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What can you tell me about this photo?

Do you know where it is taken?

What year is it?

Do you know who the two men are that I have circled?
Matthew Calamari knew about a fraudulent insurance scheme that would help Trump evade taxes, according to #CohenTestimony.

Calamari now has an important role at the Trump Organization as its CEO.

He first began working for Trump as a bodyguard in 1981.…
The photo was taken in Moscow in 1996, and the other man I circled is David Geovanis, a Moscow based American businessman. Trump's "fixer" in Moscow.

Witnesses said he could reveal details about Trump's activities in Russia going back decades.

.@RepJerryNadler - HEARINGS!
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Hey, remember right after the #Midterms2018, Postcards for America shared this graphic with the 5 Committee Chairs with subpoena power?
@HouseJudiciary @OversightDems @FSCDems @HouseIntel @WaysMeansCmte

Wanna see what they are doing with that power?

First #CohenTestimony
Now @RepJerryNadler, Judiciary Cmte Chair, says Trump obstructed justice.
Nadler is requesting documents from more than 60 people in White House, DOJ & Trump Org - including top execs Donald Trump Jr. & Allen Weisselberg.…

Oversight Committee Chair @RepCummings accused administration of "government-sponsored child abuse" & said "this is a true national emergency" Has subpoenaed documents from DOJ, DHS & HHS related to migrant family separation policy…

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1. Watching snippets of the #CohenTestimony I'm struck by how similar this is to an organized crime trial. LEO gets one bad guy to admit to crimes he's committed but makes a deal to get to the higher ups. That's typical right? And of course the defense attorneys...
2. The defense attorneys for the higher ups attack the credibility of the "flipped" witness. He's a liar. He's a criminal. He's going to get a book deal. But here's the thing...@GOP members of the House & Senate are NOT supposed to be defense attorneys for the @POTUS ...
3. They should be on the side of Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs). They should be protecting the laws of the land and the people who they serve. Apparently partisan power is more important to them than anything else. Many of them tried to impeach Clinton for far less.
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Most members of Congress used the #CohenTestimony to grandstand, but @AOC may have implicated Trump in a whole new case altogether in less than 5 minutes. No wonder Republicans are terrified of her. Shout out to the new class.

AOC, Pressley, and Tlaib all looked ready. They did not disappoint. The future of the Democratic party is looking bright.
I'm glad the Democratic party is welcoming more young people to the table. People who can speak this passionately about the problems in politics are a net positive for the discourse.

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How the Dems see #Trump & #TeamTrump after the #CohenTestimony today: "Married to the Mob" by Bill Maher
#TrumpRussia #Trump #Cohen #BillMaher
And now don't you mix these two tapes up!
"Cohen says the expectation at the Trump organization was to lie for Trump."
Watch live: via Reuters.
#CohenTestimony #Cohen #TrumpRussia #Trump
Hey all ya people, don't ya get any funny ideas...or I have "to do f*cking disgusting things to you! You hear me?"
#Cohen #CohenTestimony #TrumpRussia
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The #CohenTestimony is already amazing.
"For the record, Individual No. 1 is President Donald J. Trump"
"Since taking office he has become the worst version of himself."
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.@RepCummings : "The days of this committee protecting the president at all costs are over. They're over." #CohenTestimony
I'm really busy in court. Someone give me a #CohenTestimony update!
Comer:"You call DT a cheat in your opening testimony. What would you call yourself?"

Michael Cohen:"A fool"

NOTE: Michael Cohen is a convicted criminal who primarily committed finacial/election crimes w/ his unindicted co-conspirator DJT.
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"Mr. Cohen has provided a copy of a check sent while President Trump was IN OFFICE, with Donald Trump's signature ON IT, to reimburse Mr. Cohen for the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels." @RepCummings #CohenTestimony
"This check is dated August 1st, 2017. Six months later, in April of 2018, the President denied anything about it." @RepCummings #CohenTestimony…
REMINDER: Lying deviant pedophile enabler Jim Jordan dismissed credible allegations of attempted rape, contributing to a "cesspool of deviancy" and abuse at Ohio State. #MeToo #CohenTestimony…
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Michael Cohen is about to testify before the House Oversight Committee. Follow along for a video thread.
LOL -- An angry @RepMarkMeadows begins by trying to do Trump's bidding by moving to postpone the hearing, because Cohen's testimony wasn't given to members early enough.
.@Jim_Jordan is out here pushing conspiracy theories about CNN before Cohen has even had a chance to say a single word
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Trump's behavior absolutely warrants — even demands — #impeachment. And this is without #Mueller or #CohenTestimony. But the GOP will subvert the Constitution to protect him. And House Dems refuse to do it, even though polls show majority support.

And to the argument that the Senate won't convict, that doesn't matter. The PROCESS of impeachment will affirm that the rule of law still matters, and it can focus the national spotlight on the sheer magnitude of Trump/Pence's corruption.

#Impeachment hearings would tell the world American democracy is still alive and that kleptocracy and creeping fascism haven't completely destroyed the rule of law. House Dems refusing to do it is a failure, and will cost us dearly. No sugarcoating it.
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