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The #Tories are now the most #RightWing governing party in the developed world
~ Richard Murphy
This is really quite staggering, but explains a great deal.…
From the comments: "At least it simplifies the electorate’s decision at the next election. It’s becoming a simple binary choice between supporting decency or supporting the contemporary Tory Party, you can’t do both." 👍 #RightWingWrong #TrussFails #ToriesOut
/2 "The Johnson government was further to the left than depicted, whilst the #Labour and US Dems (especially the latter) should be further to the right.

The idea that #Biden leads a centre left government is nonsense."
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#PMJT has had many death threats, including an assassination attempt, #Conservatives said absolutely nothing.

There was a violent attempt to overthrow 🇺🇸 democracy on #January6th, #CPC MPs said nothing.

Sophie Gregoire has had multiple credible violent threats, #CPCSaidNothing ImageImageImageImage
.@cathmckenna @melaniejoly, @RachelNotley & other female Liberal & NDP politicians have had heinous rape & death threats. #ConservativesSaidNothing, including Polievre. Who not only said nothing, but used the opportunity for political gain. #cdnpoli ImageImageImage
These were not disgusting “jokes”, like the one made by ‘dirt bag’ Jeremy MacKenzie about Ana Poilievre, but rather they were real world credible violent threats. But #NevrePoilievre not only said nothing, he coveted the extremists & criticized Trudeau for calling them out.
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I’m sorry. No. This is a bad take. I normally agree with Ling on most things, but not here. #Conservatives have vilified themselves. Through hate, disinformation, conspiracy garbage, anti-union, anti-democracy, anti-women, dismantling the commons & tax cuts for the rich. #cdnpoli
2. I’ll say more. The majority of Canadians WANT universal healthcare, public education, a woman’s right to choose. Want social programs, public investments in the Commons. Most do NOT want for-profit charter schools, religious zealots making public policy, privatized healthcare.
3. All the things #Conservatives at all levels of gov’t have been quietly & steadily working towards like termites. Dismantling the Commons, selling off publicly owned assets like our own vaccine production (sold off by Mulroney), CANDU tech (sold to SNC-Lavalin by Harper)….
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Remember how #CambridgeAnalytica & #Facebook helped elect an unqualified conman wannabe autocrat? The data mining, micro targeting? PP’s team is using the same types of techniques. With the aid of multiple front groups.… #cdnpoli #NevrePolievre
Frames from the BBC documentary on how psycho-graphics were used to micro target and manipulate voters, sending Trump to the White House.

💰being funneled to front groups like #TrueNorthCentre, #CanadaProud, gun lobbies & other propaganda operations, aim to do the same with PP. ImageImageImageImage
Never forget all the data mining done by Polievre & other #Conservatives in the guise of “petitions” & other devices to mine data. #NevrePoilievre #PierrePoilievreIsAFascist #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
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Quella di oggi sarà l'ultima giornata "piena" da primo ministro 🇬🇧 per #BorisJohnson. Ieri ho scritto della competizione per succedergli nel Partito Conservatore e a Downing Street.

Qui sotto vi aggiornerò con tutte le ultime notizie.

#Truss #Sunak #Conservatives
Come sarà per Liz #Truss (grande favorita) diventare primo ministro del Regno Unito? Lord O'Donnell, già segretario di gabinetto, non usa mezzi termini: "Per la persona che varca la soglia del numero 10 è il momento clou della carriera, il più importante della vita".
Atteso a minuti l'annuncio del successore di #BorisJohnson a capo dei Conservatori e del Regno Unito. Si va verso la vittoria di Liz #Truss.

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We fought and died alongside the French in WWI.

We fought and died alongside the French in WWII.

The French cut off supplies of Exocet Missiles to Argentina after they invaded the Falkland Islands. Against their interests.

France guarded our waters after the Tories scrapped our only Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

We fought and defeated Gaddafi alongside the French.

We mourned with France after Charlie Hebdo.

France mourned with us after Manchester.

France has sworn to defend us against attack by a sovereign state.

French interests are largely British interests and vice versa.

They are our neighbours and friends, whatever our differences.

Macron never deployed a chemical weapon on British soil.

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#Labour surges as Tory fears grow over #Truss’s #taxcut agenda
Likely PM’s policies will mean ‘big trouble’, say critics, as #Starmer’s #energybills initiative boosts him in polls… #TrussFails #ToriesOut #CostOfGreedCrisis #inflation
Panic: Amid signs of mounting panic among high-ranking #Conservatives about #Truss’s #economic policies, several former cabinet ministers told the Observer the party would suffer devastating losses in blue and red wall seats unless Truss changes tack if and when she enters No 10
Ken Clarke: ‘The idea that tax cuts will automatically produce growth is nonsense’

After #MichaelGove described #Truss’s plan to focus on cutting taxes as a “holiday from reality” and announced he was supporting #RishiSunak ,
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My latest w/ @ordinarytimemag✍️
Betrayed by the Doge King:

The True Story behind Elon Musk's Attempted Buyout of Twitter🤯… #elonmusk #elonmusktwitter #ElonMuskTesla #tesla #tech @elonmusk #technology #news #politics @TaylorLorenz @conor64 @nickgillespie
Some may remember I was supportive of @elonmusk in & hoped his buyout of Twitter would enable more free speech online,

I promised that I would follow the truth as best I can, & after much research, this is what I found
#elonmusk #journalism #truth #tesla #stocks #memes
4months ago, Musk put the fear of God into Big Tech when he said he wanted to make Twitter a free speech platform.

After dodging all obstacles, right as he approached the finish line turned around & flipped the bird at all of his supporters🐦… @Timcast
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Fascist AstroTurf “movements” like #UnitedWeRoll & #CoupTruxKlan 1 & 2, are essentially #NevrePolievre’s Beer Hall Putsch of 1923. Only this time with far greater sophistication & with the benefit of developing an evolved updated version yet coming from the same playbook #cdnpoli
#NevrePoilievre’s constant data mining, using his phoney petitions, is not benign & is collecting data on potentially millions of Canadians. To what end? It certainly isn’t for the reasons he claims. Other #Conservatives do the same. #cdnpoli #NeverVoteConservative
More data-mining phoney petitions. The only other job #NevrePoilievre had other than politician (remember his involvement in the Harper cheating robocalls scandal?), was as co-owner of “3D Contact Inc” along with YYC MLA, Jonathan Denis. They specialized in robocalls. #cdnpoli
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🧵 If the Tories lose both of today's byelections in #Wakefield and #TivertonandHoniton they'll no doubt rely on the defence Johnson floated earlier today: governing parties don't win byelections.

Unfortunately for Johnson this claim is solid gold bollocks of the highest order.
During Blair's first parliament, 1997-2001, Labour defended eight seats at byelections, and Labour won every single one of them.
During Blair's second parliament, 2001-2005, there were six byelections, all of them defended by Labour. Labour won four of the six.
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A reminder of what a delusional psychopath Tom Marazzo is. This toxic nut-job who was fired from his job, not elected to anything, imagined himself as high level negotiator “willing” to sit down with elected opposition. The entitlement of these assholes is unreal. #FreeDumbConvoy
Tamara Lich, Tom Marazzo, Quiggin, Dichter, Pat King, Chris Sky, all of them, fit the description from this past tweet.
the #TyrannyOfTheStupid.

#FreeDumbConvoy #cdnpoli
The CAF’s wording of Marazzo’s full release from the CAF suggests he was let go. They won’t say why. #FreeDumbConvoy
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Let’s play connect the dots. I’ll say it again #FreeDumbConvoy is about establishing a RW insurgency. It’s not a coincidence that many #January6 insurrectionists have both participated in & promoted #CoupTruxKlan & the disinformation assault on #PMJT. #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli
Enter players like Tom Marazzo. His connections to radicalized current & former law enforcement & military can be seen most readily through “vets 4 freedom” & its allied group “camp eagle”. #FreeDumbConvoy #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli #OttawaOccupation
Marazzo also ran as a candidate for Derek Sloan’s neo-fascist “Ontario Party”, which enlisted the services of malignant insurrectionist, Roger Stone. #FreeDumbConvoy #CdnNatSec #January6thCommiteeHearings #cdnpoli #OttawaOccupation #CoupTruxKlan
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The #January6thCommitteeHearings have taught us that the violence on #January6th was intentional & planned. So we in 🇨🇦 must ask ourselves what the intentions are of #FreeDumbConvoy for July 1st?

As Ive said many times during #CoupTruxKlan, it was both an op & a grift. #cdnpoli
Just as #GOP members of Congress helped plan the #January6th coup plot, so too are #Conservatives in 🇨🇦 in on the #FreeDumbConvoy plot. #NevrePoilievre & #MurphyBrownshirt are 2 obvious examples, but there are others. #cdnpoli
There are cross-border disinformation/propaganda networks poised to spin lies about #FreeDumbConvoy just as these networks did last time. #TrueNorthCentre #PostMedia #JCCF #Rebel #PostMillennial #FoxNews #OANN #NewsMax. This piece of the story is critical to pay attention to…
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Fascinating time politically at the moment. As well as challenging times l agree. I have spoken to more #labour women in the last six months because @UKLabour discriminatory stance against women, i.e. Self ID of men to access women’s spaces. (1
These are elected members as well as ordinary members. I have had calls from ethnic women, bullied by ethnic men, white women bullied by gay/straight white men, ethnic men bullied by white/brown men etc (2
I am not a member of a political party. I am a floating voter. I have no dog in the fight apart from supporting the poors (my people). Yet they tell me stuff which is horrifying and not surprising. Stuff that would be illegal in other work places. (3
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Susanna Reid: "Are you honest?"

Boris Johnson: "I think you, y-yes... what the UK is doing & has done since the start of this conflict began is lead the world in helping the Ukrainian people to protect themselves".

A whopping great lie within a minute.

@GMB #BorisTheLiar
On the #CostOfLivingCrisis, Boris Johnson says "the cost of chickens is crazy" & Britain's dependence on foreign electricity is "insane", "because we haven't done enough to invest in our own security of energy" - the #Conservatives have been in power for TWELVE FUCKING YEARS.
Susanna Reid: "Why dont you impose a windfall tax?"

Liar Boris Johnson doesn't say. Living standards are set to fall at their fastest rate since records began in the mid-1950s, & since the financial crisis, productivity has barely grown & sits 15% below the US, Germany & France.
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My latest @townhallcom ✍️

All Hail the Doge King of Twitter! 👑
What Elon Musk should do ASAP to Free Twitter🐦… @BillyM2k @MattWallace888 @elonmusk @JackPosobiec @ConceptualJames @BlueBoxDave @benshapiro @michaeljknowles @chadfelixg #ElonMusk
For @elonmusk to succeed in his quest to "Make Twitter Free Again" he needs to make big changes at Twitter & make em fast💨

Establishment & Twitter's employees will do everything they can to thwart him
#ElonMuskBuysTwitter #ElonMusk @LibertarianBlue @MrAndyNgo @wil_da_beast630
Most important part:
To End the Shadow Bans, Document Everything

Musk must immediately prioritize the archiving, documentation, and release of Twitter’s algorithm and censorship records as soon as possible.… @elonmusk @libsoftiktok @TheQuartering
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#ElonMusk isn't evil, BUT
👇A thread 🧵

His #libertarian ideology can be cartoonishly evil, bcs its amoral. That makes him a threat to #liberty, #prosperity & 250 years of American #democracy

#Twitter #ElonMuskTwitter #ElonMuskBuyTwitter #DemocracyUnderThreat
There are a few dots to connect, so stick with me...

1️⃣ #PeterThiel wants a #Monarchy
2️⃣ The #KochBrothers are creating an #Oligarchy
3️⃣ #Putin's Russia is the grand vision
4️⃣ #Libertarians are amoral
5️⃣ #Ideology is blindingly dangerous
First, check out this remarkable @Techcrunch article called "Geeks for Monarchy".

Long before the 2016 election brought us a #Trump/#Putin/#Theil/#AltRight mashup of craziness, @klintron laid out this #antidemocracy ideology waaaaaay back in 2013.
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I am Rafee. An indigenous activist and herbalist.
My mission is reconnecting the indigenous American, falsely classified as black, back to land history and culture through the use of indigenous remedies. #FBA #ADOS #SaveMasonTN #SecureTheTribe order here👉🏾
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It wasn’t a liberal who announced the Iraq war and New World Order led by a credible United Nations or Emergency Use Authorization or incentivized lockdowns. That was #Conservative #Republican #GOP @GOP #Bush was in #Dallas at #JFK assassination. #Cuba Father of the #CIA
#building7 #WTC23 collapsing without being hit gave Bush JR what he needed a war on terror. It was JR who made Emergency Use Authorization and facial recognition law realID. Everyone knows “Homeland” connection to Hitler. Nazis introduced the term “homeland” at their first rally.
That rally was at Nuremberg where doctors scientists & media would be executed for manipulating and forcing #Jews into medical experimentation. This is where #InformedConsent comes from. All #COVID19 #vaccines are experimental.
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Let’s talk about “elites”. When you see this word used by wealthy #Conservatives, you know a con is afoot.
Now let’s talk about wealthy conservatives who’re behind the #January6thInsurrection & how that same group is openly trying a similar op on 🇨🇦 & our Prime Minister #cdnpoli
The fact that a sitting US Senator from #Louisiana, goes on right wing disinformation media to attack 🇨🇦’s Prime Minister, ISN’T about messaging to Canadians. It is about manufacturing a bogeyman. One whose gov’t successfully steered a democracy through a global crisis. #cdnpoli
Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is a multimillionaire, rabidly anti-choice, pro-gun, supported by white nationalist, who voted against every bill that benefited ordinary Americans. He’s also one of the growing list of 1/6 insurrectionists using Trudeau in their propaganda #cdnpoli
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The largest #comics social media page on the net,

r/comics on Reddit banned @BloodyRedBaron & his new pro-cop superhero comic for racism & misinformation,

They also banned the @FDRLST citing my article for Baron's ban

Hat tip to @BleedingFool & @BoundingComics
In addition, Facebook has made it all but impossible for Baron & others for ads on Facebook for the Thin Blue Line @Indiegogo campaign,

Blocking ads under the "sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion" rubric
#comics #nerd #kickstarter #politics #conservatives
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It is genuinely hard to see how some of the @Conservatives defending things coming out of #cpc21 can claim to have any semblance of a commitment to "conservativism". Funnily enough, this isn't a "get" at Conservatives though. Some of the biggest issues are apolitical. 1/
When you see the language and attacks from likes of Raab and Patel though, and the cheers which they received, you have to wonder what happened to some of the old school, small state, individual liberties, Conservatives. 2/
I grew up in a household of them. My mum used to collect Margaret Thatcher memorabilia. Pretty much my first memories are of sitting watching her in Council Meetings, where she was a Conservative Councillor. Before she died she was about to run for Parliament. 3/
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A question everyone should be asking: WHY has #cdnmedia failed to report on one of the biggest political scandals in decades. O’Toole & #CPC colluded w/ #Conservative premiers to delay implementing covid measures until after #elxn44vote. People died as a result #CovidInquiryNow
The very next day after #elxn44vote, #JasonKenney shuffles Shandro, #ScottMoe flies under the radar & the UCP sends an official request to the Trudeau gov’t for help. (Because of jurisdiction the feds must be invited). Something UCP could’ve done weeks ago. #CovidInquiryNow
I’d just like to underscore this point. The letter sent by Ric McIver the day he replaced Shandro, is extremely revealing. A “State of Public Health Emergency” was declared on Sept 15, but no formal request was made to the Trudeau gov’t until immediately after #Elxn44. #ABleg
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