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#JohnBrennan's #CIA kicked off the entire polarized, partisan divide in our falsifying information to invent phony #Russiagate.
#Trump, like an idiot, overreacted--in an effort to expose phony #Russiagate--he tried to coerce #Assange to reveal his sources, to prove Assange's and his innocence.
#Assange felt it would violate his journalistic integrity to expose his actual sources & refused offer to be "pardoned" by #Trump, in exchange for revealing his sources.

Assange announced it was not Russian govt. & all signs point to murdered #DNC insider, #SethRich was source.
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DAY 9 of the Assange extradition hearing will begin soon. The cross-examination of constitutional lawyer & Espionage Act historian, Corey Shenkman, continues.

Our live-tweets will be on this thread.
Join us at 5pm BST for Joe Lauria's round-up of the day

The judge has arrived. Edward Fitzgerald calls Nicholas Hagar. The conclusion of Corey Shenkman's testimony will continue this afternoon.
Nicky Hagar is sworn in. He was invited to comment on the 2010 publications of Guantanamo SOPs, The Afghan & Iraq Logs and the Cables.

Hagar reads that he was badly affected by his country's involvement in wars of aggression. Our work is to uphold human rights.
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Here is a good take:

It's amazing how Lenin was described as "extreme pacifist" to "unhinged strong man" in a matter of days by the same paper.
They went up and described Lenin as a Baltic German.

But, after he wins, you will see them talking about his "asiatic" eyes. Image
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Psalm 127 (KJV)

Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.
Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
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you see how easy, unconfusing, clear way of deciphering and predicting human motives and behaviors it is once you Know & Understand #neurodiversity

easy behavior:
i’ve analyzed recently @ggreenwald in the light of predatory neurodivergence, which yielded baffling results - - and that his pro-Trump stance, utterly unreasonable, illogical defense of treasonous behaviors has a personal, hidden shade, while pretending to be objective ..
... which is unethical, immoral, disgusting — Trump actually retweets this pseudo-journalist, petting his dutiful, obliging, submissive subject on the shoulder: ‘you’re the only one beyond my jingoistic base who defended me’

predatoryNTs always find each other..
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THREAD: Understand role of Mainstream Media in prosecuting the US-UK attack on #JulianAssange, #WikiLeaks & the free press - made possible by co-opted orgs like @guardian,@thetimes & @BBCNews.

'Imperialism on Trial: The State' on March 19, 2019 in Belfast, N. Ireland...
We're constantly being deluged with claims of 'Russian meddling, disinformation' etc. #WikiLeaks, #JulianAssange were accused of being Russian agents. In reality, it's just the opposite...

'Imperialism on Trial: The State' on March 19, 2019 in Belfast, N. Ireland
US, NATO created a phantom menace in #RussiaGate to preserve faltering world order. #WikiLeaks, #JulianAssange were scapegoated as part of this effort. #MSM are a 5th column against people.

'Imperialism on Trial: The State' on March 19, 2019 in Belfast, N. Ireland
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1. vorrei chiarire una cosa, visto @corriere stamani scrive del caso: NON ci sono mai state 2 accuse di stupro in Svezia.C'è stata un'accusa di minor rape e di molestie sessuali. Vi spiego cosa significa in modo rigoroso
2. in Svezia esistono 3 fattispecie del reato di stupro:
i) gross rape
ii) rape
iii) minor rape
Julian #Assange è rimasto INDAGATO per 10 ANNI (MAI rinviato a giudizio) di minor rape
3. in cosa consistevano l'accusa di minor rape (un solo capo di accusa e non due come scrive @corriere)?Consisteva in questo: secondo accusa, #Assange avrebbe avuto rapporti sessuali CONSENZIENTI con una ragazza svedese,ma non avrebbe usato preservativo su richiesta della ragazza
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The US/DOJ reached a settlement to recover over $60 Million in asset civil forfeitures from Wolf of Wall Street Producer Riza Aziz for his role in the #1MDB embezzlement from Malaysia.
The DOJ is looking to forfeit another $300 Million in assets traceable to the #1MDB scandal, including 4 dozen promotional movie posters worth $4 million from Riza Aziz and $300 million being held in a UK escrow account.
The money in the escrow account is traceable back to a line of credit that Venezuela’s PDVSA extended to PetroSaudi, whose CEO is Tarek Obaid. Image
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NEW .@GenFlynn
#Flynn Banner updated overnight 31 Aug 2020,
same day as DC Circuit Court
8-2 En Banc decision.
#FightBack. #DigitalSoldiers.

Note his latest Follower.
Do what's RIGHT, Sullivan!
Gen Flynn must be Unchained.
Tick Tock. ImageImageImage

Last Army Tw 31 Aug, same night.
#USArmy paratroopers
#Ready2Fight #SkySoldiers
=#FightBack #DigitalSoldiers?
Vid runs :55.

9:02 pm EDT
Where there was once darkness, there is now LIGHT.
Sea to shining sea.
Q ImageImage
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It's as if #Hollywood has had its head buried in sand for last 4 years - willfully ignorant of the collapse of #ChristopherSteele, an empty #Mueller Report, Obama Admin #unmasking & now #FBI forgery etc.

Remember how well Russia conspiracy-theorizing worked for Morgan Freeman...
Question: If the propaganda narrative laid out by @Jeff_Daniels + @Brendangleeso is wholly inaccurate & demonstrably false, then wouldn't that fall in the category of malicious election meddling by #Hollywood corp #Showtime?

Just asking.

@realDonaldTrump @RealJamesWoods
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It was Soooo Beautiful! Just What America Needed!
-Thread 8.25.20… #Trump2020 #RNC #Convention
2. News: Here it is: President Trump releases 2nd term agenda subtitled ‘FIGHTING FOR YOU’ - The Trump campaign set forth the president’s core priorities in the form of 49 bullet points in 10 categories...… #Trump2020 #RNC #Convention
3. News: ‘Success brings unity’: Republicans rally around President Trump in Charlotte… #Trump2020 #RNC #Convention
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How embarrassing for @aaronjmate to be a favorite for Russian intel officer Konstantin Kilimnik. Aaron has been one of the biggest dupes on the far left to push the #RussiaHoax / #Russiagate idea in the 2016 elections. #infoOps #osint
@/PBaranenko was revealed 2 be the pseudonym 4 Russian intel officer Konstantin Kilimnik in Vol5 of the Senate Intel report on Russia. He interacted with & promoted all the usual suspects on the far left that have long sought 2 discredit the Mueller Report
The top URLs & hashtags pushed by Konstantin Kilimnik's accnt @/PBaranenko are mostly as expected. John Solomon gets alot of love as well. Looking forward to the new pretzel knots the #RussiaHoax / #Russiagate dupes will tie themselves into now #infoOps #osint #disinfo
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