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Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, „Triumf Eucharystii”, 1664-1665, 165 x 251 cm, olej/płótno, kolekcja Faringdon, Buscot Park, Oxfordshire.
Czy wiedzą Państwo, jakie wyznanie wiary musieli złożyć adepci Akademii Malarstwa w Sewilli?
#BozeCiało #CorpusenSevilla2022 #CorpusChristi
Ilustruję notkę obrazami Murillo, opisy w ALTach.
Ok. 1600 r. licząca blisko 120 tys. mieszkańców Sewilla była największym miastem Hiszpanii. Mimo że siedziba monarchy mieściła się w Madrycie, to właśnie stolica Andaluzji stała się bramą Europy w handlu z Ameryką. Czerpiąc stąd "Chrystus uzdrawia paralityka przy Sadzawce Betesda&quo
olbrzymie dochody przyciągała kupców i marynarzy, bankierów i rzemieślników, włóczęgów i artystów. Sewilska pobożność nawet na tle innych regionów katolickiej Hiszpanii była wyjątkowa. W mieście rozwinął się zwłaszcza kult Niepokalanego Poczęcia Matki Boskiej i Najświętszego "Inmaculada" (Maryja Niepokalanie Poczęta), 1660-
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Feliz Corpus.
Abro hilo.
Año 1410: el sacristán de la iglesia de San Facundo de Segovia, acorralado por las deudas, pidió un préstamo a un judío que, a cambio, le pidió una hostia consagrada con la cual, en la sinagoga mayor, quiso hacer un maleficio para envenenar la ciudad
Al colocar la hostia consagrada sobre un caldero de un menjunje hirviendo, antes de llegar a rozar el agua, la hostia se detuvo en el aire, la sinagoga empezó a temblar y la hostia salió por una hendida, volando por los aires hasta un monasterio de la ciudad.
Fin: el sacristán confesó el sacrilegio; el médico fue condenado a muerte y el rey confiscó la sinagoga en la iglesia del Corpus Christi
La mayólica es de Zuloaga y el cuadro de Cutanda (la mayólica quiso ser quitada por gobiernos progres).
Feliz Corpus 2022
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#A335181 🐶 #A339149

🥰 2 Amazing boys
💖 Sweet + friendly + full of ❤️
💝 Both ready time go home, 2b your BFF

💔 They’ve waited & waited. No one has come. 😢
🆘 Now their time is up. 💔😭
#Pledge #Rescue #Foster #Adopt

(see thread for info on each dog)
🌟 BRUCE 🌟#A335181

Sweet & gentle 🐶 Found stray w microchip - owner notified, never came 🤬
Poor boy kept waiting😢

🐕 4 y.o. Anatolian #shepherd mix
🛁 Loves baths 🥰

#CorpusChristi says ⏰ is up 😭💔

Interested? See ⤵️
🌟 SHERLOCK 🌟 #A339149

🐶 Super sweet & gentle #labrador mix
🏆 Great on leash
💝 Loves people
⭐️ Just “PERFECT”


‼️Please help this perfect boy‼️

Pls #pledge 4 #rescue
To #foster #adopt see below ⤵️
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Bishop @silviojbaez preaching: "The evangelist does not neglect an important detail in relation to the cup of wine, saying: "And they all drank" (Mk 14:23). No one was excluded..."
🎨Vasily Polenov, Last Supper
"...The Eucharist is not a gift offered exclusively to select persons who have attained a high degree of sanctity. The Eucharist is destined for all disciples of Jesus..."
Bishop @silviojbaez
#CorpusChristi Sunday
Bishop @silviojbaez preaching: "The Eucharist is destined for all disciples of Jesus, in a special way for the poor, those who are less fortunate, the sinner, those who are lost and have gone astray..."
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Today we'll begin posting #DisasterRecoveryTips for #IceStorm2021 Survivors:
1/x Every disaster causes unique damages to every person.
To start your recovery process, you need to 1st document all your damage BEFORE you begin cleaning up, whether you have insurance or not. #TX #LA
2/x It’s important you document your damage carefully with photos & videos first, then begin PLANNING your clean up process. Insurers and FEMA have their own requirements when filing for claims or assistance. See steps below:
#TX #PortAransas #CorpusChristi If using a screen reader visit: for a
3/x After documenting your damage, you should check your county/local emergency management to get information about debris sorting rules and pick-up schedules.
See below for general guidance.
#LA / #TX: #Austin #Amarillo #Brownsville #Laredo #Palacios
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7pm update

Currently -
About 330 miles...ESE of Corpus Christi #Texas
About 245 miles...SSE of Lake Charles #Louisiana
Max sustained winds...60mph

A Hurricane Watch is in effect for...
* Port Aransas Texas to High Island Texas *

#TropicalStormBeta #CorpusChristi #LakeCharles Image
This looks like a disorganized mess but the Head Hunters are currently in the storm & investigating #TropicalStormBeta

Infrared image

#HurricaneWatch #PortAransas #HighIsland #Texas Image
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Not so long after #ASuitableBoy came out I first met #VikramSeth autographing copies at #Blackwells at #Oxford. When my turn came he asked where I was from. I told him. He warmed up - he was already fairly jovial with those present - & told me how he learnt Urdu for the novel 1/
that he loved Urdu poetry & wished to visit Pakistan. He wrote a couple of sentences in Urdu on my copy. Turned out he was an alumnus of #corpuschristi which I was attending & which had recently made him Honorary Fellow. I asked him for an interview which he very graciously 2/
agreed to. A few days later we sat in the heavenly back lawn of our College. Libas Magazine carried it in the summer of ‘94. I met him a few times thereafter as well - we invited him over for a reading & he invited me back for formal hall. A few times he hung out in the 3/
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1. Sing forth, O Zion, sweetly sing,
The praises of thy Shepherd-King,
In hymns and canticles divine;
Dare all thou canst, thou hast no song,
Worthy his praises to prolong,
So far surpassing powers like thine.

#CorpusChristi #Christianity
2. Today no theme of common praise
Forms the sweet burden of thy lays –
The living, life-dispensing food –
That food which at the sacred board
Unto the brethren twelve our Lord
His parting legacy bestowed.

#CorpusChristi #CatholicChurch #faith #Christianity #CorpusChristi2020
3. Then be the anthem clear and strong,
Thy fullest note, thy sweetest song,
The very music of the breast:
For now shines forth the day sublime
That brings remembrance of the time
When Jesus first his table blessed.
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1. O most sweet Lord Jesus Christ, transfix the affections of my inmost soul with that most joyous and healthful wound of Thy love,

#JesusChrist #Eucharist #HolyCommunion #HolyEucharist Image
2. with true, serene, holiest apostolic charity, that my soul may ever languish and melt with entire love and longing for Thee, that it may desire Thee, and faint for Thy courts, long to be dissolved and to be with Thee.
3. Grant that my soul may hunger after Thee, the Bread of Angels, the Refreshment of holy souls, our daily and supersubstantial Bread.. Let my heart ever hunger after.. upon whom the Angels desire to look, and my inmost soul be filled with the sweetness of Thy savour.
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Behold the Bread of Angels, made the food of wayfarers, truly the bread of children, not to be given to the dogs.
Presignified by figure, when Isaac was immolated, the Paschal Lamb was commanded, manna was given to the fathers.
Good shepherd, true bread, Jesus, have mercy on us:
feed us,protect us, make us to see good things in the land of the living.
Thou who knowest and willest all things,who feeds us mortals by this:
make thine own to be partakers of,co-heirs and citizens in that holy city of saints.
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The Eucharist is the heart and summit of the Church’s life, for in it Christ associates his Church and all her members with his sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving offered once for all on the cross to his Father; by this sacrifice he pours
#CorpusChristi #Eucharist
2. out the graces of salvation on his Body which is the Church." (Catechism of the #CatholicChurch, section 1407)

“By the consecration the transubstantiation of the bread and wine is brought about.
#transubstantiation #JesusChrist
3. Under the consecrated species of bread and wine Christ himself, living and glorious, is present in a true, real and substantial manner: his Body and Blood, with his soul and his divinity.” – section 1413
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On this Solemnity of #CorpusChristi, here is the traditional Prayer of Spiritual Communion for those unable to receive the Eucharist:

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Most Holy Sacrament.

I love you above all things and I desire to receive you in my soul.... Image
Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart.

I embrace You as if You were already there
and unite myself wholly to You.

Never permit me to be separated from You.

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Gospel: "I am the living bread," says Jesus (Jn 6). Today on the Solemnity of #CorpusChristi we remember that Christ is really and truly present in the Eucharist. It is sad that most Catholic still cannot receive the Body and Blood, because of parishes closed for reasons... Image
...of safety. But trust that God is still present in your daily life--not in the Eucharist, but in other ways. And that your desire to receive the Eucharist is a holy desire that will one day soon be satisfied and fulfilled. Until then ask yourself: Where else is God present?
And how can I help others to see God's presence in their lives?
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1) BREAKING (thread): Killed #CorpusChristi shooter's soc media supports killed AQAP official Ibrahim al-Rabaysh, Taliban & pro-AQ: “I love the Mujahidin, I’m not one of them and my sword is aimed over the necks of whoever doubts them (stabs them).” No signs of #ISIS support.
2) The attacker, Adam Alsahli seems to have strong connection to Syria (possibly lived in Damascus). Also demonstrates similar ideology as Pensacola shooter Shamrani (not to mention selecting same target type), though there is no direct evidence that the two events are related.
3) #CorpusChristi shooter didn't have a will on his social media like Shamrani did. However, last post on FB (May 18) expresses "All the sins of a martyr are forgiven except debt." Last Twitter posts (May 17) stresses "patience on the hardships along the path" to righteousness
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Mira lo que me ha pasado esta mañana. Cuando murió mi padre, hace unos meses, me dejó su breviario. Y al abrirlo hoy, por la página correspondiente a la fiesta del Corpus Christi, me he encontrado esto. ¿Qué significará? Para mí es un misterio... #HiloDelCorpus #CorpusChristi
Mi padre solía dibujar en su biblia, en su breviario y en algunos de sus libros, pequeños garabatos que le recordasen alguna enseñanza y frases seleccionadas que le hubieran llamado la atención o que pudieran aportar algo de sus múltiples lecturas a lo que allí se dice
Son pequeñas glosas con las que él recordaba de un año para otro, aspectos de las lecturas o de los salmos que le hubieran llegado más al corazón o que quería recordar de una forma especial.
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