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2/ The board of supervisors in San Francisco, which now has one of the worst crime rates in the country, has voted to officially change the language in all local laws and other official verbiage.
3/ A convicted felon or an offender released from custody will now be called a “formerly incarcerated person,” or a “justice-involved” person or just a “returning resident.” A juvenile delinquent will now be known as a “young person impacted by the juvenile justice system.”
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2/ Whatever anyone may have expected from the Mueller dog-and-pony show today, they didn't get it. Mueller came across as a doddering, frail, and clueless old man. He declined to answer or gave evasive answers 198 times. He also contradicted facts that are clearly on the record.
3/ SubTidbits:
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This is one of the most encouraging pieces of news I've yet seen regarding the #SpyGate investigation. FINALLY, someone with gumption (Barr/Durham) is questioning the genesis of the #CollusionDelusion, and asking how it is that the IC determined Russia tried to help Trump.
The entire country, including virtually every Republican in power, wholesale swallowed the premise that Russia did massive meddling and that it was designed to help Trump. The huge problem with this? ALL of it was based on the report of the DNC's partisan vendor, CrowdStrike.
Think about this for a moment: The Obama administration formally accused an adversarial nation based on a third-party report that just happened to support the DNC/Hellshrew narrative. Remember how "17 intelligence agencies" agreed? NOT ONE of those agencies had laid eyes...
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Anatomy of a "news article" written by left-wing hacks @julianbarnes and @SangerNYT for @nytimes. This is merely a microcosm of what the MSM does writ large day in and day out. Please retweet if you find it informative.…
They cite no evidence that the declass memo is a "response to Mueller." It fits their worldview, it paints Trump as "on the ropes," and for them that's enough. Nowhere in the article do they suggest that there's any reasonable justification for Trump's move.
Here they blatantly misportray what Coats said, painting him as ready to do battle and not comply with the memo when his actual quote shows only confidence that Barr will do it right.
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For over two years, lunatics have accused @realDonaldTrump of #treason based on their #collusiondelusion.

Did it matter to any of them that the #Constitution precisely defines what is, and what is not, treason?
Did it matter to any of them that, in the absence of a #declarationofwar, that Trump accepting nonfinancial assistance -- opposition research on the odious and loathsome @HillaryClinton -- could NEVER be #treason.
Whether it would reflect sound political judgment to accept such aid is a decision best made at the ballot box, but we don't twist and distort the clear lines set out in the #Constitution as part of a coastal hissy fit over an unexpected election outcome.
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#AGBarr There is NO EVIDENCE of #COLLUSION by the #Trump campaign or anyone associated with it.
There are limited redactions--most by prosecutors involved in ongoing cases arising out of the investigation.
Decision whether to exert executive privilege rested with@POTUS
@WhiteHouse reviewed redacted report consistent with longstanding practice and decided NOT to assert EP.
The President's personal lawyers have received a copy of the final report. Certain members of Congress will get a copy of the full report except for Grand Jury material that must be redacted.
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Ok so I'm posting some info I found while researching the Apple connection

This is by no means complete, I just want to keep a running thread of my findings

I was doing a search of Apple on Wikileaks & ran across the HB Gary emails
HB Gary was a private intelligence firm brought in to help military contractor QiNetiQ after a series of serious intelligence hacks

QinetQ was determined to be infected by China for years and was still recieving govt contracts

Long detailed article…
While assessing malicious activity, found this block of IP addresses part of

They discover 18 URLs either not registered or registered to someone in China

Domain tool shows not registered but server insiders show it in China…
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The Hoax is over America, The Mueller Report is in: NO collusion, NO further indictments, Trump vindicated.

Democrats & Media...All lies with zero evidence

Will they be held accountable?
2. FLASHBACK: Democrats peddle the Russian Conspiracy Theory
3. Dear America, The Media and Democrats Have Been Lying To You About Russian Collusion. #CollusionDelusion #TrumpVindicated
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