 #PresidentialDebate2020

Trump predictably defends his push to get through his nominee before the election (or shortly thereafter).

Biden has a good response focusing on the potential consequences - loss of ACA & loss of "choice" for women.

Of course Trump has to jump in, like a child.
Hey #ChrisWallace - stop Trump from interrupting! We are only 5 minutes in and Trump is already out of control. Trump is disgusting!
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More Drops. 4792 TODAY declassification of FBI Crossfire Hurricane investigation 👇🏻 ImageImage
2. Drop 4793 “Trump Swift Boat Project” - Clinton Op
“Needs to be ready, funded and unleashed when we decide — but not a half assed scramble.”

Clinton Emails. HRC ImageImage
3. Even Russia knew of HRC’s plans! Americans? Not so much. 🤨🙄 Thanks to MSM Fake News falling into place w/ their assigned duties 👉🏻 lying to the public.
#RussiaGate #ObamaGate #Treason ImageImage
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BREAKING: @JoeBiden AGAIN dodged thousands of dollars in #Obamacare and #Medicare taxes in his 2019 tax returns. RT/follow along for more details, as I update my @WSJopinion piece in real time...…
@JoeBiden and @DrBiden released their 2019 tax returns a little bit ago -- you can view them here. They show the Bidens again used a loophole that I profiled in my @WSJopinion piece... 2/…
The issue involves two corporations, CelticCapri Corp. and Giacoppa Corp., through which @JoeBiden @DrBiden funneled their book/speech income. Funneling the income through these S-corps allowed them to avoid #Medicare and #Obamacare payroll taxes... 3/
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Damn! All this time the liberal media was telling us Trump was making all this money from Russia. #NYTimes
And to think the tax code that allowed the president to pay next to nothing in taxes was written by Biden and then Obama's administration. Geez!
I hope Netflix, Amazon and Google are paid up on their taxes. Oops...they haven't. It just business folks.
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Conveniently timed #FakeNews.

This is obvi #Debate2020 Prep for #FoxNews #ChrisWallace.

Wonder how #NYTimes can snoop into people's #TaxReturns? THEY CAN'T!

#TrumpTaxReturns story is a 2016 retread.

What's next? A bus ride with Billy Bush?


#Trump2020 #Landslide2020!
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2.@RepsForBiden @DeptVetAffairs @DeptofDefense @RonaldKlain @schultzohio @BaddCompani @HunterJCullen @svdate @maddow @whca @CNNSitRoom @TheLeadCNN
News organizations need to alert people that the election results may not be known on Nov. 3.
3. Social media companies “must finally get their act together” to ensure that election officials aren’t harassed & disinformation isn't spread on their platforms.
THAT MEANS YOU @jack #MarkZuckerburg @Twitter @Facebook. At RNC rump said- exact quote
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@glennkirschner2 @DrTonyFauci @BlazerLegacy @DNCWarRoom @cm_merlin @HouseDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi
1. I agree with @ProjectLincoln LET'S call it the rump virus.@realdonaldtrump is aware of the need to change perceptions of how he’s handled the virus.
2.rump came out for the first time on Mon. as a supporter of facial masks. Resuming of daily briefings on coronavirus isn’t going to help you recover credibility dotard. “Well, we had very successful briefings,” rump said Monday.
3.“I was doing them and we had a lot of people watching. Record numbers watching.” (no credit to other members of task-force).
Rump has punished & exiled Dr. Fauci, who had advanced basic recommendations such as mask-wearing & hand-washing months ago.
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Das Interview mit #ChrisWallace wird #DonaldTrump noch lange im Gedächtnis bleiben.

Harte Fragen und auch Widerspruch bei falschen Behauptungen. Man merkt das er das nicht gewohnt ist.…
Briefwahl würde zum Betrug einladen.
Witzigerweise wählt Trump seit Jahren per Briefwahl.


Trump bezeichnet Weltkriege als "beautiful world wars".

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@Alyssa_Milano @joncoopertweets @TheDemocrats @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @KamalaHarris Unfortunately, we need to be prepared. Trump CAN reject the election, several ways.


* He can declare a national emergency (which is why I think he's allowing COVID to get out of control — it's a means to his end

* The Constitution allows electors to be picked ...
@Alyssa_Milano @joncoopertweets @TheDemocrats @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @KamalaHarris ...via state legislatures not by direct election (citizens)

* Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution means states, not citizens, have the power to elect

* In 1824, only 18 states chose presidential electors by popular vote (6 via electors)

* Thus states can individually..
@Alyssa_Milano @joncoopertweets @TheDemocrats @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @KamalaHarris * pass laws (COVID reasons) to give presidential electors right to chose the president (ie, themselves, not citizen-voters)

* Jared Kushner already said they wanted to delay the election…
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Trying to understand the #Magabomber 's 2 twitter accounts @hardrock2016 & @hardrockintlent. They just seem plain bizzarre. I mean i suppose u have to be quite off in the head to think these actions were somehow reasonable and sane. There is alot to unpack in this archived data.
#Magabomber guy used 3 different hashtags in total for both accnts & very infrequently. Both @robreiner & @RealRonHoward show up in his Twitter archives so I would assume they have been contacted. Looks like the Meme was his mode of communication
I don't mean to pick on anyone but this certainly did not age well. I believe she tweeted it yesterday in fact. 0% ?? Here's a rule never say 0% chance for ANYTHING. #magabomber
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