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🧵 There’s a lot of rightful focus on insurrection supporters and democracy deniers like Ron Johnson and Tim Michels. But in the GOP, the rot goes all the way down. Take a look, for example, at this Wisconsin Assembly race—which could affect the 2024 presidential election.
Context: Republicans in Wisconsin are gunning for supermajorities in both chambers of Wisconsin’s state legislature. On the Democratic side, meet Laura Gapske @laura4assembly. On the Republican side, the nominee is Angie Sapik—an insurrection fan.
The 73rd Assembly District, in the very northwest corner of the state, is home to Superior, which (with Duluth, MN) is half of the Twin Ports, one of the largest cargo ports in the country.

Since 1973, this district has been solidly held by Democrats. But now it’s at risk.
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1/ A resources "table of contents" thread
linking threads about Jan 5 & 6 events & VIP speakers.

Further on: threads on Save America March, StopTheSteal WildProtest, Freedom Rally, 1/5 Freedom Plaza rally; permits, maps & rally videos ImageImage
#CapitolHunters #CapitolRiots
#DCRallies #CapitolBadge

2/ This NYT team investigation is an in-depth view of the way the events of January 5th and 6th came together and the many people involved.

3/ This thread covers VIPs, those with event access badges or providing event security, a Capitol grounds map showing 1st Amendment demonstrations areas, #IAmAlexJones, WildProtest, Roger Stone, & state & local politicians at the insurrection.

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Some new faces. Cabby hat with flaps is in here and signals someone. #SeditionHunters ImageImageImageImage
None of these have hashtags, as far as I know. The bald guy have very distinctive scars on his head. ImageImageImageImage
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It’s not just that prominent federal & provincial #Conservatives were on #NaziTwitter, aka #Parler, but that when there was an assassination attempt on the Canadian Prime Minister by a radicalized RW disinformation & conspiracy believer, Cons were silent...or worse #cdnpoli #CPC
When would-be assassin, Cory Hurren, radicalized by RW disinformation, propaganda & conspiracies on social media & by #CPC, loaded his truck with weapons & crashed through gates intent on the assassination of #PMJT, #ErinOToole’s Twitter feed was very revealing that day. #cdnpoli
You might say, perhaps #ErinOToole didn’t hear about the July 2nd assassination attempt on the day. Well here’s what #ErinOTrump tweeted July 3/2020. He retweeted his deceitful propaganda video & other willful incendiary lies & said NOTHING about the attempt on JT’s life #cdnpoli
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Insider reveals that before Trump urged supporters to march on Capitol, the White House was warned by rally organizers there was no permit for a march, that they'd promised DC Police there would be no march, and that such a march was dangerous.… #DCRIOTS
“It’s something we advocated against doing for exactly the reasons that ended up playing themselves out,” says source inside Women for America First, the organization that held the permit for the DC rally. #DCRIOTS…
Even more damning, the march Trump set in motion was led and promoted by ultra-right, violence-threatening extremist #AliAlexander, head of Stop the Steal.
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This man wearing a “Portland” shirt was detained by DC police last night for alleged violent behavior after RNC. He looks a lot like Anthony P. Harrington, who was convicted in Portland for being a felon in possession of gun & robbing someone at gunpoint.
Update: Confirmed to be Anthony Paul Harrington, of Portland. He has a long criminal history in Oregon and appears to have traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the anti-police protests there. #PortlandRiots #DCRiots
Anthony Paul Harrington, who is traveling with another Portlander arrested at an #antifa riot, boasts about how he wasn’t ultimately arrested by DC police last night. He was live streaming from a hotel. His social media is filled with posts from the Portland riots.
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Looks like one of the #FrontlineFrauds was fired from her job.
This is what happens when someone uses their position as a doctor to become a super-spreader of disinformation.
She is right about one thing: That video was embarrassing.
Where she was fired from remains a mystery.
Earlier videos show her speaking in front of well known medical centers and despite many efforts to determine which hospital employed her, none confirmed she worked there.…
While millions of Americans are out of a job due to no fault of their own, here she is soliciting donations due to her supposed job loss.
Dr. Gold’s credentials put her in the position to have total job security and yet she made the decision to risk it all for partisan politics. Image
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Protestors in DC handed the white dude who was about to provocate the protest to the police.

He has been arrested and taken away.

Folks in DC are singing, clapping and chanting. No major violence so far.

But its getting dark.. Things may hit the fan any moment. 🤞
Here it is..

This is after some of the newcomers started throwing stuff on the police.
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