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#AssemblyTransport @Heidi_LDN sticking to @TfL's story told in 24 July 18 Memo to Board…
@Heidi_LDN @TfL which is entirely contradicted by @MLiebreich letter to @MayorofLondon on Monday…
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon Now @GarethBaconAM asks about timing of missing Fatigue Audit IA17780 - @MLiebreich says "odd coincidence" that reports come out after Safety Panel Meetings.
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM re @MLiebreich comment on "Blogosphere" I notified @raibgovuk & @railandroad @IanProsser7 on 19 January 2018 that Fatigue Audit IA 17780 existed ...before that, the Croydon Crash Investigator did not know the report existed.
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @MLiebreich takes issue with CHOREOGRAPHING Fatigue Audit. @Heidi_LDN takes issue "Nobody should take it as a conspiracy"
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon asks about who attended meetings. @MLiebreich confirms HSE Director Jill Collis & @TfL Surface Transport @LeonDaniels attended all the meetings. "YES"
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels The issue is not "choreography" the issue is who was responsible for sending IA 17780 to @raibgovuk @railandroad @BTP?
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Heidi_LDN is now trying the classic bureaucratic trick "You signed off on the meeting minutes and sending IA 17780" wasn't missing. @CarolinePidgeon now brings in @TfL Garden Bridge shenanigans over minutes. What about @Crossrail? Any things "missed" in minutes? HMMM?
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @Heidi_LDN talks about "dialogue between @TfL & @FirstGroupplc on Fatigue Audit IA17780" BUT FORGETS TO MENTION @raibgovuk @SNCLavalin were INVESTIGATING SAME ISSUES AT THE SAME TIME, and THEY NEVER GOT THE AUDIT
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @Heidi_LDN tries to shift attention away from #CroydonTram #CoverUP & tries to focus on "everything that's been done to improve tram safety" Listen to what @FinnBrennan told @LondonAssembly 15 May
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @Heidi_LDN trying to convince public that "lessons have been learned" in audits and a new safety culture exists...@MLiebreich intervenes: "This is 7 months AFTER #CrodyonCrash & starts listing problems.
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @MLiebreich "the issue is NOT 'things are better now" but "What is the Audit Process?" "What is NORMAL at @TfL?" "It is not NORMAL for Line Managers who've been in charge to have access to audit material and be involved in Audits."
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @Heidi_LDN running down the will be interesting if @MLiebreich has any views on whether or not Fatigue was an issue in Croydon Crash Investigation Conclusions. I seem to recall it was deemed to be a root cause in @SNCLavalin investigation
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @MLiebreich now brings in the issue of "Just Culture" - "Drivers are People. They are not Machines. They must be treated like People. You can't just shine a light in their eyes and punish them for being tired" You got that @therealdojj @MalLunam @BusSafetyRep @wimbledonmac?
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @Heidi_LDN clearly 'running down the clock" enumerating all the good stuff @TfL is doing on #TramSafety while avoiding the very fact that it NEVER INVESTIGATED why IA7780 didn't get sent to Tram Crash Investigators.
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @Heidi_LDN digging her heels and rejecting Independent Investigation of why @TfL didn't send IA17780 to Investigators. "Mistakes were made" but basically "it didn't make a difference in the @raibgovuk report" so "No Harm. No Foul"? Admits "some mistakes" but sees no merit in it
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @Heidi_LDN says she has no concerns that lessons haven't been learned. @GarethBaconAM chides her for "slightly lengthy answer" and says @MLiebreich still has questions. What have you got to lose if you're so confident?"
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @MLiebreich "I find this extraordinary. There was a question about a Conflict of Interest at the time. There is a Police Investigation is going on now. There is Coroner's Investigation is going on now. It is not for us to ask what evidence is necessary."
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @MLiebreich asks @Heidi_LDN "have you seen any evidence that there was an investigation why IA 17780 wasn't sent? Issue of Transparency. What evidence exists that this particular issue was investigated?"
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @Heidi_LDN now doing MASSIVE ARM-WAVING about all the HAPPY CLAPPY THINGS @TfL's doing on Safety...BUT PUBLIC IS NONE THE WISER: What evidence is there that @TfL investigated why IA 17780 was not sent to Crash Investigators.
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @ShaunBaileyUK now asking: Why were Line Managers not "separated" from Audit Report. Concern about someone who's actions are being investigated by @raibgovuk getting access to IA 17780? Why was Audit Process not separted? @FloEshalomi trying to shut down line of inquiry.
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @ShaunBaileyUK @FloEshalomi @KeithPrinceAM intervenes "There seem to be lots of flaws about the process. An Independent Investigation would shine some Transparency on the process. @Heidi_LDN pushes back "I am happy to discuss all the issues that changed between First Draft and Last Draft of IA17780"
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @ShaunBaileyUK @FloEshalomi @KeithPrinceAM @tomcopley asks about Victims. @Heidi_LDN describes some actions. @MLiebreich comments "there were a lot of actions taken" but what's driving me & why I'm not happy. @FirstGroupplc is telling people "Fatigue was not a Factor."
@Heidi_LDN @TfL @MLiebreich @MayorofLondon @GarethBaconAM @raibgovuk @railandroad @IanProsser7 @CarolinePidgeon @LeonDaniels @BTP @Crossrail @alexGspence @BuzzFeedUK @FirstGroupplc @SNCLavalin @FinnBrennan @LondonAssembly @ShaunBaileyUK @FloEshalomi @KeithPrinceAM @tomcopley @MLiebreich now "It's been 3 years. I committed to the victims 'lessons would be learned' across the entire Surface Transport network (BUSES). I don't understand why TFL doesn't have a Chief Safety Officer. If we're now getting one, I'd like to think #CroydonCrash made it happen
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