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#FACTCHECK: Many people are spreading #MISINFORMATION about #ProtestRights. You have NO RIGHT to participate in a #RIOT, it is NOT constitutionally protected #FreeSpeech - neither is engaging in CRIMINAL ACTS while protesting...
1.) Time, Place and Manner Restrictions Apply to "Protected #FreeSpeech" (protesting) - if local law requires a permit, you must have one -- especially if you are using or occupying public roadways or buildings or lands...…
2.) If police issue a "#dispersal" order, or declare a "#riot" - you MUST FOLLOW POLICE COMMANDS TO LEAVE THE AREA OR SURRENDER. Failure to do so is a criminal felony act called #RIOTING:…
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#AntifaTerrorists and #BLM already getting in fights with the Police in Salt Lake City.

It was declared an Unlawful Assembly after about 35 minutes.

Apparently the Cops aren't playing around here (unlike in Seattle and Portland).

#Protest #Riot #SaltLakeCity
#AntifaTerrorists don't like when people films them.

Skinny White Boy is berating the elderly man filming (what a LARPER).

#BLM #Blacklivesmatter #SaltLakeCity #Protest
Yeah Cops aren't playing around this time lol

#BLM #Protest
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“USA: A NWO Coup Delivered With MSM Hypocrisy on Steroid” Watch the full video here:
Second Amendment= An Obstacle against NWO #Coup; so must dealt with. As was 1st Amendment: The one they took away by #NWO’s complete takeover of the media. You see what I see? - - - Police detain store owners live on air ...… #
Welcoming, and thanking, Jeremiah B., Joyce C., Ellis M. & Daniel O. To my #CommonSense Network at #Patreon.- - - Join me on Patreon!
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1. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

Why you spreading divisive inflammatory violence rioting+arson normalising enabling promoting encouraging & glorifying left-wing propaganda

Why you broadcasting views of ignorant uneducated idiots

And I don't mean just your "liberal" staff

2. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

More whites than blacks killed by police in US

Black cop more likely to kill black than white cop

Considering VASTLY higher level of armed violent & lethal crime carried carried out by blacks are FEWER blacks killed by police even pro rata

3. #FFS #BBCNews @BBC

Most killing by blacks

More whites are killed by blacks than blacks by whites

Most blacks are killed by fellow blacks

So stop spreading #BLM spin lies & propaganda

Stop being riot arson murder normalisers apologists enablers facilitators

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Protestors in DC handed the white dude who was about to provocate the protest to the police.

He has been arrested and taken away.

Folks in DC are singing, clapping and chanting. No major violence so far.

But its getting dark.. Things may hit the fan any moment. 🤞
Here it is..

This is after some of the newcomers started throwing stuff on the police.
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O' look, more bricks.

Can you say CCTV cams... everywhere! #JusticeIsComing
Cities have open cams!

Will be adding those live feeds to the website, so everyone can watch the cities live, from the cities' own 24/7 feeds.

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“The Odds of the “1/3” USA Winning Against the NWO” Watch the full video here:
What we’re seeing with these riots here in #USA will be replicated around the world: On Unemployment, Hunger, Ethnicity, Race ... Watch #Spain #Greece #Turkey ... All by design. #Covid curfew replaced by #riot curfew. Flu interchanged with poverty ... All preplannec by NWO strike
The coup is in effect: Not the time to hide in lockdown under your blankets. Pls watch this video and dial the numbers per my discussion. We need to quickly establish the network with the 1/3. Tune in and join our action alert.
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I want the same energy of these nation-wide revolts happening in America, happening here in the UK.

The Labour Leak Report should've been the big national political scandal, but instead we're wasting our breath on Dumbinic Cumshit.
If violent revolution is the only way to get our point across that the UK is desperately in need of positive social change, so be it.

We've tried reasoning, begging, calling-out, and constantly protesting against an establishment that is hellbent on selling us out to Tr*mp...
...& everytime we've done so, we've been met with tone-policing, I-disagreeism, abuse, mockery & worthless, automated responses. This is no longer up for debate.

Boris/Trump & neo-libs everywhere have no one to blame but themselves for creating the conditions for this anger.
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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1/5 Anatomy of a communal #riot. First, Muzlims start a ‘protest’. Violent slogans are normalized as #FoE by media. Next, ‘protest’ turns into ‘agitation’, with illegal occupation of public spaces. Again, media provides fig leaf of respectability by calling agitation ‘democratic’
2/5 The state exercises ‘restraint’, wary of aggressive media painting the state ‘anti-minority’ and an over zealous judiciary. State hopes that the ‘agitation’ runs its course in due time and adopts wait n watch approach. Meanwhile, ‘they’ get bolder and more aggressive.
3/5 While the state is exercising ‘restraint’, ‘they’ are planning to escalate the ‘agitation’ into a full-scale ‘riot’. Their Ghettos are armed, mobs are ready with petrol bombs. Women and children are used as first line of defence. The first provocation is ALWAYS from them.
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Toulouse #acte53 #GiletsJaunes
Manifestation dispersée au bout de 15min à Jeanne d'arc puis à Jean Jaurès. Du monde sur les allées Jean Jaurès. Des barricades se forment.
On brulera vos tours de plastique !

Le cortège toulousain est arrivé en haut des allées et longe le canal direction la gare Matabiau.

#Toulouse #GiletsJaunes #acte53
Scènes surréalistes à Toulouse où l'air est saturé de gaz et une partie du cortège s'est réfugié dans la gare où un quai a dû être évacué. L'hélico est de sorti.
#acte53 #GiletsJaunes
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HILO DE VIOLENCIA POLICIAL EJERCIDA POR EL ESTADO ESPAÑOL EN CATALUNYA. Algunas de las actuaciones represivas ejercidas por las fuerzas de seguridad de este estado totalitario que criminaliza la disidencia política y el derecho de protesta. ¡Máxima difusión!
POLICE #VIOLENCE EXERCISED BY THE SPANISH STATE IN #CATALUNYA. Some of the repressive actions exercised by the security forces of this totalitarian state that criminalizes political dissent and the right to protest. Maximum diffusion!
#Violencia injustificada contra manifestantes que solamente corría para huir de los golpes.

Unjustified #violence against protesters who only ran to escape the blows.

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1. #News ~ NK welcomes DMZ meet: "If a North Korea-US summit is realized on the line dividing Korea as President #Trump wishes it will become another opportunity to deepen the friendship that exists between the two heads of state and to improve relations"
#Qanon #G20OsakaSummit
2. #News ~ Nxivm: Clare Bronfman Has Secret Meeting With Nxivm Coach Vanessa Sahagun. Will Bronfman’s money and 4Mexican contingent be able to keep Nxivm alive – to brand and bleed followers in the future?…

#Trump #Qanon #TickTock
3. #News ~ Christian Church Taken Over by Muslim Group, Converted into Islamic Mosque…

#Trump #Qanon
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1. On Friday 6th June 1919, there was a #RaceRiot in the city of #Newport in #Gwent, #SouthWales. What happened in #Newport had a huge overwhelming effect on #RaceRelations for years to come. Here's a clipping from @nytimes about the #riot
2. As @renireni pointed out in Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race:

"Riots always seem to kick off in the summer." 🔥🔥🔥

In 1919, there were riots in:


+ and more

#Cymraeg #History #Cymru #Hanes
3. According to the #history, a #black man insulted a #white woman in #Newport, which lead to an altercation. It kicked off in #GeorgeStreet [see below], where 3000 white people formed into a mob and attacked the houses of the two black people on the street.
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