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@FrankLaRose @GovMikeDeWine you have some explaining to do.

88 counties in Ohio and nearly ALL 88 counties have a perfect correlated line?!?! Something looks VERY fishy.

@Jim_Jordan more evidence
Correlation coefficient is a numerical measure of some type of correlation, meaning a statistical relationship between two variables. The closer R is to 1 --> the greater the relationship correlates. This is not a good thing when it comes to voting!
Why does the ballots lines mirror the predicted which mirrors the registrations which correlates to the census? This is mathematically impossible.

Notice how smooth the census line is? There is no sharp drops/increases, perfectly smooth like you would
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Helping Joe Biden w/his serial Syria-Libya confusions: Syria is where Obama-Biden admin drew a red line over gas attacks on civilians, then erased it. Libya became a lawless state when Obama-Biden ousted Gaddafi…
And four Americans died there in #Benghazi when Obama slashed consulate security, Hillary did nothing when they were attacked, No help or rescue was ready on a day full of Arab 9/11 outbreaks
And an Obama-Biden investigation of the Obama-Biden admin deaths found no Obama-Biden culpability. #NoConsequences
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@catturd2 @gatewaypundit 1/📨 @foofighters remember this? The other side of #AIDS. You were there. You dared to put your name under this group of #HIV+ patients who questioned the mainstream narrative & decided NOT to take AIDS "medication"

#Fauci #JoepLange🍃
#MH17 #Swissair-111
@catturd2 @gatewaypundit @foofighters 2/ The other👆side of AIDS

Christine began to question if #HIV causes #AIDS. She came to believe that her positive💭test📖…

#PCRtest's #KaryMullis*🍃died Aug'19💭 #Event201 Oct'19
#JoepLange🍃 #MH17 #Swissair-111⤵
@catturd2 @gatewaypundit @foofighters 3/ Two Airplane Crashes & Dashed Hopes for a Cure💭

#SwissAir-111 & #MH17

Leading AIDS researchers died in each of the two disasters. Would #AIDS have been defeated💭by now if they survived?…

RIP Prof. #JoepLange

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Attacks of September 11th, 2012

#LiberalMedia Cover Story to support the #Obama Re-election

POTUS = #Obama
Sec of State = #Hillary
FBI = Comey Image
#LiberalMedia Cover-up to keep the Obama Narrative of Winning the War against Terrorism

Circle the Wagons to keep Hillary positioned for 2016 Election Cycle

Promote Comey to Director of the FBI 1 year later
#Mueller to #Comey Image
2 #StandDown Orders

1st = Delay GRS Contractors to Respond to Consulate from CIA Annex

2nd = Around Midnight Local Time with Drone Video Feed Active
State Dept to US Military
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Assets that Panetta did NOT "choose" to deploy included 2 squadrons of F-16s at Aviano Air Base, 4 remotely piloted aircraft (drones) stationed in southern Europe, special operations aircraft stationed in Souda Bay, Crete, and the Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST). (1/5)
On 9/11/12, the air squadrons in Aviano were not on any heightened alert status, despite the supposed call for a “heightened alert” from Obama. Instead, they were in training posture and in the middle of a 2-week inspection, meaning nothing was pre-loaded on any aircraft. (2/5)
Armed drones were heavily used in Obama and Hillary's war in Libya. Drone pilots testified that after the fall of Qadhafi, they received orders to disarm drones, making it time consuming to re-arm them to respond to the #Benghazi attack. (3/5)
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USAF 09-0625 MC-12W Liberty BNCR61 4/15/21 ISR mission over Baghdad, Iraq, LIVE

Something's up in Baghdad. Normally 09-0625 flies missions near Ramadi, NW of Baghdad, and at Syrian border. Image
Tom Barrack's (Chair of Trump's inaugural cmte) N284CC 4/11-4/12/21 LA-Paris 4/13/21 Paris-Nice (~20m)-Beirut 4/14/21 Beirut-Pisa

Probably stopped in Pisa to see his friend Flavio Briatore

ICYMI: Barrack and Manafort had vacation with Briatore Aug 2016
Alexander Mashkevich's M-AAAL 4/14/21 West Palm Beach-Punta Cana

M-AAAL's second visit to WPB in five weeks

"Trump, Russia & a Shadowy Business Partnership. Bayrock/Sater/Arif/Mashkevich/Trump"…
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What if I told you that an oligarch behind many of the Clintons worst crimes has flipped?

Why would so called conservative media ignore this story? Because they get ratings by tricking you into thinking nothing is happening.
#ButNothingsHappening #GilbertChagoury Image
Lebanese & Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury who illegally funded the Clinton's campaigns from 1996-2016 reached a secret agreement with DOJ to provide "unique cooperation" in October 2019. His cooperation was kept secret until 2 weeks ago!
I will be producing this thread today, but many of the side cases from this that I will post later threads on details of those cases. But Chagoury connects to so many Swampy crimes including the set up of Republicans to gain leverage over them. Image
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#Libya 🇱🇾 BREAKING: Mahmoud al-Werfalli, commander in the #LNA and wanted war criminal has been assassinated in #Benghazi today.

Al-Werfalli was wanted by the @IntlCrimCourt for the execution of several dozen prisoners and the killing of non-combatants. ImageImage
#Libya 🇱🇾: @trbrtc did extensive research on all the execution videos posted by al-Werfalli. All the details are in this multiyear thread
Many Libyans will rejoice over the news of the death of al-Werfalli but in #Benghazi this also means dangerous times could be ahead. Werfalli commanded the Saiqa brigade and his men were very loyal to him. They probably want revenge.
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Join our livestream on Open-source investigation with the famous group of investigative journalists @Bellingcat.
It starts here and now!
#EndTorture2021 #TogetherAgainstTorture
Open-source info is freely available to the public online. It is not hacking, spying or stealing. We use it to monitor what powerful people do - @N_Waters89 @Bellingcat
Everyone is walking around with a tracking device that can take photos, videos and they can upload them online. It's the most powerful information network humanity has ever seen - @N_Waters89
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Sean Hannity's (Fox "News" propagandist) N329PK 2/12-2/13/21 Republic-Willow Run Airport near Detroit (~40m)-Conroe, TX
Mike Lindell's (#MyPillowGuy) N497SP 2/13/21 LA-Lufkin (~15m)-Conroe

What/who is in Conroe? N329PK has been there at least once before
Sean Hannity's (Fox "News" propagandist) N329PK 2/13/21 Returned to Republic after ~15h 15m landing in Conroe, TX

Mike Lindell's (#MyPillowGuy) N497SP is still in Conroe.
This is the first time I've seen Lindell's plane in Conroe, Hannity's been once b4.
Oops... Forgot the screenshot from the above tweet😊

Sean Hannity's (Fox "News" propagandist) N329PK 2/13/21 Returned to Republic after ~15h 15m landing in Conroe, TX

Mike Lindell's (#MyPillowGuy) N497SP is still in Conroe.

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Alexander Mashkevich's M-AAAL 2/7-2/8/21 Kazakhstan-Bangor-Ft Lauderdale 2/9-2/10/21 Ft Lauderdale-Kazakhstan, en route

Ft Lauderdale is 46 miles (50 minutes) from West Palm Beach🤔
ICYMI: Alexander Mashkevich’s M-AAAL was in D.C 1/19-1/21/17.
Trump’s inauguration was 1/20/17.
(see the tweet above this one)
VP-BGM (opr by Elitavia) 2/10/21 Moscow-Reykjavik-HPN, en route

BGM🤔Bagman? Is Dumb Jr. getting visitors from Moscow?😉😁
VP-BGM operates from Moscow. It has a curious logo on its tail. Maybe someone recognize it and we'll find out the owner. ImageImageImageImage
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I believe it was not long ago we'd read shrill and deranged drivel on the threat of Madkhalis! in #Libya's east. Except these red herring merchants got the side completely wrong and appeared to have been projecting #Tripoli onto #Benghazi. No small feat.
A few months ago, #Libya's own fledgling franchise of the Taliban passed draconian measures against women in Tripoli-greeted with a heroic silence by Libyan self-styled feminists and human rights *activists based abroad.…
In the same month, AFRICOM revealed that #Turkey's Syrian mercenaries imported by the "GNA" to fight alongside the Islamist Tripoli-Misrata militia cartel (Fajr #Libya) were sexually abusing Libyan women: Also met with silence by otherwise vocal *activists
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On 5/3/17 US House Resolution 2315 was introduced, seeking to posthumously honor the four victims of the #Benghazi attacks with the Congressional Gold Medal. The medal is given to individuals that have made a mark in American history or culture. (1/6)
The "Dear Colleague" letter describing H.R. 2315 reads as follows: “In view of the recent sixth anniversary of the September 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S Consulate and classified annex in Benghazi, Libya, (2/6)
it is important that Congress recognize those brave individuals that sacrificed their lives to defend our great nation and its values. To this end, we have introduced bipartisan legislation, H.R. 2315, to posthumously award (3/6)
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After his life-saving actions as part of the GRS team during the #Benghazi attacks, Kris "Tanto" Paronto has made several appearances to recount his story, was a co-author of the 13 Hours book and a consultant for the movie. (1/5)
Kris Paronto owns and operates Battleline Tactical, providing firearms and tactics training for all kinds of clientelle across the country. Kris started Battleline Tactical with his long-time friend and fellow GRS teammate in #Benghazi Dave "Boon" Benton. (2/5)
Battleline Podcast is hosted by Kris Paronto alongside Ian Scotto. The podcast began in November 2019 and includes a variety of guests to discuss a broad range of topics. @BattlelinePod (3/5)
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After his life-saving actions as part of the GRS team during the #Benghazi attacks, @MarkGeistSWP has made several appearances to recount his story, was a co-author of the 13 Hours book and a consultant for the movie. (1/5) Image
Shadow Warriors Project is a foundation started by @MarkGeistSWP and dedicated to the support of private military security contractors conducting paramilitary security operations in some of the world's most dangerous areas. @ShadowWarriorsP (2/5) Image
Shadow Warriors Project has a unique focus on private contractors who often go overlooked despite their heroic work defending our country. As @MarkGeistSWP exemplified in #Benghazi, shadow warriors stay in the fight to protect their brothers, comrades, and countrymen. (3/5)
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After years of trying to dupe the public into believing that "the fog of war" kept her from knowing the truth behind the #Benghazi attacks, @HillaryClinton wrote definitively in her 2014 book "Hard Choices" that it was terrorism as if this was the story she told all along. (1/7)
In an attempt to correct her post-Benghazi narrative which squarely blamed the anti-Islam YouTube video, @HillaryClinton now was emphasizing in her book that she used terms such as "heavily armed militias," "violent attackers," and "extremists." (2/7)
In "Hard Choices" @HillaryClinton wrote that on 9/12/12 she "laid out the facts as we knew them" to the press corps, reporting that "heavily armed militants" had assaulted the #Benghazi compound. But she makes no mention that for the 2nd day in a row she blamed the video. (3/7)
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I have more respect 4 Julian Assange today after seeing the clip yesterday where he tried to protect sources & methods (human lives) by warning HRC's State Dept in advance of the stolen State Dept Cables. He cared more than HRC. He should be immediately pardoned. @realDonaldTrump
For those who don't remember, HRC's illegal server also led to CIA agents deaths in China as her illegal pay-to-play hothouse server was copying the CCP on every email sent/received. Also remember she went on Maddow & asked China to hack IRS for Trump's taxes. 2 days later leaked
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The first public showing of the movie "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" was held on 1/12/16 for over 32,000 attendees at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. @13hours (1/5)
The premier included live interviews by Entertainment Tonight’s @KevinFrazier with some of the people who survived the #Benghazi attacks and some of the actors who protrayed them in the movie. (2/5)
13 Hours was shown on the enormous screen hanging above the field. Before the screening there were musical performances from @thebandperry, Chris Cornell and @MadisonRising. (3/5)
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#Libya- thread about the #LNA's 106 bde. "Lieutenant General Wanis Bukhamada" live-fire exercise south of #Benghazi (area of Qaminis) in the presence of Major General Abdul Salam al-Hassi (who seems unwell...) with a couple of other very important guests...

#Libya- bottom line up front: a casual flyby by a pair of SU-24 that were recently delivered by #Russia, and are seemingly currently sporting Libyan flags on their tails

The LNA officer narrator has a very lucrative (in country) monocular NVG on the entire time. Clearly a status symbol, as the entire exercise is in broad daylight and he isn't participating...
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Gunmen shot dead Hanan al-Barassi, a prominent female dissident, in broad daylight on a busy street in #Benghazi, in the latest killing of a critic of military strongman Khalifa Haftar and of the abuses in the areas controlled by his Libyan National Army…
Barassi ran a local association for the defence of women’s rights & spoke out against violence against women in videos she broadcast on social media. In footage posted to her FB page just before she was shot, criticised armed groups close to Haftar, saying she’d been “threatened” A woman wearing a black headscarf sitting in a car
Barassi’s killing comes nearly a year and a half after the disappearance of another prominent women’s rights activist, Siham Sergiwa, who was abducted from her home in #Benghazi by armed men on 17 July and has not been heard from since. #Libya A woman seen from the chest up wearing a cream coloured blaz
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You know why most of the #HunterBiden stories never made much sense to me? Because Joe Biden was in the White House from 08' to 16' w/ the @GOP controlling the House oversight committee for 6 of those years. If the VP was doing ANYTHING dirty, they'd have investigated it
We got Fast & Furious, #Benghazi, everything they could find about the Obama administration was investigated by the GOP House Oversight. We're supposed to believe Biden ran and criminal empire w/ his son under their noses ?
Then after Biden left office, he was free to do whatever he wanted and it was all legal and ethical. A son trying to trade off his Dad's name isn't illegal, unless that Dad got a cut, and if he didn't (and no one has proven that) it's a non-story
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Dept of (In)justice's G550 N708JH 10/25-10/26/20 Manassas-Stewart Int (~1h 35m)-Kyiv #Ukraine 10/27/20 Kyiv-Stewart Int
No doubt its connected to bogus H Biden laptops. Stewart Int is used for flights to/from NY

ICYMI: DoJ investigated FBI NY office leaking to Giuliani in 2016 ImageImageImage
Phoenix Air Group's (US Govt contractor) 10/25/20 Cartersville, GA-D.C. (~1h 20m)-Reykjavik-Ramstein Airbase (~3h)-Kyiv #Ukraine 10/27/20 Kyiv-Reykjavik-D.C. en route

Connected to DoJ's N708JH's flight to Kyiv? The jets departed Kyiv 14 minutes apart🤔
Sonnig Int's (Mortara/Haftar/LNA) P4-RMA 10/26-10/27/20 Dubai-#Benghazi #Libya-Reykjavik-Bangor, ME (45m)-St Louis
US Navy's Cessna C560 VM714 10/26-10/27/20 Joint Base Andrews-Bangor, ME-Andrews
Not sure if the flights are connected but the jets landed 2 minutes apart ImageImageImageImage
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#BREAKING Libyan factions sign 'permament' national ceasefire after talks: UN Image
#BREAKING Libya truce takes place with 'immediate effect': UN Image
VIDEO: Libya's two warring factions sign a "permanent" ceasefire agreement following five days of talks at the United Nations
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4 months after GRS team members were made to sign new NDAs in an attempt to silence them, then-CIA Director John Brennan wrote a letter to congressional oversight committees denying even presenting the #Benghazi survivors with NDAs to sign. (1/8)
Responding to the question “Has any officer, either staff of contractor, been required to sign any non-disclosure agreement because of their presence at Benghazi or their participation in any activity related to the Benghazi attacks?” Brennan falsely answered "No." (2/8)
Brennan and his defenders changed their story each time their previous claims proved difficult to defend, digging themselves a deeper hole lie after lie: (3/8)
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