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#StopKillingBusDrivers THREAD "@TfL downplayed #COVID19 dangers to bus, rail & tube workers in critical early months" => Important @WSWS_Updates Report @MayorofLondon @CityHallLabour hope you never read. So I'll serve it up in bitesize pieces @therealdojj…
"@TfL deliberately minimised @COVID19 threat to bus & transport workers Jan-Feb, even as @WHO instructed urgent action. New documents released in @KeithPrinceAM June MQT reveal that TfL focused on operational efficiency at the expense of workers’ lives"…
"@TfL bosses, incl. Chief Safety, Health & Environment Officer Lilli Matson, insisting #COVID19 risk to bus, rail & tube workers was “low” and that gloves and facemasks should not be worn."
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#StopKillingBusDrivers What plans @TfL produce to protect London Transport Workers from known risks of #Covid19 on Public Transport when there was still time to do something in Q1? 1 of 7 FOI questions I filed that TfL has refused to answer @Heidi_LDN…
#StopKillingBusDrivers What was @TfL’s Chief Safety Officer Lilli Matson doing in Q1 to assess risks & take actions to protect London’s Transport Workers from #Covid19 @Heidi_LDN? 1 of 7 FOI Qs TfL just rejected. AFAIK 42 Workers Died. How many Still Ill?…
#StopKillingBusDrivers Why on 2 March did @MayorofLondon think using public funds to pay Private Bus Company Employees £34M so urgent @Heidi_LDN? Transport Worker #Covid19 Risks well-known by March. Why rush to pay ‘bung’? 1 of 7 FOI Qs @TfL just refused.…
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@therealdojj @BusSafetyRep @ShelaghFogarty @SadiqKhan @TfL @MayorofLondon Since 2017, @CarolinePidgeon & @KeithPrinceAM have been asking Mayor to open TfL's Regular, Secret, Un-minuted "Bus Operator Forum" Meetings to Public Scrutiny & have been refused every time. Here's Caroline asking & rejected by @SadiqKhan October 2017…
@therealdojj @BusSafetyRep @ShelaghFogarty @SadiqKhan @TfL @MayorofLondon @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM Here's Caroline asking & being rejected again in March 2018. Why? B/c "TfL & [Bus] Operators also need a forum in which they can collectively discuss commercially or operationally sensitive topics" OK. Why's Safety being discussed in SECRET?…
@therealdojj @BusSafetyRep @ShelaghFogarty @SadiqKhan @TfL @MayorofLondon @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM Here's Keith asking & refused in Nov18 "How does this refusal to be transparent conform with the principles of Vision Zero or your pledge that you are 'determined to lead the most transparent, engaged and accessible administration London has ever seen'?"…
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Did Feb20 #COVID19 Scare after UK Bus Industry Conference at Westminster serve as warning to UK BusCo Executives to immediately conduct Risk Assessments & take Protective Measures like #PPENow to protect Bus Drivers? AFAIK @TfL did nothing until APRIL…
AFAIK @MayorofLondon instructed Bus Contractors to take protective action ONLY AFTER Bus Drivers started DYING and started making noise on Social Media!!!
TBH when I look at this list of #Covid19 Deaths of Bus Drivers working for @TfL ForProfit Bus Contractors, I am really shocked. Most Bus Operators part of Global Transport Giants whose owners/executives would have been well aware of what their subsidiaries were doing in Q1
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Isn't it odd? @MayorofLondon responded to ALL @KeithPrinceAM March MQTs investigating #CroydonCrash #CoverUp w ""I have asked @TfL to provide a response to this question. The response time may be affected by ongoing Covid19 situation." Can INVESTIGATIONS catch C19? @NeilGarratt
Since @MayorofLondon responded to @CarolinePidgeon EMBARRASSING March MQT Investigating #CroydonCrash #CoverUp w same "@TfL response time may be affected by ongoing Covid19 situation" bot response, it begs obvious Q: is City Hall using crisis to Obstruct Scrutiny? #JustAskin
AFAIK C19 Crisis DIDNT EXIST in December 2019 when @CarolinePidgeon asked this EMBARRASSING STILL UNANSWERED #CroydonCrash #CoverUp MQT. Why are @SadiqKhan @Heidi_LDN so RELUCTANT to conduct an Independent Investigation of @TfL's QUESTIONABLE ACTIONS during Crash Investigation?
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#AssemblyTransport @Heidi_LDN sticking to @TfL's story told in 24 July 18 Memo to Board…
@Heidi_LDN @TfL which is entirely contradicted by @MLiebreich letter to @MayorofLondon on Monday…
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon Now @GarethBaconAM asks about timing of missing Fatigue Audit IA17780 - @MLiebreich says "odd coincidence" that reports come out after Safety Panel Meetings.
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Sadiq Khan accused of Croydon tram crash cover up…
Author @_jessiewithani failed to mention @KeithPrinceAM Motion passed by @LondonAssembly (after @CityHallLabour abstained) is in support of @GMB_union #GMB19 Resolution 412 asking @MayorofLondon to empower an Independent Investigation of why @TfL Failed to Submit Fatigue Audit
GMB Union passed Resolution 412 at its National Congress #GMB19 in Brighton on Weds 12 June
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#CroydonCrash #CoverUp @MayorofLondon @ValShawcross @Heidi_LDN: Kindly note 23May18 @TfL Board Minutes don't properly reflect what @MLiebreich actually said ICYMI "3 Times on 3 Separate Occasions IA 17780 had been sent to @raibgovuk @railandroad @BTP"
Regrettably, narrative City Hall & TfL PUSHING since I exposed #CoverUp January 2018… isn't supported by any FACTS.… @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM #CroydonCrash 7 People DIED, 62 Injured. #ShineALight NOW HT>@christianwolmar @V0LDN
In May18, I formally asked @LondonAssembly #AssemblyTransport to call City Hall & TfL Officials in for Formal Questioning… Why wasn't IA 17780 sent to #CroydonCrash Investigators, Regulators & Police when it'd been sitting in Top Managers' hands for months?
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@SadiqKhan @TfL #LondonBusWatch Reports from some Bus Depots: "A/C units being fixed" so THANK YOU for taking immediate action @MayorofLondon BUT as TfL Chair @Twitter reports from Bus Drivers & Volunteer Campaigners shouldn't be necessary #LeaveTheBunker @CarolineRussell
@SadiqKhan @TfL @MayorofLondon @Twitter @CarolineRussell As TfL Chair, you shouldn't have to be embarrassed by Bus Drivers calling you on @LBC @mrjamesob #SpeakToSadiq to complain about #BusSafety issue which should not exist b/c TfL's Claire Mann told @oliviat_93 "A/C required on all new buses since 2012"…
@SadiqKhan @TfL @MayorofLondon @Twitter @CarolineRussell @LBC @mrjamesob @oliviat_93 Think about it: if it wasn't for @Unite_Battersea tweeting pictures of the temperature in his bus cab on Social Media AND Bus Driver calling into #SpeakToSadiq AND Olivia's scoop in the Standard, would you—as TfL Chair—have even known about the A/C issue?
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Bad News: Mayor's response essentially same as he gave to @KeithPrinceAM June MQT asking about 23 May TfL Board Meeting where @MLiebreich stated TfL Bosses had assured him 3 times had been delivered to Police, Regulator, Investigators
I recently blogged about why Mayor's recent response given to @LondonAssembly Members was "Questionable"… (oh, & BTW @CarolinePidgeon got a similar response in March from TfL MD Surface Transport
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@RichieVeitch Ta! Wish I didn't have to campaign re #CroydonCrash but @TfL @MayorofLondon REFUSE to respond to my request for investigation why @RAIB @ORR @BTP @SNCLavalin didn't receive @FirstGroupplc TOL Fatigue Audit. @Heidi_LDN?… @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM
@RichieVeitch @TfL @MayorofLondon @raib @orr @BTP @SNCLavalin @FirstGroupplc @Heidi_LDN @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM It's not like @SadiqKhan doesn't know about it...he was Chair of 23 May TfL Board Meeting when @MLiebreich ask for #CroydonCrash #CoverUp to be investigated so that "lessons can be learned" "won't happen again" @ValShawcross was at the same meeting too.
@RichieVeitch @TfL @MayorofLondon @raib @orr @BTP @SNCLavalin @FirstGroupplc @Heidi_LDN @CarolinePidgeon @KeithPrinceAM @SadiqKhan @MLiebreich @ValShawcross . @LeonDaniels inspired me to look into #CroydonCrash #CoverUp by announcing to SSHR Panel YEAR GO TODAY "An audit of First Group’s fatigue management processes had taken place, these were found to be satisfactory & did not give rise to any concerns."…
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and report it to John Trayner MD @TheGoAheadGroup London cc'ing TfL's Bus Bosses, @willnorman @CarolineRussell (of @LondonAssembly) @StopKillingCycl & me. The only way to ensure TfL & CityHall don't just #CoverUp for TfL Contractors' #SafetyFail is to shine a light on it.
In my experience, it's clear that TfL => Trade Association set up to protect its Bus & Tram Contractors instead of regulating their Safety Performance. Read @CarolinePidgeon's & @KeithPrinceAM's MQTs sometime & you'll see how far City Hall & TfL go to protect them from #Scrutiny
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