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⚖️ Michael Cohen sues Donald Trump and Bill Barr for violating his First Amendment rights

TFG's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen announced Thursday that he will be filing a lawsuit against his former boss and former Attorney General Bill Barr after they…
tried to kill his First Amendment rights.

When Cohen was put in prison, COVID-19 was raging through the country and, namely through prisons. As a result, many correctional facilities put non-violent offenders on house arrest, including Cohen. To let him out, however, Cohen was
told he'd have to sign a statement promising he wouldn't publish his book until he had served his entire prison term, which would come after Trump's presidency. It also demanded that he wouldn't speak to the press.

Cohen refused and was sent back to FCI-Otisville, where he waged
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He said Trump's tax savings in the alleged fraud scheme would amount to "pennies."
"Pennies" - what every rich fraud who cheats on their taxes calls hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years of their fraud, & combined adds up to millions.
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We have video of Trump calling on his supporters to storm the Capitol to “take back our country”

We have @GOP members of Congress on tape doing the same

We have the entire insurrection from inside and outside the Capitol on video
We have tweets and emails from Trump calling on his supporters to attack the Capitol

We have tweets, messages, and video from @GOP members of Congress actively enabling the attack

We have multiple insurrectionists who have pled guilty to participating in this siege
We have sworn testimony from Capitol Police officers that they were violently assaulted, maced, hit with blunt objects & overrun by people who claimed they were “sent by Trump.”

We have an entire political party attempting to whitewash this attack as a “normal tourist visit.”
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I’m convinced the problem at @TheJusticeDept is Merrick Garland. For all the accolades he’s received about being an “institutionalist” restoring the DOJ, it is those qualities that make him woefully inadequate to face the Trump GQP white supremacist fascist threat we face now.
The only people who should have been considered for @TheJusticeDept AG are @SallyQYates @glennkirschner2 or @PreetBharara. We need someone in charge unencumbered by DOJ “norms” or fearful of indicting prominent politicians for crimes committed. @SDNYnews has been neutered. (2)
If Trump, Gosar, or Brooks were regular citizens, they would have been indicted by now. Yet they’re out planning another terrorist insurrection on the #BigLie. And they’re giving fuel to GOP legislators to attack democracy through voter suppression. Where is @TheJusticeDept? (3)
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🔥The Manhattan DA’s office appears to have entered the final stages of a CRIMINAL tax investigation into Trump’s long-time CFO Allen Weisselberg, who could face charges this summer.

Weisselberg knows Trump's financial dirt. If he rolls, Trump is TOAST.😎…
A grand jury has been hearing evidence about Weisselberg, who is facing major scrutiny, as prosecutors are trying to flip him to get his cooperation with a broad investigation into Trump and Trump Org.

And prosecutors have Weisselberg’s personal #TaxReturns.🧐

The probe of Weisselberg focuses partly on whether he failed to pay taxes on valuable TAXABLE benefits that Trump gave him & his family: apartments, leased cars, tens of thousands of dollars in private school tuition for at least 1 of his grandchildren.…
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🔥Manhattan's DA has convened a special grand jury to decide whether to INDICT Donald Trump, his kids + other Trump Org execs &/or the firm with CRIMINAL charges.

Justice is coming—and a federal #pardon won’t save them from NY State charges.😎

The move indicates that DA Vance’s investigation of Trump and Trump “has reached an advanced stage” after >2 years—and suggests that Vance “believes he has found evidence of a CRIME” — by Trump and/or someone close to him or Trump Org.💥

DA Vance’s broad probe includes whether Trump Org LIED about the value of its real estate properties to defraud banks (#BankFraud) and insurance companies (#InsuranceFraud), and if any tax benefits were gotten illegally (#TaxFraud).

Al Capone got nailed for tax fraud.😉
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Defeated in over 60 lawsuits across the country including SCOTUS, the former guy is now pushing Big Lie “audits” (shall we say “fraudits”) in select states with corrupt politicians, and conducted by his cult members with the goal of shoring up the Big Lie with these fraudits. 1/
Having been personally through scores of financial audits conducted by professional independent public accounting firms who are bound by professional auditing standards and engaged by the appropriate governing board of the entity being audited, I can categorically say

these fraudits are about as useful as used toilet paper, but the former guy will point to them and say “look see, there’s voter fraud”! And I have a Trump Tower in Moscow to sell to anyone who believes it.

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🚨BREAKING: @NewYorkStateAG has launched a CRIMINAL tax probe Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg—increasing pressure for him to flip.

Weisselberg plays a key role in Trump’s alleged financial crimes. If he rolls, Trump is toast.😎

The NYAG’s and Manhattan DA Vance’s probes include Weisselberg’s personal taxes, his role at Trump Org, his personal finances, and benefits given to his son Barry, a longtime Trump Org employee who allegedly got >$500,000 of untaxed benefits.🧐

Prosecutors are seeking leverage to sway Weisselberg into flipping to help build a case higher up the corporate ladder.

Trump and his spawn—Don Jr, Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie Ivanka, and Eric (deposed late last year)—should be VERY worried.😎

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The Trump Organization is run by the #TrumpCrimeFamily.
The leader of the #TrumpCrimeFamily is a long-term, fulltime, intoxicated drug addict.

We know this is true because we can see the drugs falling from his nose — 5 TIMES.
The Trump Organization and the #TrumpCrimeFamily have been stealing from us via tax evasion — for decades.
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#Trump is now facing separate investigations from 5 independently elected investigators – from Georgia to New York to Washington – with only their constituents to answer to…
Jennifer Weisselberg gave investigators probing Trump's finances 7 boxes of documents she got in her divorce from the Trump Organization CFO's son…
"Prosecutors learned details about the Trump Organization's finances after a key employee tried to withhold them in his divorce case.

But the judge in the divorce case forced him to sit for a deposition and hand over the documents as part of a subpoena."
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🔥NY State prosecutors—who are investigating Trump and Trump Org—are focusing on the long-serving CFO Allen Weisselberg, asking witnesses questions about his dealings at the company in an effort to FLIP HIM.😎

#TrumpCrimeFamily #TaxFraud…
Prosecutors are examining, among other alleged CRIMES, whether Trump and Trump Org falsely manipulated property values to obtain loans and tax benefits—#BankFraud and #TaxFraud are serious FELONIES.
Michael Cohen testified under oath to Congress that Trump manipulated property values to evade taxes, collect larger loans, and scam insurance companies.

These are all alleged FELONIES:,
#TaxFraud, #BankFraud, and #InsuranceFraud.
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Putin patron Semion Mogilevich is the leader of the Russian Mafia who pushed out the Cosa Nostra in NYC in the 1980s
The Bob mentioned in the caption is Bob Levinson, rumoured to be on his trail in Iran where Mogilevich has business ties…
FBI director Wray spent 10yrs at King & Spalding, a small law firm whose primary clients are GAZPROM & ROSNEFT. Although he was at the FBI before his years there, those years at the FBI were also at a time when Semion’s mob was infiltrating intelligence communities world-wide
Even more concerning was the head of the ORGANIZED CRIME UNIT at the DOJ Brian Benczkowski who resigned last September and Benczkowski announced returned to his role as Alfa Bank’s private attorney
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I really think that the Jan. 6th insurrection, really was an attempted coup.
But DJT's reichstag fire was thwarted by actual American Patriots like DC Police Officer Eugene Goodman.

In leading the insurgents away from the Senate chamber, Goodman saved the lives of many.
The killing of Democrat politicians and Vice President Pence, were all part of the larger plan.

DJT saw Pence's refusal to do his wishes in overturning the election results as a betrayal.

The killing of Democrats and possibly some Republicans was the key to the plan.
KEY 1:
As revealed in impeachment trial 2, DJT altered a permit to allow his cult to go from his pre coup rally to the Capitol building.

KEY 2:
DJT called for 10k National Guard to be deployed. But NOT used to put down any "riot"

KEY 3:
GOP politicians giving RECCE tours
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.@benjaminwittes' tiny cannons were bigger than Trump's pitiful 21 gun salute. Meanwhile the (lack of) crowd at Andrews is completely the #TrumpCrimeFamily and assorted griters. Trump looks defeated and I've never seen Melania look so animated. #ByeFelicia #GTFO 🖕🖕🖕
"Our vets are happy, our people are happy..the military is thrilled." (Spoiler: no, no they're not)
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🔥BREAKING: The DC Attorney General notified Don Jr that it wants to interview him as part of a lawsuit alleging that Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee illegally funneled money to Trump Org.

Let the lawsuits and prosecutions begin!😎

AG @KarlRacineDC alleges that the Trump Inaugural Committee—a tax-exempt nonprofit—wasted $1 million of donor money on an overpriced, little used ballroom at the Trump's DC hotel, and then paid a $49,000 hotel bill that originally went to Trump Org.🧐…
Racine’s office said that Don Jr’s assistant and close friend had reserved the hotel rooms at the Loews Madison Hotel that led to the $49,000 bill. After the bill went to a collections agency, the Trump Inaugural Committee paid the charge.


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‼️GRIFTERS: Nearly half of the $1.26 billion raised for Trump’s campaign was funneled into Jared Kushner’s shell company that spent hundreds of millions of dollars to pay Trump family members, along with other expenditures it wanted to keep under wraps.…
Kush’s shell company acted “almost like a campaign within a campaign” to shield “financial and operational details from public scrutiny,” as it allowed the campaign to avoid federally mandated disclosures concerning where it was spending big bucks.

Kush knows all about violating election laws, as his felon dad, Charles Kushner, went to PRISON for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering, including trying to extort his own brother-in-law after filming his with a prostitute.💥

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The #TrumpCrimeFamily has much to teach us about Nazi looted art.
Lesson Number 1: Root out integrity in all institutions that can investigate, prosecute, judge and execute sentences on crimes and put into positions of power co-conspirators, criminals, cowards, and the compromised (blackmail).
👉Investigations should start at the top
Lesson Number 2: Family and business associates
Ivanka, Jared, Giuliani - every mob boss relies on family and cronies. The artworld is no different.
👉For Nazi looted art, duress sales, forced sales, look to family and close associates.
#lessons #trumpcrimefamily #artcrime
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Snake Barbie thread 1/3

IVANKA: Daddy, don't pardon anyone who is not family. Not Manafort, not Giuliani. The more you pardon, the bigger the risk that there will be investigations. Keep pardons just within the family, Daddy.

#TrumpCrimeFamily #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMorning
Snake Barbie thread 2/3

IVANKA: Daddy, don't pardon the boys. Junior is an idiot. Eric is a moron and isn't even our blood, his dad is Gary Busey. Just pardon me

#TrumpCrimeFamily #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMorning
Snake Barbie thread 3/3

TRUMP: What about Jared? Should I give him a pardon?

IVANKA: That's up to you, Daddy. Jared's a bit dense but loves you more than Beavis & Butt-Head or Rent-A-Mom

#TrumpCrimeFamily #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMorning
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So Entitlement Barbie was in court yesterday, giving sworn testimony to DC Attorney General, on a case that is both Federal AND state (DC district) law. It may be why Barr was summoned urgently for 2 hours to WH yesterday.

Remember. A Presidential pardon (by Trump, possibly Pence, and of course not by Biden) would ONLY apply to FEDERAL crimes, not state level crimes. And does not absolve the guilt of any CIVIL lawsuits (damages). Trump CANNOT pardon Ivanka for DC lawsuit (in total, maybe part)
We knew from Mueller Report, that at least 12 potential crimes were 'farmed out' to states. At least one certainly involved 'Individual One' that is known to be Trump, and sent his attorney Michael Cohen to prison. It is essentially CERTAIN to land Trump into prison after 20 Jan
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Release of #PPP loan recipients' data reveals troubling patterns

The Trump Organization and #Kushner Companies are major beneficiaries of PPP loans.


Over 25 PPP loans worth more than $3.65 million were given to businesses with addresses at #Trump and #Kushner real estate properties, paying rent to those owners.

The loans to Trump and Kushner properties included a $2,164,543 loan to the Triomphe Restaurant Corp., at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York City. The company reported the money didn’t go to keeping any jobs. It later closed.

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Trump family business faces post-election reckoning as debts come due and legal woes persist…
“The fact that Trump thought he could run for president and be president with potential clear irregularities in his financial background and not be discovered, that’s the most surprising part to me.

It reinforces that he did not fully appreciate what it meant to be president.”
"It is not known if the I.R.S. has ever questioned the Trump Organization about.the practice."

#Trump tax write-offs for "consulting fees" – including payments to Ivanka Trump – are ensnared in 2 New York fraud investigations #corruption
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People are always trying to understand Donald Trump, why he attacks public servants like Dr. Faui or MI Gov. Whitmer, slyly whips up so much anger they face threats on their lives. You can't understand Trump, until you accept that he is the Devil. #TrumpCrimeFamily #TrumpIsEvil
This possibility - Trump maybe being Satan - is explained by Albert Brooks' Broadcast News character:

“What do you think the Devil is going to look like if he’s around? Nobody's going to be taken in by a guy with a long red pointy tail."

As Brooks says, "I'm semi-serious here."
"He will be attractive...He’ll get a job where he influences a great God-fearing nation. He’ll never do an evil thing...He will just bit by little bit lower our standards where they are important." #TrumpLiesPeopleDie #GOPBetrayedAmerica #Trump #TrumpPence2020
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🚨BREAKING: Trump’s #TaxReturns show that Trump has a previously unknown bank account in #China.

Trump’s Chinese account is controlled by Trump International Hotels Management LLC that paid $188,561 in taxes TO CHINA, while Trump paid ZERO in the US.🤬…
Trump falsely smears @JoeBiden about China (PROJECTION!), but Biden’s public financial disclosures & tax returns show ZERO income or business dealings in #China. Meanwhile, Trump’s #TaxReturns have ample evidence of Trump’s efforts to do business with #China.

As with #Russia🇷🇺, where Trump explored hotel and tower projects in Moscow, Trump has long sought a licensing deal in #China, as far back as 2006, when he filed trademark applications in Hong Kong & the mainland. Many Chinese government approvals came after he became president.🧐
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“Starting in 2017, the Chinese signaled exactly how they planned to approach their trade negotiations with Trump... the very night that Ivanka sat down to dinner with President Xi, the Chinese government approved three trademarks for Ivanka’s businesses.”…
"Despite their best efforts, Senate Republicans could find no evidence that Hunter Biden’s role on the board of a Ukrainian energy company directly affected US policy toward Ukraine."

Ivanka, on the other hand....… #Corruption #LockHerUp
There’s Already a Corrupt Presidential Kid. It’s Ivanka.

Let’s not forget who’s actually made millions while in the White House,writes @DeanObeidallah… #TrumpCrimeFamily #LockHerUp
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