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Home price trends across 20 top housing markets. Pace of price increases moderating (left chart), which you can see in our underlying home price index flattening out or actually falling in a few markets (right chart). Start it off with #Atlanta. Image
#Austin home prices Image
#Boise home prices Image
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June home builder sentiment and survey results are in. Top themes: 1) A lot more new home buyers cancelling. 2) Price cuts becoming fairly common. 3) Drop in demand finally cooling construction cost pressures (builder layoffs also happening). Market commentary to follow…
#Atlanta builder: “Someone turned out the lights on our sales in June!”
#Austin builder: “Sales have fallen off a cliff. We’re selling 1/3 of what we sold in March and April. Trades are more willing to negotiate pricing since market has adjusted significantly past 60 days.”
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Press briefing: US Def Sec #Austin and Gen. #Milley after the 3rd #Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting in Brussels.
Selected points: (note, this is *not* a NATO meeting. It's an ad hoc group, that has now grown to 50 countries.)
DefSec Austin:
Fact we have 50 countries pledging mil aid to #Ukraine testament to how RUS unprovoked invasion has horrified and galvanised the world, and testament to #heroism of Ukrainian people
DefSec Austin:
In May, US #Congress approved 40 bn USD in assistance to UA. On 1 June, POTUS auth. further 700 mill USD mil package incl #HIMARS rocket system and guided munitions, plus #Javelins, helicopters, counter-battery radars and ammunition.
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May homebuilder survey results published last week. Top themes: 1) Builder metrics quickly deteriorating across the board. 2) Price cuts on standing ‘speculative’ inventory accelerating. 3) Buyer incentives are back. Market commentary to follow…
#Austin builder: “Some parts of town where finished homes are now taking a month to sell versus hours. Market is definitely correcting. Incentives are back and seeing some builders cutting prices on inventory.”
#Baltimore builder: “Customers now mentioning potential reduction in prices and/or increase in incentives.”
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Disney's writer wage theft, a year on; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ The Disney Must Pay banner, depicting a human figure oversha
Next weekend (May 6-8), I'm Guest of Honor at the @DemiConDM 33 science fiction convention in #DesMoines:… 2/
Disney's writer wage theft, a year on: Still work to do.

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U.S. secretary of defense #Austin and secretary of state #Blinken are now in #Kyiv meeting with Ukrainian president #Zelensky, said Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych in an interview on Ukrainian TV…
Some people apparently are questioning whether U.S. cabinet members #Blinken and #Austin have actually met with Ukrainian president #Zelensky in #Kyiv today. Here is a relevant update:
One of the first full reports of what was discussed and decided when U.S. secretary of defense Austin and secretary of state Blinken met Sunday with Ukrainian president Zelensky. Lots to unpack ... stay tuned. 3/…
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Homebuilder survey results are in for February. Top themes: 1) Record high new home price increases at +20% YOY nationally. 2) Record low builder finished inventory. 3) Demand still off the charts & quality of home buyer prospect lists still solid. Market commentary to follow…
#Charlotte builder: “Restricting sales in all communities. Several communities with VIP lists over 1,000 and one of those communities only has 51 homes. Increasing mortgage rates haven’t slowed buyers down at all.”
#Charlotte builder: “HELP WANTED signs have driven direct construction costs up +20%. Keeping your employees from jumping ship to work for another builder costs 25% more.”
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Alright Plebs, let me tell you a little story about how we got to where we are now... What I mean by that is this; @PlebLab is now officially Pleb Lab Incorporated.

A quick thread 🧵:
We started 7 months ago with no business goals or plans in mind. We were simply looking to kick it with Plebs. So @ThrillerX_ and I got together to launch @AustinBTCclub. Thanks for quitting your fiat job Car! That determination was the spark that built our fire...
From there, things just developed organically and we took everything one day at a time. After our first club meeting, we began to hear a repeating theme from our community. The Plebs wanted a way to get devs together. So we ran with that. Thus @PlebLab was born...
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Home builder survey results are in for full month of December. Top themes: 1) Still a ton of demand for new homes. 2) Rampant construction material & labor shortages. 3) Bit of chatter on possible margin compression several quarters ahead. Market commentary to follow…
#Atlanta builder: “Have virtually no available inventory & huge backlog of 1,000+ units going in to 2022. Still metering sales in most communities, where the demand of waiting buyers still outnumbers our supply.”
#LasVegas builder: “Busiest orders for December I can remember in a long time.”
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#FARA filing for Ben Barnes Group…
#FARA Filing for Washington African Consulting Group…
WikiLeaks Shows Clinton Decision To Accept All Foreign Govt Money

#FaraStarter @ClintonFdn
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Home prices still accelerating through October in majority of housing markets we track. Handful below finally moderating (#Austin, #Boise, #Phoenix, #Seattle, & #DC). Here's #Austin.
#Boise home prices
#Phoenix home prices
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Fresh October home builder survey results. Top themes: 1) Builders are finally lifting sales caps (though not all). 2) Lack of lots & land development delays will hold back growth in 2022. 3) Most builders expect prices to keep rising. Market commentary to follow…
#ColoradoSprings builder: “One cautious trend to watch is single-family rental businesses paying more for land than builders. This will suck up trade capacity & supply at a time we can't afford it.”
#Denver builder: “Traffic & sales definitely slowing down, but also following a more seasonal pattern as compared to 2020. Resale inventory is still historically low. Rents are skyrocketing again.”
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Just published September home builder survey results (sales, prices, costs, communities, etc.). Big themes: 1) Supply chain, supply chain, supply chain. 2) Monthly price hikes no longer the norm. 3) Some of the hottest markets sounding toppy. Market commentary to follow…
#Austin builder: “No end in sight for labor & material issues. Told by logistics guy last week that his company believes it will take at least a year to get the supply chain back to working.”
#Austin builder: “Availability of windows has limited closings this year & availability of appliances has caused closings to slide to a later month. Availability of paint is stressing Q4 closings & causing even more bunching toward late in the year.”
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Dear @SecDef #Austin, the Afghan Government "collapsed" because the US Administration cut a deal with the Taliban, not because of Taliban attacks which they countered for 19 years.

The Taliban made advances because they had a deal with the Adm that they will be the next power.
Dear General #Milley, the best way not to "Americanize" any war is not to cut deals with the enemy, the Taliban in the case of Afghanistan.

As simple as that.
Can Congress ask the secretary of defense, the joint chiefs, and @CENTCOM commander, what is the plan they established with the #Taliban in #Doha, to transfer #Afghanistan to them?

Was there a joint plan? If yes, what was it. If not, how would a transition take place?
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0/40+ #IOTA ♻️ is the basis for a new type of IT infrastructure for global communication and automation, which manifests itself in 40+ incredible projects, collaborations & company adoptions.
Stay tuned for a regular update.
1a/40+ #ALFRIED is one of the largest German, publicly funded digital transport infrastructure projects. With a funding of 11 M €. ALFRIED will use #IOTA ♻️ as its core technology.
#IoT #SmartCity #SmartMobility
1b/40+ ETO GRUPPE is developing sensors for the transport infrastructure in a funding project of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in the ALFRIED project together with #IOTA.
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Companies tied to housing revising guidance due to supply chain. Commentary from our builder survey this month indicates things getting worse before they get better. Homes sitting, waiting for materials (dead days). Big delays in windows. Delta outbreaks. In sum, a crapshoot. 🧵
#Nashville builder: “It's a crap shoot. Some municipalities will issue permits in 1 week, & others are 6-9 months behind. Supply chain is a mess. Windows are now 7 months out, cabinets are 6 months out, etc.”
#Chicago builder: “Build cycle increased due to backordered materials including bathtubs, appliances, & ceramic tile. Trades are much more limited in availability & now have some ‘dead days’ with no activity.”
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🧵 Here's my honest advice about masks from an American manufacturer of #surgicalmasks & #N95s @armbrust_usa

(Spoiler Alert: most suggestions wont be to use my masks)

First, why does the CDC give "bad" advice about masking?

Guidance is based on statistical models. Cloth or loose fitting masks DO reduce spread for populations.

But you are not a statistic, you are a data point. You don't want statistical advice.

If you want the best protection you need both proper fit to your face AND good filtration.

You can tell if something fits your face, but you can't tell the filtration unless you have an expensive lab like I do or if you're an expert like @masknerd

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La Casa Bianca ha chiesto al Primo Ministro israeliano Naftali #Bennet di non recarsi ancora all'incontro previsto con #Biden in quanto il Presidente è ancora impegnato in riunioni per seguire quanto successo a #Kabul.
Un altro drammatico video proveniente dall'ingresso dell'aeroporto di #Kabul colpito dall'attacco terrorista di oggi. Il terreno è letteralmente bagnato di sangue.
I #Talebani confermano che ci sono diverse vittime anche tra le loro guardie.
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Not what she asked

The question was could/should you clowns have foreseen this & planned for it

The answer is clearly Yes
You failed miserably #Austin & should resign immediately
"If you have the right credentials the Taliban has been allowing people to pass safely through"

What an grotesquely gutless statement fm @SecDef
Telling US citizens just trust a barbaric terror group
Resign you worthless POS

The reason @SecDef thinks we can trust the #Taliban with the lives of US citizens

Is because the Biden Brainiacs paid them off in Qatar
Just like Obama did to free Bergdahl
These people are menaces to our safety

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Very consistent pattern of reports about #Taliban behaviour that we have now. Needless to say it does not match what the Taliban have been presenting in these first few days in the interview with a female journalist (who has now been purged) or in their press conferences.
State Department seeding the ground for a recognition of the Taliban regime.
Kinzinger is clearly correct: it was a disaster to give up Bagram before the end of the mission
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Analyzing July new home trends from our just published monthly builder survey. Top 3 themes: 1) Frenzy phase for housing is over, but still solid demand. 2) Fewer builders restricting sales. 3) Hitting price ceilings in more markets. Commentary from across the country to follow.
#Austin builder: “Builders are starting to offer incentives again to drive traffic and sales.”
#Dallas builder: “We have hit price ceilings in the majority of our submarkets.”
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BREAKING: @ArgoAI and @Ford say they plan to launch self-driving vehicles (with safety drivers) on the @Lyft network beginning in Miami before the end of 2021. #Robotaxis #SelfDrivingCars #AutonomousVehicles @VWGroup
In a statement, @Ford, its associate @ArgoAI and #ridehailing service provider @Lyft say "the parties are now working to finalize agreements aiming to deploy at least 1,000 autonomous vehicles on the Lyft network, across multiple markets over the next five years."
As part of the deal, @Lyft will join @Ford and @VWGroup as an @ArgoAI shareholder. The #ridehailing service company will receive 2.5% of the common equity as part of the licensing and data access agreements to collaborate on the safe commercialization of #AutonomousVehicles.
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Analyzing June new home sales & pricing figures from our monthly builder survey. As one builder noted: “It’s not fun to be a builder anymore.” Lumber relief is nice but pick your poison on other issues. Market commentary from across the country to follow...
#Richmond builder: “It's not fun to be a builder anymore. Cost pressure is killing us. Not only will builders like myself who take 12-24 months to build a house lose margin from increases, but the affordability is becoming a major issue.”
#Atlanta builder: “Costs have driven up prices & we’re no longer preselling. We will not sell a home until frame stage, so our sales numbers are off for June while awaiting framing stage.”
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Here's a housing🧵to chew on over weekend. Mid-June update from 100+home builders across country. 1) rumblings of price ceiling. 2) slightly shrinking pool of qualified buyers. 3) some home releases not selling out immediately. 4) normal summer slowing as vacations take priority.
#Austin builder: “Some interest lists are shrinking & others are not. Seeing buyers who are no longer able or willing to afford the monthly payment. Definitely seeing attrition here. Frustration that prices continued going up without an opportunity to purchase.”
#Dallas builder: “Interest lists are definitely shrinking because of pricing. Some drop off is happening due to price. But the re-sale market is still so tight it hasn’t dropped substantially. Extremely concerned about pricing going forward.”
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