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We counted 940 hate groups — a decrease from 2018's record high of 1,020 — operating in the US last year. Hate groups continue to maintain ties to lawmakers, including White House officials, and hate violence doesn't show any sign of stopping.

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Despite the overall drop in the number of hate groups, we identified a

▪️ 43% increase in anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups;
▪️ 18% increase in anti-immigrant hate groups;
▪️ 5% increase in white nationalist hate groups.
A number of anti-immigrant hate groups, including Center for Immigration Studies, have ties to lawmakers. Last year, we broke the news that #StephenMiller, architect of #Trump's cruel immigration policies, promoted a white supremacist novel and websites.…
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What power do we have in preventing the next white nationalist #terrorist attack? I draw from our brain scan studies of #jihadist supporters to give some insights in this @nytopinion vid. It means changing the way we talk in the aftermath of an attack. 1/…
"Terrorists rely on you and me and the way we speak about their crimes to increase the impact, the virtual blast radius, massively, from a small town to the whole nation... We have a power and responsibility to save lives, but it means changing the way we talk." 2/
"My colleagues and I carried out a bunch of psychological tests, including the first-ever brain scans of radicalized people. We didn’t find any evidence of mental illness, but what we did find were clues to what makes people willing to fight and die for their beliefs." 3/
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@UnlivableATX @chrisharris101 END OF POLICING CONSULTANT/LOBBYIST @chrisharris101 of JUST LIBERTY has been very busy w/ his heavy lobbying activities for the goal of THE END OF POLICING movement for #Texas repping #Austin . He's already been reporting to the NY SCHOOL OF LAW POLICING PROJECT leaders. #txlege
@UnlivableATX @chrisharris101 @GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @PoliceOne @NewsRadioKLBJ @OANN @BreibartNews @ToddJeffries @ToddandDon @FoxNews What's the POLICING PROJECT of the NYU SCHOOL OF LAW? They tasked the NGO activists/consultants/lobbyists w/ using "President Obama's 21st Century Principles of Policing" & the Police Executive Research Forum's "Guiding Principles on the Use of Force."
@UnlivableATX @chrisharris101 @GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @PoliceOne @NewsRadioKLBJ @OANN @BreibartNews @ToddJeffries @ToddandDon @FoxNews @BreitbartNews Furthermore, THE NYU SCHOOL OF LAW POLICING PROJECT vetted x ACLU NJ has d goal of getting (8) key metrics met x 25 of the largest CITY POLICE DEPARTMENTS in d U.S. The only 2 CITY PDs that have met all 8 metrics are Camden NJ & San Francisco PDs. #txlege…
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While important @POTUS called out BDS and #antiSemitism, it's essentially undone by his own trafficking of #antiSemitic tropes: questioning American Jews’ loyalty to Israel and asserting that Jewish voters only care about their wealth.…
Instead of speaking singularly about hate, he attacked Ds. While some trends on the left are incredibly problematic, that's no excuse to discount/ignore hateful trends on the extreme right that led to the murder of Jews in Pittsburgh & Poway; Latinos in #ElPaso; and others.
Unfortunately, this isn't the first time @POTUS has politicized anti-Semitism. So, yet again, we’re reminded of the necessity to call out #antiSemitism as a vile poison but these comments fall short of the mark and actually could empower those who traffic in bigotry.
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#BREAKING @splcenter drops another bombshell report on Stephen Miller and his *extensive* connections with white nationalist hate group @CIS_org.

Why is this so important? Of course Stephen Miller is a white nationalist, right?…
Ramped up #ICERaids.
#TPS loss.
#DACA revocation.
#RemainInMexico protocols.
The #MuslimBan

Miller is often credited as architect of 45's immigration policies, but these policies didn't just appear in his mind overnight. He had lots of help, going back a long way.
The Center for Immigration Studies was founded by white nationalist/eugenicist John Tanton. If you follow me, you know I've been seeking to unseal the private #TantonPapers for 3 years.…
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Ok. This is gonna be the start of the mega-thread for the trip.

I start this thread with excitement, nervousness, humility, and with intention.

We introduced ourselves and “invited” folks to join us spiritually. I brought #Pittsburgh’s religious leadership with me. My hope is that we can become motivated to engage deeper in this work, starting with myself.
Next, we continued with stories from the border and a broad overview of some of the legal situations here. #Metering, #MPP (Migrant Protection Protocol), and the situation with #MexicanRefugees. More on that as we get our legal briefing later tonight.
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#Feminismus führe zu weniger Geburten, deswegen gebe es #Einwanderung und hinter all dem stecke "der Jude": Diese verdammten #Verschwörungstheorien verbinden #Antisemitismus, #Rassismus und #Antifeminismus zu mörderischen Masternarrativ. #Halle…
Der Anschlag von Halle schließt damit an rechtsextreme Attentate an: #Utöya, #Christchurch, #ElPaso. Der Attentäter handelte vielleicht allein, aber er ist kein Einzeltäter, sondern Teil einer rechtsradikalen Bewegung, die auf eliminatorischen Hass u Verschwörungslegenden basiert
Wer gefährlichen Unsinn von Politikern als "#Soros-Marionetten", von geheimen Plänen zur "Umvolkung" usw verbreitet, sollte zum Thema #Antisemitismus bitte schweigen. Denn dieser Verschwörungsdreck ist im Kern zutiefst antisemitisch.
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The @HouseJudiciary hearing on so-called "assault weapons" has ended and I have a few thoughts (in no particular order). First, you can watch the full hearing here:… @GunsReporting
@HouseJudiciary @GunsReporting 2/ The @HouseJudiciary cmte heard from 7 witnesses today, including:
✅the Charlottesville, VA police chief
✅an #ElPaso, TX trauma doc @TTUHSC
#Dayton, OH Mayor @nanwhaley
✅Pro shooter @Di_3GunGirl
✅A Former @ATFHQ agent
@HouseJudiciary @GunsReporting @TTUHSC @nanwhaley @Di_3GunGirl @ATFHQ 3/ The cmte did not hear from Christopher Koper, a criminology prof @GeorgeMasonU who is a noted expert on the "Assault Weapons Ban," which was in place in the U.S. from 1994 - 2004:…
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A Chart: Fascist Attacks Against Immigrants Just in Past Two Months, as of September 14, 2019
There is a massive refugee/immigration crisis around the world. Tens of millions of people are desperately fleeing for their lives.
July 14
Trump unleashed barrage of racist, anti-immigrant tweets directed at 4 Democratic congresswomen of color. He demanded the 4 “go back to the crime-infested places from where they came.”…
“The Demonization, Criminalization and Deportations of Immigrants”
From Bob Avakian's speech "Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution"

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OK, #TeamPete - it's time for some real talk.
Recently, I've been seeing a lot of grumblings about the media and their coverage - or lackthereof - about our guy @PeteButtigieg.
@PeteButtigieg I get the frustration, but as someone in the media field, I'm telling you, there's no conspiracy or cabal out to sabotage Pete's campaign. Not within the world of credible news and info media anyway. Leave those conspiracies to others.
@PeteButtigieg Instead, let's follow the #RulesOfTheRoad and turn our frustration or negative energy into even MORE grassroots efforts. If you've paid attention to the mobilize site, you'll notice organizers are setting up all kinds of things you can join to help/get involved.
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Well, @BlstrsOnMyFngrz, next time you send a trolling tweet which both misapprehends the usage of "oxymoron" AND makes false claims about weaponry in defense of guns over humans, don't send it to someone who writes for a living and has a cache of receipts instead of guns.
You might want to read up on how assault weapons are indeed used, @BlstrsOnMyFngrz.
Here's a detailed piece on the data:
Nobody knows exactly how many assault rifles exist in the U.S. – by design…
And here's data on the #Dayton and #ElPaso shootings--and the assault weaponry used.

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Y'all, this is a BFD.

The website in question is @vdare run by white supremacist @peterbrimelow.


Today, they goofed and it slipped out. But these are the groups informing our policy affecting MILLIONS of people of color.
The hate networks of John Tanton, who died in July, have infiltrated the Trump administration, where they've injected their sick and twisted ideologies which metastasize into things like caging brown kids for profit.

Tanton was good buddies with Vdare's Brimelow. (Shocker.)
Sound familiar? Family unification ? Chain migration? Attacking asylum?

Brimelow and Tanton were discussing this in 1995.

Check out what Tanton was thinking about 20 years before that: ending #BirthrightCitizenship
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In a fundraising letter dated the day before the #ElPaso shooting, Gov. Greg Abbott asked his supporters to help "defend" Texas from "illegal immigrants" by taking "matters into our own hands" via @TheTexasSignal…
@TheTexasSignal Greg Abbott's fundraising mailer implores residents to "DEFEND" the state from "illegal immigrants"

While the rhetoric echoes Trump, Democrats say this flagrant, fear-inducing language was "piloted in Texas" and we're now seeing the ramifications…
@TheTexasSignal The #ElPaso shooter's manifesto espoused the same claims that Republicans have been touting: Texas(and the US) is under siege, Democrats are using immigration as a strategy to turn Tx blue, and, if nothing is done, violent immigrants will murder innocent Americans
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I won’t promote specific Democratic candidates.

I’ll only promote things they say that I agree with.

And I won’t criticize specific candidates—unless they resort to cheap shots against their fellow Dems, which causes our party to appear divided.

#UniteBlue #DumpTrump2020
That being said, there are a number of Democratic candidates who are polling at such a low level, their chances at the nomination are rather nonexistent.

But they have a real shot at unseating Republicans in their state races for the Senate.

#FlipTheSenate #UniteBlue
Both @JulianCastro and @BetoORourke are popular enough to unseat Republican incumbent @JohnCornyn.

And if there was ever a time to defeat a Texas Republican, with a good possibility of victory, it’s now.

Especially after #ElPaso.
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As discussed last week after #Gilroy & #ElPaso , President Trump makes things worse. “As protesters clash at far-right rally in Portland, Trump suggests naming Antifa a terrorist group - NBC News”…
Again, if President Trump wants to talk about Antifa, let’s roll out the numbers
Rather than play the President’s game on Antifa, reporters could challenge him by asking about other organizations - here’s one that comes to mind.…
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1/ NEW: @BetoORourke is returning to the Presidential campaign trail on Thursday.

This comes nearly two weeks after O’Rourke suspended his presidential campaign in response to the mass shooting in El Paso. #ElPaso #tx2020
@BetoORourke 2/ The Democratic former congressman will restart following a speech in his border city hometown that will “outline the path forward for his presidential campaign,” according to his campaign.
@BetoORourke 3/ @BetoORourke released few details about Thursday’s event, other than to call it a "major address to the nation" that will outline the path forward for "the future of our country."
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1/ A photographic look at the Trump visit to University Medical Center in #ElPaso. He visited there after the 7th worst #massshooting in US history. Targeting #Latinos, the attack killed at least 22 and injured 26. Pictures from Dayton included.
2/ Trump is vilified by many in El Paso for his border war, and his venom and prejudice appears to have helped inspire a white nationalist to target Latinos and commit mass murder. He planned to visit hospitalized survivors, but none would meet with him. So, what to do?
3/ What Trump is accomplished at is flipping the script. In a remarkable cache of 40 pictures on its Flickr feed, the @WhiteHouse bombarded the media and social media with exclusive images of his #ElPaso visit after excluding the press from covering it.
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Ending a fact-finding trip on root causes of migration from the "Northern Triangle" – Guatemala, El Salvador & Honduras – Speaker Pelosi and her bipartisan delegation visited asylum seekers in the border city of McAllen, TX, and affirmed a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to end this crisis.
On the heartbreak of traumatized children left on the street this week when their parents were taken in Mississippi #ICEraids, Speaker Pelosi recalled Trump's now broken promise to go after criminals only – saying his targeting of workplaces "undermines the character of America."
One week after 22 people were killed in #ElPaso, Speaker Pelosi also spoke with moral clarity on the URGENCY to come together as a nation to #DisarmHate:

"Xenophobia, white supremacy, and availability of guns are an explosive combination that we must disconnect."

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8Chan CEO Jim Watson in a different twitter post said the #ElPasoTerroristAttack "Manifesto" was NOT posted by the Shooter.
@nytimes has now apologised for making false statements.
All other media outlets should do the same.

@washingtonpost @johnpodesta
@infinitechan Official Statement from 8CHAN Ceo : Jim Watkins,
Regarding the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting.
Manifesto may have been written by the Shooter but was NOT posted by the Shooter +
3 (8Chan)

#ElPaso #Shooter was posting on Instagram NOT 8chan

(mistake) pg 1 I said 8chans ceo name was Jim Watson. It is Jim Watkins.

Thank you Jim for keeping a site open where ppl can express themselves and have open discussions.
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Wm Barr endorsed VIGILANTISM (in popular culture) in an interview that came out the day before Epstein supposedly took his own life.🤔If Barr stops short of endorsing vigilantes, he says it satisfies a basic human need; a desire for justice, as an innate human trait, so strong 1/
that vigilantes are applauded in movies. Barr was functioning as a Greek Chorus, telling us it's ok to applaud 'rough justice,' such as what we believe happens to pedophiles in prison, as a good thing, after all we are only human.
I read this at the time (2 days ago) in the 2/
wake of #ElPaso & w/in the broader context of what, e.g., some radical white nationalists could take away from comments by the AG saying he understands why acts by vigilantes occur. Especially In this age of #StochasticTerrorism, propoganda, scapegoating & white supremacist 3/
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26-year-old Richard Clayton is in Orange County jail, accused of posting a threat on Facebook, saying he was getting his AR-15 back and to “stay out of @Walmart next week.” He was arrested at the Winter Park house of his family #WESH
Investigators with FDLE also say Clayton appears to “believe in the white supremacist ideology” and has a history of posting threats
Police say while being arrested, Clayton said he prays the arresting officer would be shot, said Hispanics are “what is wrong with this country”, and threatened to pee in the officer’s car. He didn’t, though, because the officer told him he is not Hispanic #WESH
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I finally have a moment to breathe, so let me talk a bi about my life with trauma, journalism, and management. I've been managing for a few years now, but I still occasionally report. This week, I stepped in and did ops and work around #Dayton and #ElPaso
The USAToday network had more than 150 people (possibly 200) working on these stories in some way, shape or form. Our newsroom alone sent eight people to help, some of whom are still there. It was a monumental task and everyone took it in stride.
After we sent people to El Paso, I couldn't turn off. The thing about journalistic trauma is that it essentially means you are addicted to adrenaline. Your body has lived so long on it, that it is difficult not to, which is why you see people engaging in other risky behavior.
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Allow me to coin the phrase, “Armchair Dirty Harry” to describe the naive fantasy of the “good guy with a gun.”

In his fantasy, #ArmchairDirtyHarry strolls calmly into a hail of bullets, sending the bad guys sprawling from the force of his high-powered firearm.
In an *actual* firefight, #ArmchairDirtyHarry’s fantasy meets reality. Our wannabe hero knows walking into a hail of bullets is suicide.

Heroism in situations like #ElPaso rarely, if ever, involves the gun-toting citizen. The armchair hero believes GOP propaganda, not his eyes.
#HeroesOfElPaso saved lives.

They didn’t walk into a hail of bullets, they risked their lives getting customers and employees out of Walmart. And then they continued helping where they could.

So where was #ArmchairDirtyHarry?…
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New from @reuters: White Nationalists are on a mission to scrub their image & enter the mainstream. But violence like the #ElPaso shooting casts an interminable shadow. Here’s my latest, a dive into the movement’s psychology:… Here's what we found (thread):
@Reuters I was fortunate to join our photojournalist @jimurquhartpixs - the real star of the show - to report from inside white nationalist circles. Jim has spent 2 yrs doing this, delivering some incredible - if jarring - photos.
@Reuters @jimurquhartpixs It was an assignment that tested my composure in just a short time. It’s nothing compared to what Jim’s been living.
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