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"Mr. Cohen has provided a copy of a check sent while President Trump was IN OFFICE, with Donald Trump's signature ON IT, to reimburse Mr. Cohen for the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels." @RepCummings #CohenTestimony
"This check is dated August 1st, 2017. Six months later, in April of 2018, the President denied anything about it." @RepCummings #CohenTestimony nbcnews.com/politics/donal…
REMINDER: Lying deviant pedophile enabler Jim Jordan dismissed credible allegations of attempted rape, contributing to a "cesspool of deviancy" and abuse at Ohio State. #MeToo #CohenTestimony politico.com/story/2018/07/…
Shorter Jim Jordan: We shouldn't discuss the multiple, provable crimes of President Trump as they will hurt the President #CohenTestimony #ComplicitGOP
Jim Jordan sure acted different during the #Benghazi hearings where he didn't need any actual evidence to rant and rave for hours. #DrugTestJimJordan
"He is a racist.

He is a conman.

He is a cheat....

(while) he was President of the United States -- pursuant to the cover up, @realDonaldTrump wrote a personal check for the payment of hush money as part of a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws." #CohenTestimony
After calling for years for Obama to release his college transcripts, #LoserDonald Trump used Michael Cohen to write threatening letters to schools and colleges to keep his own records secret. #CohenTestimony
Cohen: Trump lied about the Trump Tower Moscow because he never expected to win... but he did expect to make hundreds of millions of dollars. As President, Trump's own lawyers REVIEWED and APPROVED Cohen's previous lies to Congress. #CohenTestimony
"For the record, Individual Number One is President Donald J. Trump." Michael Cohen #CohenTestimony
"Wouldn't that be great?" Trump's response to being told by Roger Stone -- on speakerphone -- that Wikileaks was set to release hacked emails. #CohenTestimony
Trump stole charity money to pay a fake bidder to overpay for a Trump portrait that he himself kept #CharityFraud #CohenTestimony cc: @NewYorkStateAG
#CohenTestimony Other checks for illegal hush money payments were signed by... #TraitorTot himself, @DonaldJTrumpJr
Michael Cohen confirms previous reporting that @DonaldJTrumpJr is a total idiot
Michael Cohen introduces tweets to illustrate how @realDonaldTrump acted "like a mobster... encourage someone to do harm" to me and my family. #CohenTestimony
"We will not tolerate lying to this Congress. BY ANYBODY." @RepCummings

See also:
“Based on your conversations with him, is there any doubt in your mind that President Trump knew exactly what he was paying for?”

“There is no doubt in my mind and I truly believe there is no doubt in the minds of the people of the United States of America.“ #CohenTestimony
"Mr. Trump's desire to win would have him work with anyone." Michael Cohen #CohenTestimony
Nothing and no one sums up the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the @GOP quite like Jim Jordan. #CohenTestimony
It wasn't just "Catch and Kill."

While the National Enquirer was illegally conspiring with Trump to make hush money payments to help him cheat his way to the Presidency, their covers were savaging Hillary Clinton with the most vicious lies imaginable. #CohenTestimony
GOP brainiac Mark Meadows: "How many times? It's a yes or no question." #CohenTestimony
Shorter Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows: We only liked you when you came here and lied to protect Trump. #CohenTestimony
Rep. Paul Gosar: "You are a pathological liar. You don't know truth from falsehood."

Michael Cohen: "Are you referring to me or the President?"

🤣🤣🤣 #CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
"What was the breaking point at which you decided to start telling the truth?"

Michael Cohen: "Helsinki... Charlottesville... watching the daily destruction of our civility to one another"

#CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
Michael Cohen, on his way to federal prison: "The more people that follow Mr. Trump as I did blindly are going to suffer the same consequences that I'm suffering."

#CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
🚨 Catch the look Michael Cohen gives to #ComplicitGOP members as he accuses them of taking on the same role of Trump Organization employees, whose job is to lie for and protect their criminal boss every day. #CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
BREAKING: Michael Cohen confirms that Donald Trump lied under oath in 2013 when he said he barely knew convicted Russian mobster Felix Sater, who occupied a rent-free office on the 26th Floor of Trump Tower, aka "Mr. Trump's floor"
BREAKING: Cohen confirms he was aware of $95M wire transfer from Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev that gave Trump a tens of millions cash profit at depths of Florida real estate crash. Transaction has been cited as clear example of "Putin buying Trump" sfchronicle.com/opinion/articl…
Republicans very concerned that the now-disbarred Michael Cohen may profit from his knowledge of Donald Trump, after serving his time in a federal prison. #CohenHearing
Michael Cohen: Here is the evidence of multiple crimes committed by America's sitting President, before and after he took office.

Republicans: Will you be looking for a book deal after you get out of prison? #CohenTestimony #CohenHearing
Shorter @RepClayHiggins: I have known thousands of criminals, but I have absolultely no interest in looking at the criminal evidence against my Dear Leader, aka Individual Number One, Donald Trump. #CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
NEW: 🚨🚨🚨 Michael Cohen says he recorded Trump about campaign hush money payments because National Enquirer owner David Pecker had "chewed him out" multiple times over other previous (illegal?) payments that Trump had failed to deliver to the National Enquirer. #CohenHearing
BREAKING: Michael Cohen implicates Trump lawyers Jay Sekulow and Abbe Lowell in approving his previous perjured testimony to Congress on behalf of Donald Trump #CohenTestimony #CohenHearing
Michael Cohen on rumored tape from Trump Tower elevator: "I don't believe Mr. Trump ever struck Mrs. Trump ever." #CohenTestimony #CohenHearing
Unbelievable hackery from @RepCarolMiller: "I find this hearing not in the best interest of the American people." Wow. She opposes informing voters about provable crimes and possible treason committed by @realDonaldTrump and the #TrumpCrimeFamily.

#CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
Dear @Twitter. Please note @realDonaldTrump account appears to be on a massive buying spree of FAKE FOLLOWERS. Please do not allow bots to pollute the platform for the next election as they did the last. #CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
That awkward moment when Michael Cohen destroys @RepGregSteube's entire line of questioning: "Rudy Giuliani himself came out and expressed that Mr. Trump reimbursed me for the money that was spent to pay Stormy Daniels." #CohenTestimony #CohenHearing
🔥🔥🔥 Rep @StaceyPlaskett puts on the record the need to refer Matt Gaetz for possible criminal prosecution for witness intimidation #CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
In which @StaceyPlaskett gets Michael Cohen to confirm that Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Sheri Dillon all lies about the non-existent “retainer agreement” as part of the cover-up of Trump’s campaign finance violations and criminal activities as President #CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
“We now have a conspiracy, an ongoing crime, that moves right into the White House,” says @glennkirschner2 #CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
.@RepRoKhanna: Did the President and his son participate in a criminal conspiracy to commit financial fraud from the White House?

Michael Cohen: “Yes.” #CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
The moment @AOC added insurance fraud to the list of provable crimes committed by Donald Trump #CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
The moment when @AOC had Michael Cohen explain under oath the method used by @realDonaldTrump to commit massive property tax fraud in Florida and New York #CohenHearing #CohenTestimony
Thanks to Jim Jordan for reminding us that, in addition to all the crimes revealed today, Donald Trump is also so mentally unstable that Rod Rosenstein and others felt compelled to discuss invoking the 25th Amendment #CohenHearing #25thAmendment #25thAmendmentNow
Pick a side, GOP. @RepCummings closes the #CohenHearing with a call to stand up for American democracy.
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