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As soon as the cameras were gone and the Juneteenth celebration was over, the police moved right in and started tearing down the community area. There was no need to do that. The streets are empty anyway. It's an f-n pandemic!
The government is shut down and there are hardly any cars on these roads. Do not believe the accusations that protesters started any of this. Anything they did was in response to the police. We have protested peacefully.
And, pretty much all the protesters have been wearing masks and we have religiously picked up after ourselves. Now we are being called vermin and all kinds of horrible stuff.
One of the kids we had to assist what a 15-year-old (white) girl.
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Thread of Footage from #DCRIOTS Today: 👇👇

Liberal White Girls being #Karens and shouting at the #Police... 🤦

No surprise there.

#whitehouseprotest #whitehouseriots
Protestors now actively fighting Cops (most of them White, shocking).

#whitehouseprotest #whitehouseriots #WashingtonDCProtest #washingtondcriots
More Protestors and #Antifa Fighting with Police.

#AntifaDomesticTerrorists #AllLivesMatterNotJustBlack #Blmprotest #WashingtonDCProtest #washingtondcriots
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#GeorgeFloyd was murdered and there are #BlackLivesMatter protests in all 50 states.
What has #TomKeanJr done besides make boilerplate "thoughts and prayers" statements?
Nothing. His silence is deafening. 1/5
2/5 Will #TomKeanJr condemn Trump-Barr's unlawful and violent attacks on protestors exercising their First Amendment rights?
#DCProtests #ICantBreath
3/5 Will #TomKeanJr stand with General George Mattis and condemn Trump's actions? 
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Why wasn’t this done to Muriel Bowser when she showed up at #DCProtests for another cheap resistance PR stunt? She wants to increase the police budget, is planning a new $500 million jail, is owned by wealthy developers, and endorsed stop and frisk Bloomberg.
It was pathetic to see Bowser welcomed this way, especially after she declared a 7 PM curfew on June 1 that opened the city up for a military show of force. Stop falling for empty anti-Trump resistance stunts.
If anyone’s interested in how difficult it is for advocates for poor and working class DC residents to negotiate with Bowser’s aggressively neoliberal administration, watch this interview I did with housing activists @Reggieblack227 & @willm4dc
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Sean Blackmon w/ Stop Police Terror Project & PSL leads “defund police” chant near WH.

Right before, he named D’Quan Young, Jeffrey Price, Marqueese Alston, & more black individuals killed by DC police. “Those police murders, it happened under her watch,” he says of DC mayor.
Downtown DC is pretty remarkable today. Organic marches down 7th & Pennsylvania Ave NW. Folks passing out free water bottles & PB&J. So many bikers and babies! So many things to love about the city today. Image
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the intense military presence and sounds of sirens amid BLM chants ... kill the vibe.
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Hundreds gathered now for a day of #GeorgeFloydProtests here at Black Lives Matter Plaza, formerly 16th Street.

The tone is upbeat. Food, music, limited police presence.

It’s hard to imagine this was a battlefield less than a week ago.
The AFL-CIO, whose first floor was burned down by protesters 6 days ago, now has calls for “criminal justice reform now” and a single armed guard from “Security Assistance Management Inc” at the front door.
Tables offering free snacks, water, and medical help line the streets.

For all Trump’s talk of anarchy, I want to point out: for actual self-avowed anarchist socialists, this is more what Anarcho-socialism looks like than bricks and Molotov cocktails.
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BREAKING NEWS: IT WAS A SETUP! We have been informed by those in the room @MayorBowser told police "Make It Look Bad, They'll Blame Trump" before Lafayette Sqaure was cleared. Share this everywhere! Tag the news stations/people @realDonaldTrump #DCProtests #dcprotest #BLMprotest
FULL STORY: I was notified by someone who works at the @DCPoliceDept who was in the room, absolutely hates Trump, but stated emphatically, @MayorBowser "set him up", "She ordered the police to use excessive force" said "they'll blame Trump". Walking out she said "make it happen"
"Make it happen, or look for another job". The person who told us said she is looking to make @realDonaldTrump look like he cannot keep order in #DC. President Trump just picked up a new supporter at the DCPD. "I see what Democrats are doing to him, they're goign to destroy DC"
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This is weird...
A USAF jet (a big one) took off from Ramstein Air Base 2 hours ago. It's transponder is totally screwed up (intentionally?). It uses a bogus/miscoded ICAO, has two different tail numbers, Special Air Mission callsign SAM824...… ImageImageImage
This is weird...
The transponder identifies the jet as E6-Mercury. "E6 conveys instructions from the National Command Authority to fleet ballistic missile submarines"…
But that could be incorrect too... ImageImageImage
This is weird...
If the Special Air Mission callsign SAM824 is correct, who's on board?
Because the transponder gives (intentionally?) bogus ICAO and 2 different fake tail numbers, I can't track from where it flew to Ramstein Air Base, but it seems to be heading to Middle East ImageImageImage
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The nation’s capital is bracing for the largest protest yet on Saturday.

Chief of the DC MPD: ““We have a lot of public, open-source information to suggest that the event on this upcoming Saturday may be one of the largest that we’ve had in the city.” 1/2
The possibility of a huge turnout on Saturday appears to explain Barr’s desire to expand the protective perimeter around the WH, the erection of a new, high fence around the WH, and other measures. The WH is bracing for a storm. 2/2
The BLM / George Floyd movement is under intensive surveillance by the government. That is where the MPD’s best information must be coming from, and why the MPD’s prediction of “one of the largest turnouts we’ve had” is believable. #DCProtests #1MillionDCSaturday
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Completely unmarked officers in riot gear holding protesters blocks away from the White House. No badges. No insignias. No name tags. Nothing. Refused to tell us who they’re with. #DCprotest #DCprotests
Worth noting as well, not a mask in sight. All protesters were in masks #DCprotest #DCprotests… Thank you @KannoYoungs for raising awareness on this
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At the Hyatt Regency, I have been informed these are private security and when I asked why they were identifying as police, I was told by one guard they are “borrowing stuff” before his supervisor (pictured here) silenced him. #DCProtests
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I’m back out tonight covering the #GeorgeFloydProtests in DC tonight with @ellievhall. A huge group of protesters are marching peacefully toward the Capitol as we head toward the White House.
The crowd is as far as I can see down Pennsylvania #DCProtests
National Guard outside the archives, plus lots of SORT (Special Operations Response Team) officers near DOJ. Almost every business downtown is boarded up.
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Back at the #DCProtests. Another big crowd.

Lots of military equipment on the way in along K and Mass.

Will thread here. #NeverStopPosting
Lots of rhythmic clapping. Diverse crowd.
Supply chains look stronger and more organized than previous nights. Lots of folks offering up water, hand sanitizer. #DCProtests
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Imperial March of border patrol and CBP headed into White House entrance down Pennsylvania #dcprotests
DC doesn’t have cash bail but arrestees still face legal bills and fees. Follow @DMVBlackLives and donate to the legal aid fund:

For those of you on cash app, give to this program that helps system-involved womxn after their release: $LifeAfterRelease
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Heading to the White House for another day of #GeorgeFloydProtests, and I cannot overstate how surreal it is to have to go through checkpoints manned by federal agents (DEA) and then watch armored military vehicles roam downtown with a police escort. Extremely eerie. #DCProtests
Crowd here is kneeling, fists and signs raised, as they chant “take a knee” at police (less armored than the last several days) behind a brand new, very tall fence around the park. #DC
A small group of National Guard troops just walked through the crowd here at this peaceful demonstration. Protesters approached them with their arms raised high chanting, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”

That chuch you see, St. John’s, is the same one Trump posed in front of yesterday.
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The GrayZone (@TheGrayzoneNews)

see here please, from last night (2nd June) in Washington DC.

two parts video from Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal); and I have added several screenshots 'a' to 'd'

so :

At #dcprotest, curfew is on

video ~1:29hrs…

Continuing at #DCProtests

video ~28min…

ScreenShots: a sequence from the ground as a Red Cross helicopter (military type) hovers close to the protestsors. And brings high velocicty downdraft in order to disperse or at least freak the crowd...

a) Image
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Just spoke to 1 of the more than 40 people seeking refuge inside of a strangers house on 15th & swann. He says he @DCPoliceDept chased the group w tear gas. He doesn’t know when he’ll be able to go 🏠. @wusa9 #blacklivesmatter @DMVBlackLives #MartialLaw #amplifymelanatedvoices
Here are pictures he sent me from inside the house he is trapped in. @wusa9 @DMVBlackLives #AllLivesMatter
. @MekaFromThe703 told me that protesters are on gathered inside three floors in this house. @wusa9 #AllLivesMatter #protests2020
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🔥We are about to see a #Trumpbloodbath. @realDonaldTrump is inciting a Civil War‼️ Get indoors and off the streets‼️ #AmericaOrTrump #TrumpIncitesViolence #AtlantaProtest #DCProtests…
🔥Trump: "As we speak, I’m dispatching THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of HEAVILY ARMED soldiers, military personnel, and law enforcement officers to stop rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults, and the wanton destruction of property. We will end it now." 🔥#TrumpBloodbath #AmericaOrTrump
🔥Here it is.. @realDonaldTrump’s civil war begins tonight. Our healthcare workers said that #Coronavirus felt like a war zone. It’s about to get exponentially worse. 👇
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Beautiful night for a protest, day 2. The helicopters are ruining it though. Flying low and loud. It’s very menacing. #dcprotests
Bike cops blocking 16th and K while phalanx of others march like the army down 16th.
Hundreds of protesters heading back to wards Layfayette Square. Some take selfies on the Humvee on the way.
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I detest Trump and everything he stands for but I used to work on hotel details with the @SecretService and I have a high regard for them. Trump's presidency is finished. Let the Secret Service stand down and get some rest. Please. #DCProtests
The one thing I recall from working around them is having the impression that if you do something bad, they will shoot you. They're not some untrained local cops. They're serious law enforcement. With lots of firepower. And military back up.
They let me into the command center for low-level head of state protective detail. Impressive and that was pre Al-Qaeda. The good old days.

I have been politically active since I was a boy. I've never been to a demonstration. My sister and brother went to DC for Vietnam.
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Out here on the ground (technically in a tree) for the #DCProtests ... big crowd, police are being far looser with the tear gas than last night @DailyCaller
American flag has been burned right in front of the White House
Reporting for @DailyCaller (excuse the language) got hit by a rubber bullet by police while looking for the rest of the team (I’m fine and found them)
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Protestors in DC handed the white dude who was about to provocate the protest to the police.

He has been arrested and taken away.

Folks in DC are singing, clapping and chanting. No major violence so far.

But its getting dark.. Things may hit the fan any moment. 🤞
Here it is..

This is after some of the newcomers started throwing stuff on the police.
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For example, in Chile they have used handheld lasers to disorient and neutralize riot police.
In #HongKong they have a bunch of people ready to put out tear gas systematically, and constantly innovate on how to fight back
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Window broken at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute building. Protesters wrote “fuck Reagan” and “black lives matter” on the building. Thick black smoke rising nearby.
Found the fire: Vehicle on fire at the corner of 16th and I St. Police have blocked off the street. Protesters are running back toward the park, saying “they’re boxing us in!” Firefighters just arrived.
Getting more violent over here. Protesters are stealing dumpsters to set on fire and slinging bricks at the cops. Police used tear gas to clear protesters from the Reagan bldg. All of the I & 16th St intersection is blocked by police w/ riot shields, and they’re pushing forward.
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