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The CIA orchestrated the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya by arming extremist militias. With Gaddafi dead, many militia members traveled to Syria/Iraq to join existing CIA-backed al Qaeda affiliats, thereby creating ISIS.
To rearm their mercenary militias, the CIA started a gun running op out of an annex near the US Embassy in #Benghazi. The weapons left the port, went to a CIA base in Turkey, then down into the hands of ISIS in Syria & Iraq.
The CIA annex in #Benghazi included contractors from Blackwater (aka US Mercenaries). Islamist militias thought the guns were at the Embassy, so they attacked it to get the weapons. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, as well as 3 CIA mercenaries in the process.
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Julian Assange's Final Extradition Hearing Takes Place In 4 hours 10AM London (5AM Eastern time) 7 September 2020… #FreeAssangeNOW
Will be with you now & through Julian's hearing, begins in a hour in London.

A global prayer circle has just begun... please light a candle 🕯️with us & imagine Julian embracing his beloved family. When 2 or more gather on behalf of another.... 🙏🕊️
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@OrtaineDevian @sjorolan @CylantJustice @MissesJ3 @lenlucas46 @slavewar @Maca691 @michaelnp1701 @MVineyardFarmer @damien_shark @BardsFM @d5iza @PhilZantos @TPP_of_Suffolk @terryca53306307 @TerryMeggins @TheKillShot82 @InmateRedux @heidi_weigand @ChgocadChic @TamaraJ54122333 @DaSikDude @Craneger @FanninRyan @maccloskey1 @darhar981 @DFBHarvard @gex_daniel #9/11Truth

🌐JOE BIDEN was involved in MANY FF’s Why?

🌐One reason was 2 launch the PATRIOT ACT

🌐Which, in turn created the GESTAPO-LIKE Dept. of HOMELAND SECURITY &other FASCIST ENSLAVEMENT agencies

🌐OVER 3000 lives lost bc of these STAGED EVENTS 2 TAKE our FREEDOMS ImageImageImage

🌐Larry SILVERSTEIN & Frank LOWRY took over the WTC lease 6 wks before 9/11

🌐Purchased $7billion INSURANCE Policy

🌐Made damned sure the policies COVERED ACTS OF TERR0RI$M

🌐CONVINCE me that “Pull It” SILVERSTEIN wasn’t involved with #TwinTowersAttack
👇👇👇 ImageImage
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Part 11 of Austin's Operation Burnback Drip/Nurture Email Leaks.

Black Lung
(Pt 3/4) LEAKED: Classified US military Intel shows #TeamClinton being repeatedly warned not to give Libya rebels sophisticated weapons because they are radical Islamist extremists -12627
#WikiLeaks #MediaBlackout #NotARussianAgent Image
(Pt 4/4) LEAKED: Classified US military Intel shows #TeamClinton being repeatedly warned not to give Libya rebels sophisticated weapons because they are radical Islamist extremists
#WikiLeaks #MediaBlackout #NotARussianAgent Image
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@OrtaineDevian @sjorolan @CylantJustice @MissesJ3 @lenlucas46 @slavewar @Maca691 @michaelnp1701 @MVineyardFarmer @damien_shark @BardsFM @d5iza @PhilZantos @TPP_of_Suffolk @terryca53306307 @TerryMeggins @TheKillShot82 @InmateRedux @heidi_weigand @ChgocadChic @TamaraJ54122333 @DaSikDude @Craneger @FanninRyan #911Truth

🌐A MYRIAD of reasons why The Twin Towers were attacked by “Terr0rists”

🌐The #CabalMedia read their script correctly~It said TERR0RISTS, alright. Just didn’t name the CORRECT ones

🌐JOE BIDEN was one of them. He needed to get the #PatriotAct passed, dang it ImageImageImage
@OrtaineDevian @sjorolan @CylantJustice @MissesJ3 @lenlucas46 @slavewar @Maca691 @michaelnp1701 @MVineyardFarmer @damien_shark @BardsFM @d5iza @PhilZantos @TPP_of_Suffolk @terryca53306307 @TerryMeggins @TheKillShot82 @InmateRedux @heidi_weigand @ChgocadChic @TamaraJ54122333 @DaSikDude @Craneger @FanninRyan @maccloskey1 @darhar981 @DFBHarvard @gex_daniel #9/11Truth

🌐JOE BIDEN was involved in MANY FF’s Why?

🌐One reason was 2 launch the PATRIOT ACT

🌐Which, in turn created the GESTAPO-LIKE Dept. of HOMELAND SECURITY &other FASCIST ENSLAVEMENT agencies

🌐OVER 3000 lives lost bc of these STAGED EVENTS 2 TAKE our FREEDOMS ImageImageImage
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The political right doesn’t offer a better life for ordinary people, especially not for those marginalized. Nor the fiscal responsibility they claim to care about. So they use a domestic version of techniques employed in malign influence operations.

A thread. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
The most successful propaganda & disinformation campaigns are not the ones that invent out of whole cloth. Rather, to achieve lasting goals, the more skillful of these operations, will exploit legitimate issues & preexisting beliefs.

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
Skillful propaganda campaigns will weaponize those elements to create a narrative desired by the perpetrators of the influence operation.

The very components of an open society that we value, are inverted & used against our better interests.

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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San Marino Executive Aviation (SR Air Leasing Ltd) A300 T7-ASK 7/26/20 Ostend, Belgium-Misrata, Libya (2h 30m)-Antalya, Turkey
Probably a medical/coronavirus aid flight, there has been a few of them from Ostend to Libya ImageImage
C2D LLC's (Phoenix Air Group) N197PA 7/25/20 Malta-Tunis-Benghazi-Malta
N197PA made two flights to Misrata, Libya 7/27. Benghazi is controlled by Haftar/LNA and Misrata by UN backed LNA.
Phoenix is a US govt contractor & provides 'Ad Hoc airlift services'… ImageImageImageImage
Len Blavatnik's N761LE 7/29/20 London-Moscow
Blavatnik was in Hamptons 7/3-7/25. Roman Abramovich's LX-LUX in Hamptons 7/25-7/26. Abramovich socialized w/ Javanka. Trump Jr bought a house in Bridgehampton 2019. Trump Jr 'a lot of assets from Russia' 2008👇
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Last year, the FBI designated QAnon as a potential domestic terrorist threat. "baseless... revealing political & Hollywood elites who worship Satan and abuse and murder children"

**COME TO Pilled💊.net and read the proof we have.. #QANONS welcomed**…
2) is a free speech forum where you can write whatever and no one sanctions you or removes you... topics like: #PizzaGate #PedoGate #Clintons #Documentaries about real life murders #Antifa #BLM #ObamaGate #Racism #Assange #WikiLeaks #Books #Agenda21
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It's architecture thread time! This time on Libyan seats of power and governance through the ages. Let's get into it:
The Parliament Hall in #Baida, seat of the first parliament in the MENA region, was constructed in 1964. Unlike other colonial buildings, its design is simple but powerful, reflecting a new political era. It was renovated in 2014 for use by the Constitution Drafting Assembly.
Before the unification of Libya, the Cyrenaica Parliament governed the Eastern province and operated out of this building in #Benghazi, also known as Palazzo Littorio and designed by Carlo Rossini in 1923. It was partially destroyed in WWII and eventually brought down.
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QDrop 4604 July 19th, 2020. 10:33:13 PM
“Batten down the hatches.” Q.
AC-130 Gunship Lights Up the Night.
We’ve seen this video before. I’m going to have to search for my older tweets on it.
2. Here it is!! L👀K at that. Even including the new QDrop they ALL have 13 in them regarding the Laser Gunship that didn’t Fire! What are the odds?! 😏 #Flynn knew.
It connects #Benghazi, #HRC, “How do you catch a fish?”🎣👉🏻 #HOOK, #PAN, Laser Pointer
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1A. News: Roger Stone Joins Hannity for 1st Interview After Trump Commutes Sentence

– Says Corrupt Mueller Attorney Jeannie Rhee Pressured Him to Make Up Lies on President! (Video) - Thread 6.14.20…
1B. News: The US Attorney with a clear bias who “has all the charms of a North Korean prison guard”, Jeannie Rhee, pressured him to make up lies about President Trump. (Video)

2. News: Red November: How Democrats Are Trying to Drag 1920s Socialism Kicking and Screaming into the 21st Century…
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Notorious Syrian Cham Wings passenger aircraft YK-BAG from 🇦🇪#Sharjah, UAE to #Libya (est. 🇱🇾#Benghazi) once more.

In contrast to freighters, he flew via 🇮🇶#Iraq and 🇸🇾#Syria instead of 🇸🇦#SaudiArabia.

YK-BAG #SAW353 is not listed on departure boards of 🇦🇪#Sharjah International Airport:
YK-BAG #SAW353 from 🇦🇪#Sharjah is currently landing at 🇱🇾#Benghazi Benina International Airport, #Libya.
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It’s quite something to see swamp people and fake media talk as if they really care for our troops....
... these are the people who sent our troops into a stupid war in Iraq, post 9/11), and endless wars where they were all too happy for cultural Marxism to put our troops in increasing danger with ridiculous Obama rules of engagement....
... these are the frauds who publicly vented against #Soleimani, but quietly did not want to do anything about him, and his asymmetric warfare against our troops, until Trump took Soleimani out and they revealed why they (UniParty swamp) did nothing prior for over a decade....
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The Alamo Thermoplye #Benghazi #Whistleblowers #BackTheBlue #GeneralFlynn
Your Voice Matters --- Your Vote Matters
We are in a COUP,
understand that
Candidates need your help
As do
@realDonaldTrump @SidneyPowell1 and @GenFlynn

Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of Patriotism & everything dear to the American Character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch —
Our POLICE need your help.

....If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country.

Victory or Death
William Barrett Travis
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👇💥This! (Roskam-Hillary Clinton) BENGHAZI

Hearing 4 Senate Select Committee Oct. 2015:

Mr. Roskam. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Madam Secretary, the other side of the aisle has admonished the republicans for not having a theory. And let me tell you a little bit of a theory that
I've developed from my reading and research and listening today, and it's this: That you initiated a policy to put the United States into Libya as the Secretary of State and you overcame a number of obstacles within the
administration to advocate for military action, and you
were successful in doing that. Ultimately, the decision was the President's, as you acknowledge. But you were the prime mover. You were the one that was driving. You were even contemplating something called
the Clinton doctrine. And you were concerned about image,
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(1). Here's a thread for anyone who's been conned into believing Donald Trump cares about the US military or our troops.

-Faked a disability 5 times to avoid a war he didn't oppose
-5 non-rich guys went to Vietnam in his place
-Tried to kick homeless vets off 5th Ave
-Stole from vets via his fraud online U
-Lied about donating $1 million to veterans' nonprofits
-Said he'd make troops commit war crimes
-Pardoned a guy who committed war crimes
-Falsely claimed he signed Vets' Choice into law
-Insulted POWs
-Insulted Gold Star Families
-Fined for misusing funds from 2016 Vets fundraiser
-Called Generals "dopes & babies"
-Falsely accused US service members of stealing funds for Iraqi reconstruction
-Deployed 5,600 soldiers to the border in a midterm election stunt
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#Benghazi neurosurgery today: young man referred from al Marj after being in a motor vehicle accident and injured his neck and spine. Removal of vertebral bone (laminectomy) for pressure relief on the spinal cord. Of course motor vehicle accident 👇

#libya #بنغازي #ليبيا ImageImageImage
Traffic deaths and injuries are a major public health problem in #Libya. Bad cars & roads, recklessness, long dark roads and high ratio of cars have put Libya 🇱🇾 on top of the world when it comes to traffic injuries and deaths.


2/7 ImageImage
Motor vehicle accidents are #1 killer in Libya.

In 2018 in average 17 people died in Misurata each month due to traffic (175 deaths/10months, pop300k)


#ليبيا Image
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BREAKING: Judicial Watch announced the #DOJ released 80 pages of records that show top Obama WH officials scrambling to “evolve” its false claims that 9/11/12, terrorist attacks in #Benghazi began “spontaneously” in response to video on the Internet (1/3)
The emails show top Obama White House official Ben Rhodes and Clinton State Department Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan joking about being called “liars” and “leakers," (2/3).
“Joking about being called ‘liars’ after being caught lying about the Benghazi terrorist attack says a lot about the Obama-Clinton team’s contempt for the rule of law and those four innocent Americans murdered in Libya September 11, 2012,” @TomFitton (3/3)
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@MouradTeyeb A pertinent 2017 NYT piece on a #France-in-#Africa discussion:

“The Rwanda intervention is the most symbolic of the more than 50 FRENCH MILITARY INTERVENTIONS IN AFRICA”…#French forces are still involved in Africa…"

#Libya #Haftar #Libyaoil #oilandgas…
@MouradTeyeb Rwanda case: French history of “complicity” in Africa from Mitterrand>Macron: “#France was part of the planning, part of the conception & part of the execution of the genocide”

Another case of #French complicity is #Haftar in #Tripoli?

#Libya #Libyaoil…
@MouradTeyeb #Macron in #Libya: #Derna.
#KhalifaHaftar has received decisive assistance from #France in the form of a recon aircraft operated by CAE Aviation, a company which also works for the #French external Intel service”-#DGSE

#Haftar #Libyaoil #OilAndGas #ليبيا…
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11. More 1117 or 117.
Officer Brosnan turns himself in at 11:17 AM 6/18/20. 🧐💭
Just Note 📝 Newscaster pronounced Officer Rolfe as Wolf 🐺.
12. QDrop 4511 6/24/2020 1:17:11 PM 👉🏻 117 👈🏻
Drop # and Timestamp both = 11. So 11 11.
“MIL - CIV Alliance” (Military - Civilian)
#DigitalSoldiers #CitizenJournalists #Warriors
13. I had forgotten to add the QDrop # 117 to this thread.
Coincidentally 😏 The date timestamp for QDrop 117 ALSO reveals 117! 😯 (November 6, 2017.
(Twin ships)
Big Drop: Alwaleed, HRC, Obama 👉🏻 “What is HUMA”. Note 📝 Q doesn’t say WHO. Q says WHAT. (Harvard U Muslim Alumni).
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